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Whether you’re walking to get some cardio exercise or because your dog really needs to use up some energy, it’s important to have the right shoes for the job. After all, there are few things worse than suffering through foot pain or struggling to take your shoes off because your feet swelled up like a Chinese spy balloon. 

Our top picks for the best walking shoes for men will help you walk in comfort and style. The Garage Gym Reviews team and several of our partners tested out dozens of shoes from brands like Hoka, Nike, Skechers, Reebok, New Balance, Brooks, Altra, and more to find out which pair you should buy based on your wants and needs. 

Read on to find out which ones we liked the most. 

We Put Our Heart and Sole Into Our Walking Shoe Reviews 

The night before I wrote this piece I laced up one of these walking shoes and went on a 13-mile jaunt through my neighborhood. Why? Firstly, because I’m a native New Yorker and walking is an Olympic sport for us, but more importantly we actually test a vast majority of the products we review here at Garage Gym Reviews. 

Our group of certified personal trainers, CrossFit Level 1 Trainers, and competitive endurance athletes would never recommend anything that we wouldn’t use ourselves, and the only way to know if a product is good is to actually use it. I can’t promise my coworkers regularly hit 10 miles on their daily walks as I do, but I know they’ve tested these shoes on city blocks, mountains, muddy terrains, and much more. 

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The 10 Best Men’s Walking Shoes in 2024  

Best Overall Walking Shoe for Men: Saucony Triumph 20

Good for: Men looking for a walking shoe that can do it all 

Best Overall

Saucony Triumph 20

GGR Score: 4 starstarstarstarstar

Product Highlights

  • Comes in 14 different colorways
  • Sizes range from 7 to 15
  • Made with foam cushioning for added comfort
  • Durable rubber outsole

Pros & Cons


  • Made for both everyday and long-distance running
  • Made with a rubber outsole for durability
  • Made out of vegan ad recycled materials
  • Comes in narrow and wide sizes


  • Returns will cost you
  • Some reviews claim the tread doesn’t have enough grip
  • Not all colors are available in the wide size

Bottom Line

The Men’s Triumph 20 from Saucony are a vegan shoe made of recycled materials that aim to give users comfort for not only everyday training, but long distance runs as well.

The Saucony Triumph 20 is indeed a triumph, especially when it comes to its responsiveness. “It had a nice thick foam for the midsole and heel,” says competitive weightlifter Matt Strong, husband of GGR staff writer Lauren Strong. 

The foam is Saucony’s PWRRUN+ cushioning, a special type of TPU foam that provides the perfect balance of comfort and responsiveness. Matt’s not the only one who loved the way it felt on his feet, as a look at running message boards also shows a lot of love for this type of foam. 

Matt also noted the shoe gave him plenty of arch support and that it has a wide toe box. His two biggest complaints centered around the heel, the first of which is that there’s no heel tab to make slipping the shoes on and off a little easier (not a necessity, but it’s always nice to have). 

And while his heel felt locked in and stable, he noticed it was a bit higher than the rest of the shoe. “It can feel like more height and bounce than normal, which could make some without good balance feel a little unstable,” he says. (The shoe has a 10 millimeter heel-to-toe drop, which is fairly standard for a running shoe). 

The rubber outsole keeps the shoe nice and durable, and the mesh upper overlay ensures proper airflow to your feet during longer walks. “The one thing I noticed was the toe could use a little more protection, like the outsole reaching up further to give a toe cap,” Matt added. 

We’d recommend this shoe for most people, with the exception of those who have wide feet as the only width they offer is a medium, though they have up to a size 15.

Weight per shoe 9.7 oz 
Heel-to-toe drop10 mm
Colors options17

Best Cushioned Walking Shoe for Men: HOKA Bondi 8

Good for: Anyone looking for a shoe with maximum comfort 


Hoka Bondi 8

GGR Score: 4.5 starstarstarstarstar

Product Highlights

  • The everyday Bondi 8 men’s running shoe by Hoka
  • Fifteen vibrant colors to choose from
  • Available in men’s sizes 7 to 16
  • Rated 4.6 stars out of 5 on their website
  • Multiple width options for wider feet
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Approved by the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA)

Pros & Cons


  • Fun and unique color options
  • Comes in three different widths
  • Inclusive sizing
  • 30-day return policy
  • Rated plush for cushion
  • Recycled and vegan materials


  • Expensive
  • Some reviewers find the new version less appealing

Bottom Line

HOKA’s Bondi 8 men’s everyday running shoe is high-quality, stylish, supportive, and functional. The shoe is expensive, but with the 30-day return policy, it’s a fantastic shoe to try whether you want a stylish pair of kicks for casual walking or your new favorite running shoe. Reviewers rave about the Bondi 8 everyday running shoe.

