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If you’re looking for one of the best running apps for beginners, Joggo might be a good fit. While there are several other running apps suitable for beginners, in this Joggo review we’ll go into detail on what makes Joggo different and who will benefit from having personalized running and nutrition programs. 

We Pound the Pavement to Test Running Apps 

We know you trust our testers here at Garage Gym Reviews and we don’t take your confidence for granted. We’re a group of certified personal trainers, nutrition coaches, gym owners, marathon runners, and Olympic-level athletes. We live and breathe fitness so you can make the best decisions about your health and wellness investments. Plus, we test and review everything from the best running shoes to the best home gym equipment

For this Joggo review, two of our GGR expert product testers (GGR writer Amanda Capritto and GGR Head of Content Nicole Davis) ran with the app to see how it works, who it’s best suited for, and if it’s worth it. Amanda and Nicole are both certified personal trainers and avid runners. They were tasked with testing and scoring Joggo in eight different categories—including price, user interface, accountability, and instruction—on a scale of 1 to 5. 

Joggo App


GGR Score: 3.3 starstarstarstarstar

Product Highlights

  • Personalized running plans
  • Tailored to your fitness level and goals
  • Customized plan includes a strength training component
  • Video-guided and equipment-free videos 
  • Meal plans created by certified nutritionists
  • Running tracker to monitor progress

Pros & Cons


  • Personalized run training program
  • Adapts every two weeks based on a progress test
  • Audio-guided encouragement
  • Treadmill running mode


  • Reviews complain that the focus is on weight loss even when not noted as a goal by the user
  • Reports that the customized meal plans leave users in a calorie deficit
  • No free version

Bottom Line

For those looking for a running-specific app, Joggo offers personalized running and nutritional plans although there are several users disappointed in its emphasis on weight loss.

A Quick Look at the Joggo App

Joggo is a running app that launched on the fitness scene in 2020 joining the likes of Couch to 5K, Strava, MapMyRun, and Nike Run Club. It’s headquartered in Europe with US-based support based in Delaware. Joggo founder Chris Zibutis is a graduate of Copenhagen Business School in Denmark in addition to the app’s head running coach and marathon runner. 

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Before You Subscribe

  • There is no trial period with the Joggo app. 
  • Joggo can connect with an Apple Watch but doesn’t connect with devices like Garmin and Fitbit. 
  • Our testers think Joggo is best suited for beginners or folks just starting to run. 

Is the Joggo App Worth It?

GGR tester and writer Amanda Capritto originally tested the Joggo app in 2023 and thought her experience was a bit lackluster, especially for the price. When we test fitness apps, we give high scores to apps priced at $10 per month or less. Low scores are reserved for apps over $35 per month. Joggo earns a 4-star rating for price mostly because you’ll have the option to receive a significant price break when you sign up for three- or six-month billing cycles. A 30-day billing cycle will cost you $33 each month. 

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While it’s not the best pricing we’ve seen on a running app, it’s still a worthy contender for some runners. Nicole used Joggo after a few app updates and thought the total user experience and overall value were better than our original test. She suggests the running guidance paired with the nutrition content on the app provides invaluable information to new runners.

“For a new runner with a race in mind, I think Joggo would be worth it. The app is essentially a running coach. If you follow the plan you’ll get across the finish line safely,” says Nicole. 

Great for:

  • Personalized running plans
  • Audio coaching 
  • Meal planning for runners 

Not recommended for:

  • Connecting to Garmin or Fitbit devices 
  • Advanced or experienced runners 
  • Folks inspired by community 

Joggo App Specs

Pricing$33 per month (price break depending on billing)
Trial periodNone
Subscription options1-, 3-, and 6-month options 
Type of training Running (trail, road, or treadmill)
Available onAndroid, iOS

Experience With the Joggo App

Amanda and Nicole used Joggo for several weeks, running two or three times per week. Both testers found that Joggo offers a fairly user-friendly interface, but certainly not the best they’ve used. 

However, what surprised our expert testers was the personalized nutrition plans, ability to track weight loss goals, and educational articles on nutrition and cardiovascular exercise. In fact, Nicole was surprised with how much emphasis Joggo has on diet and weight loss saying, “For a purported running app the weight loss tracker aspect is a bit much.”

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Screenshots of the Joggo App showcasing metrics and performance stats.

