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Sole Fitness has a longstanding history of manufacturing solidly built treadmills for home use. While they may not be the most technologically advanced, the machines in Sole’s line do offer a number high-end features, including incline, cooling fans, and Bluetooth speakers.

In our Sole F63 vs F80 comparison, we’ll take a look at the basic model and stack it against one of the brand’s top-of-the-line machines to assess which might be better for your home gym.

Coop running on the Sole F63 Treadmill

We Know Sole Treadmills

While we haven’t gotten to spend time with every treadmill that Sole makes, our product testers have run on the F63 for a number of workouts. As the base model in the F Series, the F63 gives us a good idea of what to expect when measuring the performance and features of the other machines in the line. 

Quick Look: Sole F63 vs F80 

Sole Fitness currently has seven treadmills available on its website, four of which are in the F Series. The F63 treadmill is the most affordable. We see the price on the F63 fluctuate from just below treadmills under $1,000 to just over $1,000. The F80, alternatively, is the second-most expensive in the line, priced around $1,700. 

(Note: Sole always lists an MSRP price and a sale price, though don’t let that fool you; the machines have never not been on sale.)

For an in-depth look at both machines, check out our Sole F63 treadmill review and our Sole F80 treadmill review.

Who Should Buy the Sole F63

  • People looking for a more basic treadmill from Sole
  • Those shopping for a budget treadmill
  • Exercisers who don’t mind a smaller display

Who Should Buy the Sole F80

  • Heavier users
  • Those looking for a wider running surface
  • People who need a bigger display screen
  • Those who want a really good warranty

Sole F63 Vs F80 Video Review

Specs: Sole F63 Vs F80

TreadmillSole F63Sole F80
Footprint82” L x 35” W x 66” H82” L x 37” W x 66” H
Running Surface20” W x 60” L22” W x 60” L
Built-in Workouts6 standard, 2 custom, 2 heart rate6 standard, 2 custom, 2 heart rate
Weight254 lbs278 lbs
Weight Capacity325 lbs375 lbs
Step-up Height8”8”
Display6.5” LCD screen9” LCD screen
Incline15 levels15 levels
Speed Range0.5 to 12 MPH0.5 to 12 MPH
Motor3.0 HP3.5 HP
Heart Rate MonitoringChest strap (included) and pulse gripsChest strap (included) and pulse grips
Water Bottle HolderYesYes
Tablet HolderYesYes
Bluetooth SpeakersYesYes
USB Charging PortYesYes
Cooling FansYesYes
WarrantyLifetime frame and motor; 3 years deck, electronics and parts; 1 year laborLifetime frame, motor, deck; 5 years electronics and parts; 2 years labor

Key Similarities Between Sole F63 and F80

  • 15 incline levels
  • Maximum speed at 12 MPH
  • Features such as USB port, cooling fans, tablet holder, water bottle holder, and built-in speakers with Bluetooth compatibility
  • 8” step-up height
  • Both are folding treadmills
  • Preset workouts include 6 standard programs, 2 custom programs, 2 heart rate programs
  • Both come with a Bluetooth heart rate monitoring chest strap
  • LIfetime warranties on the frame and motor
  • Free curbside delivery
  • 2-ply belt 
  • White backlit LCD monitors
Sole f63 with Coop and the display.

Important Differences Between Sole F63 and F80

  • The F63 is about $500 more affordable.
  • The F80 has a stronger motor at 3.5 HP.
  • The F80 has a larger LCD display.
  • The F80 is heavier and has a higher maximum weight limit.
  • The F80 has a 22”-wide running deck; the F63 has a 20”-wide deck.
  • The F80 has a longer warranty on the deck, electronics, parts, and labor.

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Motor Comparison: Sole F63 vs Sole F80

Sole F63 treadmill with Coop running on it.

The size of a treadmill motor matters for a few reasons. First, the more powerful the motor, the better suited it is for heavy use and hard runs. Secondly, the motor plays a significant role in the price of the machine.

The F80 has a more powerful motor at 3.5 horsepower (HP), versus the 3.0 HP motor on the F63. On a treadmill built for running, 3.0 HP is the minimum we like to see. Therefore, either machine is good for serious runners, but the F80’s motor is more powerful and may be less susceptible to needing repairs.