I’ve never actually walked on air, but I imagine it feels like walking in a pair of the HOKA Bondi 8s. In fact, remember when I said I laced up a pair of shoes and walked for 13 miles straight? These were the shoes I wore on that walk, and my feet never once cried out in pain. 

To be clear, these aren’t the most responsive shoes and I wouldn’t wear them if you’re looking to set a PR. These things are like walking on pillows and you can tell just how soft they are when you take them out of the box. 

The foam surrounds the entire shoe and gives it a considerable amount of girth, yet it still remains lightweight at around 11 ounces per shoe. 

Hoka added a rear crash pad to this variation of the Bondi 8, which allows for a smooth heel to forefoot transition. Both the heel and the tongue are padded for extra comfort, and your ankles are cradled by a memory foam collar. 

My biggest complaint is that the upper feels a bit thin, and I fear my toe could poke through it if I pushed hard enough. The mesh overlay is very breathable, but I’d keep these away from any sharp objects or rocks. 

I’ve also read a few reviews stating these aren’t the best for narrow feet, but these are available up to an extra-wide 4-E so it might be worth going a bit wider if you’re concerned about that.  

As an odded bonus, the American Podiatric Medical Association stamped these shoes as good for foot health. 

Weight per shoe 10.8 oz
Heel-to-toe drop4 mm
Color option15

Best Walking Shoe for Men for Flat Feet: Brooks Addiction Walker 2

Good for: Those who have flat feet and want a comfortable shoe 

For Flat Feet

Brooks Addiction Walker 2

GGR Score: 4 starstarstarstarstar

Product Highlights

  • Walking shoes 
  • PDAC code-compliant shoes, diabetic shoes
  • Slip-resistant

Pros & Cons


  • Available in 4 widths: Narrow (1B), Medium (1D), Wide (2E), Extra Wide (4E)
  • Slip-resistant
  • Also available in suede and with velcro straps instead of laces
  • 90-day trial and return period
  • Available in large range of sizes


  • Heavy
  • Customers complain that they are noisy and squeaky
  • Users say the shoes feel narrower and tighter than previous versions

Bottom Line

The Brooks Addiction Walker 2 is a shoe that has many positive reviews for comfort. Customers did complain that the shoes were too noisy.

People with flat feet need to find a shoe that offers a good heel-to-toe drop that takes pressure off the arches, and the Brooks Addiction Walker 2 hits the sweet spot with a 12-millimeter offset. 

To be honest, this is one of those times we haven’t personally tested out these shoes. That said, we’re confident in recommending them based on our expertise as product testers and research on their specs and Amazon customer reviews. 

The Addiction Walkers come with an Extended Progressive Diagonal Rollbar that wraps around the medial arch of the foot and offers support when you’re transitioning from the mid stance phase (when your foot is flat on the floor) to the propulsion phase (sometimes called the toe-off phase, or when your foot loses contact with the ground). 

This support can help alleviate the pain flat-footed people feel during certain stages of their walking pattern, known as gait. The slip-resistant rubber outsole has been certified by SATRA, a United Kingdom-based laboratory that specializes in researching footwear. 

Another big plus is that you can get the Addiction Walkers in narrow sizes and all the way up to 4E, and they have sizes up to 15. While we haven’t tested these particular Brooks shoes, GGR staff writer Amanda Capritto is a Brooks fangirl and has said their shoes run true to size. 

We also named the Brooks Addiction Walker 2 our top choice for the best walking shoes for seniors.

Weight per shoe 14.5 oz 
Heel-to-toe drop12 mm 
Color optionBlack/White

Best All-Day Walking Shoe for Men: Altra Solstice X2 

Good for: Anyone who needs a shoe that will feel good from sun-up to sundown 

All Day

Altra Men’s Solstice XT 2

GGR Score: 4 starstarstarstarstar

Product Highlights

  • Cross-trainer designed to support running as well as high-intensity workouts and lifting
  • Zero drop promotes natural gait
  • Breathable and firm forefoot mesh
  • Standard footshape ergonomically engineered to encourage a natural feel
  • Reinforced toe box allows for natural swelling of the feet

Pros & Cons


  • Comfortable
  • Encourages a natural gait
  • Versatile
  • Breathable mesh upper


  • Durability of sole may be an issue
  • Low-level of cushioning

Bottom Line

Altra’s Solstice XT 2 is a cross-trainer athletic shoe featuring a caged mesh upper, anatomical toe box, balanced cushioning, and a zero-drop.