“Personally, I don’t want all of the extras on weight loss—e.g., you can lose 5 pounds in 6 weeks if you do these 20 runs,” Nicole says.  

But if you’re curious about the nutrition element, the app provides meal planning ideas, snack ideas, recipes, and grocery lists. There are even ideas on what to eat pre- and post-run, which is an excellent way for beginners to learn about fueling up for workouts. Note that it’s not a calorie-counting app, rather a way to ideate on recipes and meal planning. 

Joggo App Setup and Ease of Use

You can sign up with Joggo on your desktop or by downloading the app from the Apple App Store or Google Play. You’ll go through a brief questionnaire and answer super simple questions about your age, bodyweight, height, fitness level, recent exercise history, and fitness goals (including lose weight, improve mental health, or improve running pace). 

During the questionnaire you’ll select how far you think you can run right now and your running goal in distance. You’ll then select which days of the week you plan to run (you can select two to four days) and what time of day works best. 

Screenshots of the Joggo App show setup questions.

You’ll also be asked if you want a personalized meal plan included in your workout plan. If you say yes you’ll then answer questions about dietary restrictions and general food preferences. When the questionnaire is complete, you’ll select your billing period and get started on your fitness journey. (We’ll cover billing cycles in the next section, hang tight.)

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Once you’re set up, the user interface on this training app is mostly straightforward to navigate and find your workouts for the week and your workout history. 

Pricing and Trial Period 

The best workout apps offer a free trial, with the highest scores reserved for free trials lasting 14 days or longer. Joggo earns a 1-star rating in this category because there is no free trial. 

Which brings us to how much the app actually costs: It’s $33 per month if you sign up for month-to-month billing, which is a bit expensive for a running app. However, if you sign up for three- or six-month billing cycles you get a significant price break. Because of the multi-tier options, Joggo earns a 4-star rating for pricing. 

A Screenshot of the Joggo App payment plans.

The pricing is not explicitly stated on the website and is presented to you after the initial questionnaire. You may also like knowing our tester Nicole went through the questionnaire twice—opting for the nutrition component then without—and found the pricing structure is the same. 

At the time of writing this review, here is what you can expect for Joggo pricing, all of which are recurring payments: 

  • $33 per month 
  • $46 per 3 months ($15.33 per month)
  • $66 per 6 months ($11 per month)

Accountability and Instruction

Joggo doesn’t offer an online community or leaderboard like the popular running app Strava, but you will receive push notifications to stick to your training plan. For this reason, Joggo earns a middle-of-the-road 3 out of 5 stars for accountability. 

When you first sign up you select your running frequency (two to four times per week), preferred days of the week, and time of day. Your push notifications help you stay on track with your running program, but can be tweaked and changed depending on your needs. 

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After completing the first few workouts in her personalized running program, Amanda noticed a run streak feature, which measures how often you complete your workouts. “I think this type of detail can be motivating,” says Amanda. 

Screenshots of the warm-up and running screens in the Joggo App.

When it comes to instruction, both Amanda and Nicole liked the fact you have to begin with a warmup. “Starting with a warmup is important for all running levels, but especially for beginners or anyone who needs help with how to warm up for a run,” says Amanda.  

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One feature that neither Amanda nor Nicole found especially helpful was the voice—named Hilary—that talks to you throughout your run. “I could see it being helpful for true beginners who need cues throughout the run, like ‘remember to breathe’ or ‘slow down if your heart rate is above XYZ’ but for me, I turned it off,” adds Nicole.  

GPS Accuracy 

When we test running apps, we go the extra mile to test for GPS tracking and accuracy. The Joggo running app earns a 3-out-of-5-star rating for GPS accuracy for some minor discrepancies when compared to running data from Amanda’s wearable Garmin device. 

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Amanda is a longtime Garmin user and notes that mileage from her Garmin and Joggo matched up but the pace got skewed during her cooldown. “I set up the Joggo app for a 30-minute run but it ended up taking 31 minutes and 20 seconds. At the 30-minute mark the app automatically entered into the cool-down phase even though I was still running,” she says. 

“At the 30-minute mark, the time didn’t stop running but the mileage did. When I completed my run the pace ended up being slower on the app than what my Garmin watch recorded,” Amanda adds.   

Screenshots of the post-run stats in the Joggo App.

