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Kettlebells are a versatile tool that can be used for all sorts of training. Whether your goal is to build strength, develop explosive power, or improve your cardio, a good kettlebell can get the job done. 

However, there’s just one problem—having multiple kettlebells takes up quite a bit of space. If your garage gym is already filled to the brim with workout equipment, you may not have space to store multiple kettlebells. Luckily, compact adjustable kettlebells have hit the market, and like the best adjustable dumbbells, they save a significant amount of space. 

In this PowerBlock Adjustable Kettlebell review, we’ll take a look at one of the most popular options on the market and help you decide if it’s worth adding to your gym. PowerBlock has already built a reputation for making great adjustable dumbbells, now let’s see if they’ve done it again with the adjustable kettlebell.  

Honest Reviews From Expert Product Testers

The GGR testing team is made up of certified personal trainers, gym owners, and product experts who have years of experience testing fitness equipment. We’re here to bring you honest reviews, calling out the good and the bad in every product we review, and we’ve tested dozens of kettlebells to date.

For this review, our tester, Adam Gregory, spent a week using the PowerBlock Adjustable Kettlebells in our testing headquarters. He paid careful attention to various aspects of the kettlebell, including: 

  • Weight range
  • Durability
  • Design
  • Finish
  • Versatility

We carefully scored the product on a scale of 1 to 5 in a variety of categories from our equipment testing methodology to calculate a final score.

PowerBlock Adjustable Kettlebell

PowerBlock Adjustable Kettlebell

GGR Score: 4.2 starstarstarstarstar

Product Highlights

  • Feels like a fixed kettlebell
  • Easy adjustment mechanism
  • Weight goes up to 52.9 lbs
  • Rubber bottom to protect flooring
  • Comes in kilos or pounds

Made in USA Made in USA

Pros & Cons


  • Space-saving design
  • Replaces 5 kettlebells
  • The grip feels very nice to use
  • Color coded weight labels


  • The unusual shape doesn't exactly feel like a standard kettlebell
  • It uses a pin mechanism, so if you lose the pin, you won't be able to use all of the weights

Bottom Line

The Powerblock Adjustable Kettlebell features a cowbell-like, space-saving design that can replace 4 kettlebells. It doesn't feel quite like a traditional kettlebell due to it's shape, but it's sturdy and enjoyable to use.

A Quick Look at the PowerBlock Adjustable Kettlebell

PowerBlock is most known for creating adjustable dumbbells, like the PowerBlock Pro 100 EXP dumbbells. While the PowerBlock logo still includes the words “World’s Best Dumbbell,” the company also makes a great adjustable kettlebell. 

The PowerBlock Adjustable Kettlebell, which earned a spot in our list of the best adjustable kettlebells, is a unique piece of gym equipment that can replace four traditional kettlebells. It comes in a unique design that’s more like a cowbell than a traditional kettlebell, which allows it to fit in compact spaces, perfect for garage gym owners looking to save space. 

The kettlebell is available in two options, both of which have four different weight increments that are changed with a magnetic pin. With such a large range of available weights, beginner and intermediate lifters will be able to use this kettlebell, though advanced lifters may need something heavier. 

Using the kettlebell doesn’t feel exactly like a traditional kettlebell due to its shape, but we still think this is a durable kettlebell that would fit well in many home gyms.

Before You Buy

  • Each size of the adjustable kettlebell replaces four standard kettlebells, with weight increments ranging from 18-35 pounds (8.18-15 kg) and 35-62 pounds (16-28 kg).
  • The kettlebell features a unique, narrow design that saves space, but means the kettlebell shape feels a bit different while using it. 
  • The kettlebells aren’t cheap but include a 5-year warranty from PowerBlock. 

Is the PowerBlock Adjustable Kettlebell Worth It?

With a cost that ranges from $169 to $299 depending on the weight you need, this kettlebell isn’t the cheapest adjustable kettlebell on the market, and as always, it’s important to do your research before investing in a new product. 

A close up side view of the PowerBlock Adjustable Kettlebells.

Adam enjoyed using this product and said he’d personally keep it in his home gym, but that doesn’t mean it’s a perfect fit for everyone.

Great for:

  • Those looking for a 4-in-1 kettlebell to save space in their home or garage gym
  • Anyone who regularly uses kettlebell exercises in their workout programs
  • Those who are OK with the unusual shape

Not recommended for:

  • Anyone who prefers the traditional shape and feel of a standard competition kettlebell
  • Those shopping on a tight budget
  • People who prefer to have multiple kettlebells for two-handed exercises 

PowerBlock Adjustable Kettlebell Specs

Weight Range18-35 lbs (8.18-15 kg), 35-62 lbs (16-28kg)
Change Increments4-9 lbs
Handle Diameter32.77 mm
Replaces4 kettlebells
MaterialAlloy steel
Adjustment MechanismMagnetic pin

Using the PowerBlock Adjustable Kettlebell 

Adam tested the PowerBlock adjustable kettlebell for a week, using it for a variety of exercises. When it comes to adjustable kettlebells, the most important factors for daily use are how the adjustment mechanism works, how the grip feels, and how the overall kettlebell feels, especially with a non-traditional shape. 