I read a customer review that stated the Altra Solstice X2 “feels like an old friend,” and I’d have to agree with that. They hug your foot just right, have a spacious toe box, and a nice balance of cushioning that gives you the right amount of responsiveness when you need it. 

Personally, I’m in love with these shoe’s breathability. Most of the shoes on this list do a good job of keeping your feet cool, but the Solstice X2s are exceptional, which is why we’ve named them the best shoes for long days. There have been days when I’ve forgotten they’re on my feet—that’s how comfy they are. 

The midsole is made of EVA foam, which is the standard for most walking and running shoes, and comes with grid-like grooves for additional flexibility and movement. I’ve worn these as cross-training shoes and found they were very supportive, and some customer reviews have stated they’re great for sports like pickleball. 

One important thing to note is that these are zero-drop shoes, meaning they’re not the best for those looking for ankle or arch support (there are better options for that on this list). If, on the other hand, you’re looking for a barefoot-style shoe, then this is a perfect pick. One advantage of this type of shoe is that it forces you to rely on your feet and leg muscles for stability rather than the shoe, but only if you walk with proper form. 

Weight per shoe 10 oz 
Heel-to-toe drop0 mm
Color optionsBlack/White 

Most Stylish Walking Shoe for Men: Allbirds Wool Men’s Runner

Good for: Men who want a comfortable shoe that can also be worn in a more casual setting 

Stylin’ and Profilin’

Allbirds Men’s Wool Runner

GGR Score: 4 starstarstarstarstar

Product Highlights

  • Thermoregulating Merino wool designed to protect the feet against cold weather 
  • Cushioned SweetFoam midsole which is made with carbon negative green material
  • Recycled laces made from 100% post-consumer recycled polyester
  • Best suited for walking, cooler weather, and everyday wear

Pros & Cons


  • Stylish
  • Comfortable
  • Thermoregulating upper
  • Cushioned
  • Responsibly sourced


  • Longer break-in period
  • Narrow

Bottom Line

Allbirds’ Men’s Wool Runner are a stylish, responsibly-sourced athletic shoe featuring a thermoregulating Merino wool upper, cushioned midsole, and recycled laces.

The Allbirds Wool Men’s Runner looks classy no matter which colorway you choose, but luckily there’s quite a few for you to pick from. “These are casual enough to wear with gym clothes but you could also easily dress them up a bit more,” says Rob Davis, husband of GGR senior editor Nicole Davis. “They’ll be my new airport shoes.” 

OK, Rob, but how do they feel? “They’re snug to your foot in a good way, so they feel almost like second skin,” he says. “Very stable.” 

The insole is made of a sugarcane-based EVA foam that Rob describes as “the right amount of soft.” We couldn’t find what the outsole was made of, but suffice it to say this isn’t something you’ll bring on a hike or nature walk. They’ll do just fine on concrete or other paved surfaces. 

Not sure what an insole is? Learn more about the anatomy of a running shoe

Allbirds made wool shoes popular, and it’s easy to see why. “The Merino wool upper is soft but still breathable,” Rob says. “They seem very durable, but I obviously haven’t worn them with any frequency yet so these are just my first impressions.”

Customer reviews seem to back that up, with many people saying they’ve worn these high-quality shoes for many years without any problems. 

Here’s some good news for keeping them stylish, also: These shoes are machine washable. 

Weight per shoe 8.9 oz 
Heel-to-toe drop15 mm
Color Options5+ (some are limited edition) 

Best Walking Shoe for Men for Plantar Fasciitis: HOKA Gaviota 4

Good for: Those who are looking to mitigate the effects of plantar fasciitis 

Plantar Fasciitis

HOKA Gaviota 4

GGR Score: 4.5 starstarstarstarstar

Product Highlights

  • Hoka’s maximum level of stability and cushioning
  • J-Frame enhanced support to prevent overpronation and inward rolling of feet
  • Redesigned plush collar and tongue
  • Hidden eyestay reinforcement and single-sided tongue gusset to prevent excessive slippage
  • Midfoot H-frame for increased upper support and midfoot lockdown
  • Breathable mesh upper
  • High-wear rubber placement for improved durability
  • Meta-Rocker technology for a smooth ride and good toe-off

Pros & Cons


  • Effectively prevents overpronation according to several reviews
  • Wider toe box
  • Snug midsole
  • Maximum cushioning
  • Lightweight


  • Expensive compared to other options
  • Midsole is too narrow for some
  • Not ideal for sprinting

Bottom Line

Hoka’s Men’s Gaviota 4 stability running shoe provides maximum cushioning and stability in a lightweight shoe and is appreciated by users for its comfort and performance.

