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Fitness Most Wanted 2022

The Top Equipment, Influencers, Programs, and More

How We Chose the Best of the Industry

Our expert product reviewers spend the bulk of their time working out with equipment, testing products, and keeping tabs on the trailblazers, athletes, and content creators who are leaving their mark on the industry. 

In other words, we eat, sleep, and breathe fitness. 

We created the annual Fitness Most Wanted Awards to recognize the most innovative and high-performing additions to the fitness landscape.

Our team of expert reviewers, certified personal trainers, CrossFit coaches, and USA Weightlifting-certified coaches spent hours testing equipment and evaluating cutting-edge products and people in fitness. 

In the end, with minimal arguments and maximal fun, we narrowed our selection down to this, the most comprehensive look into what’s hot in fitness today.

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Most Innovative Fitness Products

The Ironmaster Super Bench Pro
Most Innovative Bench

Ironmaster Super Bench Pro

Beyond its stellar weight capacity and wheels for transport, we love the Ironmaster Super Bench PRO for its lower bench height and impressive number of attachments.

The Eleiko Evo Dumbbell
Most Innovative Dumbbells

Eleiko EVO

Although they’re pricey, these are rotating dumbbells that can make for a more comfortable experience. Plus, these are the cream of the crop; they feature top-notch materials, medium knurling, and overall durability.

The KettleGryp
Most Innovative Kettlebell

Kettle Gryp

We absolutely love that you can turn a dumbbell into a kettlebell with the Kettle Gryp. Plus, this is an ultra-budget-friendly kettlebell option for people who already own dumbbells.

The Hydrow rowing machine
Most Innovative Rowing Machine


The Hydrow looks as good as it feels: This smooth magnetic rower has a sleek modern design with engaging interactive programming, great for those who want a premium experience.

An image of the Torque Fitness Tank M1 sled
Most Innovative Sled

Torque Tank M1

We love the Torque Fitness Tank M1 because it eliminates the need for heavy weights through using an innovative resistance system. Plus, it is easily portable and storable, and makes bi-directional movement a breeze.

An image of MonkeyFeet
Most Innovative Small Garage Gym Tool


This unique accessory allows you to attach a dumbbell to your feet, opening up a world of possibilities in your home gym for exercises like leg extensions and ab work you may not be able to perform otherwise.

The Fringe Sport Raptor Bike
Most Innovative Air Bike

Fringe Raptor Air Bike

A super stable, surprisingly comfortable, and insanely quiet air bike that provides great value, the Fringe Sport Raptor Air Bike also delivers an intense workout! We especially love the turf tires and wind guard.

An image of the CAROL Bike
Most Innovative Exercise Bike


Using AI-powered resistance, the CAROL bike learns how fit you are and customizes your workout accordingly, taking the guesswork out of the equation. For short but intense workouts, this thing is highly recommended by our team.

The Kabuki Strength Transformer Bar
Most Innovative Safety Squat Bar

Kabuki Transformer

The Transformer Bar is the highest quality and most feature-rich safety squat bar available today. It essentially combines the feelings of a Duffalo Bar, a cambered bar and a traditional safety squat bar into one product.

The Gungnir Allrounder Barbell
Most Innovative Barbell

Gungnir Allrounder

Featuring built-in titanium clips known as “Slidelocks,” this barbell combines convenience and ingenuity with top-notch construction for a one-of-a-kind offering.

An image of the NUOBELL Dumbells
Most Innovative Adjustable Dumbbells


We think the NÜOBELL adjustable dumbbells are some of the best on the market: You can change the weight quickly and easily, plus it comes with a knurled handle and in a traditional dumbbell shape.


Industry Trailblazers

JPG Coaching logo
TikToker to Watch

JPG Coaching

When he’s not dealing with his online personal training business, JP Gallardo is answering countless questions on exercise form and workout routines for his 3 million TikTok followers.

Massy Arias next to a phone showing her TikTok
TikToker to Watch

Massy Arias

Trainer, health coach, supplement company owner and mom Massy Arias inspires gym goers everywhere with her impressive strength and shining positivity. We especially love all of her ideas to take your home fitness up a notch.

An image of the Knees Over Toes Guy squatting
YouTuber to Watch

Knees Over Toes Guy

If your fitness philosophy edges into controversial territory, you’ll love Knees Over Toes Guy. Many people don’t agree with his approach to solving knee pain and building stronger legs, but that’s exactly why you should watch this YouTube channel.

