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When it comes to blending strength and conditioning, the kettlebell might be the most versatile piece of equipment there is. The tricky part about the search for the best kettlebell is that many of them look and feel the same. However, there are differences, be it price, coating, durability, different weight increments, or the width of the handle.

I have personally tested dozens of bells and can verify that the Rogue Fitness E-Coat is the best option for most people. However, your needs for your home gym may be specific, so read on to find the different kettlebells I like and why.

Saved by the Kettlebell Reviews

With so many different types of kettlebells on the market, it can be overwhelming to find the best one for your home gym. But that’s why you have us. We’ve personally put our hands on just about every type of kettlebell there is, from the most basic all the way to the most advanced free weights out there.

We’re not just some average Joe swinging a kettlebell in between our legs either. We’re a group of certified personal trainers, CrossFit coaches, and competitive athletes who use kettlebells on a regular basis, so we know a good-quality weight when we see one.

My Choices for the Best Kettlebell

Best Kettlebell Overall: REP Fitness Kettlebells

Best Kettlebell Overall
REP Fitness KG Kettlebells
REP Fitness KG Kettlebells

Kettlebells allow you to combine cardiovascular training with weight training into ballistic movements that strengthen your body. Our kettlebells range in size from 4kg (9 lbs) all the way up to 48 kg (106 lbs), giving everyone the opportunity to cater to their specific physical needs, and even challenge themselves to a heavier weight when ready. From kettlebell swings, to goblet squats, to snatches, the kettlebell is a versatile piece of equipment that can help build strength and endurance in many ways.Why Choose Rep KettlebellsSuperior Manufacturing Methods: Single-cast gravity casting is a cutting-edge technique that results in kettlebells much higher in quality than their sand casted cousins. The castic process ensures that each kettlebell is extremely well made, with perfectly flat bases that allow for push-ups and no wobbling, smooth handles, and an overall excellent finish. Best Coating: Our matte black textured finish is the best coating for kettlebells because it won't cause your grip to slip, yet it won't tear up your hands. It holds chalk very well, but it isn't necessary unless you're sweating. Color Coded Handles: Our handles follow the international kettlebell standards, which allow for an instructor to easily spot which kettlebells their clients/athletes are using. Kilogram and Pound Markings: Each kettlebell is labeled with both units of measurement. No more pulling out the calculator to figure out how much you are swinging! Kettlebell Sets: 8 to 24 kg set includes: 8, 12, 16, 20, 24 kg kettlebells. Save money and give yourself options for warming up, and other exercises like push press, one arm swings, or pair up the kettlebells to do kettlebell push ups, 2 handed overhead press, overhead squat and more!Weights/Handle Colors/Handle Diameter:4kg/9lbs - White - 30mm 6kg/13lbs - Grey - 30mm 8kg/18lbs - Pink - 32mm 10kg/22lbs - Orange - 32mm 12kg/26lbs - Blue - 32mm 14kg/31lbs - Brown - 32mm 16kg/35lbs - Yellow - 33mm 18kg/40lbs - Black - 33mm 20kg/44lbs - Grey - 38mm 22kg/48lbs - Black - 38mm 24kg/53lbs - Green - 39mm 28kg/62lbs - Orange - 40mm 32kg/70lbs - Red - 40mm 36kg/80lbs - White - 40mm 40kg/88lbs - Blue - 40mm 44kg/97lbs - Brown - 40mm 48kg/106lbs - Black - 40mm

Good for: People seeking a product that is affordable and still high quality


  • Highly affordable kettlebell: $70 for 16kg, $100 for 24kg
  • Performs well with or without chalk
  • Weight written in kilos and pounds
  • Gravity die casting
  • Matte coating
  • 18 options between 1kg and 48kg


  • Single cast iron could be susceptible to rust
  • No weights heavier than 106 lbs
  • Textured handle is not for everyone

The REP Fitness Kettlebells take the nod for best kettlebell for a few reasons, one being because they have a matte black finish, which is great for grip because it creates a textured handle that works well with or without chalk. Matte black finishes also give the iron bell itself more protection from rust and corrosion.

The REP kettlebells are also very reasonably priced without sacrificing anything in the way of quality. (REP Rubber Coated Hex Dumbbells are high on my favorites for best dumbbells as well.) REP uses gravity die casting, which is important for two reasons: One, it gives you a flat bottom on the bell, which is ideal for storage; and two, it ensures an even mold when compared to bells that go through hand casting.

REP also offers a limited lifetime warranty on kettlebells, so if yours starts to show early signs of damage, you might be able to get a new one.

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REP offers 18 kettlebells with both kilo and pound markings on them, ranging from just 1kg up to 48kg. The heaviest these bells get is 106 pounds, so if you need more than that, another brand may be a better choice.