If you suffer from intense heel pain due to plantar fasciitis—the inflammation of the muscle tissue that connects your heel to your toes—go for the HOKA Gaviota 4. I personally don’t have plantar fasciitis, but several customer reviewers have said these shoes are “life-changing.” 

“After wearing the shoe for less than a week, the pain that I’ve had for over a month went away,” wrote one reviewer. “ It has greatly helped the plantar fasciitis that I’ve been dealing with for years,” says another. 

The Gaviota 4 offers great heel, arch, and ankle support, so I can see how they would be great for anyone who suffers from plantar fasciitis pain. This is likely due to the shoe’s J-frame construction, or when the foam wraps around the heel and around the foot’s medial arch to prevent overpronation (or when the arches of your feet flatten more than normal, which could cause some pain). 

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I found the toe box to be a bit narrow, but I saw few complaints from other people about it so it could be a personal thing. The cushioning is very soft, though not as pillowy as the HOKA Bondi 8s. They have a very breathable outsole that feels incredibly durable.

The heel pull tab is a nice touch for those who want a shoe that’s easy to take on and off, and can also act as a hanger if you need to dry them out. 

Weight per shoe 11.4 oz 
Heel-to-toe drop5 mm
Color options6

Best Budget Walking Shoe for Men: Adidas Swift 

Good for: Those who are on a budget 

Budget Shoe

Adidas Swift Run Shoes

GGR Score: 3.5 starstarstarstarstar

Product Highlights

  • Knit upper construction similar to a bootie-style with 1-piece mesh
  • Lightweight midsole with patented OrthoLite sockliner
  • Slip-on design
  • Rubber outsole with textile lining
  • Breathable and comfortable with a solid-amount of stability

Pros & Cons


  • Versatile
  • Modern and stylish
  • Comfortable
  • Lightweight
  • Relatively affordable


  • May be hard to put on
  • Only 2 color options

Bottom Line

If you are looking for an affordable, comfortable, modern, and versatile athletic shoe, the Adidas Swift Run Shoes may be for you.

At under $100, and frequently on sale for around $75, the Adidas Swift is a great budget-friendly pair of men’s walking shoes. The shoes have an average rating of 4.5 stars with more than 2,500 customer reviews, but Rob wasn’t the biggest fan of them. 

To be clear, he says they’re a stylish shoe that will get the job done if you’re looking for something to wear around town or running a few quick errands, but he wouldn’t recommend them for longer treks. 

“The upper is basically a sock with not much structure, so it feels like my foot isn’t super supported,” he says. “Walking short distances would be fine, but I wouldn’t wear these on any type of walking excursion—they’re more for the look.” 

There’s a reason it feels like a sock, and that’s because it has a knit upper. These types of shoes are indeed lightweight and perfect for those who don’t want a heavy shoe, but the trade-off is they’re not super durable. 

The rubber outsole will keep you stable on concrete or while grocery shopping, but these aren’t the shoes for anyone who’s looking to go on an off-road adventure. 

Weight per shoe 12 oz 
Heel-to-toe dropDoesn’t say
Color optionsWhite 

Best All-Terrain Walking Shoe for Men: La Sportiva Ultra Raptor II

Good for: Anyone who wants a shoe that works on concrete, dirt, and any other type of terrain


La Sportiva Ultra Raptor II

GGR Score: 4 starstarstarstarstar

Product Highlights

  • Updated version of La Sportiva Ultra Raptor 
  • Trail shoe 
  • 4 colorways: 2 for men and 2 for women

Pros & Cons


  • Available in variety of styles (at different prices): wide, mid-top, GTX, and leather
  • Full-length rock guard
  • Customers like sticky tread


  • Very limited reviews
  • Relatively expensive
  • Heavier than counterparts at 12.5 (M)/ 10.4 (W) oz

Bottom Line

The Ultra Raptor II is an all-terrain shoe with a variety of models that customers use for longer runs on more difficult terrain and hikes.

