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Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson seems to do everything big, and his home gyms (yes, he has multiple) are no exception.

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson is known for many things, but one thing that allows him to stand apart from many other actors is his work ethic both in and out of the gym. The Rock has created a lifestyle that allows him to work out wherever he is, including home gyms at nearly every one of his houses across the country. The Rock trains in a bodybuilding manner and actually uses Hany Rambod, the trainer of the Mr. Olympia winner Phil Heath, using his FST-7 principles.

There’s no doubt that The Rock knows how to train hard, but when you see his home gyms, you’ll be amazed at the detail and high level of equipment he uses. Although I’ve followed Dwayne Johnson on Instagram for some time, I know many haven’t been able to see his gym. So, here is Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson’s absolutely, positively, insane home gyms.

The first thing to understand about Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson and his home gym is that there isn’t just one. In fact, there’s likely around three or four. I’m not positive because I’ve never been able to see just how many he has. That said, I know for a fact, that there are two he calls Iron Paradise and Iron Paradise #2.

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These home gyms are really quite undeserving of the word “home gym” due to their massive size. Sure they’re at home, but the equipment The Rock fills these places with is often better than any Lifetime Fitness or Gold’s Gym in your neighborhood.

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The Rock’s Home Gym

iron paradise

The gym that is most often shown is known as The Iron Paradise and is located at The Rock’s Miami House. Now, at first glance, it’s evident that this gym is out of this world, but what you forget is that it’s attached to an absolute mansion, also owned by The Rock.

the rock home gym

If you’re like me, the house looks cool, but I’d be spending the majority of my time in the gym anyway. Due to ‘The Rock’ preferring bodybuilding type training, you won’t find your usual “functional fitness” type of equipment. In fact, after going through all the photos and videos available on The Rock’s Iron Paradise, I didn’t see a single squat rack. Now, before you go bonkers, understand that The Rock is striving to keep a trim waist that will look good in front of a camera. Although I believe in the efficiency of the squat, he chooses to stick to mostly machine movements instead (it’s also hard to argue with a physique like his.) He used to say he only did leg press, but he’s since started squatting.

Have no fear though, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson hits his fair share of leg days, in fact, he says it’s his favorite day of the week.

the rock gym

As you can see, whether he’s hitting leg extensions or leg presses on his vertical leg press, there’s no doubt that Dwayne Johnson is hitting the lower body. Many of the machines in his gym are made by StarTrac, including that leg extension. StarTrac has been around for some time and specializes in exercise bikes as well as heavy-duty, made for commercial use gym equipment. Their equipment features oversized rollers, heavy-weight stacks, and premium finishes. There isn’t much better commercial equipment available.

iron paradise gym

In addition to most of the weight machines being made by StarTrac, The Rock’s Iron Paradise also features a huge functional trainer from StarTrac as his centerpiece. A functional trainer for someone of Johnson’s size would need to have heavy-duty cables, welds, and large stacks; the StarTrac functional trainer features all of these. It’s kind of funny to see this type of equipment outside of a commercial gym because it’s just so large and overdone, but then again, so is The Rock. Another big piece of any gym, and especially The Rock’s Iron Paradise are dumbbells. The Rock has chosen some of the most popular and well-rated dumbbells available which are made by Iron Grip.

the rock iron paradise

When his dog Hobbs isn’t chewing them, The Rock is lifting them. Most gyms have dumbbells that go up to 100 lbs, but once again, as is the theme for The Rock and the Iron Paradise, his dumbbells go up to 150 lbs. Not only are these dumbbells super high quality, but they’re also costly.

the rock gym

In addition to Iron Grip Dumbbells, Iron Paradise is also filled to the brim with Iron Grip Plates. These plates have a 12-sided design that is pretty annoying for deadlifts, but seeing as Dwayne Johnson doesn’t deadlift, they’re perfect for him.

iron paradise gym
The Rock's SSB
Kabuki Strength Transformer Bar
Kabuki Strength Transformer Bar

The Transformer Bar is practically 3 bars in one. Using the first lever height, the bar's mechanics act identically to a Duffalo Bar and allows for a similar squat movement pattern as a regular bar. The Transformer Bar also acts like a regular cambered bar, and of course it is a fully adjustable Safety Squat Bar (SSB) with an industry-first adjustable camber angle and lever height. It allows the lifter to control the height of the camber (4 different settings) as well as the angle (variable by 30 degrees all the way around).The weight horn also allows for 4 camber heights. The first one (A) allows for a position similar to a straight bar on your back (due to the height of the pad, the center of the sleeve in position A almost aligns with the center of the center bar). In combination with the 12 camber angles, these 4 heights allow for a total of 36 different positions on the bar. Name one other bar that can be used 36 different ways in a single movement like the squat?This feature is the bread-and-butter of the Transformer Bar. A proprietary 12-angle bracket allows for 360 degrees of variation (30 degree increments) in angle of the weight relative to the lifter. Why did we do this? So the bar could be used as both a regular cambered bar, and a safety squat bar while still allowing for lifters to experiment and train in ways they've never been able to before! Here at the Lab we are constantly experimenting different, more extreme positions of the Transformer Bar and will share with all users what we discover. For now, be aware that you can have a bar in your possession that allows for functions and training methods previously impossible – so be careful and tread wisely! It's an exiting bar and who knows what uses and methodologies we'll discover in the future utilizing this bar!