Best Budget Kettlebell: Amazon Basics Cast Iron Kettlebell

Best Budget Kettlebell
Amazon Basics Cast Iron Kettlebells
Amazon Basics Cast Iron Kettlebells

Switch up your fitness routine with the AmazonBasics Cast Iron Kettlebell. With its round ball-like profile and integrated loop handle, the kettlebell works as weight resistance and as a counter balance for a variety of upper- and lower-body exercises.Use the kettlebell to exercise all major muscle groups, including arms, chest, back, abs, and legs. The benefits of kettlebell exercises range from building muscles, enhancing core strength, and improving balance to promoting better bone health, burning calories, boosting energy levels, enhancing mood, and more.The built-to-last kettlebell features high-quality solid cast-iron construction. Its durable design ensures safe, reliable performance from one workout to the next, so you can keep the focus on your in-the-zone routine.The cast-iron kettlebell provides a painted exterior for increased durability and strength, plus effective protection against corrosion. The painted surface also promotes a better grip.Kettlebell supports a wide range of resistance-training exercises Made of solid high-quality cast iron for reliable built-to-last strength Painted surface for increased durability and corrosion protection Textured wide handle helps ensure a comfortable, secure grip; hold with one hand or two Backed by an AmazonBasics limited one-year warranty

Good for: Beginners and others who simply want a budget-friendly kettlebell


  • Priced around $40 for 35l bs, $70 for the 50 lbs
  • Free Prime shipping
  • Free returns


  • 10 weight options in 5lb increments
  • Range is 10 to 50 lbs
  • One-year Amazon warranty

If you just want a bell to swing in your home gym, and you aren’t particular about much else, the AmazonBasics Cast Iron Kettlebell might be a good fit. At first glance, the pricing isn’t that far off the Rogue pricing. However, keep in mind that with Amazon, you get free shipping as a Prime member as well as free returns.

I like that the Amazon kettlebell is cast iron because that is more durable than other materials. However, the painted enamel coating could be susceptible to rust or corrosion. This isn’t a bell you should leave outside or in a humid garage. Also, enamel coatings can make for a slippery grip on certain exercises.

This is a no-frills kettlebell that only comes in pound measurements and is solid black. Reviewers who are just looking for a good sweat at home have found it useful. If you want a better quality bell, you’ll have to pay more from a bigger brand. But if all you need is something affordable, this could be a good fit.

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Best Adjustable Kettlebell: REP Fitness Adjustable Kettlebell

Best Adjustable Kettlebell
REP Fitness Adjustable Kettlebells
REP Fitness Adjustable Kettlebells

The space-saving REP Fitness Adjustable Kettlebells are high quality and a great value. There are three sets available (two in kilograms and one in pounds) and each set can quickly and easily be adjusted to five different weights. The matte powdercoating provides a secure grip that mimics a standard kettlebell and the rubber bottom helps protect the flooring. 

Good for: People who need multiple weights but are tight on space


  • Extremely cost-effective
  • Feels and swings just like a regular kettlebell
  • Traditional kettlebell shape


  • Have to choose 1 of 3 options
  • Not ideal for “hard” use
  • Not as space-efficient as some other options

Amassing the best garage gym equipment quickly starts to take up a lot of space. One way to save room is with an adjustable kettlebell like the REP Fitness Adjustable Kettlebell. This isn’t the only adjustable bell out there, but it’s one of the best.

I used the REP adjustable kettlebells for a variety of exercises, including swings, farmers’ carries, Turkish get-ups, and goblet squats, and I found it to be a good product. I really like the price range from $150 to $160, and I like that these are useful for both beginners and experienced lifters.

You can choose from three options here: an 8- to 16-kilogram option; 16- to 24-kilogram option; or a 20- to 40-pound option. The one thing I would love to see is a broader weight range within one kettlebell.

Keep in mind that by many standards, women swing with about 35 pounds and men with about 53 pounds. Still, this can get the job done and give you a good workout, depending on how you intend to use it.

The weight plates inside do rattle a little while you exercise, which can be unnerving, but I didn’t have any issues with plates falling out or coming loose.

Also, be sure to check out our best adjustable kettlebells guide here. 

Best Competition Kettlebell: Vulcan Absolute Competition Kettlebell

Best Competition Kettlebell
Vulcan Absolute Competition Kettlebells
Vulcan Absolute Competition Kettlebells

