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Labor Day is all about honoring workers, and we know you work hard in your garage gym. (Creative stretch, we know, but bear with us.)

The best Labor Day sales on exercise equipment feature significant discounts on all of our favorite things: barbells, squat racks, dumbbells, treadmills and more. Below are some of the best deals I have found.

The Best Labor Day Fitness Deals

Rogue Fitness: Discounts across strength training equipment, apparel and more

Mirror: Free shipping and installation

REP Fitness: Up to 25% off

Reebok: Up to 50% off certain purchases

Bowflex: Bundle deals, free shipping and more

Fringe Sport: Up to 70 percent off

Titan Fitness: Sitewide discounts on all types of equipment

MYX Fitness: $200 off plus a free weight rack

Horizon Fitness: Up to $1,000 off

Under Armor: Up to 40% off outlet items, plus an additional 25% off outlet sales.

Hydrow: $275 off

Echelon: Up to 15% off

Get RX’d: Up to $40 off

Garmin: Discounts on smartwatches

Amazon: Various deals across all kinds of fitness equipment

Rogue Fitness

You won’t often see Rogue Fitness running large, sitewide sales. However, they have a constant deals page that offers discounts on everything from barbells to apparel.

Get Rogue Fitness Labor Day Deals


Mirror is one of our favorite interactive home fitness devices on the market. Through the end of September, you can score free shipping and free installation (a $250 value) by using the code SEPTEMBER21.

Get Mirror Labor Day Deal

REP Fitness

We love REP Fitness here at Garage Gym Reviews, and we are loving some of their Labor Day exercise equipment sales. Check out their sales page for full details, but here are some highlights:

  • 25% off the REP Flat Bench FB-4000
  • 10% off the REP Adjustable Bench AB-3100
  • 15% off the REP Power Rack 4000
  • 15% off kettlebells

Get REP Fitness Labor Day Deals


Reebok is offering a special Labor Day sale in which you essentially get a bigger discount the more you spend:

  • 20% off sales up to $100
  • 40% off sales between $100 and $250
  • 50% off sales of $250 or more

Use the code LABORDAY at checkout.

Get Reebok Labor Day Deals


Bowflex has a number of options for bundling equipment to save, as well as free offerings:

  • Bundle the SelectTech 552 Adjustable Dumbbells, the corresponding dumbbell stand, and the 5.1S Adjustable Bench all for $879 and free shipping
  • Bundle the SelectTech 1090 Adjustable Dumbbells, the dumbbell stand and the 5.1S Adjustable Bench for $1,249 and free shipping
  • Free exercise mat and free shipping with the purchase of the Bowflex Max Trainer M6
  • Free exercise mat and free shipping with the purchase of the Bowflex C6 bike
  • Free exercise mat and free shipping with the purchase of the Bowflex Velocore

Get Bowflex Labor Day Deals

Fringe Sport

We always look to Fringe Sport for budget exercise equipment, and they are taking up to almost 70 percent off select equipment right now: weight plates, weighted vests, kettlebells, medicine balls and benches.

Get Fringe Sport Labor Day Deals

Titan Fitness

Titan Fitness is offering discounts on a variety of products, such as a leg press, lat tower, dip machine, and machine attachments.

Get Titan Fitness Labor Day Deals

MYX Fitness

MYX Fitness produces the MYX, which is a great alternative to Peloton. For Labor Day, MYX is offering $200 off the purchase of the bike as well as a free weight rack (which the brand says is a $150 value). To redeem the offer, use code LABOR200 at checkout

Get MYX Fitness Labor Day Deals


Horizon is known for offering high-quality and low-cost fitness equipment, and they are offering several awesome Labor Day exercise deals:

  • $1,000 off the 7.0 AT Studio Treadmill
  • $800 off the 7.4 AT Studio Treadmill
  • $700 off the 7.8 AT Studio Treadmill
  • $300 off the T101 Treadmill

Get Horizon Fitness Labor Day Deals

Under Armor

Under Armor is offering big discounts on outlet items: Up to 40% off, and then an additional 25% off outlet items. Also, you get free shipping on orders of $60 or more. Use Code LDW25 at checkout.

Get Under Armor Labor Day Deals

Code: LDW25


Hydrow, the maker of one of our favorite rowers ever, is offering $275 off a Labor Day package that includes:

  • Rower
  • Machine mat
  • Personal coaching session
  • Free delivery
  • 1-year warranty
  • Unlimited profiles

Get Hydrow Labor Day Deals

Echelon Fitness

Echelon has a few offerings for Labor Day weekend:

  • 15% off connected machines when you opt for a yearly membership
  • 10% off connected machines when you choose a monthly membership
  • 15% off apparel and accessories

Get Echelon Fitness Labor Day Deals

Get RX’d

Although it doesn’t look like Get RX’d is having a Labor Day sale, they do have discounts several items, including a “build your own garage gym” package that looks pretty boss. To find the deals, click the link below and scroll to where you can see the “specials.”

Get the Get RX’d Labor Day Deals


Right now, Garmin is offering $20 off select fitness trackers, including the vivoactive 4 (which is a pretty awesome watch for runners).

Get Garmin Labor Day Deals


Amazon is known for offering inexpensive home gym equipment, and the site often has sales surrounding big holidays.

Get Amazon Labor Day Deals

How to Find Labor Day Sales on Fitness Equipment

It’s great to invest in your health through purchasing the best home gym equipment, but it can quickly eat into your bank account. Finding the best exercise equipment deals requires some research and prioritization. Here are my tips for finding the best fitness equipment Labor Day deals.

Follow Our Lead

We are Garage Gym Reviews. We know what we are talking about. We have spent years using, testing and reviewing fitness equipment. Look for the deals here, but also check out some of our top “best of” lists to get ideas on what you might want:

Best budget home gym equipment

Best CrossFit equipment

Best adjustable dumbbells

Best Olympic barbell

Best rowing machine

Best squat rack

Best exercise bike

Best treadmill

Best resistance bands

Create a Plan

Don’t fall down the rabbit hole and get lost scouring different types of Crossfit grips when you’re supposed to be looking for a new treadmill. Make a list of what you need for your home workout: new dumbbells, or maybe adjustable dumbbells to save a little money.

Research Your Products

It’s always a good idea to check out reviews–like the ones here on our pages–of equipment you plan on buying. We have a number of tips on our reviews, from assembly ideas to practical use.

Know the Policies

There are a couple of major factors to consider before hitting that purchase button:

  • Return Policy: Some fitness equipment has a 30-day trial, but some brands won’t take a return if you have used the item even just once.
  • Warranty: How long before that treadmill breaks down? Check out the warranty, especially on big-ticket items.
  • Financing: Keep in mind that many brands today offer their own or third-party financing options. That is a great way to save money upfront.

Labor Day Fitness Sales FAQ

Is the Labor Day weekend a good time to buy fitness equipment?

It definitely can be, if you know where to look.

When is the best time to buy fitness equipment?

The best time of year to find fitness equipment sales is over Black Friday, but the New Year and certain holidays like Memorial Day and Labor Day sometimes present sales as well.

What fitness equipment is on sale for Labor Day deals?

There are all kinds of exercise equipment on sale for Labor Day: dumbbells, barbells, treadmills and more.

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