The Buttery Bros
YouTubers to Watch

Buttery Bros

We’re suckers for quality CrossFit content, silly jokes, and getting the scoop on athlete drama. With Marston Sawyers and Heber Cannon at the helm, the Buttery Bros provide us with all of this and much more!

Jujimufu doing a straddle pose while flexing
Legendary Content Creator


Jujimufu, AKA Jon Call, posts wildly insane feats of strength and flexibility on his platforms. Want to see a massive strongman do chair splits or run around like a chicken in ultra-stretchy pants, this is the account to follow.

Rob Kearney
Breakout Athlete

Rob Kearney

Rob Kearney has faced more obstacles than most, from testicular cancer to controversy as the first openly gay Strongman. But he’s stronger than his obstacles, beating cancer and impressing many at the 2022 Arnold Strongman Classic, all while rocking the best rainbow mohawk.

Coach Mary lifting weights on the Rogue state at the Arnold Fitness Festival
Breakout Athlete

Mary Theisen-Lappen

Even before she set an American record for the clean & jerk at the 2022 Arnold Sports Festival at 163 kg, Mary Theisen-Lappen had impressed many with her heavy lifts on Instagram. And if you pay close attention to her captions, it’s clear we haven’t seen the last crazy strong lift from her just yet.

Haley Adams
Athlete to Watch

Haley Adams

With strong finishes every year in the CrossFit games since competing in the teen division in 2016, Haley Adams looks to make her mark on the sport in upcoming seasons. Adams currently is ranked third worldwide in the Open and we can’t wait to continue to follow her upward trajectory.

Emma Cary
Athlete to Watch

Emma Cary

Seventeen-year-old Emma Cary has already made waves in recent years in the teenager’s CrossFit division. Unfortunately, her 2022 CrossFit season was cut short due to a back injury. We know she’ll only be back stronger in 2022 and will continue to advance the sport in years to come.

Mattie Rogers lifting weights
Legacy Athlete

Mattie Rogers

Weightlifter Mattie Rogers is only 26 years old and she already holds two American records plus a bevy of medals. She qualified and participated in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. We can’t wait to see how she continues to progress in her career because she will certainly go far.

Tia Clair-Toomey
Legacy Athlete

Tia-Clair Toomey-Orr

Tia-Clair Toomey-Orr was crowned the Fittest Woman on Earth in 2021 after a dominating performance at the CrossFit Games. The five-time title winner is close to untouchable and will certainly go down in history as one of the greatest female athletes the sport of CrossFit has ever seen.

Ray Williams
Legacy Athlete

Ray Williams

Powerlifter Ray Williams currently holds a world record for the heaviest back squat at a whopping 490 kg. This Rogue sponsored athlete can also crush a deadlift– without the use of a belt or grips.

Gunnar Peterson
Legendary Personal Trainer

Gunnar Peterson

After visiting Gunnar Peterson in his thoughtfully constructed gym in Beverly Hills, we knew this personal trainer for the stars is the real deal. With his wealth of expertise and no-nonsense attitude, it’s no wonder Peterson has trained everyone from Khloe Kardashian to Mike Tyson without missing a beat.

Don Saladino
Legendary Personal Trainer

Don Saladino

Want to look like the superheroes you see on the big screen, like “Winter Soldier” Sebastian Stan or “Wolverine” Hugh Jackman? Both credit personal trainer extraordinaire Don Saladino, who’s also helped thousands of everyday people through his Instagram and personal training app.

Harley Pasternak
Legendary Personal Trainer

Harley Pasternak

Canadian-American Harley Pasternak is known for sustainable practices that give his celebrity clients the body they need for various roles (think Halle Berry as Catwoman). Pasternak focuses on eating well (but not depriving yourself), getting enough steps, and not overdoing it in the gym.

The Rock walking through his home gym
Elite Home Gym

Dwayne Johnson

Whether it’s movies or the wrestling ring, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson excels at anything he puts his mind to, and that includes building a home gym. His Iron Paradise is filled with more iron than a construction site. In fact, he likes it so much he sometimes has it shipped to filming sites.

Elite Home Gym

Tom Brady

He’s the G.O.A.T both on the field and in the gym. It’s not even slightly surprising that Tom Brady’s home gym is jam packed with various racks, kettlebells, cardio equipment and more. You don’t become a seven-time Super Bowl Champion by sitting on your butt eating Fritos 24/7, am I right?