Plus, Amanda notes that Joggo doesn’t connect to external apps or devices (other than the Apple Watch) so you have to double record if you want the workout to show up on your Garmin or Fitbit. 

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It’s also worth noting the app warns that location services (aka GPS) may not work properly if the app is running in the background or your phone is locked. When we read customer reviews this was a major talking point (and not in a good way) which we’ll touch on later. 

Joggo vs Strava

Strava app

Strava App

GGR Score: 4.06 starstarstarstarstar

Product Highlights

  • Activity tracking app: track over 30 sports 
  • Turns phone into a running/cycling computer 
  • Free and subscription options 

Pros & Cons


  • Tracks variety of workouts
  • Beacon live tracking available on free tier
  • Provides lots of data
  • Compatible with thousands of devices


  • Many fan-favorite features behind paywall
  • Some users wished the auto-pause feature was more sensitive
  • Have to visit website on desktop to use some features like adding a new pair of shoes

Bottom Line

Strava’s tracking app allows you to track 30 different sports and, with a subscription, provides a wide variety of statistics to analyze your workouts.

Because Joggo is designed specifically for running (and not strength training) our testers found it mostly comparable to Strava. However, Strava isn’t just for runners. You can log activities like hiking, biking, and kayaking in addition to running. If you’re curious about our testing experience, we have an in-depth Strava fitness app review

The key here is that Strava is more of a data-tracking app versus a service with personalized training plans. There are a variety of training plans to choose from, but keep in mind that Joggo works to provide a more personalized program depending on your fitness level and training frequency. 

While both apps provide data tracking and accountability to build a healthier lifestyle, Joggo also offers nutrition planning. Much like Joggo creates a training plan for you, the app can also create personalized nutrition plans. It won’t be like meeting with a nutritionist or registered dietitian, but it does offer a ton of ideas, which can be one of the more difficult aspects of eating healthy. 

Pricing$33/mo; $46/3-mo; $66/6-mo$11.99/month or $79.99/year
Trial periodNone30 days
Type of trainingRunningCardiovascular exercise (over 30 different activities to choose from)
Available onAndroid, iOSAndroid, iOS

Customer Experience 

There is a live chat function on the bottom right-hand corner of the Joggo website if you need to contact customer service. When you first click on the chat button, you’ll see a navigation bar to search for keywords or common problems, however the live chat option is also available in this pop-up if you can’t find what you’re looking for. You can also email hello@joggo.run for general inquiries but keep in mind Joggo is a European company based in Lithuania, so response times may take longer. 

Our testers gave Joggo a 5-star rating for customer service because the app can be canceled in your phone app settings. You will not have to cancel via email, call, or navigate the website or app. 

Customer Reviews

On the Joggo website, you can watch several video reviews of real customers using Joggo as the main part of their weight loss journey. Plus, Joggo has a 4.5 average rating on the App Store and 3.6 on Google Play.

The negative reviews center around the app crashing, not saving workout data, and being unable to sync with Apple Watches. But, earlier in this review we mentioned that the app warns the location services may not work if the app is running in the background or your phone is locked, which means to work properly you need to have the app open and running.

Final Verdict of Our Joggo Review

From our hands-on experience with this running app, our testers recommend Joggo for beginner runners and folks brand new (or returning to) exercise. The ramp-up period is gentle and considers common overuse and injury prevention beginner runners often experience. 

Full Rating

Joggo Full

For those looking for a running-specific app, Joggo offers personalized running and nutritional plans although there are several users disappointed in its emphasis on weight loss.

Product Currency: $

Product Price: 33

Product In-Stock: InStock

Editor's Rating:

Joggo Full Rating

Price – 2
Trial period – 1
App setup – 4
Ease of use – 3.5
Accuracy – 3
Accountability and instruction – 3
Customer Reviews – 4.3
Customer Service – 5
Buy Now

Joggo: FAQs

Is the Joggo app legit?

The Joggo app is a real running app tailored to beginner runners. It’s ideal for folks looking to make healthy lifestyle changes that include both exercise and healthy eating. 

How much is Joggo per month?

Joggo is $33 per month when you sign up for monthly billing, $46 with three-month, and $66 with six-month billing cycles. 

How easy is it to cancel Joggo?

In our experience, Joggo is easy to cancel through your smartphone app settings. 

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