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It’s that time of year again, folks: Time for brands to slash product prices and push sales to move inventory for the holidays. Yup, believe it or not, your favorite GGR product experts are already sifting through webpage after webpage to find the very best Black Friday sales, including the best massage gun Black Friday Deals. 

Ahead, find the best prices on massage guns we’ve found so far this year. We’ll continue to update this page with new deals on massage guns. 

When is Black Friday 2022?

In 2022, Black Friday falls on Friday, November 25. Cyber Monday follows on Monday, November 28. Keep in mind, though, that the majority of retailers start rolling out deals well before those dates, both in-store and online!

Best Massage Guns (Video Review)

Learn more about our top picks for percussion massage guns in our in-depth video review.

Best Massage Gun Black Friday Deals for 2022

  • Amazon: Various deals on massage guns from many brands
  • Best Buy: Various deals on massage guns from several brands, including Therabody and Hyperice
  • Hyperice: Save $20 to $50 on various Hypervolt models
  • Therabody: Save up to $100 on massage guns and other workout recovery tools
  • REBEL: While supplies last, get 40% off and get a FREE mini massage gun with your purchase

Additional Black Friday Deals

Massage Gun Black Friday Deals on Amazon

Amazon is one of the best places to turn to when looking for a Black Friday deal on massage guns and other workout and recovery tools. 

Many brands sell massage guns on Amazon, including the big names like Therabody and Hyperice. There are also many budget-friendly massagers on Amazon, including the Renpho Massage Gun, which is a popular mini massage gun

Amazon will release Black Friday massage gun deals on a rolling basis, so we recommend monitoring their daily deals pages for electric massagers and massage tools.

Best Buy Massage Gun Black Friday Deals

You might think of computers and cell phones when you think of Best Buy, but the electronics retailer also sells quite the lineup of high-tech workout and recovery tools–including massage guns! Best Buy recently published a Black Friday deals page, and on October 24, started releasing deals on all sorts of electronics!

Right now, you can get massage gun Black Friday deals on products from Theragun, Sharper Image, and Hyperice.

Get Black Friday deals at Best Buy.

Hypervolt Black Friday Deals

Hyperice has two deals pages we’re monitoring: a Black Friday page and a holiday page. At the time of publishing, it looks like several models of the Hypervolt are on sale for $20 to $50 off. 

  • Hyperice Hypervolt 2: $279, was $299
  • Hypervolt 2 Pro: $349, was $399
  • Hypervolt Go: $179, was $199
  • Hypervolt Go 2: $179, was $199

Make sure to also monitor the Hyperice brand page on Amazon.

Theragun Black Friday Deals

Looking to score a low price on the Theragun Mini, Theragun Prime, the Theragun Elite, or Theragun Pro? Of course you are. Who doesn’t want a deal on the patented QuietForce technology and a 5-hour battery life (Pro only)? 

We’ve been eyeing Therabody for announcements on holiday season deals, and we’re stoked to announce that after weeks of monitoring the page, Therabody has announced their holiday deals: From November 20 to November 28, save up to $100 on massage guns and other recovery tools.

You can get these deals on Therabody’s Black Friday deals page.

Make sure to also monitor the Theragun by Therabody brand page on Amazon.

REBEL Black Friday Deals

REBEL is a Canadian-based brand that ships worldwide and manufactures a few massage gun models–and they have a killer Black Friday deal on those products. While supplies last, you can get 40% off of your entire order AND receive a free (yes, FREE!) mini massage gun with your purchase.

Get it while it’s hot! See REBEL Black Friday deals here.

How to Find the Best Massage Gun Black Friday Deals

Not to toot our own horn (OK, fine, we are), but we recommend checking back here throughout the season to get updates on the best massage gun Black Friday deals. We’ll update this page regularly as the year rolls on. 

To find the best deal for you specifically, here are a few additional pointers. 

Know What You Want the Device For 

There are basic massage guns, and then there are professional-grade deep-tissue massage guns, and everything in between. 

If you want a light massage to provide temporary pain relief after a long day of staring at your computer, you probably don’t need to shell out several hundreds on a top-tier massager like the Theragun Pro. 

However, if you’re an ultra-active individual and need a deep-tissue massage to work through fascial adhesions and muscle knots, the extra cheddar will be well worth it. 

Decide on Your Non-Negotiable Features 

Do you need a tiny massager like the Hypervolt Go so you can travel with your device? Do you want Bluetooth connectivity so you can personalize recovery protocols and speed settings? Are you fine with just three speeds or do you need a large speed range to accommodate different needs? 

All of these factors and more—like carry cases, battery life, ergonomics, and massage head attachments—make a big difference in the overall experience. Be sure to know your non-negotiables before snagging a deal. 

Determine Your Hard Budget

Even though we’re sourcing the best massage gun Black Friday deals so you can get lower prices, it’s still important to head into Black Friday knowing your hard budget. This will help you avoid wasting time perusing product deals you can’t afford. 

FAQs: Best Massage Gun Black Friday Deals

Are there Cyber Monday deals on massage guns?

Oh, yes, there are! In addition to Black Friday sales, you can expect tons of Cyber Monday deals on percussive massage devices from various retailers, including Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart, Target, and first-party manufacturers (Theragun, etc.).

Do you need a coupon to get a massage gun Black Friday deal?

No, not necessarily. While some retailers may require you to enter a Black Friday code at checkout, it’s unlikely you’ll need to clip an actual coupon—virtually or on paper—to score a deal on a percussive therapy device.

Is a handheld massager the same as a massage gun?

Yes, a massage gun and a handheld massager are technically the same thing, although items categorized as the latter are generally not as powerful and/or adjustable. Items categorized as “true” massage guns include the higher-end brands such as Theragun and Hypervolt.

Is a foam roller or a massage gun better?

One isn’t necessarily better than the other; each has its own benefits (read: foam roller vs massage gun). A good massage gun will provide a deeper massage than a foam roller, but with a roller, you don’t have to worry about a finite battery life, recharging, keeping track of massage heads, or needing a carrying case.

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