Adjusting the kettlebell weight was a breeze, as the magnetic steel selection pin handle is easy to use and change, without getting in the way of your training. Adam also noted that the pin felt very secure, and didn’t feel like it was in danger of falling out during training. The weight increments are marked in pounds on one side and kilograms on the other, with bright labeling and color-coding to clearly find the proper weight. 

Adam also found that the grip was better than most other kettlebells he’s tried, and while some prefer the round shape, Adam enjoyed the relatively flat shape. He said: “Most kettlebells are spherical whereas this is relatively flat, making it more comfortable to rest on an arm or shoulder when performing certain exercises. The spherical ones sometimes can create discomfort from a more pinpoint pressure when against the body.”

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A woman is shown squatting with the PowerBlock Adjustable Kettlebell.

We’ve seen some reviews mention that on explosive movements, like the kettlebell snatch, the square shape doesn’t feel quite as good as a round kettlebell, but some users love the shape of the PowerBlock, so this comes down to personal preference.

Adam also noted that the handle is a bit wider than traditional kettlebells, which he enjoyed. As a 6-foot-4 lifter with larger hands, he felt very comfortable using the kettlebell, saying most people should have no problems with the grip size.

Weight Options

There are two sizes available, so you can choose the kettlebell that will meet your training needs the best. Each kettlebell replaces four separate kettlebells, earning a 4-out-of-5 score for versatility.

The smaller version ranges from 18 to 35 pounds, allowing you to choose between 18, 22, 26, and 35 pounds, or 8.18, 10, 12, or 15 kilograms. The larger option ranges from 35 to 62 pounds, using weights of 35, 44, 53, or 62 pounds, or 16, 20, 24, or 28 kilograms. 

Both sizes have the weights clearly marked in both pounds and kilograms, allowing you to quickly select any weight you wish to use. 

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One of the main reasons you’d choose an adjustable kettlebell is the space-saving aspect, especially if you’ve already got a gym full of barbells, weight benches, and other strength training essentials, so let’s look at the footprint, which earned a score of 4 out of 5.

Two PowerBlock Adjustable Kettlebells are shown side by side.

First, both use a shape that looks a bit like a cowbell, so they’re already going to be narrower and take up less space than a round kettlebell, especially a larger one. Adam felt the box shape made these very easy to store up against a wall, or in a tight space between other equipment. 

The dimensions are very similar, though the large one is slightly wider, as you’d expect. 

The smaller size kettlebell has dimensions of 4.25 inches wide by 5.75 inches long by 10 inches high, while the large option is sized at 5.39 inches wide by 9.06 inches long by  11.1 inches high.

Construction and Durability

The PowerBlock Adjustable Kettlebell is made of durable alloy steel with a solid powder-coated grip and scored a 5-out-of-5 rating for durability. The pin felt very secure and didn’t feel like it was going to fall out or move around while training.

Adam said the kettlebell handle was smooth, not slick, comparing the texture to traction tape used for flooring. There’s no knurling, but he said there were no issues with the kettlebell slipping out of his hand during training, while other powder-coated kettlebells he’s used feel a bit slippery. 

A close-up view of thePowerBlock Adjustable Kettlebell and the components.

He tried the grip both with and without chalk and said the chalk didn’t seem to make much of a difference—a testament to how good the PowerBlock grip is. 

PowerBlock Adjustable Kettlebell vs REP Fitness Adjustable Kettlebell

REP Fitness Adjustable Kettlebell

REP Fitness Adjustable Kettlebells

GGR Score: 4.6 starstarstarstarstar
Community Score: 5 starstarstarstarstar

Product Highlights

  • Feels like a traditional kettlebell
  • Incredibly durable, especially for an adjustable kettlebell
  • Clearly marked weight increments

Made in USA Made in USA

Pros & Cons


  • Feels like a regular kettlebell
  • Weights are quick and easy to change
  • Weight adjusts to 24kg
  • Rubber bottom helps protect flooring
  • Offered in kilograms and pounds


  • Plastic changing mechanism could break

Bottom Line

If you close your eyes (although we don’t advise it because kettlebells are heavy) when using the REP Fitness Adjustable Kettlebells, you will think that you are using a regular kettlebell.

There are quite a few adjustable kettlebells on the market now, so let’s compare this one to the REP Adjustable Kettlebell, which was Coop’s top pick for adjustable kettlebells. 

