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Fitness Most Wanted 2024

The Best of the Best in the Industry

How We Chose Our Top Picks

At Garage Gym Reviews, fitness and nutrition are what we do and what we know. Our team of experts, including certified personal trainers, nutrition coaches, Olympians, dietitians, and more, spend a considerable amount of time actually using these products, testing them during our own workouts and rating them using our proprietary multi-point methodologies. 

We created Fitness Most Wanted to shine a spotlight on the products that we think are the best out there—those that innovate, those that provide great value to the user, and those that challenge others in the same product category to up their game. 

Relying on our years of collective experience, we present to you the 50 products on our Fitness Most Wanted 2024 list. 

Our Strength Favorites—Most Innovative

An image of the REP Ares 2.0 cable attachment
Rack Functional Trainer

REP Ares 2.0

This premium cable attachment can transform your squat rack into a functional trainer. Newly updated, the 2.0 version features 260-pound weight stacks with swiveling pulleys and a more open design.

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An image of the ATX trinity tower
Lat Pulldown

ATX Trinity Tower

This lat pulldown allows for the ultimate in positioning, featuring three pull directions and a rope length adjustment to change the handle height, stretch, and pull stroke.

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An image of PRx halo arms
Lever Arms

PRx Halo Arms

This might be the most versatile jammer arm system ever made. You can lock the arms in place vertically or horizontally or unlock them for movement side to side. Also key, they work with any 3”x3” upright with ⅝” or 1” hole spacing.

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An image of Rorman Strength Megalith handles
Jammer Arm Handles

Rorman Strength Megalith

What’s so cool about these handles is that they rotate a full 360 degrees, allowing for ultimate comfort and range of motion. The handles feature aggressive knurling with a center knurl mark, too.

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An image of Madd Spotter Dumbbell Spotters
Small Garage Gym Tool

Madd Spotter Dumbbell Spotter 2.0

Make your overhead dumbbell exercises more effective (and safer) by using a pair of these. They hang from a barbell and help you forgo the setup to overhead dumbbell exercises, which wastes time and energy.

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Freak Athlete Nordic Mini

Freak Athlete Nordic Hyper

We’re huge fans of this piece of equipment: It helps to build the hamstrings, glutes, and lower back and can replace six different machines for your home gym.

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Adjustable Dumbbells

REP x PÉPIN Fast Series

While these haven’t shipped yet, we’re really jazzed about them—they have a very similar design to the original PÉPIN dumbbells at a fraction of the price.

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Titan TwistLock Pro Barbell Collars
Barbell Collars

Titan TwistLock Pro Barbell Collars

Although these collars are a bit spendy, they’re lightweight, magnetic, and easy to use—plus, they feature a medium volcano knurl, and who could ask for more?

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An image of Weight it Out bumper plates
Weight Plates

Weight It Out Bumper Plates

We reviewed the steel plates from this company and are excited to get our hands on their bumper plates launching this summer—these 45-pound bumpers are only 1.3 inches thick!

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An image of the Fringe Sport Mammoth belt squat
Belt Squat

Fringe Sport Mammoth Belt Squat

This is one of the cheapest, best-designed mammoth squats out there. It has a modular design, which means it fits all racks on the market today.

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Functional Trainer

Torque Anker 7

This space-saving wall-mounted functional trainer sits only 9 inches off the wall, but has dual 225-pound weight stacks and fully adjustable uprights.

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Shogun NORD-EX
Nordic Curl

Shogun Sports NORD-EX

This combines a back extension machine with a Nordic bench in a compact package; we can’t recommend it enough for posterior chain work.

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REP Adonis product image
Cable Machine

REP Adonis

This single-tower cable machine acts as a functional trainer with a moving trolley, but here’s the cool thing: The fixed low row and lat pulldown provide a 1:1 ratio and the functional trainer provides a 2:1 ratio.

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An image of the Darko barbell anchor
Barbell Storage

Darko Barbell Anchor

If you’re short on space in your garage gym, look no further: Mount these to your power rack and store your barbells efficiently and out of the way.

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An image of JD Gym Equipped knurled handles
Knurled Goodness

JD Gym Equipped

If you’re a lover of good knurling, look no further than this company, which handcrafts everything from attachments to handles to custom products like a knurled espresso portafilter handle.

