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Over the years as a competitive weightlifter, I’ve used quite a few different power racks, cages, and squat stands, all with varying degrees of success. I’ve bent my fair share of squat stands, and bent and broken some J-cups and safety bars. I’m always needing a pretty sturdy choice, and that usually comes with a bigger price tag on the best squat racks

That’s not always the case though, as Titan Fitness takes measures to create good quality racks with a price that cuts below the competition. In our Titan T-3 Power Rack review, we’ll talk about one such option presented by Titan, providing solid durability at a very reasonable price.

Titans in Power Rack Testing

We have had a lot of experience with power racks, and Titan in particular. For the Titan T-3 Series, Garage Gym Reviews founder and expert tester Coop tested it when the rack first came out, and then a few years later tested it again, after Titan Fitness took major strides in quality assurance. So not only do we have experience with these types of products, we have had a lot of experience with the T-3 Series Power Rack.

With our team of certified trainers, weightlifting coaches, and competitive athletes, we are able to bring you the best information about home gym equipment through our diverse experience in the fitness world. Through our knowledge and testing, we hope to bring detailed information to you so you have better understanding while making your purchase.

Titan T-3 Series Power Rack

Titan T-3 Series Power Rack

GGR Score: 4.3 starstarstarstarstar

Product Highlights

  • 2x3" 11-gauge steel tubing
  • Weight capacity of 1,000 lbs
  • Westside spacing
  • Bolt-together construction
  • Includes J-hooks and weight holders

Pros & Cons


  • More affordable than competitors
  • Stable when bolted down
  • Bolted panels easier to adjust on uneven surface
  • V2 of the T-3 comes in a variety of colors
  • V2 of the T-3 has laser-cut holes on the side and front of uprights
  • Westside spacing
  • Pin/pipe safeties
  • 2x3" tubing allows for Titan and other competitors' attachments and add-ons


  • Known for delays and mixing up orders
  • Imported materials
  • Not the best welds
  • J-cups are average at best
  • Bolted panels makes for a weaker joint
  • Cheaper bolts used

Bottom Line

The Titan T-3 is a good, budget-friendly power rack. It's very similar to one of our favorite racks, the Rogue R-3, but at a much cheaper price thanks to it's imported nature. If you have the ability to bolt down your rack to a platform or concrete foundation and want a rack that won't break the bank, this is a good option.

A Quick Look at the Titan T-3 Power Rack

Titan Fitness really made its name with the Titan T-3 Power Rack. It was an answer to the Rogue R-3 rack, making a similar power rack but using imported materials to undercut the price. At first, the quality was not there, but since its initial release, Titan has taken great strides to get their squat racks up to industry standards, and now their series of racks are all high-quality racks for their budget-friendly pricing, and the T-3 is no different.

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Before You Buy

  • While westside spacing is always a nice touch for those who enjoy a good bench press, there are no labels or numbers on these holes, so getting your J-cups or spotter arms level on each side might be a hassle.
  • With customizable rack height and depth options, it can fit in your space as needed.
  • On Titan’s product page, there is a purchase option for a four-pack of weight plate holders for plate storage. This is the only optional attachment available on the product page; however, there are more rack attachment options available, including safety straps and bars, a lat pulldown and low row, and an extension kit. J-cups with nylon lining are included.
  • Although this review focuses on the power rack, Titan’s T-3 Series includes a wall-mounted rack, a T-3 squat rack, and a half rack kit, to help save space in your garage gym if needed.
  • The power rack comes with a fat and skinny straight pull-up bar. You  can purchase separately a multi-grip pull-up bar for the rack if you would prefer grip options.

Video Review

Is the Titan T-3 Power Rack Worth It?

The Titan T-3 Series Power Rack has nice value. Made with solid 11-gauge steel, it is a quality rack at a budget-friendly price, starting around $500. It should be bolted down, but is heavy enough that you might be able to get away with not doing so. Just know that not bolting down the rack may leave it susceptible to wobble or, worst case scenario, the rack dipping over.

One of its biggest drawbacks is that the tubing is 2 inches by 3 inches, which is fading out as an industry standard in favor of the square 3-inch-by-3-inch tubing instead. If you are looking for a versatile power cage that can use just about any attachment from any company, this may not be the best pick. However, if that is not important to you, or you want to pick attachments directly from Titan, this rack will save you some money and still provide high quality.