The patented design of the Vulcan® Absolute™ Competition Kettlebells represents the experience that comes from years of coaching, training, and competing in the sport of Kettlebell Lifting. The patented design of the Vulcan Absolute Kettlebell is unique in many ways and ergonomically designed to increase performance as well as lower the incidence of injury to the wrists and forearms that is common with other Competition Kettlebell designs.Performance and Safety: The design of the Vulcan Absolute Kettlebell allows the handle of the kettlebell to sit further down on the lifters forearm, bringing the majority of the weight proximal to the lifters body . All other designs of competition kettlebell handles fit higher up on the lifters wrist displacing the majority of the weight to a more distal position away from the lifters body. To explain this in mechanical terms: The kettlebell is the load and the elbow of the lifter is the fulcrum point. The further the load is situated from the fulcrum point, the more increased effort is required to move the load, or in the case of the rack position; more work is required to stabilize the load. All of other designs of kettlebells place the load of the kettlebell on the weakest part of the forearm bones structure which is more susceptible to injury. The Vulcan Absolute Kettlebell not only places the load of the kettlebell further down the forearm at a stronger point but distributes more of the weight onto the body of the lifter for increased comfort, control, and safety.Constructed of Steel with Unpainted Steel handle 35 mm Handle diameter at top dead center of handle Height: 280 mm Diameter: 210 mm International weights (16 kg, 24 kg, and 32 kg) are within 100 grams of advertised weight. All other weights used for training or local, regional, and national competition are within 1% of advertised weightConstruction and Finishing Methods: Vulcan Absolute Kettlebells are constructed of high quality steel. They are guaranteed for life from denting or cracking. There is no filler used to make the weight of Vulcan Absolute Kettlebells. The Vulcan Absolute Kettlebells are constructed with solid steel handles. No toxic heavy metals are used within Vulcan Absolute Kettlebells to create heavier competition kettlebells. The surface of the Absolute Kettlebell is blasted with micro glass beads to create a uniform texture that aids in gripping the handle of the Kettlebell. Absolute Kettlebells easily accept chalk or can be used without chalk.

Good for: Those who compete in one- and two-handed kettlebell competitions


  • $90 for 16kg; $140 for 24kg
  • Made of steel finished with powder coat
  • Highly accurate weight
  • Bright color options
  • Patented design for performance and safety


  • More expensive than non-competition kettlebells
  • Paint may be susceptible to chipping
  • Grip is narrow and may not be ideal for some two-handed lifting

Competition kettlebells are in a league of their own, literally. They are made standard to international weights and sizes for use in competition. The Vulcan Absolute Competition Kettlebell is absolutely my favorite. Its price point is what you should expect for a high-quality bell manufactured for competition.

Vulcan holds a patent for its hollowed-out design, which features a handle that sits lower on the lifter’s forearm than other designs that are positioned higher on the wrist. Not only does this boost efficiency in lifting, but it also minimizes the risk of injury.

Made of steel, the Vulcan Absolute comes in 13 sizes (and colors!) that range in 2-kilo increments from 8 to 32 kilos. The hard steel and powder coat makes for an extremely durable product.

If you’re just looking for a bell for your home gym and have no plans for competing, an iron kettlebell would suffice. But if you need something to train with at home, the Vulcan line is one of your best options.

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Best Rubber Coated Kettlebell: Rogue Rubber Coated Kettlebell

Best Rubber Coated Kettlebell
Rogue Rubber Coated Kettlebells
Rogue Rubber Coated Kettlebells

Manufactured from the same first-run iron ore as our standard Rogue Kettlebells, these durable new KBs feature a protective rubber coating around the entirety of the bell, helping to prevent the scuffs and chips that often come with daily kettlebell use in high-traffic training spaces.Rogue Rubber Coated Kettlebells are available in five weight increments (26LB, 35LB, 44LB, 53LB, 70LB) and feature a single-piece casting, wide flat machined base, and color-coded handles with a textured, powdercoat finish. The black urethane exterior coating includes exclusive Rogue branding with the “R” logo.By wrapping the bell portion of these KBs with a rubber exterior coat, we’re giving gym owners a way to prevent many of the scuffs, chips, and other damages that can tarnish the finish and appearance of a traditional kettlebell. Across all weight increments, this durable urethane coating creates a smooth black surface, with the handle left uncovered for an overall feel no different than our standard Rogue Kettlebells.Texture matters. A well formed, balanced, and properly textured kettlebell feels better in the hand and performs better in motion. The handle of each Rogue Kettlebell is textured to hold chalk well, but with enough grip to be used without. The powdercoat finish, combined with the urethane coat on the bell, helps a Rogue KB feel comfortable in the hand or against the forearm in the rack position without being too rough.Rogue Kettlebells are manufactured from first-run iron ore (not scrap, like many KBs on the market) and go through a single-piece, proprietary casting process. This creates a stronger, more reliable handle and a void-free surface. The Rogue Kettlebell does not use plastic caps, plugs, or patches like lower quality products. The base of each kettlebell is machined flat (rather than leaving it as a raw casting) so it sits perfectly on the floor and does not wobble. You can tell the difference as soon as you pick one up.Available Kettlebell Sizes:26LB (Blue) - 1.4" handle diameter 35LB (Yellow) - 1.5" handle diameter 44LB (Grey) - 1.5" handle diameter 53LB (Green) - 1.5" handle diameter 70LB (Red) - 1.5" handle diameter

Good for: People looking for a long-lasting bell that’s easy on flooring


  • Priced at $100 for a 35lb, $140 for a 53lb
  • Easier on your flooring
  • Made of single cast iron ore
  • Powder coat finish on the handle


  • Just five weight options between 26 and 70lbs
  • More expensive than iron cast bells
  • 1.5-inch handle diameter

A rubber-coated kettlebell is a good option if you want to protect your bell and protect your floors. If the bell is dropped (which I hope never happens, but it might), the rubber protects the product inside from nicks. It also could lessen the impact the kettlebell has on your floor, which could be significant depending on the type of home gym flooring you have.

