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When people think of the best running shoes, they probably immediately think of brands like Nike, adidas, ASICS, Brooks, or Saucony. I’d be willing to bet that most runners’ minds don’t venture to TYR, because until 2022, TYR was a swim brand only. 

Now, though, TYR has broken into new markets, namely CrossFit with the 2021 introduction of the TYR CXT-1 Trainer, a cross-training shoe similar to the Reebok Nanos, Nike Metcons, and NOBULL Outworks. 

I’ve worn the TYR SR-1 Tempo Runners for a couple of months to find out how they perform during various runs and workouts. In my TYR SR-1 shoe review, I’ll help you determine if this is a good shoe for you or not. 

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Wearing TYR Gear Since 2005

Like I mentioned, TYR was previously a swim brand—and a good one. TYR sponsors several Olympic swimmers, but now they sponsor several high-profile CrossFit athletes, as well. I’m very familiar with TYR products, as I’ve been wearing and using them since I was just a kid starting on my hometown’s summer swim league. Plus, I’m a triathlete and CrossFitter, so I’ve worn plenty of running shoes and training shoes over the years. 

TYR SR-1 Tempo Shoes

TYR SR-1 Tempo Running Shoes

GGR Score: 3.85 starstarstarstarstar

Product Highlights

  • Running shoe for tempo and speed work
  • Surge NRG+ foam midsole 
  • Bouncy and responsive 
  • Runs small and narrow 
  • Good for HIIT training and track workouts
  • Very lightweight
  • Breathable upper

Pros & Cons


  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Extremely breathable upper
  • Bouncy, responsive midsole
  • Great for fast runs


  • Runs small; size up
  • Narrow in midfoot and toe box

Bottom Line

The TYR SR-1 Tempo Runners are running shoes designed for fast running workouts. These shoes have proven a good option for speed workouts, especially on the track, and tempo runs. They are also great for HIIT training thanks to the responsive midsole that offers lots of energy return. The SR-1s run significantly small, so we recommend sizing up by a minimum of a half-size; a full size if you tend to be in between sizes.

Before You Buy

  • These shoes run small! I recommend sizing up by at least half a size, maybe a full size if you tend to be in between sizes. 
  • The SR-1s run quite narrow in the toe box; another factor to consider when choosing your size. 
  • They are lightweight with a moderate amount of cushioning, so they’re a great option for those who like a more minimal running shoe, but perhaps not for those who currently run in, say, HOKA Bondis. 

A Quick Look at the TYR SRR-1 Tempo Shoes

The SR-1 Tempo Runner is the newest shoe in TYR’s shoe lineup. There are a total of five TYR shoe models at the time of writing. 

  • The TYR CXT-1 Trainer, a CrossFit shoe, dropped in mid-2022
  • The TYR L-1 Lifter, a weightlifting shoe, was released around the same time as the CXT-1 
  • The TYR RD-1 Runner was the first TYR running shoe, released in late 2022
  • The TYR Techknit RNR-1 Runner dropped in early 2023
  • And the TYR SR-1 Tempo Runner, the subject of this review, was released in mid-2023
  • TYR RD1-X, an updated version of the RD-1, launched in mid-2023

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TYR SR-1 Shoe 5

TRY SR-1 Running Shoes Specs

Heel to Toe Drop4 mm
Weight7.6 oz (men’s size 9)
Size RangeM 4.5-16, W 6-17.5
UpperWoven mesh
MidsoleSurge NRG+ Foam midsole
InsoleMolded sockliner + gusseted tongue
Outsole3-mm rubber tread

Are TYR SR-1 Tempo Shoes Worth It?

At $150, the TYR SR-1 Tempo Runners fall right in line with the average price of running shoes today. The best shoes across most fitness categories will run you from about $130 to $200 these days. That’s a lot of money for a pair of shoes, so it’s definitely worth your time to do some research and find out if the shoes are a good fit for you before buying. 