Concrete, dirt, gravel, mud, clay—the La Sportiva Ultra Raptor II can conquer it all. The shoe’s outsole is covered in these aggressive lugs that’s coupled with FriXion rubber—a special type of sticky rubber that can be found on some rock climbing shoes due to the grip it provides.  

I’ll be honest and say I haven’t tested these hiking shoes quite as hard as I would’ve liked, but I can already tell this will give you the traction you need on just about any surface. There’s also a trademarked Trail Bite heel to give you extra grip when you’re looking to tackle a steep incline. 

A full-length rock guard wraps around the shoe to protect it and your feet from any pointy rocks you might find along the trail—this is another feature I haven’t personally tested, but you can tell just by holding these shoes that they’re extremely durable. I’m also a big fan of the toe guard that’s positioned just above the breathable mesh overlay.

You also get a heel stabilizer for added stability, a compression-molded EVA midsole that provides great shock absorption, and enough cushioning in the footbed to keep your feet comfortable without having them sink into the shoe.  

The shoe has an all-around snug fit, but almost too snug. I would’ve liked a little extra room, specifically around the midfoot, but it’s nothing that’s prohibitively painful. 

Weight per shoe 12.5 oz 
Heel-to-toe drop9 mm 
Color options

Best Walking Shoe for Men for Wide Feet: HOKA Torrent 2

Good for: Men with wide feet—like me 

Makes Wide Turns

HOKA Torrent 2

GGR Score: 4 starstarstarstarstar

Product Highlights

  • HOKA’s trail racing shoe 
  • Neutral support shoe with responsive cushioning 
  • 9 colorways: 6 for men and 3 for women

Pros & Cons


  • Multi-directional lugs
  • Lightweight
  • Responsive cushioning


  • Not the newest version of the shoe, many sizes may be sold out
  • Customers complain about durability
  • Users say runs large and to size down ½ size

Bottom Line

The HOKA Torrent 2 is an updated version of the Torrent shoe that was not as well received as the original. Some customers had issues with durability but HOKA customer service was responsive.

I wear a size 15, 4E shoe—so I can say with confidence that the HOKA Torrent 2 is the best walking shoe for men with wide feet. The midfoot has enough width while still feeling snug and stable, and the toe box gives you plenty of room to spread out when needed. The one area I feel there’s a bit too much room is in the heel, which could’ve been a bit more snug. 

The Torrent 2 isn’t nearly as cushioned as some of HOKA’s other offerings, and that’s due to the PROFLY™ midsole that provides a soft landing with each foot strike while giving you the responsiveness you’ll need on speedier runs. 

While they’re marketed as trail running shoes, I can also see these being a great shoe for high-intensity interval training (or HIIT). The outsole is covered in a sticky rubber with multi-directional lugs for traction, and they’re flexible to allow your feet to move in all directions. 

The colorways are fun and vibrant, but I would’ve liked a more formal option. These shoes feel great on my feet but they’re a little too colorful to wear in certain situations. 

Weight per shoe 9.3 oz 
Heel-to-toe drop5 mm 
Color options6

Best Slip-On Walking Shoe for Men: Altra Olympus 5

Good for: Those who want a shoe that’s easy to slip on and off their feet 

Slip On, Slip Off

Altra Olympus 5

GGR Score: 3.5 starstarstarstarstar

Product Highlights

  • Altra’s maximum cushioning trail running shoe 
  • Vibram outsole 
  • Features Altra’s signature FootShape
  • 14 colorways: 7 for men and 7 for women

Pros & Cons


  • Vibram outsole
  • Trailclaw lugs
  • Customers like cushioned feel


  • Customers complain shoe runs small
  • Fit is narrower than previous Olympus shoes
  • Multiple customers had issues with lugs falling off outsole
  • Relatively expensive
  • Heavier than most counterparts

Bottom Line

The Altra Olympus 5 is a trail running shoe that emphasizes cushion and comfort. Long-time users may find they prefer the fit of older models of the Olympus.

Anyone who ever got yelled at as a child for not untying their shoes (guilty) will love the Altra Olympus 5’s elevated heel counter. The heel is also padded, so you never have to worry about blisters forming on that part of your foot. 

The padded heel is not something I’ve come across that often, but it feels very comfortable and keeps you stable for the entirety of your walk or run. The cushioning is a perfect mix of responsive and comfortable, but leans more responsive. 

The velcro hook on the back of the shoe is a Gaitertrap heel tab that allows you to attach a piece of garment known as a gaiter attachment, which prevents debris from falling into your shoe (no more having to stop to shake out any pebbles).

