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No matter how much he means to you, sometimes it’s just plain difficult to decide on a gift for the fitness-loving guy in your life. We guys are not always the best communicators, so you don’t always get great hints from us, to say the least. If this sounds like your dilemma, never fear; we’ve got you covered with a guide for the best fitness gifts for him.

Whether you’re looking for a birthday gift idea, a special day gift, or just a gift to say you’re thinking of him, we’ve compiled a gift guide, ranging from great strength training gifts, to cardio equipment—even the best supplements for men. We’ve also included some quality budget items, so you won’t have to break the bank for your gift.

Best Gifts Under $60

xwerks shaker bottle
Under $30

XWERKS Shaker Bottle

Coming in five colors, the XWERKS Steel Shaker Bottle is sure to be a great gift for the gym-goer in your life. This 24-ounce stainless steel shaker cup will keep his post-workout protein shake cold during the most grueling workouts.

trigger point foam roller
Under $40

Trigger Point GRID

No matter the type of training he’s into—running, lifting, or HIIT—he’ll enjoy the TriggerPoint GRID to help roll out and massage sore muscles after a tough workout. Able to target any large muscle group, this foam roller will suit any of his needs, and can fit in a gym bag on the go.

rep slam ball
Under $60

REP Fitness 30-lb Slam Ball

Get that man in your life this slam ball from REP Fitness. With a durable shell, triangular tread for extra grip, and a dead bounce, this ball can take a beating rep after rep. Think he’ll need more than 30 pounds? No problem, these slam balls can go up to 100 pounds.

gymreapers wrist wraps
Under $20

Gymreapers Wrist Wraps

Available in nine colors, these wrist wraps will provide support through the heaviest lifts for any gym fanatic. With double stitching and high-grade nylon, these IPF-approved wraps are not only durable, but comfortable as well, with a heavy-duty thumb loop for easy adjustment and removal.

stance socks
Under $20

Stance Performance Socks

The fitness lover in your life will appreciate the style of Stance socks. With an abundance of colorway options, these socks will be able to match his style of activewear easily. Made with performance in mind, these socks are breathable and cushioned to your preference.

WOD Nation jump rope
Under $20

WOD Nation Jump Rope

If the man in your life likes CrossFit or simply getting a great jump in,, he will love this speed rope from WOD Nation. A light cable with a double-steel bearing system, it will spin fast and effortlessly. The jump rope comes in a variety of handle and cable colors, so you can customize it to his liking.


Best Strength Training Gifts

Rogue Ohio Bar
Best Barbell

Rogue Fitness Ohio Bar

If he is looking for a versatile barbell, this is the one to get him. Whether it’s for CrossFit, powerlifting, or weightlifting, this barbell will endure all types of strength training. Plus, it has lots of different finishes to choose from, including stainless steel or cerakote color options.

rep ab-3100
Best Weight Bench

REP AB-3100

Maybe the man in your life is looking to outfit his home gym. We recommend this adjustable bench, which will support lots of heavy benching with its weight capacity of 700 pounds. With six back pad adjustments ranging from flat to 85 degrees, it’ll work for a variety of exercises and needs.

snode adjustable dumbbells
Best Adjustable Dumbbell

Snode AD80

This is one of our favorite adjustable dumbbells to come out recently, and we know he’ll like them, too. Able to go from 10 to 80 pounds, these dumbbells are also covered with a one-year warranty that covers drops. He won’t have to worry about being gentle with these adjustable dumbbells.

vulcan alpha bumper plates
Best Weight Plates

Vulcan Alpha Plates

With one of the best plate warranties on plates, the Vulcan Alpha ensures that the man in your life won’t have to worry about dropping these weights during home workouts. In our testing, these are one of the most durable plates on the market, able to be taken outdoors on concrete and show minimal wear.

crossover symmetry
Best Resistance Bands

Crossover Symmetry

These bands will provide great resistance training for him, but we think he’ll appreciate the shoulder health system that comes with the Crossover Symmetry. Following this program will help strengthen and “bulletproof” his shoulders for workouts and daily life.

titan pull-up bar
Best Pull-Up Bar

Titan Adjustable Bar

To build upper body strength, this is the perfect gift for him. If he has the wall space, this bar has an adjustable depth that allows for a variety of bodyweight exercises to be done—a lot of versatility coming from a wall-mounted pull-up bar.


Best Cardio Equipment For Him

rogue echo bike
Best Air Bike

Rogue Echo Bike

This bike will provide a great cardio workout for the man in your life, whether it’s a bike for distance or power output. He’ll appreciate the LCD console and variety of intervals to choose from, as well as the ergonomic seat on top of sturdy steel construction—with a 350-pound weight limit.