Mark Wahlberg in his home gym
Elite Home Gym

Mark Walhberg

Esteemed actor Mark Wahlberg takes his physical fitness seriously. Like $2.5 million seriously. The Three Kings star works out five days a week in his commercial-grade caliber gym. Think tons of cardio equipment and every weight of fixed barbell you can imagine.


Best Strength Training Equipment

REP AB-5200 adjustable bench
Best Adjustable Bench

REP Fitness AB-5200

REP Fitness really hit it out of the park with the REP AB-5200: minimal pad gap, wide range of adjustability and lightweight. We love the 5200 because it is, as REP says, the beefiest adjustable bench the brand has to offer.

Titan Lat Tower
Best Cable Machine

Titan Lat Tower

The words “cable machines” and “compact” aren’t usually used in the same sentence, but the Titan Lat Tower changes that by packing 300 pounds of resistance into a manageable footprint that should fit in most home gyms.

Rogue Ohio Bar
Best Barbell

Rogue Ohio Bar

The Rogue Ohio Bar is incredibly durable–we know because we put it through the wringer, and it held up to every test. And it still performed well with any weight we put on it.

The Kabuki Strength Transformer Bar
Best Safety Squat Bar

Kabuki Transformer

From the kings of unique specialty bars, the Kabuki Transformer Bar allows you to change how far the weight is from the barbell shaft so you can customize your squat days.

The REP Fitness Swiss Cambered Bar
Best Multi-Grip Bar

REP Cambered Swiss Bar

REP Fitness did what they do best when they made the REP Cambered Swiss Bar. There are many reasons we love this multi-grip barbell, including that it is versatile and comes at an affordable price.

An image of the Eleiko Oppen Bar
Best Open Trap Bar

Eleiko Oppen Deadlift Bar

The Eleiko Oppen Deadlift Bar was one of the first to perfect the open-ended concept, mostly due to the attention to detail they showed from the knurling on the handles to giving it feet so it can stand up.

An image of the Titan Rackable Trap Bar
Best Trap Bar

Titan Rackable Hex Trap Bar V2

Fewer products offer better value than the Titan Rackable Hex Trap Bar V2. First, it’s a Titan product, so you know it’s budget-friendly. But it’s also heavy duty and incredibly versatile.

The Rogue Rhino Belt Squat
Best Belt Squat

Rogue Rhino Belt Squat

Rogue Fitness wasn’t the first to make a belt squat, but theirs was the first that was made for a home gym setting. The brand partnered with the legendary Louie Simmons to develop our favorite belt squat on the market.

An image of the Sorinex Bulldog PadBest
Best Small Rack Attachment

Sorinex Bulldog PadBest

Small in stature only, the Sorinex Bulldog PadBest is capable of acting as a bench. We also love that it eliminates the need for separate, large pieces of equipment like a preacher curl machine.

Rogue Barbell Collars
Best Best Barbell Collars

Rogue USA Barbell Collars

The Rogue USA Olympic Collars are some of the strongest and most durable collars we’ve ever seen. And thanks to the rubberized lining, these won’t scuff your barbell.

The REP Fitness PR 5000
Best Squat Rack

REP PR-5000

Want to build the squat rack of your dreams? The modular REP PR-5000 makes that dream a reality, allowing you to customize just about any aspect of the rack.

An image of the Fringe Sport bumper plates in colors
Best Bumper Plates

Fringe Sport Savage Bumper Plates

The Fringe Sport Savage Plates are made with noise-absorbing rubber, so your housemates won’t get annoyed when you go for a heavy deadlift. Plus, they look cooler than other bumper plates.

The Strength Co iron weight plates
Best Iron Plates

Strength Co Olympic Iron Barbell Plates

Iron plates aren’t known for being aesthetic, but the Strength Co Olympic Iron Barbell Plates’ e-coat helps them looking and performing like new for years.

An image of the Exxentric Pulley
Best Flywheel

Exxentric kPulley Go

Minimalist, versatile, and lightweight, the Exxentric kPulley Go is our go-to flywheel. It can serve as your entire home gym, or it can be a great addition to your current setup.

An image of the X3 Bar travel system
Best Travel Strength System

X3 Bar

Combining the best parts of a barbell and resistance bands, the X3 Bar can generate 600 pounds of force, and fit in your backpack. No more excuses for not working out on the road.