A newer piece of equipment The Rock has added to his gym is one of our personal favorites and that’s the Kabuki Transformer Bar.

The Transformer Bar is an extremely high-end and versatile safety squat bar that has a rotating sleeve to allow the muscles to be worked in a different manner than the typical camber on an SSB. It was pretty cool to see Dwayne post this photo on Instagram as I had no idea he was this into equipment. The Transformer Bar is still somewhat underground as far as popularity, but he obviously knows his stuff.

the rock gym

In addition to the StarTrac equipment, The Iron Paradise also features Hammer Strength machines which are the most popular plate-loaded pieces of equipment on the market. Hammer Strength equipment is made to take anything you can throw at it and allow you to load up an insane amount of weight.

iron paradise

As you can see, The Rock loves Hammer Strength Equipment and has his gym filled with it. Everything from their ever-popular Lat Pulldown to their hardly seen GHD can be found in the Iron Paradise. It must be said that these pieces of equipment are NOT cheap, and also incredibly heavy. In most of our featured gyms (check out Jocko Willink’s gym here) we see a lot of squat racks and barbells, but it’s cool to see The Rock’s take on the situation.

dwayne johnson gym

Now, don’t let what we’ve shown you so far fool you. Dwayne Johnson lifts a lot of weight, but he’s no stranger to cardio equipment. In fact, based on his social media, it seems he starts almost every day with some sort of cardio.

The cardio equipment that The Rock most often uses is the elliptical and stair climber. The ones he uses are made by Precor, once again, a commercial gym equipment company specializing in outfitting gyms like Lifetime Fitness and Gold’s Gym, not your average home gym.

dwayne johnson gym

Don’t worry, although The Rock doesn’t squat (at least he didn’t use to, he’s since started to as evidenced by his use of the Kabuki Transformer SSB) or have much use for a Power Rack, he does bench and uses the same one I have in my garage, the Rogue Westside Bench 2.0.

This is about as stout as a bench can come and is able to take anything you can throw at it. In addition to the bench, the bar that The Rock most often uses on the bench is the Rogue MG-3 Multi-Grip Bar (another piece of equipment I have in my gym.) Rogue Fitness makes quality equipment that focuses more on Powerlifting, Olympic Weightlifting, and Crossfit, but can still be greatly utilized by someone who focuses on Bodybuilding-type training.

the iron paradise gym

Everything from the equipment to the white brick walls is unique and makes for an environment that is conducive to getting up and putting work in. This is the biggest takeaway I think most people can get from Dwayne Johnson’s Iron Paradise. Sure, most won’t be able to afford the space or equipment that The Rock uses, but you can create an environment that makes you want to be a better you.

the iron paradise

I find The Rock to be very motivational. Not only does he run a crazy schedule, but he’s gone from a football player to a professional wrestler, and now a big-time celebrity in one lifetime. For most, this is the equivalent of three separate lives, but I’m most excited to see what he does next. With his work ethic and drive, the sky is the limit. Finally, the last feature of the Iron Paradise that we would be remiss not to mention is the full kitchen at the back end of the gym.

Dwayne johnson home gym

For most of you reading this. If this were in your gym, you’d never leave, and I’m sure The Rock never wants to either.

the rock's gym

The Rock’s Traveling Iron Paradise

Although the Rock has, arguably, one of the greatest home gyms of all time (I still think mine’s better…) he doesn’t stop there. No, due to Dwayne having to travel all over the world for various movie shoots that are extended stays, he does what any normal person would do: Packs up an 18-wheel trailer worth of gym equipment and sets up a gym called The Iron Paradise EVERY. WHERE. HE. GOES. Crazy.Sidenote: imagine the ability to take a full, commercial size gym everywhere you go. What a life.

Here’s how it’s looking lately:

dwayne johnson iron paradise gym

The traveling Iron Paradise features pretty much all of the same equipment as what he has at his home gym. Meaning, high-end commercial level equipment from the likes of Star Trac, Rogue Fitness, Nautilus, Free Motion, and Hammer Strength, like this Iso-Lateral Row:

iron paradise gym

Recently, the Rock has said he’s enjoying equipment from a new company and even had this to say on Instagram:

“Slowly but surely Arsenal equipment is taking over my 50,000+ lbs of iron and ego destroyer in my gym.”

Check out his custom Leg Press with the Project Rock Bull near the seat:

iron paradise gym

It’s obvious that The Rock likes to train both by his physique and the various shows he’s a part of and produces like The Titan Games. But, having a traveling weight room is something on a whole other level. We’ve shown you Jocko Willink’s Gym, Rich Froning’s, and even Joe Rogan’s Studio Gym, but all pale in comparison to Dwayne’s.

iron paradise

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