I like the Rogue Rubber Coated Kettlebells because they use Rogue’s single cast process, so the bell itself is just one piece as opposed to having a welded-on handle. Also, the handle has a powder coat finish, which is great for grip whether you use chalk or not.

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A rubber kettlebell will be more expensive than a kettlebell without that kind of coating. It’s really up to you to decide if it seems necessary.

Best Kettlebells for Beginners: Onnit Kettlebells

Onnit Kettlebells
Best Kettlebell for Beginners
Onnit Kettlebells
Onnit Kettlebells

We take our reputation for building high-quality, uncompromising products seriously—and our new kettlebells are no exception. Inspired by the demands of our elite athletes and fitness professionals, each kettlebell is carefully crafted to meet all of your training needs.Here’s what you need to know about our brand new line of kettlebells:GRAVITY CAST FOR MORE CONSISTENCY AND DURABILITY POWDER FINISH FOR BETTER GRIP DURING STRENGTH AND ENDURANCE WORK COLOR CODED—SO YOU’LL NEVER ACCIDENTALLY GRAB TWO MISMATCHED KETTLEBELLS AGAINEffortlessly cool and ready for the most challenging workouts, Onnit kettlebells are built with functionality and durability in mind first. Manufactured with a cutting-edge gravity cast molding process, these kettlebells have an ultra-durable, smooth, even finish.Snatch, press, and swing—or test out any other unconventional exercise you can think up—you’ll quickly find Onnit kettlebells are flawlessly designed to handle whatever you throw their way.With a chip resistant powder finish, you can expect a professional-grade kettlebell with more traction and a better grip, ready to combat fatigue, sweaty hands as a limiting factor.Smooth enough to handle stamina building work sets without irritating your hands, yet with just enough texture for heavy strength work, these kettlebells are battle-tested and built to provide the performance and durability required for all of your workouts.The days of shuffling through vaguely labeled kettlebells are over. Sold individually in weights from 4 kg to 32 kg, Onnit kettlebells are strategically color-coded so that even as you’re gasping for breath and wiping sweat from your eyes, finding the right weight at a glance has never been easier.We’ve taken the guesswork out of finding the right kettlebell so that you’ll never accidentally hoist two mismatched weights over your head again.

Good for: People looking for guided workouts along with the equipment


  • Large, free library of workouts
  • Priced at $70 for a 16kg, $85 for a 24kg
  • Weights are color-coded
  • Gravity cast and powder coat finish
  • Bells in cool designs: Primal, Legend and Zombie


  • Just eight weight options
  • “Chip-resistant” claim may not hold up
  • Heaviest kettlebell is 32 kg

Onnit Kettlebells come in characters like zombies and they have Joe Rogan’s support.

But I like them for a lot of other reasons as well. For beginners, Onnit works well because

its website has a free, extensive library of workouts. There are kettlebell-specific ones that are easy enough for beginners, but kettlebell veterans could up the weight or intensity to still get a good sweat. Onnit also offers several courses (at a cost) specifically related to kettlebells, which the brand claims help workout enthusiasts as well as fitness professionals.

I have used every bell that Onnit makes, even the funky character ones that are more expensive but also totally badass. The brand’s plain kettlebell comes in eight weight options between 8 and 32kg. That isn’t a wide range, but beginners typically stay in those numbers anyway.

Onnit has color-coded the kettlebells and the weight clearly printed on them. This is great if you own more than one and want to quickly pick up the correct bell. Also, the weights are printed in both pounds and kilos.

The bells themself are of great quality. They aren’t as affordable as others of similar quality, but I still think they hold a lot of value. They are gravity cast with a powder coat finish, which makes for a durable bell. Onnit says the coating is chip-resistant, though several reviewers on the brand page state otherwise.

Another cool option Onnit offers for swinging is its Steel Clubs, which I tested and reviewed (and loved).

Read my full Onnit Kettlebell review.

Best Kettlebell for Small Hands: Yes4All Vinyl Coated Kettlebell

Best for Small Hands
Yes4All Vinyl Coated Kettlebells
Yes4All Vinyl Coated Kettlebells

SWING AWAY PAIN WITH YES4ALL KETTLEBELL- LET’S SWING IN MORE POWER AND ENERGYHigh-quality Solid Cast Iron Kettlebell: Built to last without wear and tear - constructed of solid cast iron with no welds, weak spots, or seams. Great for training indoor & outdoor, whether at home or in the gym.Shiny Vinyl Coating: Encased nice shiny vinyl coating for an appealing look and floor –damage prevention.Solid Steel Handle: The vinyl kettlebells are manufactured with SOLID STEEL HANDLE to give you the best experience while practicing. The handle is slightly textured to help you perform slow controlled movements without destroying your hands.Flat Bottom: Our kettlebells feature flat bottoms making it easy to store and expand your exercises that a regular kettlebell does not offer.Available in different weights: 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45 LBSHAVE A LIFETIME OF HEALTH BENEFITS WITH YOUR KETTLEBELLSImprove strength, stamina and coordination Increase lung and heart capacity Prevent cardiovascular diseases, heart attack or strokes Total body cardio workout, burn fat and effective toning Works great for your stabilizing muscles - for active recovery Improve movement, agility and speedUSE FOR FITNESS IMPROVEMENTS AND CHALLENGESTurkish Get Up Single Dead Lift Two Handed Kettlebell Swing Kettlebell Squat and Lunges