An image of the NordicTrack Commercial 1750
Best Treadmill

NordicTrack Commercial 1750

This is one our favorite mid-range treadmills out there, and we think the running enthusiast in your life will like the value it’ll add to his garage gym. With a wide running deck that can be inclined or declined, it’s a fantastic, versatile treadmill for any runner with the space.

Best Rowing Machine

Concept2 RowErg

If your loved one is looking for a full-body workout that will get his heart rate up, we suggest the Concept2 RowErg. Easy to store when not in use, this rower can still support taller, bigger athletes, so this durable rower will last from lots of use.

freak athlete multi sled
Best Weight Sled

Freak Athlete Multi Sled

For the guy wanting to push and pull weights, this mini sled is a compact addition to his workout routine. With a 540-pound weight capacity, he can move weight with the Multi Sled. It also has a small footprint, meaning it will keep plenty of floor space open for activities.

Kensui EZ Vest
Best Weight Vest

Kensui EZ Vest

This is a unique vest for him that can use Olympic plates to add weight. This makes it a great choice for heavy bodyweight movements, or even lightweight endurance running. For whatever bodyweight workout he is wanting to do, this is a great weight vest for it.

sunny walkstation slim
Under-Desk Treadmill

Sunny Walkstation Slim

If your loved one wants to add a little more activity into his work day, this under-desk treadmill will be a great addition to his office space. He can walk at a standing desk during calls and meetings. He’ll love to be able to still get his steps in easily throughout a busy work day.


Best Fitness Accessories For Him

beats studio 3
Best Headphones

Beats Studio 3

These over-ear noise-canceling headphones are stylish and will provide great sound quality for him during any workout. The guy in your life may never take these headphones back off, thanks to Bluetooth capability and up to 22 hours of battery life.

The 2POOD weightlifting belt in black
Best Weightlifting Belt

2POOD Straight Belt

Give your male fitness enthusiast a bit of support with the 2POOD straight belt. This belt is supportive enough for heavy lifting, and flexible enough for dynamic movements, making this a versatile weight belt. With bunches of color and style options, you’ll find something to match his style.

theragun prime
Best Massage Gun

Theragun Prime

Therabody’s massage gun is a fantastic addition to any health and wellness fanatic. This percussion-therapy tool is able to reach 16 millimeters into soft tissue, providing relief to sore muscles. He will rave over having the Theragun Prime added to his recovery tools.

whoop 4.0 with phone
Best Fitness Tracker


If the man in your life is a fan of the gym and tech gadgets, then the Whoop 4.0 is perfect for him, being one of the most-in-depth fitness trackers on the market. He’ll be able to track sleep patterns, stress, and recovery for better workouts. It’s like wearing a personal trainer on your wrist.

rehband knee sleeves
Best Knee Sleeves


These knee sleeves will help support the joints during his heaviest lifts. They come in three different thicknesses, so you can choose the level of support. Along with a good amount of color options, this is a fantastic personalized accessory for the gym-goer in your life.

MANIMAL Wrist Wraps
Best Wrist Wraps

MANIMAL Wrist Wraps

For a man working out across a diverse range of modalities, the MANIMAL wrist wraps will provide both support for lifting and flexibility for conditioning. Popular amongst powerlifts, Strongman competitors, and CrossFitters, these wrist wraps are also approved for USPA use.


Best Fitness Apparel for Him

ten thousand tactical short
Best Workout Shorts

Ten Thousand Tactical Short

These shorts were developed with members of the U.S. Special Operation Forces and made to endure the most rigorous training. The ripstop shell fabric is durable and light, making these pretty breathable shorts with quick-drying fabrics, allowing him to move in and out of water on the fly.

virus racer tech leggings
Best Leggings

Virus Racer Tech Pants

The guy in your life will dig the support these compression tights provide along with unrestricted movement. Virus leggings are made with technical recycled fabrics, made durable enough to withstand barbells during deadlifts, pulls, or any other workout he fancies.

Nike Metcon 8
Best Gym Shoes

Nike Metcon 8

If the gym goer in your life is wanting a versatile cross-trainer, the Nike Metcon 8 is it. Stable enough for heavy lifting, but flexible and cushioned enough for sprints and short cardio bursts. This is a must-have for a CrossFitter or functional fitness fan, plus he’ll love the color customization options, too!

Brooks glycerin shoe
Best Running Shoe

Brooks Glycerin 20

If he runs, this is the shoe for him. These shoes are comfortable and durable, able to support long-distance running with a wide midsole and outsole. Thanks to a diverse set of colorway options, you’ll be able to find the color and design that will best match his workout attire.

nike romaleos 4
Best Weightlifting Shoe

Nike Romaleos 4

If that special someone in your life loves nothing more than to heave a heavy barbell around, these are the shoes for him. The raised heel and sturdy sole provide an incredibly stable platform for heavy squats, pulls, and Olympic lifts. The wider toe box will let his toes splay naturally as well.

lululemon joggers
Best Jogger

Lululemon License to Train

For joggers that can handle more than jogging, Lululemon License to Train Joggers are made abrasion-resistant, and durable. They’re not just water-resistant, but water-repellent. Whether he is looking to train burpees, or go backpacking outdoors, this is a great gift for him.