An image of the GORUCK Sandbag
Best Sandbags


GORUCK sandbags come with a lifetime warranty, but we doubt many people will ever have to take advantage of it due to the high-quality materials and double-stitching used in each bag.

An image of the Pioneer Cut Belt
Best Powerlifting Belt

Pioneer Cut Power Belt

Made with some of the highest-grade leather available, the Pioneer Cut Power Belt can support the strongest lifter no matter how much weight is on the bar.

The 2POOD weightlifting belt in black
Best Weightlifting Belt

2POOD Weightlifting Belt

Comfortable, durable, and available in multiple styles, the 2Pood Weightlifting Belt meets all International Weightlifting Federation standards so it’s a perfect fit for your next meet.

An image of the MAXPRO Smart Connect unfolded
Best Portable Cable Machine

MAXPRO Smart Connect

What weighs only 9 pounds, easily fits in a suitcase, and provides 300 pounds of resistance for a quick workout anywhere, anytime? The MAXPRO Smart Connect Cable Machine.

The Prime KAZ Handles, one on its side
Best Cable Machine Handles

Prime KAZ Handles

Designed to match the contours of your hand, the Prime KAZ handles can also be used as a D handle and a tricep rope. Now that’s versatility.

Ghost Strong Return Rollers
Best Squat Rack J-Cups

Ghost Strong Return Rollers

The Ghost Strong Return Rollers aren’t just strong, but they also provide an additional push to help you get the barbell off the rack. An added bonus, you can match them to the color of your squat rack.

Product photo of the Abmat Medicine Ball
Best Medicine Ball

AbMat Medicine Ball

The Abmat Medicine Balls are embossed to prevent any scratches, making them one of the most durable medicine balls out there. Plus, you can slam these without voiding the warranty.

The PRX Profile Rack
Best Compact Squat Rack

PRx Profile Rack

Who doesn’t love having more room for activities? The PRx Profile Rack can fit flush against the wall, and only takes up 4 inches of space when in use. If that weren’t enough, it comes with a kipping bar.

A blue Rubber Banditz band
Best Resistance Bands

Rubber Banditz Resistance Bands

Clocking in at 41 inches long, the ultra-durable Rubber Banditz Resistance Bands have a multitude of uses. They can be used on their own, as support for pull-ups, or to add a challenge to your workout routine.


Best Fitness Information Sources

Best Fitness News

Fitt Insider

We love Fitt Insider and are subscribers ourselves. The newsletter always has the latest on what’s happening in the fitness industry whether it’s products, people, or trends.

Mind Pump logo
Best Overall Podcast

Mind Pump Media

In a world full of misinformed fitness influencers, Sal Di Stefano, Adam Schafer, and Justin Andrews want to provide you with the truth on some of the industry’s hottest topics.

Chasing Excellence
Best CrossFit Podcast

Chasing Excellence

CrossFit trainer Ben Bergeron and retired mixed martial artist Patrick Cummings are out to prove that becoming an elite athlete isn’t just about physical prowess. The two examine how people can improve themselves outside of the gym to unlock their full potential.

Barbell Logic logo
Best Strength Training

Barbell Logic

With close to 40 years of lifting and coaching experience between them, Matthew Reynolds and Niki Sims break down every aspect of training from nutrition to your squat stance.

NASM logo
Best Fitness Certification Course


Whether you want to become a certified personal trainer, nutrition coach, or a specialist in a certain fitness discipline, NASM has you covered. All of their courses are created and vetted by experts in the field, so you’ll come away with a ton of knowledge to help new clients.

The Morning Chalk Up logo
Best CrossFit Newsletter

Morning Chalk Up

If you do CrossFit, odds are you already know about Morning Chalk Up. This is THE e-newsletter to subscribe to if you want to be up to date on the latest from the sport of CrossFit as well as key insights to what’s happening in affiliates and with elite athletes.


Best Fitness Technology

Tonal best smart home gym
Best Smart Home Gym


Thanks to automatic weight control, accurate rep tracking, smart progressions, and, of course, up to 200 pounds of digital resistance, Tonal has become synonymous with smart home gyms.

Check Price
Best Sport Smart Home Gym


FightCamp packs a punch (pun intended) when it comes to conditioning workouts. It’ll fire up your heart rate in no time, and you’ll fly through workouts feeling like Sugar Ray Robinson.