The SR-1s are very lightweight and provide moderate cushioning; they’re great all-rounder shoes if you’re looking for one pair to cover multiple needs. However, there are specialist shoes that can and do perform better at specific activities. 

Great for:

  • Versatility 
  • CrossFit WODs with running or plyometric exercises
  • Speed running workouts (like sprinting intervals, tempo runs, or mile repeats) 
  • Walking 
  • Professionals who are on their feet all day (nurses, teachers, etc.) 

Not recommended for:

  • Long runs
  • WODs with heavy barbell work 
  • Wide feet
  • Olympic weightlifting or powerlifting 
TYR SR-1 Shoe 8

Wearing the TYR SR-1 Tempo Running Shoes

Over the course of a few months (I got the shoes in mid-June 2023 and the time of writing is late August 2023), I took the TYR SR-1s out for a variety of runs and workouts, including: 

  • Track workouts (three times)
  • Long run (one, 10 miles) 
  • Threshold effort run (twice) 
  • HIIT workout (three times) 
  • CrossFit workout (twice) 
  • General weight training session (twice) 

After these experiences, I recommend the DR-1 Tempo Runners primarily for speed running work and high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts. I’ll explain why in the following sections. 

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TYR SR-1 Running Shoes Construction and Materials 

I probably don’t have to say this, but the design of a shoe dictates what it’s good for. Here, I’ll discuss the construction of the shoes to explain why the SR-1s are great for speed work but made me want to cry during my long run (not joking). 

Shoe Weight

The first thing I want to call out is the shoe weight. The SR-1 Tempo Runners weigh just 7.6 ounces per shoe (in a men’s size 9). This makes them one of the lightest pairs of shoes I’ve ever run in, and that’s a big part of why they perform so well during workouts that require explosivity, like sprinting or box jumps. 

No one wants to lug around a 10-ounce shoe on speed day! It might seem like a small difference, but even just 1 ounce can drastically change the feel of a shoe and your workout performance. 

TYR SR-1 Shoe 4


The TYR SR-1 Tempo Runners feature a lightweight mesh upper that offers a great deal of breathability. These may have one of the most lightweight uppers I’ve ever trained in, which makes them a huge blessing in the sweltering summer heat in Florida. 

However, the toe box is narrow. I ordered my usual size (men’s 7.5 or women’s 9) and felt quite squished in the forefoot, especially upon ground contact. It’s not unbearable, but it’s a big reason why I was so uncomfortable when I wore these during my long run. 

When walking, running, or hiking for long distances, it’s natural for the feet to swell over time, which is why it’s recommended to choose running shoes with extra room at try-on. About 6 miles into my 10-mile run, my toes, forefoot, and midfoot were constricted to the point of pain. I finished the run, but never wore these shoes for a long run again. 

Had I sized up by half a size, I think I would have been OK—but truth be told, I’d still prefer my HOKA Mach 5s or Brooks (Ghost or Adrenaline GTS) for a long run. 

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I didn’t have any pain while running in the SR-1s for shorter distances or for speed workouts, but they were noticeably more snug than my other running shoes. 

One instance where that locked-in feeling did come in handy was during HIIT workouts, particularly sessions with a lot of lateral movement, like side shuffles or box jump-overs. The narrow toe box eliminated excess movement during plyometric and side-to-side exercises.

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The SR-1 Tempo Runners utilize TYR’s Surge NRG+ Foam (pronounced “energy plus”). This same foam is used in all of the other TYR running shoes except the RD-1, which is being phased out to make room for the new RD1-X. 

Surge NRG+ Foam is an EVA foam (the kind used in almost all running shoes), but it’s enhanced with Pebax, a type of elastomer used to increase the versatility of shoes and equipment. Pebax consists of both hard polyamides and soft polyethers. This allows manufacturers to manipulate ratios and create variable rigidity (or softness) in the shoe. Practically, this means the shoes offer a balance of shock absorption and energy return. 