Best Supplement Gifts for Him

nutricost creatine
Best Creatine

Nutricost Creatine Monohydrate

This creatine is great for that man in your life looking to build muscle and strength. Nutricost creatine monohydrate comes in 5-gram unflavored doses, perfect to add to any protein shake, smoothie, or pre-workout drink without affecting the taste.

kaged re-kaged protein
Best Protein

Kaged Re-Kaged Protein

This protein is great for the gym fanatic in your life. With additional ingredients like creatine, glutamine, and betaine, this whey protein supplement could streamline your recovery post-workout. With 28 grams of protein per serving, it still tastes great with a variety of unique flavors.

huge supplements huge BCAAs
Best BCAAs

Huge Supplements Huge BCAA

Coming in four different flavors, Huge BCAA provides a large amount of branch-chain amino acids per serving, making this great for his workout—before, during, or after. The powder mixes well and also contains coconut water powder, which can help him rehydrate.

onnit total human vitamins
Best Multivitamin

Onnit Total Human Multivitamin

Make sure your fitness fanatic is supplementing fully with this multivitamin pack. Split into a day and night pack, this is a total of 16 pills of other Onnit products, designed to help focus in the daytime, and rest and recover during the night.

Transparent Labs hydrate
Best Electrolytes

Transparent Labs Hydrate V3

When he is in the gym all day, Transparent Labs Hydrate V3 is the ideal gift to help him stay hydrated. Naturally sweetened, Hydrate V3 provides electrolytes for hydration, but also has taurine that can help with performance and muscle recovery.

Best Pre-Workout

Kaged Pre-Kaged Elite

Give your fitness lover this pre-workout to help him start his workout energized and focused. Containing an abundance of pre-workout ingredients (L-citrulline, beta-alanine, and caffeine), the Pre-Kaged Elite also provides a full 5 grams of creatine per serving.


Other Gift Ideas for Male Fitness Aficionados

If you’re looking for even more gift-giving ideas, here are some of our best lists from different categories So maybe you didn’t find something on our list that works for that special someone just right. If that is the case, here are some of our best lists from other categories to help you brainstorm gift-giving ideas for the man in your life.

How to Choose Fitness Gifts For Him

Depending on what exactly you’re wanting to get him, there’s a few things to consider while getting a gift for the guy in your life.

Type of Training

How does he like to train? This will impact the types of gym equipment and fitness accessories you should look at. If he mostly dabbles in weight training, then maybe a barbell, some plates, or even a weight belt would be a gift to consider. If he’s a runner, then some running shoes would be a great item, or one of the best budget treadmills

If you’re not sure about the specifics of his training routine, feel free to ask him. More than likely, he’d be more than willing to share. He’ll probably appreciate the questions, and it will get you more ideas on specific gifts for him..


From moisture-wicking performance T-shirts to just a comfortable hoodie, any activewear you get for the guy in your life is going to require you to know his size. You can always ask straight to his face, but if you’re not wanting to give him any hints on your gift, then you can try being sneaky.

You could try to snoop through his closet to get some sizes of apparel or shoes you are thinking of getting him. If you don’t have easy access to his closet or clothes, you could also ask someone else to do the snooping for you—maybe a close friend or family member.


If you’re looking at a larger item like a treadmill, air bike, or even a weight bench, you might want to consider how much space your gift will take up. Even if a giant power rack would be the perfect gift for him, sometimes the space of his home gym just doesn’t make sense for it. Ideally, the space needs to fit the piece of equipment, but also have adequate space around it, so that the fitness equipment can be accessed easily and safely.

Fitness Gifts for Him FAQs

What should I gift my gym friend?

There are a multitude of gift ideas for anyone who loves fitness. Most people will appreciate some smaller items, like shoes, apparel, and water bottles. Some smaller accessories could also be wrist wraps, a weightlifting belt, or knee wraps. There are plenty of gift options to give a friend at the gym.

What to buy for active men?

There are a lot of suggestions for gift ideas for active men on our gift guide, including slam balls, dumbbells, foam rollers, and activewear.

What do I get a guy who is always working out?

In addition to home gym equipment or fitness apparel, other gift ideas could include a fitness tracker that can be tracked on your phone or smartwatch. If your friend is always working out, this can be a great way for him to get the most out of his training and recovery. 

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