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What happens when someone you love is on a weight loss journey during their birthday (or any other celebratory season)? Is it appropriate to gift products or tools to help with weight loss? We think so, especially if you know for certain the gift recipient is actively making lifestyle changes.

That’s why we curated this gift guide to help you find the best gifts for weight loss. Whether it’s weight loss gifts for him or her, our mission is to help you support the folks in your life trying to lose weight, buy healthy foods, and exercise more frequently.

Best Weight Loss Programs

Gift guide size WeightWatchers logo
Classic Program


If your loved one has expressed interest in a weight loss program, you can give them the gift of WeightWatchers. It’s a program that assigns points based on a food’s nutritional makeup. Membership gives you access to a nutrition plan, recipes, tracking metrics, and an online community.

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Small Noom logo for gift guides
Best Community Program


Noom is a no-food-off-limits diet plan that helps members take a physcology-based approach to learning about nutrition. A membership for Noom could be the perfect gift for someone you who wants community support plus a nutrition coach for personalized weight loss motivation.

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Small Nutrisystem logo for gift guides


If you want to help someone with a diet plan, check out NutriSystem. Your loved one will get three pre-packaged, low-calorie meals per day, plus snacks, to help with portion control.

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Best Meal Delivery Services

Green Chef small logo
Best Meal Kit

Green Chef

Healthy eating is the key to weight management. You can support your friend’s goals by giving them a digital gift card for Green Chef, which is a meal kit service offering organic ingredients. They will be able to choose their meals and schedule a delivery that works for them.

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Purple Carrot small logo
Best Vegan Meals

Purple Carrot

Purple Carrot meal delivery service lets you cook perfectly portioned vegan and vegetarian meals at home, or you can opt for the prepared meals to make life even simpler. You can send gift cards to friends or if you’re an active subscriber yourself, you can click “Share a Box” with a friend.

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EveryPlate small logo
Best Budget Meals


EveryPlate offers gift cards so you can spread the joy of healthy eating and home-cooked meals (in six simple steps). The gift recipient will receive an email with the gift card and have the ability to choose their meals online and have food delivered right to their door.

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Best Protein Bars

Gift guide size image of Pure Protein bar
Great-Tasting Bar

Pure Protein Bars

Pure protein bars are affordable, great-tasting, and offer 20 grams of protein per serving. They’re available on Amazon in 11 different flavors from Chocolate Peanut Butter to Birthday Cake—an ideal way to crush sugar cravings.

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Small gift guide image of Legion Athletics protein bar
Best Low-Sugar Bar

Legion Athletics Protein Bars

With three different flavors to choose from, gift these delicious protein bars to anyone looking for a sweet and satisfying high-protein bar. With only 3 grams of added sugar, this is an ideal purchase for anyone trying to lose weight.

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Gift guide size image of Bulletproof Crisp protein bar
Best Low-Carb Bar

Bulletproof Protein Crisp Bar

For your friends on a keto diet or limiting carbohydrates, these Bulletproof protein bars offer 11 grams of protein with only 4 grams of net carbs (and all for only 160 calories). A gift like this will allow your friends to supplement their protein intake without consuming too many carbs or calories.

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Best Protein Snacks

Gift guide size Quest protein chips photo
Best Protein Chips

Quest Protein Chips

If you know someone on a weight loss journey just dying for a bag of Doritos, this is the next-best option. These Quest tortilla-style protein chips are packed with 18 to 20 grams of protein per bag (depending on flavor) with only 4 grams of net carbs.

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Onnit Protein Bites
Best Protein Treat

Onnit Protein Bites

With five decadent flavors to choose from, your friends will love sinking their teeth into a chocolate-dipped protein treat when they’re in full-blown meal prep and weight loss mode. Plus, these Onnit protein bites are low in sugar, high in fiber, and offer up to 9 grams of protein per serving.

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Best Protein Shakes

Gift guide sie image of Fairlife CorePower protein shakes

Fairlife CorePower

Consistently consuming enough protein is helpful to feeling full and building muscle. You can help your friend with their weight loss goals by gifting them a Fairlife CorePower pre-made high-protein milkshake, which has a whopping 42 grams of protein per serving!

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Gift guide size image of Huel Ready-to-Drink protein shakes
Best Meal Replacement

Huel Ready-to-Drink

An underrated weight loss gift is to introduce your friend to a delicious-tasting meal replacement drink that is perfect for on-the-go nutrition. Huel ready-to-drink shakes are thick, creamy, and will keep you feeling full with 22 grams of protein and 27 essential vitamins and minerals.

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Gift guide size ripple protein shake photo
Best Vegan Shake

Ripple Protein Shake

If you’re trying to find a wellness gift for a vegan friend, introduce them to these pre-made Ripple protein shakes. Each bottle provides 20 grams of protein and has a super smooth texture and flavor. Plus, Ripple only features natural sweeteners like cane sugar and monk fruit.

