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Want to know the best way to save on Eleiko products? We’ll let you know how.

Eleiko weight plates and barbells are used at international powerlifting and weightlifting competitions for a reason–they’re some of the best on the planet. But if you’re looking to have a professional-grade gym in your own home and are wondering if there’s an Eleiko discount code, the unfortunate answer seems to be “no.” That doesn’t mean that you can’t save money when shopping on their website, however. 

Garage Gym Reviews Exclusive Eleiko Discount Code

Through May 31, Eleiko is offering an exclusive discount code just for GGR readers. You can get 10% off of the outdoor training category with code GGROUTDOOR10.

Discounts on Eleiko Products

Finance: The only way we’re aware of to save on Eleiko goods outside of rare holiday sales is to finance your purchase. It does mean you’ll have some recurring payments, but it’s much easier to pay a few dollars every month rather than several hundred in one fell swoop.

How to Apply the Eleiko Discount Code

Step One: Load your cart with the products of your choosing. 

Step Two: At checkout, click Klarna. You should be approved for financing on the spot. 

Step Three: Choose from your financing options.

When Do Eleiko Products Go on Sale?

Although Eleiko doesn’t offer many discounts, they do have sales around the holidays where they drop their prices. These sales don’t come around often, especially for a brand like Eleiko, so be sure to check our holiday sales pages to learn about the best times to place a new order. 

What We Love About Eleiko

Eleiko Hybrid Bar
Eleiko Hybrid Bar
Eleiko Hybrid Bar

The Hybrid Bar combines distinctive elements from weightlifting and powerlifting into a single, do it all multi-purpose bar for lifters and facilities where versatility is paramount. It brings together a sleeve construction designed to balance the distinct rotational needs for weightlifting and powerlifting, a shaft tailored towards foundational strength lifts – squats, deadlifts and bench press, and a distinctive new proprietary corrosion resistant surface treatment

There’s a few reasons why Eleiko has been able to remain at the top of the strength training equipment industry for decades. For one, they task top-tier engineers with designing every product they put on the market to ensure their durable, efficient, and aesthetic. 

It should be noted that Eleiko’s target market isn’t home gym owners, but commercial gyms and high-class establishments. But if you have the budget and want to be the envy of all home gym owners in your neighborhood, here are a few products we recommend. 

Why Buy From Eleiko? 

Without a doubt, Eleiko is one of the best fitness equipment manufacturers out there. Yes, you may be paying a lot of money for a barbell or even a set of collars, but they’re bound to last you a lifetime and perform at a high level every time you use them. 

The option to finance your purchase also makes it more approachable for many home gym owners who otherwise may not have had the budget for one of their products. 

Some other things we love about Eleiko:

  • Certified by IWF, IPF and World Para Powerlifting
  • Lifetime or 12-year warranties on most Olympic barbells 
  • Commitment to environmental sustainability practices

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