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An image of Prime Fitness leg extension leg press combo
Leg Extension/Leg Curl Combo

Prime Fitness Plate-Loaded Machine

This 2-in-1 combo machine allows you to easily transition from the leg extension to the leg curl and is equipped with special technology to allow the user to overload different portions of the movement.

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An image of Prime Fitness Prodigy pad attachment
Most “Surprisingly Useful”

Prime Fitness Prodigy Pad Attachment

Whether you want to use this horizontally or vertically, the Prodigy attachment offers nine angle pad adjustments, 12 length adjustments, and 11 width adjustments for a lot of versatility.

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Bulletproof Isolator
Rack Attachment

Bulletproof Isolator

This product is on our list for the second year in a row for a reason—this easy-to-use squat rack attachment allows you to execute leg extensions, hip thrusts, preacher curls, and more.

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REP Open Trap Bar
Specialty Bar

REP Open Trap Bar

Another product on our list two years in a row, this trap bar is still top-notch. Its handles rotate and are removable, plus there’s an integrated deadlift jack. Yes, please.

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An image of the Dynepic spiral strength dually
Cable Attachment

Dynepic Spiral Strength Dually

This attachment features a rotational mechanism at the top that allows for improved muscle activation and isometric work, both great for burnout.

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An image of Mutant Metals ARC pulldown attachment
Lat Pulldown Bar

Mutant Metals ARC Pulldown Attachment

This attachment allows you to take Mutant Metals handles that you already own and transform them into a lat pulldown attachment; we love an upgrade in usability!

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An image of Kensui Swissies V2
Pull-Up Bar

Kensui Swissies V2

Talk about a space-saving pull-up bar—these neutral grip attachments, complete with knurling, slip right onto any bar and can hold up to 800 pounds. V2 makes the original better by accommodating bars of different diameters.

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Rogue Velocidor
Dip Attachment

Rogue Velocidor

This dip attachment is a standout because it features multiple width and angle adjustments for a customizable dip experience on your power rack.

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ironmaster super bench pro v2

Ironmaster Super Bench PRO V2

New in the 2nd version, a handle to move it around, plus laser-etched numbered adjustments and a tapered bench pad, make this GGR founder Coop’s personal favorite bench.

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Oak Club MagPins
Fancy Equipment

Oak Club Mag Pin 3

Use these to affix your attachments to your rack in style. They feature two-toned aluminum construction, and various accent colors are available.

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An image of the Gymleco leg press
Leg Press

Gymleco 45-Degree Leg Press

Leg machines typically take up a lot of space, but this compact option from Gymleco would be great for a home gym. Not only is it space-efficient, it has an open design as well.

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Eleiko Prestera Rack
Squat Rack System

Eleiko Prestera

The amount of customization this system offers is insane: type of rack, dimensions, storage options, lifting platforms, cable systems, and other rack attachments—the possibilities are almost endless!

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Swing Sesh product image
Outdoor Gym Equipment


If you’re a parent, you’ll get it. SwingSesh combines a swing set for your kids with an outdoor home gym—GGR founder Coop has one and loves it.

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rep fitness logo

REP Fitness

REP has introduced some of the best equipment of the year, including the Ares 2.0 cable attachment, the Arcadia functional trainer, and the Adonis cable tower. Even more is coming this year, too.

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Beyond Power Voltra I
Best in Show

Beyond Power Voltra I

We think this is the most innovative home gym product of the year. Even though it’s pricey, it’s compact and smart, taking cable machines to new heights.

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Our Cardio Favorites

An image of Torque Relentless Ripper
Most Innovative Cardio Machine

Torque Fitness Relentless Ripper

This ski machine can be mounted to a wall or a rack and offers 10 levels of magnetic resistance to provide a low-impact, high-intensity workout.

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Ergatta Rower in a room by itself.
Most Innovative Rower

Ergatta Rower

If competition keeps you motivated to exercise, this rower’s gamified experience could be right up your alley. The Ergatta rower looks beautiful, too.

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Torque Tank M1
Most Innovative Sled

Torque Tank M1

This sled uses magnetic resistance instead of plates and can also be pushed and pulled. Plus, it’s foldable. What more could you need?