You’ll probably never guess what my one issue with this shoe is—it’s the laces. These things were so stiff that I was almost tempted to apply fabric softener just so I could lace my shoes up to where they fit me properly. This actually only happened with one of the shoes (the right one), though there are several customer reviews that also state they didn’t like the laces. 

Weight per shoe 12.3 oz 
Heel-to-toe drop0 mm
Color options7

Other Walking Shoes for Men We Researched

On Cloud 5: We’ve heard great things about these lightweight shoes (just under 9 ounces!) but we’ve sadly not been able to get our hands, err feet on them just yet. If they’re anything like the other On Running shoes we’ve tried before, like the On Cloud Xs, then we’re sure they’re fantastic. 

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Nike Winflo 8 Shield: These weatherized running shoes would’ve been our pick for the best waterproof walking shoe for men if they hadn’t developed a horrible squeaking noise just days after receiving them. They are, however, very water-resistant and I’ll happily wear them on days the rain is louder than the squeaks. 

Topo Athletic Phantom 2: The one thing that prevented this shoe from making the list is that the traction is sub-par, but it’s fine if you live in a city and only run on pavement. 

How We Picked and Tested the Best Walking Shoes for Men 

Our testing process always begins with research and finding what shoes are popular in the walking and running communities. We then purchase the shoes and test them for several weeks before coming together as a team to decide which ones deserve a spot on our list by using the following criteria. 

  • Comfort: Obviously, the shoes have to feel good while you’re wearing them and not create any foot pain. 
  • Sizes: Are they available in multiple sizes? 
  • Cushion: Was the cushioning soft like a marshmallow or did it provide responsiveness to give you a good bounce? 
  • Outsole: Was the bottom of the shoe durable and did it provide good traction? 
  • Value: Was it worth the price?   
  • Colors: Are there options for most people’s taste?

Benefits of Walking Shoes

This December 2014 study1 and several others like it confirm what we already knew—proper footwear can make walking, running, and other physical activities feel less painful. If a shoe is too tight or doesn’t provide sufficient support, it can result in foot pain, which could require physical therapy or even surgery. 

What to Look for In Walking Shoes

Here are a few things to keep in mind when shopping for your next pair of walking shoes. 


Most shoes will have a rubber outsole that provides traction on all types of terrain, but if you’re looking to go trail running or encounter mud on your walks, you’ll want to ensure your outsole is extra-stable by having lugs or other features that help you keep your footing. 


Are you looking for comfort? Go for maximum cushioning. If you’re looking for a little pep in your step, look for a shoe with a little less cushioning. 

Heel-to-Toe Drop 

Heel-to-toe drop refers to the height difference between your heel and the balls of your feet. A higher heel drop is generally better for those who have heel or ankle issues, or those with flat feet. Everyone is different, so find what works for you. 


Most walking or running shoes will have a mesh upper, the top of the shoe area. Obviously you won’t want something with a leather upper if you’re looking for a breathable shoe.


Which footwear is best for walking?

Our top pick is the Saucony Triumph 20 due to its cushioning, breathable upper, and arch support. Here are a few other shoes we liked: 

Best Cushioning Walking Shoe for Men: Hoka ONE ONE Bondi 8
Best Walking Shoe for Men for Flat Feet: Brooks Addiction Walker 2
Best All-Day Walking Shoe for Men: Altra Solstice X2 
Most Stylish Walking Shoe for Men: Allbirds Wool Men’s Runner
Best Walking Shoe for Men for Plantar Fasciitis: Hoka Gaviota 4
Best Budget Walking Shoe for Men: Adidas Swift
Best All-Terrain Walking Shoe for Men: La Sportiva Ultra Raptor II
Best Walking Shoe for Men for Wide Feet: Hoka Torrent 2
Best Slip-On Walking Shoe for Men: Altra Olympus 5

Is it OK to wear running shoes for walking?

The answer is yes, so long as they feel comfortable and don’t affect your gait (your walking pattern).

Are cushioned shoes better for walking?

They’re not necessarily better, but if you go on long walks like our product tester Anthony O’Reilly does, then you might want a little more cushioning to make sure your feet stay comfortable at all times.


Stewart S, Dalbeth N, McNair P, Parmar P, Gow P, Rome K. The effect of good and poor walking shoe characteristics on plantar pressure and gait in people with gout. Clin Biomech (Bristol, Avon). 2014;29(10):1158-1163. doi:10.1016/j.clinbiomech.2014.09.009

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