Check Price
Whoop strap in black
Best Fitness Tracker

Whoop 4.0

If you want in-depth metrics, you need Whoop 4.0: This band features the most sensitive monitors we’ve ever experienced, tracking health and fitness data like blood oxygen saturation, skin temperature, breathing rate, heart rate variability, and more.

Check Price

Best Cardio Equipment

An image of the NordicTrack Commercial 1750
Best Treadmill

NordicTrack Commercial 1750

With stellar cushioning and compatible iFIT programming, the NordicTrack Commercial 1750 wows with a generously sized deck and souped up 3.75 CHP motor.

The RX Smart Gear Rapid Rope in a coil
Best Jump Rope

RXSG RapidFit

If adaptability and performance are top of mind when looking for a jump rope, the RXSG RapidFit will impress. With the press of a button, the PVC coated cable can be adjusted to fit a variety of heights and the dual bearings allow the rope to consistently turn smoothly.

An image of the CAROL Bike
Best Exercise Bike


The CAROL Bike delivers a science-backed, sweat-inducing workout in under 15 minutes, making it a great option for busy people who don’t mind giving max effort.

hyper rope in blue
Best Battle Rope

Hyper Rope Battle Rope

The durable metal core and braided exterior makes the portable Hyperwear Hyper Rope Battle Rope stand above the competition to help fitness enthusiasts build strength.

An image of the Kensui Weight Vest
Best Weight Vest

Kensui Weight Vest

Kensui’s innovative EZ-Vest Weighted Vest allows the user to load their own weight plates (up to 300 pounds) to the vest to customize their workout with ease.

The AssaultRunner Pro best manual treadmill
Best Curved Treadmill

AssaultRunner Pro

With outstanding construction and extreme versatility, the AssaultRunner Pro stands out above the rest. Sprint, run, or walk, and you’re guaranteed an outstanding workout.

Woman running on the TrueForm Trainer
Best Non-Motorized Treadmill

TrueForm Trainer

This self-powered, curved treadmill acts as a personal coach of sorts, because the shallow curve forces the user to run or walk with better form and positioning.

The Sunny Health and Fitness Synergy Magnetic Elliptical
Best Elliptical

Sunny Health Magnetic Elliptical

Budget- and beginner-friendly? Count us in. The Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Elliptical provides a low-impact workout and 16 levels of resistance for just under $500.

An image of the RunRocket
Best Sprint Resistance Tool


For both the serious athlete and the weekend warrior: the Run Rocket can help you develop more power, better explosiveness, and greater speed through resistance training.


Best Recovery Equipment

The Cold Plunge Tub
Best Cold Tub

Cold Plunge

Take your cryotherapy up a notch with The Cold Plunge, a modern take on the age-old ice bath. This sleek tub cools water to 39 degrees Fahrenheit and comes with an insulated spa cover, skimmer net, hose filter, cell phone holder, and guided videos.

Product photo of the Theragun Prime on a white background
Best Massage Gun

Theragun Prime

We consistently recommend the Theragun Prime as the best massage gun for most people. Why? Because it provides unbeatable power and depth for its price. Plus, it has a ergonomically friendly handle and quality accessories.

Hyperice Vyper GO vibrating foam roller
Best Travel Massage Tool

Hyperice Vyper Go

Travel can really throw a wrench in your workout routine—and possibly a crick in your neck. Keep things going smoothly with the Hyperice Vyper Go, a small but mighty vibrating foam roller with contours that dig into the muscles.

Best Self Massage Tool


Tight hips? Sore back? Take care of those issues and more with PSO-RITE, a simple but powerful tool that releases pressure in the iliopsoas complex, a group of muscles that often cause tightness and pain in the hips and lower back.


Best Training Programs

The Juggernaut logo
Best Powerlifting Training Program


This ultra-smart Artificial Intelligence fitness app is the closest thing you can get to a personalized workout program without having an actual personal trainer write one for you. Plus, it happens to be very affordable.

The Future logo
Best Overall Training Program


For supreme accountability, customization, flexibility, and effectiveness in a training program, look no further than Future, which matches you with a certified personal trainer who can help you reach your goals.

the NCFIT logo
Best Functional Fitness Training Program


For those looking to throw down in typical—but safe—CrossFit fashion, NCFit offers weekly programming designed to improve your “general physical preparedness,” which includes all 10 foundational CrossFit skills.


