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If you’re looking to level up your home gym with flywheel training, make sure to get the best discount with our exclusive coupon code on Exxentric products.

Specializing in flywheel training, Exxentric provides a tough and challenging way to train in your home gym. If you’re interested in flywheel training, you don’t have to wait on holiday deals on the best home gym equipment to save money. 

Our exclusive Garage Gym Reviews Exxentric coupon code can save you 10% off your next purchase.

Discounts on Exxentric Products

We’ve searched high and low for Exxentric promo codes and bargains to help you get the best deals on flywheel machines. Here are a few saving tips to get more off Exxentric machines:

  • Exclusive Exxentric code: The best Exxentric coupon is our exclusive coupon code. Enter the code GGRStarter at checkout to take 10% off the regular price of any kBox Starter System. (This code won’t stack on any Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals, though.)
  • Payment options: Exxentric provides flexible payment options for all products sitewide, including interest-free monthly payments, financing options, and more. It won’t necessarily save you money, but you won’t have to drop all your funds at once.
  • Outlet: You can visit the Exxentric Outlet page, where special offers can get up to 20% off accessories and flywheel systems—while supplies last.

How to Apply the Exxentric Coupon Code

Step One: Go to exxentric.com and add your KBox Starter System to your shopping cart.

Step Two: Enter our code GGRStarter at checkout for 10% off your cart.

Step Three: Choose from Exxentric’s payment options the plan that’ll work best for you.

When Do Exxentric Products Go on Sale?

Deals can happen at any time, so the team at Garage Gym Reviews checks the internet each week to find the latest deals and current promotional codes to help your home gym purchases. Typically, though, the best discounts on fitness equipment happen around holiday sales, so we keep our holiday sales pages updated to help you save more:

What We Love About Exxentric

Exxentric KBox4

Exxentric kBox4

GGR Score: 4.6 starstarstarstarstar

Product Highlights

The kBox4 Pro is set apart by its market leading maximum inertia, built-in kMeter II feedback system and larger surface area, loved by strength and conditioning coaches as well as physiotherapists and top level personal trainers.The kBox4 Pro Platform is made in Sweden from powder-coated aluminium, with details made of anodized hardened carbon steel and aluminium, and high-friction rubber.

Flywheel training is one of the most challenging ways to up your training program. Designed to give constant resistance during the eccentric and concentric phases of exercises, Exxentric flywheels challenge beginners and elite athletes alike.

Their flagship product is the KBox4 Pro Platform, but it also comes in Lite and Active sizes, with smaller bases for compact exercise equipment. Other companies and retailers sell flywheel training devices, but Exxentric specializes in them, making them quality machines. These products are made for commercial use, so you know they’re built to last. Here are a few things we like about the Kbox4 and other Exxentric products:

  • Challenging mode of strength training
  • High-quality commercial-grade products
  • Solid construction
  • Optional kMeter Module to measure metrics

You can check out our in-depth reviews on some of our favorite products from Exxentric:

Image of the Exxentric KBox4 Pro

Why Buy From Exxentric? 

Exxentric specializes in flywheel training, which takes resistance training to the next level. The rotating flywheel is constantly spinning to where the more effort you push with, the more pull that the flywheel gives, increasing the level of resistance to match your effort.

Additionally, flywheels are versatile and considered one of the best full-body workout machines, able to be used for legs, arms and anything in-between. GGR founder Coop Mitchell says himself, “The movements you can do with the Exxentric KBox4 are pretty much limited to your imagination.”

Here’s some reasons to get your flywheel training device from Exxentric:

  • Specializes in flywheel devices
  • Flexible payment options
  • 30-day money-back guarantee 
  • 2-year warranty on all products

Exxentric Coupon Code FAQs

Where do I get an Exxentric discount code?

You can use our exclusive Garage Gym Reviews code to save 10% on your next Exxentric flywheel system.

How do I find a legit promo code on fitness equipment?

Our team at GGR constantly checks for the latest deals, promo codes, and offers on fitness equipment. Check our deals page regularly to see the best ways to save on your home gym essentials.

Are Exxentric products worth it?

Flywheel systems provide a challenging mode of resistance training, where the level of resistance increases with your level of effort. They’re a great way to add challenge to your current training routine; additionally, Exxentric specializes in flywheel training, making their flywheel products high-quality and built well.

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