Good for: People looking to transform dumbbells into kettlebells


  • Comfortable for those with smaller hands
  • Free Prime shipping
  • Highly affordable, with 50lb KB coming in at $82


  • Made of lightweight plastic
  • Smoother handle not the best for grip
  • No weights heavier than 50lbs

Yes4All doesn’t list the handle diameter for their kettlebells, but the more than 15,000 people who have left an Amazon review agree that this is the best kettlebell for small hands. Several reviewers noted that other kettlebells were difficult for them to wrap their hands around, but they had no problem with these.

This is a kettlebell that, as we like to say, “gets the job done.” The weight tolerance is pretty on point, there are good weight options, and it’s coated in plastic, which isn’t our favorite but it does offer some protection for your home gym and rust resistance.

But it’s by no means the best kettlebell out there. For one, the handle is a bit smoother and that leaves room for slippage. That’s not to say these are guaranteed to cause broken windows, but you should maybe be a little more cognizant of your grip when swinging these.

On the bright side, these are highly affordable, and the 50-pound option comes in at less than $90. And if you’re a Prime member, you get free shipping!

Best Kettlebell for CrossFit: Rogue Fitness E-Coat Kettlebells

Rogue Fitness E-Coat Kettlebells
Best Kettlebell for CrossFit
Rogue E-Coat Kettlebells
Rogue E-Coat Kettlebells

Cast in northern Michigan by Cadillac Casting, Inc., these ductile iron Rogue Kettlebells represent our new, exclusive line-up of American-made KBs. The series is currently available in 12 weight increments, from 9 LB to 88 LB, and features a black E-Coat finish. Debossed weight indications are marked on one side (in both LB and KG), with Rogue branding on the other.What Sets the New Rogue Kettlebells Apart:Material Ductile Iron Significantly more durable than traditional gray iron with a higher tensile strength and yield strength + greater corrosion resistance.Finish E-Coat Known for its excellent adhesion, even coverage and toughness, our E-coat finish is applied in a thin durable layer that allows the texture of the casting to be felt while still being easy to clean.Gloss ~22 GU Rating These KBs have a higher gloss appearance (approx 22 gloss units, or “semi gloss”) than our powder coat KBs [0.5 to 1.5 GU, or “low gloss”).

Good for: Just about anyone who wants to use kettlebells in training


  • Extremely durable e-coat covering
  • Great price: $60 for 35 lb, $75 for 53 lb
  • Made in the USA
  • Wide range of weight options
  • Variety of handle diameters


  • Shipping can get pricey
  • Good pricing but still not the cheapest bell on the market
  • Weight may not be perfectly accurate

Over the last five years, I have used and tested several of Rogue Fitness’ kettlebells. By far, the E-Coat line is my favorite. There is a Rogue kettlebell with a powder coat finish, which is a great product, but the e-coating on this particular bell elevates it above the rest.

E-coats are highly durable and resistant to chipping, scratching, and rusting. They also make for a stronger grip on the kettlebell. The E-Coat Kettlebell is also made from ductile iron. Many cast iron kettlebells use a gray iron. Ductile iron offers more durability and resistance to corrosion.

There are 12 weight increments in the E-Coat line, ranging from 9 to 88 pounds. The machine-flat base means they store easily. As with many cast iron kettlebells, the handle diameter varies based on the weight of the bell. For these, the handle is 1.2″ for the 9-18 pound bells, 1.4 inches for the 26-pound bell, and 1.5 inches for the 35 to 88-pound bells.

Perhaps one of the best features about the E-Coat bell is that it’s the same price as the Rogue powder coat kettlebells. You’re getting a better product at the same price. I do feel the need to point out that because these are not competition kettlebells, there may be some very slight discrepancy in weight. That’s typical of most non-competition kettlebells, however.

Read my full Rogue E-Coat Kettlebell review.

Best High-End Kettlebell: Kettlebell Kings Powder Coat Kettlebells

Best High-End Kettlebell
Kettlebell Kings Powder Coat Kettlebells
Kettlebell Kings Powder Coat Kettlebells