With that said, Titan still offers quite a few attachments for the T-3 Series, including dip bars, a landmine attachments, band pegs, and a lat pulldown machine as well.

Great For:

  • People looking for budget-friendly pricing
  • Lifters who need a solid squat rack that can hold some weight
  • Powerlifters needing westside hole spacing

Not Recommended For:

  • Anyone who prefers American-made gym equipment
  • Those needing a space-saving, wall-mounted rack or half rack
  • People who can’t bolt down their rack

Titan T-3 Power Rack Specs

Price$519 – $689
Height82” or 91”
Inside depth24” or 36”
Inside width42”
Hole size11/16-in.
Rackable weight capacity1,100 lbs
Material2” x 3” 11-gauge steel
FinishPowder coated
Color optionsBlack, red, blue

Workout Experience/Using the Titan T-3 Power Rack 

The Titan T-3 Power Rack is a good power rack. Rated at 1,100 pounds, it will be more than enough for most people, even someone who wants to pull some heavy rack deadlifts. The westside spacing makes it easy and comfortable to bench press, as well, and the J-hooks are lined with nylon to protect it and the bar.

Titan recommends bolting it down, and after our testing, we recommend it, too. Although it’s solid, it’s best to secure it, especially in case of throwing a heavy load into the rack, or doing kipping pull-ups off the bar.

It’s always nice to have some numbering system along the holes. Unfortunately, the T-3 does not have any numbers along the uprights, painted or laser cut, so it can be a little tough to adjust J-cups or pipe safeties evenly.


The Titan T-3 Power Rack can be customized in the height and depth of the rack, which will help fit the rack into your space. You can choose between 82 and 91 inches for the height, and an inside rack depth of 24 or 36 inches. Remember to account for the upright’s size though. If you have a low ceiling or need a more compact option, it may be best to look into a squat stand or a folding squat rack instead.

At its size and heft, it’s more of a power rack for a garage gym, not inside your home or apartment. This is especially helpful if you choose to bolt down the rack. (Have we mentioned we recommend bolting it down yet?)

Durability & Construction

The quality of Titan’s T-3 Power Rack has vastly improved over the years. In our latest look at the rack, the powder coating was a better quality, with much more consistent coating throughout the rack’s surface. Additionally, the holes and welding improved since they started laser cutting holes (instead of punching out) and using robotic welders. Because of this, the T-3 is a much higher quality rack compared to when we first tested it.

The power rack is built from 11-gauge steel tubing, which is strong steel, making the power rack able to hold over 1,000 pounds. The uprights and cross beams are connected by bolts, which may be weaker than a weld, but with the materials they used, it is still solid. Additionally, the bolts allow you to level the rack out a little bit before fully fastening it together, in case your rack is on uneven or unlevel ground.

Comparison to the Rogue R-3 Power Rack

Rogue R-3 Power Rack

Rogue R-3 Power Rack

GGR Score: 4.4 starstarstarstarstar
Community Score: 4.4 starstarstarstarstar

Product Highlights

Over the years as a competitive weightlifter, I’ve used quite a few different power racks, cages, and squat stands, all with varying degrees of success. I’ve bent my fair share of squat stands, and bent and broken some J-cups and safety bars. I’m always needing a pretty sturdy choice, and that usually comes with a bigger price tag on the best squat racks

That’s not always the case though, as Titan Fitness takes measures to create good quality racks with a price that cuts below the competition.

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Made in USA Made in USA

Pros & Cons


  • The Rogue R-3 is one of the most well-liked squat racks in the world. Featuring 100+ reviews with a 4.9 star rating, there are few that can match it.
  • The 2"x3" upright is compatible with a wide range of standard accessories from a myriad of companies.
  • The R-3 utilizes 11-gauge steel that is strong enough for just about anything you can throw at it.
  • The rack is listed as having a 1,000+ LB rating, but it can likely handle 3-4x that amount.
  • The side panels of the rack are welded rather than bolted which is often considered to be stronger.
  • The R-3 comes standard with a double pull-up bar that is skinny on one side and fat on the other to really tax your grip.
  • The R-3 is designed to be bolted down to concrete or a wooden platform. Bolting the rack down will allow it to be secure during heavy squats or even allow kipping pull-ups if you compete in CrossFit.
  • Pin Pipe Safeties allow you to bench alone without worrying about being visited by an ambulance.
  • The R-3 was the first power rack to feature Westside Hole Spacing which is 1" spacing through the bench and clean pull zone that makes it easier to get the safeties dialed in.
  • The R-3 is made in the USA of US-sourced steel.
  • It comes in multiple heights including 90" standard or a shorty version that is 84"