TYR SR-1 Shoe 7

The cushioning is moderate; it is not the best option for people who need or want max cushion. It’s also not the best option for those who prefer minimal running shoes. The SR-1 falls neatly in the middle and is a good option for runners who like some support and cushion, but don’t want to feel like they’re running on balloons.


Like the rest of TYR’s running shoes, the SR-1s feature a molded sockliner on the interior, as well as a gusseted tongue. Both of these features help lock the foot into place and eliminate excess movement. One thing I noticed is that the tongue on these shoes is quite thin. I really like this, as I’m inclined to think that most running shoes have too bulky of a tongue and I often find the tongue of running shoes to rub at the front of my ankle. 

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The rubber outsole is 3 millimeters thick. That’s rather thin, but the tread does feature a tri-pattern design to assist with grip and traction. 

I wore the SR-1s in various conditions, including the morning after a heavy rainstorm, and didn’t have any problems on the road. I certainly wouldn’t recommend them as trail running shoes—they’re not intended for that—but on pavement, the tread is fine. 

TYR markets the shoes as having a “beveled heel,” but I haven’t noticed anything stupendous about the heel cup or crash pad. If I’m being honest, it feels average to me. 

TYR SR-1 Running Shoes Colorways and Design 

As of this writing, the SR-1 Tempo Runners are available in four colorways for men and four for women, but they’re actually all the same (just listed separately on the website). Most of the colorways are on the plain side; my guess is that TYR will monitor the success of these shoes and release more colorways in the future if warranted. 

Available colorways: 

  • 108 White/Black
  • 060 Black/White
  • 002 Black/Red
  • 119 White/Blue
TYR SR-1 Shoe 2

Additionally, at the time of writing, there are two limited-edition colorways available using Attak Yellow, a fluorescent yellow that TYR says “represents the standout mentality of our TeamTYR athletes competing day in and day out among the best of the best in the world.”

TYR SR-1 Shoes vs TYR RNR-1 Runners  

TYR Techknit Runners

TYR RNR-1 Running Shoes

GGR Score: 4.1 starstarstarstarstar

Product Highlights

  • Second running shoe from brand TYR
  • Thick, responsive midsole made of Surge NRG+ Foam
  • Midsole supported with Pebax elastomers
  • Knit mesh upper
  • Reinforced toe box
  • Gusseted tongue and molded sockliner
  • 6 colorway options
  • Great size range: M 4.5 / W 6 to M 14 / W 15.5

Pros & Cons


  • Cushy, responsive midsole
  • Ample room in midfoot and toe box
  • Contoured insole
  • Durable reinforced toe box
  • Inclusive size range
  • Grippy tread on outsole


  • Feels a bit heavy for a running shoe
  • Not great for speed work
  • Not as breathable as many other running shoes

Bottom Line

The TYR RNR-1 Runners have a lot of promise for a running shoe. While they are slightly heavier than some other options, they've proven to be very durable in our testing, and we love the ultra-responsive midsole thanks to TYR's Surge NRG+ Foam and Pebax support. The outsole has also proven grippy in slick conditions, and there's plenty of wiggle room in the midfoot and forefoot for wider feet.

I also tested the RNR-1 Techknit Runners and the differences between the two models are significant. For one, the RNR-1 running shoes are heavier at 9.2 ounces per shoe in a men’s size 9. I like the RNR-1s better for slow, long runs and walks as opposed to speed workouts, but I found them to perform well during HIIT workouts, as well. 

The RNR-1s are much more plush than the SR-1 Tempos, making them less responsive. They don’t offer as much energy return but they offer more shock absorption. Additionally, the RNR-1 shoes are not as breathable as the SR-1s. The upper material is much thicker and close-knit; the SR-1s are a clear winner in this category. 

Finally, the RNR-1 Techknit Runners would be the better choice for athletes with wider feet. I ordered both pairs of shoes in the same size, and the size difference is visible. The RNR-1s are clearly wider and longer than the SR-1s in a women’s size 9. 