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Tech-Savvy Fitness Gifts

The Future logo
Best Personal Training App

Future App

If your friend or family member has been considering a personal trainer but doesn’t know where to start, gift them with the Future app. They’ll be able to match with a personal trainer based on goals and training style and have a customized fitness routine tailored to their equipment.

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An image of the Fitbit Inspire 2
Best Fitness Tracker

FitBit Charge 4

A FitBit fitness tracker can act like a digital weight loss journal for anyone you know trying to lose weight. They’ll be able to count steps, track heart rate, sleep habits, and even map outdoor cardio with a built-in GPS.

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JLab Go Air Sport Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds
Best Budget Headphones

JLab GO Air Sport Earbuds

These wireless earbuds are affordable, stay in place while running or jumping, and are rated to withstand sweat and dust. This is a perfect gift for anyone starting their fitness journey, whether they’re going to the gym or just out for a walk.

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IFIT small app logo
Best App For Workout Classes


Support your friends on a weight loss journey with the gift of the iFIT app. It’s a vast library of strength training, yoga mat routines, and machine-based cardio. It’s a perfect gift for anyone who needs a little motivation to use their existing treadmill or exercise bike.

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JBL flip 6 small image
Best Wireless Speaker

JBL Flip 6

While the JBL Flip 6 might not seem like a gift specifically for weight loss, the powerful surround sound-like quality from this portable speaker is going to encourage your friends to have dance parties and play pump-up gym music.

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Best Home Gym Timer

Flex Timer

If your buddy is building a home gym during their weight loss journey, gift them with the Flex Timer. It can be controlled with a smartphone to time rest periods, HIIT workouts, or EMOM sets.

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Best Budget Fitness Gifts

Bodylastics resistance bands small image
Under $40

Bodylastics Resistance Bands

Although a nutritious meal plan will aid weight loss, the best gift for some folks may be something that helps your friend move their body and get stronger. Consider this set of Bodylastics resistance bands that can be used to target legs, arms, or full-body workouts.

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Degol skipping rope small image
Under $10

Degol Ball Bearing Skipping Rope

For under $10 you can gift your loved one a simple but heavy-duty jump rope for all their cardiovascular exercise needs. This is a great gift for anyone who is limited on space for large cardio equipment.

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Ice Shaker bottle in blue
Under $50

Ice Shaker

This isn’t just your typical water bottle or plastic shaker cup. This ice shaker is lined with stainless steel to keep your protein drinks ice cold all day. It’s also ideal for anyone who likes to add protein powder to their coffee.

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Other Gift Ideas for Weight Loss

If you need more ideas for supplements, apparel, or gym equipment, check out a few additional recommendations here:

What to Look for in Gifts for Weight Loss

Here are a few things to keep in mind if you’re going to give someone a gift for their weight loss journey:

Keep Their General Well-Being In Mind

We think the recommendations in this gift guide will help you pick a gift that says “I support you,” versus “You should lose weight.” 

That’s why we’re not recommending things like kitchen scales, fat burners, or body measuring tapes. Instead we recommend things like high-protein supplements, resistance bands, personal training apps, and meal delivery services. Overall, we wanted to make sure these inspirational weight loss gifts for her or him support general health and wellness. 

Create a Budget

When it comes to health and fitness, you can really go crazy with your spending (just ask anyone who owns a home gym). If you’re looking for a budget-friendly gift, a thoughtful gesture like a pair of running socks or a box of their favorite protein bars goes a long way. 

You don’t have to buy a treadmill to show someone you care about them and support the healthy lifestyle changes they’re making. Even something small, like a weight loss journal where they can mark their weight loss achievements, can go a long way to show you care.

Consider Your Recipient’s Interests

Whether it’s a weight loss gift for Mom, Dad, or a friend, you want to make sure that your loved one will appreciate and use your gift. Consider their interests before spending money a gift they may not like.

If your friend appreciates strength training, try getting them an Olympic barbell instead of an exercise bike, for example. Even if its a weight loss gift for yourself, think about the ways you enjoy training before making the purchase.

Gifts for Weight Loss FAQs

What to buy when you’re trying to lose weight?

When trying to lose weight, most folks find success in focusing on whole-food sources that are nutrient- and fiber-dense to give you the feeling of being full and satisfied for longer. Whole foods include fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, and animal proteins. 

What do you give someone on a diet?

When your friend is on a diet but you still want to get them a gift, ask them about their favorite protein bar or if they’ve ever tried a meal delivery service. Those are two examples that can help your friend stay on track with their diet while you show support. 

How do you celebrate someone’s weight loss?

If you’re looking for a way to celebrate someone’s weight loss achievements (other than a memorial t-shirt or keychain), a simple gift showing you care can be monumental in someone’s weight loss journey. For gift ideas, you can check out our gift guide for weight loss, where we included gifts ranging from wireless headphones and fitness trackers to protein shakes and meal delivery services. 

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