  • If you don't plan to bolt the rack to the floor, then you'll want to avoid the R-3 as it's too unstable if not bolted down.
  • Due to the rack being made in the USA, it's more expensive than imported competitors like the Titan Fitness T-3, although it is a superior product.
  • The R-3 utilizes stickers instead of laser-cut logos like on some of it's other racks.
  • There's only 24" of open space between uprights that makes some people feel claustrophobic.

Bottom Line

The Rogue R-3 is one of the most popular power racks in the world, and for good reason. We're big fans of the rack, so much so in fact, that Coop owns three of them (they're in his personal training gym.) If you want a power rack that doesn't take up a ton of space, has the ability to bolt to the ground, and has an endless amount of available accessories, then the Rogue R-3 is what we suggest.

When we first compared the Rogue Fitness R-3 to the Titan T-3, the Rogue power rack came away undoubtedly as the superior rack. However, since that initial comparison, Titan Fitness has brought their products up to industry standards. With laser cut holes, robotic welds, and better powder coating, their racks are now a competitor with some of the bigger names in strength equipment like REP Fitness and Rogue.

Titan’s T-3 power rack is incredibly similar to the Rogue rack now. Both use westside hole spacing through the bench zone, and have 5/8-inch holes. Both have solid powder coat finishes, although Titan does offer a couple colors other than black. There are slight differences in the dimensions of the racks, but essentially they use similar 2-inch-by-3-inch 11-gauge steel. 

Rogue uses welds, while Titan is primarily bolted. Welding creates stronger joints, but can also be a nuisance on keeping the squat rack level if built on an uneven surface.

The main difference in the material is that the Titan rack is imported, while the Rogue R-3 is American-made. This is one reason the Titan T-3 can come in a couple hundred dollars under the R-3. Still, if you like products made in the USA, then it may be worth it to spend a little more on the Rogue R-3. If you are looking to save some money though, the Titan T-3 will be a quality product with a lower price point.

Titan T-3 Power RackRogue R-3 Power Rack
Price$519 – $689$795
Height82” or 91”84.375” or 90.375”
Inside depth24” or 36”24”
Inside width42”49”
Rackable weight capacity1,100 lbs1,000+ lbs
Material2” x 3” 11-gauge steel2” x 3” 11-gauge steel
Hole sizing11/16”5/8″
FinishPowder coatedPowder coated
Color optionsBlack, red, blueBlack

Comparison to the Titan X-3 Power Rack

Titan X-3 Series Power Rack

Titan X-3 Series Power Rack

GGR Score: 4.3 starstarstarstarstar
Community Score: 4.3 starstarstarstarstar

Product Highlights

  • 3" x 3" 11-gauge steel uprights
  • Fat (2") and Skinny (1.25") pull up bars included
  • Walk through design
  • Laser cut upright holes with Westside hole spacing
  • Pair of UHMW padded X-3 J-hooks included
  • 4 band pegs included
  • 4 Olympic Weight plate holders included
  • 2 Pin-Pipe Safeties included

Pros & Cons


  • 11-gauge steel
  • Band pegs, safety pins, and weight plate holders included
  • Westside hole spacing
  • Square uprights allow attachments from any side


  • Can't customize depth
  • Not compatible with some Titan accessories
  • Some complaints of parts being scratched during shipping

Bottom Line

The Titan X-3 Series Power Rack is built with strong 11-gauge steel and high weight capacity, making it a solid choice for your gym. The rack has 3-inch-by-3-inch uprights, making it compatible with many attachments from other companies. At a lower price point, this is one of the best value heavy-duty power racks available in this style.

When comparing the T-3 to other Titan squat racks that are offered, the T-3 Series is great, but our favorite recommendation is the X-3 Power Rack. Both are great racks, but the X-3 edges out the T-3 because of the square steel tubing used. The X-3 uses 3-inch-by-3-inch 11-gauge steel, and has holes on each side of the square tubing, which allows for attachments to be placed on every side of the upright.

Additionally, 3-inch-by-3-inch uprights are becoming the standard in heavy duty power racks, so you can use any attachment from any other company, with the common sizing and 5/8-inch attachments. 