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An image of the Bells of Steel dreadmill
Most Innovative Treadmill

Bells of Steel Dreadmill

Use this machine as a manual incline treadmill for walking or jogging, use it in sled push mode, or pick up the built-in farmer’s carry handles for a 3-in-1 solution for versatile training.

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An image of the ProForm Carbon TLX treadmill
Best Treadmill Under $1,000

ProForm Carbon TLX

This machine has great specs for under $1,000, including a 3.0 CHP motor, 60-inch belt length, and 0 to 12 mph speed range.

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nordictrack s22i small
Best Exercise Bike

NordicTrack S22i

This bike has been around for a while but we really enjoy it—a 22-inch touchscreen plus 24 resistance levels and -10% decline to 20% incline range make it stand out.

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Our Nutrition Favorites

1st Phorm BCAA
Best BCAAs

1st Phorm BCAAs

With 7.5 grams of BCAAs per serving and a top-notch taste, we love these BCAAs. They’re also priced well.

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An image of Transparent Labs BULK pre-workout
Best Pre-Workout

Transparent Labs BULK

This pre-workout has all the important ingredients, including caffeine, beta-alanine, citrulline malate, and betaine anhydrous, all at research-backed dosages. We love the effects this provides.

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Legion Whey
Best Protein Powder

Legion Whey+

A staff favorite at GGR, this whey isolate protein powder offers amazing flavors with 22 to 24 grams of protein per serving and no artificial ingredients. Our favorite is Cinnamon Cereal.

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nutricost creatine
Best Creatine

Nutricost Creatine Monohydrate

You can’t beat this creatine for the price. WIth 5 grams of creatine monohydrate per serving, good solubility, and third-party testing, the value is top-notch.

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Athletic Greens AG1
Best Greens Powder


Although this is pricey, it’s worth the money for a greens powder, according to our experts. It tastes good enough to drink on its own, too, which is a plus for greens powder.

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LMNT small image
Best Electrolytes


This is one of the cleanest electrolyte supplements you can buy. It’s salty, but it does the job well. Our favorite is the Orange Salt.

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transparent labs vegan mass gainer
Best Mass Gainer

Transparent Labs Mass Gainer

With a great carb-to-protein ratio and quality ingredients, you can’t go wrong with this mass gainer. We tried Chocolate Glaze Donut and were big fans.

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An image of the Home Chef logo
Best Meal Delivery Service

Home Chef

If you like to cook but just need help keeping things new, Home Chef is our favorite. The meals are delicious, the portions are a good size, and the variety is great. Plus, customer service is A+.

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Our Recovery Favorites

An image of the Sun Home Cold Plunge Pro
Best Cold Plunge

Sun Home Cold Plunge Pro

This tub is premium—with its built-in sanitation system, impressive chiller, and overall size, this is the top option for those who want the best of the best.

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The Plunge Sauna
Best Home Sauna

Plunge Sauna

If you’re looking for a sauna that brings the heat, look no further—this one can get up to 230 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s spendy, but worth it for the quality.

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Product photo of the Theragun Prime on a white background
Best Massage Gun

Theragun Prime

Now in its 5th generation, this massage gun provides impressive value—its force, depth, and speed range are unmatched for the price.

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Our Favorite Apps

Legion coaching icon
Best Personal Training App

Legion Coaching

GGRE lead reviewer Lindsay Scheele swears by this app, using it to get in the best shape of her life. Get custom diet and training plans via 1-on-1 coaching for real results.

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Gift guide size WeightWatchers logo
Best Nutrition App


Several GGR team members have tried WW and stand by its appeal, especially for beginners. It’s easy to use, sustainable, and teaches really solid habits to achieve weight loss goals.

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myfitnesspal logo
Best Free Nutrition App


If you’re just looking for an app to track your nutrition (macros specifically), you can’t beat MyFitnessPal. It provides a ton of valuable tools for free.

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The Juggernaut logo
Best AI Fitness App

Juggernaut AI

Several GGR teammates are long-time users of Juggernaut AI—the level of personalization, versatility, and accountability that you get for the price is well worth the monthly cost.

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