The primary difference is the shape, as the REP Adjustable Kettlebell has a traditional round shape, while the PowerBlock uses a square shape. The REP kettlebell only adjusts to a maximum weight of 24 kilograms, however, while the PowerBlock kettlebell goes to a maximum weight of 28 kilograms. 

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Finally, the REP kettlebell includes five different weight increments, while the PowerBlock kettlebell includes four weight increments.

Overall, the PowerBlock kettlebell is best for those who prefer a heavier weight, or a square design, while the REP kettlebell is best for those who want to use an adjustable kettlebell with a traditional shape.

PowerBlock Adjustable KettlebellREP Fitness Adjustable Kettlebell
Weight Range18-35 lbs (8.18-15 kg), 35-62 lbs (16-28kg)8-16 kg, 16-24 kg, 20-40 lbs
Change Increments4-9 lbs2kg or 5lbs
Handle Diameter32.77 mm35 mm
Replaces4 kettlebells5 kettlebells
MaterialAlloy steelCast iron shell with matte powder coat
Adjustment MechanismMagnetic pinPush-and-turn dial

Customer Experience 

For the customer experience, we give PowerBlock a score of 3 out of 5. The PowerBlock Adjustable Kettlebell comes with a 5-year warranty when you purchase from PowerBlock, which is nice to see, although other companies like REP offer a lifetime warranty. 

To reach customer service, you can use a contact form, email, or call PowerBlock’s customer service center. PowerBlock does accept returns within 30 days, but you’ll be charged a 20% restocking fee and have to pay for your own return shipping. 

Ordering the PowerBlock Adjustable Kettlebell

Shipping to the contiguous USA is free via FedEx, and PowerBlock says to contact them for shipping rates to Alaska or Hawaii. The company does not ship internationally, but some retailer partners may carry the products in other countries. 

A hand is shown holding the PowerBlock Adjustable Kettlebell.

You can split your order into four payments with Klarna at checkout, and orders should ship within 1 to 3 business days. 

Customer Reviews

PowerBlock’s website doesn’t publish customer reviews for any products, so I turned to Amazon, where the adjustable kettlebell has a strong 4.7 rating with over 200 reviews. 

Most reviewers love using this kettlebell and feel it’s very durable, especially compared to other brands that warn you to avoid dropping the kettlebell. The only negative reviews I could find mentioned a slight rattling sound from the pin during use, or damage during shipping—though our kettlebell arrived in perfect condition. 

Final Verdict of Our PowerBlock Adjustable Kettlebell Review

Overall, this is a very durable kettlebell with a comfortable grip, easy-to-use pin adjustment, and space-saving design. 

The square shape may feel awkward for some, though our tester Adam enjoyed using it, and you may need to choose a different brand if you prefer the traditional shape. Overall, Adam loved this kettlebell, saying, “I personally would have these as an addition to my home gym. Their functionality for training was excellent. In addition, being able to basically tuck four larger-sized kettlebells that normally would take up almost 3 square feet of floor space down to one kettlebell in about half a square foot is a no-brainer for me.”

Full Rating

PowerBlock Adjustable Kettlebells

The Powerblock Adjustable Kettlebell is the most ergonomic and compact adjustable kettlebell. The compact contoured shell provides exceptional comfort throughout your entire kettlebell circuit. Save space and money with this versatile addition to your home or commercial gym.

Product Brand: PowerBlock

Product Currency: $

Product Price: 169.99

Product In-Stock: InStock

Editor's Rating:

PowerBlock Adjustable Kettlebell Rating

Construction – 5
Materials Used – 4.5
Versatility – 4
Durability – 4
Compactness – 4.5
Feeling – 4
Value – 4
Customer Reviews – 4.7
Customer Service – 3
Buy Now

PowerBlock Adjustable Kettlebell: FAQs

What are the cons of adjustable kettlebells?

While all adjustable kettlebells are manufactured differently, some may rattle a bit when using them for movements like kettlebell swings, causing an unstable feeling. Some brands also warn against dropping them, so not all adjustable kettlebells are durable.

How do adjustable kettlebells work?

Adjustable kettlebells allow you to change between several weight increments, without having to keep multiple kettlebells. Most of them use some kind of twist or pin system to add and remove weight from the center of the kettlebell. 

Do I need kettlebells if I have dumbbells?

No. While both kettlebells and dumbbells are versatile free weights that allow you to perform a variety of workouts, they feel different to use. With dumbbells, the weight is centered in your hand, whereas with kettlebells, the weight is usually a few inches away from the handle you’re holding, which changes the feel of the exercise. You don’t need kettlebells if you have dumbbells, but they’re nice to have!

Are adjustable kettlebells worth it?

Yes, for most people, especially home gym owners, adjustable kettlebells are worth the cost. They save space and allow you to use a variety of weights without needing multiple kettlebells. However, some models aren’t as durable as others, so they may not work as well for commercial gyms or CrossFit gyms where they’ll be heavily used every day. 

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