While the Titan Fitness T-3 is a great rack, the X-3 edges it out on the versatility it can bring to a home gym. While it is a bit more expensive than the T-3, if you can afford the extra price, this is a solid rack that probably brings the most value to a garage gym out of Titan’s rack options.

Customer Experience 

Titan Fitness offers a one-year limited warranty on all of their products. While for some gym equipment, a one-year warranty is standard, a one-year warranty on a power rack is on the shorter side of typical to me. Brands like REP Fitness and Rogue offer a lifetime limited warranty on their frames, so it’s not the best warranty out there. This is probably another way to keep their prices low.

Titan also offers 30-day returns, so long as the product is unused and in its original packaging. You are responsible for shipping costs on a return and will also be charged a 20% restocking fee, which can be taken out of your refund. Keep that in mind, as paying to ship back a power rack with a restocking fee might cost more than the money you would get back.

Ordering the Titan T-3 Power Rack

The Titan Fitness T-3 Power Rack can be ordered directly from Titan’s website. One thing to look out for is that Titan can often run out of stock. As of this writing, a couple of colorways and size options for the T-3 were backordered themselves, so if you are holding out for a certain spec or color, you may have to be patient. You can also find the T-3 on Amazon.

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Assembling the Titan T-3 Power Rack

The Titan T-3 Rack is assembled using bolt hardware. It should be able to be done by yourself, although because it is a heavier rack, it wouldn’t hurt to have someone help you. When building a rack with hardware, always wait until the end to fully tighten screws and bolts, as that will help the power rack properly settle, in case it is on uneven ground.

Customer Reviews

There are 222 reviews on Titan Fitness’s website at the time of this writing, and they are overwhelmingly positive, averaging a 4.9 out of 5 stars. Some note the quality of welds and construction, referring to older comments about consistency issues (before Titan brought their products up to industry standards). 

A few people mentioned having a tough time with shipping and receiving the rack, as it came in four separate boxes; however, this was a rare complaint. Some reviews wished that the upright holes were numbered to make it easier to adjust J-cups and safeties, but otherwise customers were happy with the squat rack.

Final Verdict of Our Titan T-3 Power Rack Review

The Titan T-3 Power Rack is a solid power rack, bringing good value with its budget-friendly pricing due to its imported materials. In recent years, it has only become a better quality product as more consistent quality methods were implemented by the company. If you are able to bolt down your power rack, this is a great option for anyone looking to save a bit of money on a good rack.

Titan T-3 Power Rack Rating

Titan T-3 Power Rack

This power rack is made with quality imported materials and comes in at a low price point. Check out our thoughts in our Titan T-3 Power Rack review.

Product Currency: $

Product Price: 379

Product In-Stock: InStock

Editor's Rating:

Titan T-3 Power Rack

Construction – 4.5
Durability – 4.5
Footprint – 3.5
Attachments Available – 4
Color Options – 4
Materials – 4.5
Customer Reviews – 4.9
Value – 4.3
Buy Now

Titan T-3 Power Rack FAQs

Does the Titan T-3 need to be bolted down?

Titan Fitness recommends bolting down the T-3 Power Rack for added stability, and so do we. It has enough weight to it where it can be pretty stable on its own, but not bolting the rack down leaves a risk of the rack flipping or toppling over.

What is the difference between Titan T-3 and T-2?

Although both power racks have good value, the Titan T-2 is a more budget friendly option compared to the T-3, coming in at about $100 cheaper. The T-2 is a smaller rack overall and made with thinner 12-gauge steel, which makes it a little less stable at maximal loads. The weight capacity is 850 pounds, unlike the T-3, which can hold 1,100 pounds. The T-2 does not have to be bolted down, unlike the T-3, which is recommended to bolt down.

What does the TitanT-3 power rack include?

Each Titan T-3 Power Rack includes 2 J-hooks with nylon lining, as well as a 1.25-inch single pull-up bar and a 2-inch fat pull-up bar. Bolt down options are included if you want to bolt down the rack, which Titan recommends for added stability. Additionally, you have the option to purchase four weight plate holders that can be attached to the rack for weight storage.

What is the weight capacity of the Titan T-3?

With 2-inch-by-3-inch 11-gauge steel uprights, the Titan T-3 Power Rack can rack a barbell up to 1,100 pounds.

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