Best Gym Setup Products

The LiftMaster Belt Drive Garage Door Opener With Camera
Best Garage Door Opener

LiftMaster 8500 Wall Mount

This LiftMaster garage door opener is a wall-mount, meaning it frees up space on your garage ceiling to maximize your home gym space—we’re sold!

An image of MRCOOL DIY 3rd generation mini split heating and cooling system
Best Heating and Air

MRCOOL DIY 3rd Gen Mini Split

We love that you can keep your garage gym comfortable year-round with this DIY HVAC solution from MRCOOL. You’ll probably have to pay for installation, too, but it’s worth it—trust us.

A Sonos speaker
Best Sound

Sonos One Smart Speaker

The Sonos One speakers provide everything we look for in a home gym speaker: they’re mountable, Wifi-enabled, and have great sound quality.

An image of Tru Grit's wall-mounted modular weight storage system
Best Storage Solution

Tru Grit Modular Storage System

This wall-mounted storage system from Tru Grit is easily customizable, able to support heavy weights, and it looks good, too.

An image of Primelights LED shop light
Best Lighting


PrimeLights’ Bolt frosted LED shop lights provide beautiful, bright, and diffuse illumination perfect as a low-maintenance, energy-efficient lighting choice for your home gym.

An image of PLAE Achieve flooring in a gym
Best Flooring

PLAE Achieve

PLAE’s Achieve rubber flooring can withstand continuous high-performance training; if you’re a home gym owner in need of extra protection, this should be your top choice.


Best Budget Gym Equipment

REP Fitness Sabre Bar
Best Budget Barbell

REP Sabre Bar

We love this bar because for just around $200, you get a quality multipurpose barbell with a 150K tensile strength and options for coating and knurling. It comes in both 15- and 20-kilogram options as well.

The Everyday Essentials bumper plate
Best Budget Bumper Plates

Everyday Essentials Bumper Plates

The Everyday Essentials plates are extremely affordable and are popular among people on a tight budget. We also love that you can take advantage of free shipping on Amazon.

The Fitness Reality 810 XLT rack
Best Budget Squat Rack

Fitness Reality 810XLT

Low on price, high on value: The 810XLT supports up to 800 pounds and has a large number of attachments available. It’s also sold on Amazon, so you know you have to cash in on that free shipping!

An image of the TUT Tower
Best Budget Cable Machine

TUT Trainer Tower

Compact and lightweight, we love the TUT Trainer Tower because it offers up dozens of exercises. You also have a range of resistance profiles, as the TUT comes with up to 150 pounds of resistance.

Best Budget Adjustable Dumbbells

Bowflex 552 Adjustable Dumbbells

With these adjustable dumbbells, you get 15 sets of weights up to 52.5 pounds all for far less than an entire rack would actually cost you. Oh, and did we mention what an incredible space-saver these are?

An image of the CAP Barbell solid cast hex dumbbell
Best Budget Dumbbell

CAP Barbell Solid Cast Iron Hex

The CAP Barbell Solid Cast Iron Hex dumbbells are some of the most affordable on the market without sacrificing quality. Thanks to solid cast iron construction, these are built to last.

Titan Fitness Iron Cast Kettlebell
Best Budget Kettlebell

Titan Cast Iron Kettlebells

Simple and affordable, these kettlebells from Titan are some of our favorites. Not only do they have a flat bottom and store easily, but they also feature a wide handle and are made from an extremely durable cast iron.

An image of the RecoverFun Mini Massage Gun
Best Budget Massage Gun

Recoverfun Massage Gun Mini

For less than $80, score a compact massage gun that is easily portable to take with you to the gym, the office, or while you travel. Keep an eye out, because we see this go on sale all the time.

CAP Barbell Weight Vest
Best Budget Weight Vest

CAP Adjustable Weight Vest

A 20-pound, pre-loaded weight vest for under $50 with free shipping? Count us in. This vest from CAP has a flexible fit and is surprisingly comfortable for the price.

Nike Training Club logo
Best Budget Training Program

Nike Training Club

This free—yes, free—app from Nike delivers a comprehensive library of workouts as well as weeks-long training programs for people of all fitness levels.

An image of the Fitbit Inspire 2
Best Budget Fitness Tracker

Fitbit Inspire 2

Count steps, monitor your heart rate, log your exercises, and get 10 days of battery life from a reliable brand’s under-$100 fitness wearable.

Gymreapers weightlifting belt
Best Budget Weightlifting Belt

Gymreapers Nylon Weightlifting Belt

Affordable and comfortable, we found this belt from Gymreapers to be great for weightlifting and functional fitness fanatics. The belt gives you support during lifts without feeling restrictive.