- RECESSED LOGO, Kettlebell Kings logo recessed into kettlebell for increased comfort during lifting. Outward facing logos are uncomfortable on hands, wrist and forearm. Examine the face of the logo compared stamped logos which are uncomfortable or flat inserts inserts glued in which break out over timeFREE SHIPPING!The images above show the pound equivalent to the weight posted in kilograms, true kettlebells are based in kilograms because of their Russian origins#1 Choice of Our Professional Training Customers!- LIFETIME WARRANTY, We craft these kettlebell so well, we guarantee the structural integrity of the kettlebell for your lifetime- FLAT BASE, kettlebell is made with a smooth, machined, flat base for easy storage and use on flat surfaces, kettlebell will not roll over during storage or workouts- HANDLE GRIP, Powder coating make a great gripping surface when your hands are sweating, also holds chalk better than other kettlebell paint- SINGLE CAST, Our Powder Coat kettlebells are all made from a single piece of cast iron. Most kettlebells have the handles welded on which makes them break easier. Casting from a single piece of metal gives more durability to the kettlebell.- GRAVITY CAST & PRECISION MADE, The most precise way to create a kettlebell mold. Gravity casting casts the iron to the specific weight you are creating. If a kettlebell is not gravity cast you risk not accurately casting the kettlebell to the same weight and dimensions as the mold ages.- POWDER COATING, is the most durable form of kettlebell paint available and lasts longer than traditional kettlebell paint- STAMPED, In kilograms and pounds so you always know which weight you are working with in either measurementLIFETIME WARRANTY - We guarantee the structural integrity of the kettlebell for your lifetime. SMOOTH FINISH, Pay close attention to the finish when comparing to images of others. Kettlebell Kings Powder Coat Kettlebells have a smoother finish because our casting process creates a smoother surface to powder coat over. Having a smooth finish protects your hands, wrists and forearms. RECESSED LOGO - all of our bells have recessed logos for better comfort on your hands wrist and forearm FREE WORKOUTS, we publish workouts, techniques and how to's you can access with your purchase designed to enhance your workout experience! REVIEWS - Over 100 Five Star Amazon Seller Reviews and thousands 5 Star Reviews Online! STRONG GRIP HANDLES - The handles on the powder coat kettlebells are designed for high intensity workouts. The powder coating makes it easier to maintain a strong grip on the kettlebell when your hands are sweating. POWDER COATING - The most durable form of kettlebell coating available in the world. Powder coating protects the kettlebell from easily chipping and scratching. Store bought kettlebells are chipped and scratched before you ever take one home. When a kettlebell loses its paint you are not able to maintain grip during workouts and chips can lead to cut up hands and injuries. Our powder coating prevents this from ever happening. PRECISION MADE - Kettlebell Kings are made from gravity casting which is the most precise way to create a kettlebell. If a kettlebell is not gravity cast you risk not accurately casting the kettlebell to the same weight and dimensions every time. As molds age the kettlebells will become imprecise if the kettlebell is not gravity cast. Our Powder Coat kettlebells are all made from a single piece of cast iron. Most kettlebells have the handles welded on which makes them break easier

Good for: People who incorporate kettlebells into training often


  • Great weight accuracy
  • Works well with or without chalk
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty
  • 21 weight options written in kilos and pounds


  • Price is on the higher end: $109 for 16kg, $145 for 25kg
  • Thicker handle may be hard to grasp for smaller hands
  • Some reviewers found the paint or coat chipping
  • Programming available at extra cost

Honestly, the name “Kettlebell Kings” kind of says it all. The brand consistently puts out solid products, and its Powder Coat Kettlebells consistently impress.

The manufacturing process itself sets up these bells for success. Kettlebell Kings uses single cast iron, which means that the bell is just one piece, not two welded together. This ensures better durability and less risk of breakage. These bells are also put through gravity casting. That makes for a much more even construction and improves the weight accuracy from bell to bell.

There is also a kettlebell for just about any weight you want. Kettlebell Kings manufactures these in both kilos and pounds, with 21 options between 4kg and a whopping 92kg. If you are looking for programming, Kettlebell Kings has a range of options available with your purchase for an added cost.

A powder coat tends to be one of the most durable coatings a kettlebell can have. I like it because powder coats respond really well to chalk, but also chalk isn’t necessary to keep a good grip on the handle. Although I find these kettlebells to be in great shape after many uses, there are reports on the Kettlebell King site of the coating chipping.

One thing that sets Kettlebell Kings Kettlebells apart from others is the grittiness of the powder coat. The increased texture allows your hand to stick to the handle better during heavy swings and farmer’s carries.

The handle diameter ranges from 29mm, which is pretty thin, all the way to 47.5mm, which is quite a meaty grip. The most popular bell sizes – 16 to 24kg – have a grip diameter that ranges from 33 to 39mm. That’s fairly average, but people with smaller hands may find one-handed exercises a little tough on the thicker handles.

