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Zeno Gym Bench Pro thumbnail
Zeno Gym Bench Pro
The Zeno Gym Bench Pro is a resistance band based workout packaged conveniently inside an adjustable bench. For $800, you'll get multiple resistance bands with various tensions, handles, and an ankle strap. You're also able to purchase additional accessories on the Zeno Gym website.
Fringe Sport Fitness Sword Mace thumbnail
Fringe Sport Fitness Sword Mace
Think of a fitness mace and imagine it as a sword. This is what the Fringe Sport Fitness Sword Mace is. Unlike a fitness mace where the weight is in the head of the mace, the weight is distributed evenly throughout the sword.    Fringe Sport offers three different options of sword maces ranging in weight and length of the blade. The blades of the swords are blunted, however it does still require some safety measures while being used. You can use this piece of equipment to strengthen the shoulders and upper body.
Wright Hybrid Urethane “HU” Bumper Plates thumbnail
Wright Hybrid Urethane “HU” Bumper Plates
Wright Hybrid Urethane “HU” Bumper Plates are the most recent addition to the brand’s Thin Line Series. They are made using an exclusive process and formula intended to mold each plate into its thinnest form. Thinner plates allow users to stack more weight onto a bar, which is attractive to those aiming to lift heavy loads.  Wright’s HU Bumper Plates are solid cast, durable and made in the USA. Available in 10-, 15-, 25-, 35-, and 45-pound variations as well as in sets ranging from 160 pounds to 260 pounds, all HU Bumper Plates come with a solid stainless steel insert. 
Ergatta Rower thumbnail
Ergatta Rower
The Ergatta Rower is an aesthetically pleasing piece of cardio equipment crafted from cherry wood. This rowing machine also features a variety of unique programming not commonly seen in other options.


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TUT Trainer Tower thumbnail
TUT Trainer Tower
The TUT Trainer Tower is an all-in-one functional trainer that uses custom resistance bands called TUT Plates to mimic a cable machine. It’s a unique option for a home gym that’s great for beginners, trainees with small spaces, and anyone who likes using a cable machine but wants something less expensive and bulky.
REP Fitness Adjustable Kettlebells thumbnail
REP Fitness Adjustable Kettlebells
The REP Fitness Adjustable Kettlebells feel and swing like standard kettlebells. Each set comes in four weight increments and are easy to change. They are offered in both kilograms and pounds.