About Nicole Davis, CPT, PN1-NC

Nicole is an editor at GGR. She's been a journalist for the last 12 years and a CPT/group fitness instructor for the last 7 years.She grew up playing tennis, became an avid runner in college, competed in a bikini competition in her mid-twenties, and even completed a triathlon. Her workout of choice nowadays is CrossFit, plus logging her daily steps. After her first daughter was born four years ago, she became especially passionate about prenatal and postnatal fitness, teaching stroller bootcamp classes and working with expecting moms as clients.Post-journalism school, Nicole worked in print media as a magazine editor for 8 years, then went freelance for a while, writing for fitness websites and manufacturers in the industry. Now, as the the Editor of GGR, she brings her expertise in fitness to writing and editing honest reviews on everything you might need for your home gym.