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Get to Know Shane McLean, CPT


Certified personal trainer


Shane has worked with a wide variety of clients, from the general population all the way to ex-Navy Seals and college athletes.

Favorite Equipment

Resistance Bands, TRX, Barbells, and Medicine Balls.

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Power Up Your Hamstrings With The Nordic Curl

Curious about the Nordic curl? This low-impact hamstring builder looks simple, but packs a punch for your leg gains. Read on for a how-to and CPT-approved form tips.

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Conquer the Zercher Squat For Improved Lower Body Gains

The Zercher squat will take your mental toughness and quad strength to a new level, and here are my trainer tips on how to do it.

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How to Clean and Jerk: Lift Like an Olympian

If you have ever wondered how to do the clean and jerk, wonder no more. Here, we’ll go into everything clean and jerk so you can lift like a pro.

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Sissy Squat: The Best Quad Exercise You’re Not Doing

Build god-tier quads when you perform the Sissy squat. The best quad exercise you're not doing, according to a certified personal trainer.

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Grow Your Back With The Classic Lat Pulldown Exercise

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Thrusters Workout: Why This Dynamic Exercise Should Be in Your Routine 

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Box Jump Workouts: How to Do Them, And Why You Should 

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Hyperextension Exercise: The Key to a Stronger, Healthier Lower Back

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Glute Ham Raises: Add the GHR Exercise to Your Routine For Bigger Gains

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The Dumbbell Shrug Exercise: How and Why to Do This Movement

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How To Do the Wall Sit Exercise: Best Techniques and Variations

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