Best Budget Competition Kettlebell: Titan Fitness Competition Style Kettlebell

Best Budget Competition Kettlebell
Titan Competition Style Kettlebells
Titan Competition Style Kettlebells

All of Titan’s Competition Kettlebells are uniform in dimension and handle thickness, allowing you to train the exact same movement while also increasing or decreasing weight to cater to your routine.Features: - Color coded in 11 unique colors for easy identification between weights. - Cast steel with non-welded handles for maximum durability. - Available in 18 different weight options from 8 KG to 48 KG to accommodate athletes of all skill levels. - Smooth finish for a great hand feel and grip while performing various exercises. - Quantity: 1Specifications: - Weight: 8 - 48 KG +/- 3% - Colors: Pink, Blue, Yellow, Purple, Green, Orange, Red, Black, White, Gold. - Handle Diameter: 35mm | 1.38” - Handle Width: 190mm | 7.48” - Total Diameter: 210mm | 8.27” - Total Height: 290mm | 11.42”

Good for: People looking to save money on a standardized competition kettlebell


  • Priced at $69 for the 16kg, $99 for 24kg
  • Non-welded handles
  • 16 options between 8 and 40kg
  • Steel cast with powder coat finish


  • Weight only listed in kilos
  • Heaviest weight is 40kg
  • Reports of paint chipping

The Titan Fitness Competition Style Kettlebell is about 25 percent cheaper than the Vulcan option. That’s a decent saving for a product that is still high quality. Titan does a steel cast with a powder coat finish, just like Vulcan does. Also, Titan Fitness offers free shipping on all orders, which is a huge cost efficiency that many other brands do not offer.

Because this is a competition kettlebell, the weights are highly accurate and the handles are a standard 35mm on every bell. I also really like that each bell comes in its own color, which is a nice alternative to your typical black, iron cast kettlebell.

As a budget option, the Titan Competition Kettlebell does have some issues, namely with the paint. Several reviewers have reported flaking or chipping. While this doesn’t typically affect the performance of the product, it would affect aesthetics, if that matters to you. Also, most competition bells like this one don’t come in heavyweights because people don’t really use very heavy weights in competition.

Read my full Titan Fitness Competition Style Kettlebell review.

How We Tested the Best Kettlebells

To find the best kettlebells for your home gym, we looked at every option available on the market today and graded them based on the follow criteria.

Weight Tolerance

How close to the advertised weight did the kettlebells weigh? Some may claim to be 23 pounds, but when weighed are closer to 21.


It’s very easy to have an accident with a kettlebell, especially during swinging, so we wanted to make sure the handles on these options allowed for good grip.


Kettlebells are expensive, so we want to make sure the ones you purchase will last a while. The coating should also not chip easily.


Is the kettlebell worth its price?

Warranty, Financing, Returns

As with any piece of home gym equipment, you should make sure the kettlebell has some type of warranty, any available financing options, and if you can return the product if you find you’re not a fan of it.

Benefits of Kettlebell Training

The kettlebell is the king of being an all-in-one tool for conditioning. With a flat bottom and curved bell, the uneven distribution of weight creates an incredibly effective platform for cardio and weight training exercises. Some of the many benefits of kettlebell exercises include the following:

Well-Rounded Fitness

You work on several different aspects of fitness when doing kettlebell exercises: endurance, strength, flexibility, and balance. In other words, you get a lot of bang for your buck. When you invest in the best home gym equipment, it’s key to find a single piece that offers versatility. With a kettlebell, you can work on:

  • Core strength
  • Stability
  • Coordination and body awareness
  • Cardio
  • Upper and lower body strength

Cardio Without Running

Going for a run is great, but I also love when I can get my heart rate up while using some kind of weight. Kettlebells are amazing for cardio workouts that include high-intensity intervals as well as low-weight, high rep options.

Develop Explosive Strength

Weightlifters, runners, and other athletes look to the kettlebell to build explosive strength. Exercises like kettlebell swings engage the hips and posterior chain to create power. The kind of explosive energy the hips create is key to movements like sprinting, jumping, and weightlifting movements like the snatch.

Strengthen the Grip

You’ll be opening pickle jars in no time! Okay, I can’t make that promise, but I can tell you that kettlebells are a great way to build grip strength.

The kettlebell’s center of gravity is about 6 to 8 inches away from your palm, which means that the weight itself is unbalanced in your hands. This makes your gripping muscles (like the forearms and wrists) work harder while you perform just about any exercise with the bell. Kettlebells are also great for actual grip-strengthening exercises like farmers’ carries.

Safe Exercise

I don’t like to say that certain strength training exercises are dangerous or risky. After all, anything you do carries a risk with it. But, when compared to, say, putting a 300-pound barbell on your back and squatting it, the kettlebell exercise appears to carry a little less risk.

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Lifting heavy weights has its place, and I’m here for it, but if that’s something that scares you, kettlebell workouts are a safe alternative. You can still build muscle and power without doing something that may cause you some anxiety.

Benefits of Kettlebells

Choosing the Best Kettlebell for You

As evidenced by the above list, there are countless options on the market to satisfy your kettlebell needs. Most of the traditional bells can be classified as one of two things:

Cast Iron Kettlebells

When most people picture a kettlebell, this is what they picture. The handle on solid cast iron kettlebells is wider than the bell itself. The coating on these varies. Most commercial gyms carry this kind of bell, which is great for recreational lifting, two-handed movements, and beginners.

Competition Kettlebells

These bells are made to standard with a 35mm handle that does not exceed the width of the bell itself. This narrow grip is useful for the one-handed movements you might see in a competition. Mostly, the people who use a competition kettlebell will be people who are competing, but they would still work for the everyday athlete.