Lock-Jaw HEX Olympic Barbell Collars
Best Budget Barbell Collars

Lock-Jaw HEX Collars

We have tested countless barbell collars, so we know good ones when we use them. Our team loves the Lock-Jaw ones for their reliability, durability, and super affordable price of under $40.

The Fitness Reality Super Max Adjustable Weight Bench
Best Budget Weight Bench

Fitness Reality Adjustable Bench

What we really like about the Fitness Reality Adjustable Bench is that there are 12 positions you can use on your workouts. Oh, and this bench is under $200 and has an 800-pound weight capacity!

Tractor Supply hose stall mats
Best Budget Home Gym Flooring

Tractor Supply Rubber Stall Mats

You really can’t go wrong with getting these incredibly durable mats from Tractor Supply that protect your floors and your equipment. They have become staples in the home gym community, and for good reason.

The Stamina ATS Rower
Best Budget Rowing Machine

Stamina ATS Air Rower

With a foldable design and priced around $300, this rowing machine from Stamina is great for small spaces and tight budgets. Plus, you can take advantage of free shipping on Amazon.

The Hulk Fit Trap Bar
Budget Trap Bar

HulkFit 2″ Hex Trap Bar

The HulkFit 2″ Hex Trap Bar is rated for 1,000 pounds and comes in both open and closed designs. It also has a knurled grip, which is ideal for hanging on to heavy lifts.

A woman walking on the GoPlus Treadmill
Best Budget Treadmill

GoPlus 2-in-1

With a small footprint and foldable design, this compact treadmill can be used under your desk while you work or for higher intensity workouts. We also love that the GoPlus is on Amazon, because free shipping is a bonus for the budget-minded.

The Sunny Health and Fitness Bike
Best Budget Exercise Bike

Sunny Health Synergy Magnetic

Like many cardio pieces from Sunny Health and Fitness, the Synergy Magnetic is affordable. We love its sturdy construction and the fact that this indoor cycling bike offers hundreds of micro-level resistance adjustments.

An image of the WOD Nation Double Under rope
Best Budget Jump Rope

WOD Nation Double Under Speed Rope

You really can’t beat a speed rope for under $20 that will last you for years, like the ones our team use. Plus, your WOD Nation order comes in just about any color you could ever ask for, and you get an an extra rope in case your first one breaks!

Best Fitness Apparel

Ten Thousand apparel's three-pack of men's shorts
Best Overall Mens’ Apparel

Ten Thousand

Comfortable and stylish, Ten Thousand offers some of our favorite workout apparel from shorts to tights to base layers to shirts.

Women's teal tank top from FLEO
Best Overall Womens’ Apparel


Popular among functional fitness fans, FLEO offers women colorful lines of leggings, shorts and shirts. Even weightlifting elite Kate Nye posts about her love of FLEO!

Man wearing a Reebok T-shirt and sweatpants
Best for Endurance


There are many reasons we love Reebok: It’s affordable, it lasts, and the running/endurance clothing in particular is light and breathable.

Born Primitive T-shirt in blue
Best Apparel for Strength Training

Born Primitive

We love Born Primitive because it’s relatively affordable and can withstand the wear and tear of a barbell. Colorful clothing comes in shorts, tights, joggers, tops, bathing suits, and more for both men and women.

Nike Savaleos weightlifting shoe in black
Best Shoes for Weightlifting

Nike Savaleos

Nike puts out some of the best shoes on the market. The Savaleos are budget-friendly (compared to other weightlifting shoes) and provide significant support through the lifts.

Reebok Nano X2 Women's Training Shoe in Orange Flare view from the top
Best Shoes for Cross-Training

Reebok Nano X2

The Reebok Nano X2s just arrived, and they build on the comfort and stability of the X1 to deliver an exceptional shoe for all kinds of fitness activities.

Woman wearing a sports bra from CRZ YOGA
Best Budget Apparel


Many call CRZ YOGA “an affordable Lululemon knockoff,” and we totally agree. With a full store on Amazon, the brand offers decent-quality fitness apparel at a reasonable price.

Feiyue shoes in both white and black
Best Shoes for Deadlifting


Flat and affordable, Feiyue shoes are one of our favorites if you’re pulling something heavy off the ground. They are light enough so that you feel like there isn’t much between your feet and the ground.