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Workout Comparison: Sole F63 vs Sole F80

I have done several workouts on the Sole F63 and found it to be a solid machine. Several other product testers at Garage Gym Reviews also attested to the treadmill’s durability, though we all noticed some slight shaking once we took the F63 to maximal speeds. With a heavier frame and more powerful motor, the F80 could have the edge here, eliminating a lot of that movement.

The running deck on the F80 is 2 inches wider than the one on the F63, so it may be better suited for people with longer strides. However, all the Sole treadmills in this line have a deck of at least 20 inches wide and 60 inches long, which accommodates most tall runners.

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Aside from these differences, I suspect that both machines would offer similar experiences. They each feature what Sole calls the “Cushion Flex Whisper Deck,” which is a fancy way of saying that there is a cushioned treadmill belt. The brand claims that when you compare running on one of their treadmills versus running on pavement, the treadmill cushioning offers a 40% reduction in impact on your joints. 

Both machines also offer Bluetooth compatibility, so you can connect with the Sole app to transfer workout data, or import the data into popular fitness apps like MapMyRun, Apple Health, and Fitbit.

Coop running on the Sole F63 Treadmill

Programming: Sole F63 vs F80

Both of these machines are compatible with and come with a 90-day free trial of Studio, which is Sole’s app-based, interactive workout provider similar to iFIT. We have yet to be able to give Studio a try, but we know it features thousands of classes to do on Sole fitness equipment. You do have to use your own smart device and sync it with your machine via Bluetooth. 

If you don’t want to pay the monthly subscription for Studio, both the F63 and F80 come with 10 preset workout programs: two are heart rate-based, two are custom, and the other six include Fat Burn, Strength, Cardiovascular Function, Hills, Interval, and Manual.

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Company Policies

For the most part, Sole’s umbrella policies apply to both machines, though there are slight discrepancies when it comes to the warranty. 


Sole’s warranties are among the best in the industry. On both machines, there is a lifetime warranty on both the frame and the motor. However, the F80 has a slightly longer warranty on the deck, electronics, parts and labor:

Sole F63Sole F80
Frame and MotorLifetimeLifetime
Deck3 yearsLifetime
Electronics and Parts3 years5 years
Labor1 year2 years

Return Policy 

The return policy on both machines is the same. There is a 30-day guarantee where you can try out your treadmill and return it if you aren’t satisfied. This is actually a great policy, and one that not many cardio brands offer. 

A few important notes:

  • Original shipping costs are non-refundable.
  • The policy only applies to orders through Sole, not on sites like Amazon.
  • Returns initiated after the 30-day period will not be authorized.


Sole uses a third party called Citizens Pay for financing on both machines over a period of 24 months. You apply for financing the treadmill at checkout. If approved, the APR is 0% on your first 12 payments but jumps to 29.99% for the final 12. 

By contrast, ProForm and Nordictrack treadmills come with financing options that feature 0% APR over 36 months. These companies are much larger than Sole, but it’s still a difference worth noting.


At checkout, you have a few options for shipping. 

Every Sole treadmill comes with free curbside delivery, which means that the machine will be delivered to the curb in front of your home. If you want the machine placed in a specific room in your home (which is a good idea, given that both of these treadmills weigh more than 200 pounds), there is an additional $199 fee.

If you want white-glove service of delivery to a room of your choice plus professional assembly, the additional cost is $299. I personally assembled the F63, and while it’s doable, it’s definitely an hours-long undertaking.

Sole F63 vs F80 FAQs

How long does the Sole F63 last?

Even the best treadmills will only last as long as you keep them in good condition. The F63 has a solid 3.0 HP motor, durable frame, and solid construction. It also comes with a lifetime warranty on the frame and motor. Given these stats, we’re comfortable stating that with proper care, the F63 should work well for years.

Can you run on a Sole F63?

The Sole F63 is designed to be a running treadmill. The 3.0 HP motor is strong enough to support frequent running. It also features speeds of up to 12 MPH and 15 levels of incline to simulate hill running.

Is the Sole F80 treadmill good?

The Sole F80 is a high-quality treadmill featuring Bluetooth connectivity, 15 levels of incline, a top speed of 12 MPH, and a strong 3.5 HP motor. If you want a heavy-duty treadmill and don’t mind a basic LCD screen with basic programming, the F80 is a decent choice. However, on machines in this price range, we typically start seeing advanced features like touchscreens.

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