Once you have an idea of the type of bell you want, you also may want to consider:

Type of Exercise

Kettlebell training is so incredibly versatile. You have endless options for exercises, most of which will fall into one of two categories:

  • Ballistic lifts: These are explosive movements like doing kettlebell swings, snatches and cleans.
  • Grind lifts: These are either more skill- or strength-based movements, like pressing overhead, deadlifts and Turkish get-ups.

Once you ascertain how you will use the equipment, you can make other key decisions about factors like the weight you will need, the material you want and the ergonomics of the bell.


Kettlebells come in a large variety of weight options, ranging from just a few pounds to up to literally hundreds of pounds. The lighter weights are great for certain grind movements like Turkish get-ups and overhead pressing. Moderate to heavyweights are useful in building explosive strength through doing full-body movements like swings and snatches.

Another consideration: Kettlebell weights are often listed in kilograms. You’ll find kilos used on competition bells because kilos are the universal weight measurement. Ultimately, it doesn’t really matter if you pick a bell in pounds or in kilos unless you need a very specific weight range for your training purposes.


Kettlebells are literally bell-shaped weights with a wide handle across the top. Competition kettlebells all have a uniform handle size because they have to have a 35mm diameter. This will typically fit most adult hands just fine, but for people with smaller hands or youth athletes, 35mm may not be a comfortable grip.

Cast iron kettlebells tend to have different grip sizes that vary with the weight of the bell. Therefore, a 12kg kettlebell may have a smaller grip and be better suited for smaller athletes. Having a secure grip is vital for safety while exercising.


Aside from how thin or thick the grip is, the kettlebell handle itself should be smooth. Sometimes, the casting process leaves behind remnants. This can quickly destroy your hands and ruin your workout. Look for a bell that has a smooth handle.


Kettlebells that are cast in iron typically have some kind of coating. This increases the durability of the equipment by preventing rusting, corrosion, and scratches. Options include:

Powder Coating: This is a hard coating that is more protective than simply a coat of paint. Many powder coated kettlebells have a matte finish because it gives you a better grip on the bell. Athletes also find that matte finishes help hold chalk, which aids in grip.

Rubber or Vinyl Coating: Some people are attracted to rubber and vinyl-coated kettlebells because they are a little more aesthetically pleasing due to their smooth appearance. A coating like this may be gentler on your flooring and less noisy. However, rubber and vinyl can be worn down, chip, and crack.

E-Coating: Arguably, an “e-coat” is the best type of high-quality coating you could want on a kettlebell. Essentially, an electrical current coats the bell with paint to a certain desired thickness. E-coats last longer than powder coats, but they’re often more expensive. Also, there are different degrees of e-coating, so look for “military-grade” e-coating if you’re going with this option.


Kettlebells are a fairly durable piece of equipment, but some can stand up to abuse better than others. If you’re someone who plans on using kettlebells often, make sure it’ll last and not break on you within a couple of months.

FAQs About Kettlebells

What is the best kettlebell workout?

The best kettlebell exercises include kettlebell swings, Turkish getups, kettlebell snatches, kettlebell clean and jerks, goblet squats, presses and thrusters, farmers’ carries, and waiters’ carries.

What weight of kettlebell is best?

Just like with any other kind of resistance training, the right weight is the one that matches your personal fitness level. There is a huge variety in the types of exercises you might use a kettlebell for as well, which will play a role in the weight you choose.

There are general recommendations on weights for men and women. Men typically start with 12-20 kg kettlebells. Active men range from 16-24 kg kettlebells or heavier. Women may start with 8-12 kg kettlebells. Active women range from 12-24 kg kettlebells or heavier.

What is the best kettlebell to use?

As with any other kind of fitness equipment, the best kettlebell is the one that fits your needs. I like to pick the weights I buy based on how durable they are because I know that I can be pretty hard on implements like kettlebells and free weights. Going too cheap on workout equipment can mean you’ll be buying new products sooner rather than later. The above list gives you an idea of what I believe to be the best kettlebells based on your budget, or your durability needs, or your fitness goals.

Do I need one or two kettlebells?

There is a lot you can do with just one kettlebell, but you’ll be able to do even more if you have two: a lighter one and a heavier one. Heck, if you have the money and space for it, get an entire set of kettlebells.

Lighter kettlebells are great for the “grind” movements, like Turkish get-ups, presses and windmills. Heavier kettlebells may be used for ballistic movements, like swings, snatches and cleans. It really comes down to how you plan to use your bell. Having more than one certainly gives you options, but don’t feel like you absolutely have to have more than one to get any use from what you have.

Is it okay to do kettlebell swings every day?

Doing resistance training every day might be okay, but keep in mind that you should have at least one rest day a week to allow your body to recover. It really all comes down to your intensity level when you exercise. Experts recommend against performing at a high-intensity level for every workout. Also, kettlebell swings may put a lot of strain on your larger muscle groups, which could leave you susceptible to injuries. It’s best to consult with a personal trainer, physical therapist, or another professional when trying to determine a good workout regimen.

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