You can learn more about Techknit runners in my TYR RNR-1 review

TYR SR-1 Shoe 6

Ordering the TYR SR-1 Running Shoes

At the time of writing, TYR shoes are available from TYR, Rogue Fitness, and Scheels. The cost at all three retailers is the same: $150. Make sure to check the company policies regarding refunds and returns if you’re not sure you’ll like the shoes. 

Customer Experience 

TYR provides a 30-day satisfaction guarantee on all purchases made on TYR.com. You can return the shoes for any reason. There’s nothing explicitly stating that shoes must be returned in their original condition or packaging. The policy states, “All TYR products are guaranteed. If within 30 days of your product shipment date you are not satisfied, we will gladly provide a merchandise refund for footwear purchased via TYR.com.”

The one downfall is that the customer is on the hook for return shipping in the amount of $5. It’s not a lot, but it’s ideal when the company covers this cost. Luckily, TYR makes it easy by sending a prepaid UPS label and deducting the shipping cost from your final return amount. 

Customer Reviews

There are few TYR SR-1 shoe reviews since this model is so new. As of this writing, there are three reviews on the TYR website: two on the women’s listing and one on the men’s. 

One reviewer complained of the narrow toe box. “Shoes have adequate cushion and are comfortable” the reviewer wrote, adding that they “would give the shoe 5 stars, but it’s narrow in the toe box and they don’t make a shoe in wide [sizes].” 

The other two reviewers mentioned the same thing. “Great shoes and even better support,” one person wrote. “The only reason for 4 stars is because the toe box is really narrow and they don’t offer wide options.”

“I agree with another reviewer that the toe box is narrow,” another buyer said. “I would add that the length feels shorter than my TYR Trainers (which are absolutely amazing and [had a] perfect fit right out of the box!). I purchased the same size in this shoe but had to return because they felt a little narrow.”

Final Verdict of Our TYR SR-1 Review 

The TYR SR-1 Tempo Runners have a lot of potential. I would love to see TYR re-release these with more accurate sizing, since the customer reviews show us that I’m not the only one who found them too small and narrow. 

TYR SR-1 Shoe 1

As-is, even being a bit too snug, I can tell that the SR-1s are designed to perform well during fast, explosive workouts. The 7.6-ounce weight offers great lightweight comfort and the midsole foam provides a fantastic level of responsiveness, helping tired legs keep moving through strides, jumps, or bounds. 

All in all, I recommend the SR-1 to runners looking for a new speed shoe and people who do a lot of HIIT workouts—just size up!

TYR SR-1 Running Shoes: Full Rating

TYR SR-1 Running Shoes

Our TYR SR-1 shoe review reveals why these running shoes are great for speed work but not ideal for long run days.

Product Currency: USD

Product Price: 150

Product In-Stock: InStock

Editor's Rating:

TYR SR-1 Running Shoes

Purchasing and Delivery – 5
Appearance – 5
Construction and Durability – 3
Comfort and Fit – 2.75
Customer Reviews – 5
Value – 3
Returns and Exchanges – 3.5
Customer Service – 3.5
Check Price

TYR SR-1 Running Shoes FAQs

Are TYR shoes good for CrossFit? 

The TYR CXT-1 Trainers are good CrossFit shoes. The SR-1 Tempo Runners could be a good choice for WODs without heavy weights, but stick with something flatter and more stable for big barbell days.

Why do Crossfitters wear flat shoes?

CrossFit athletes wear flat shoes because the wide, flat base allows them to remain stable during all sorts of movements, especially when lifting heavy weights. 

Are CrossFit shoes OK for running?

Generally, I wouldn’t recommend CrossFit shoes for running, except during workouts that have short run intervals along with other movements. In such cases, you want a versatile shoe like the Reebok Nano or Nike Metcon. But for longer runs or dedicated interval running work, stick with a real running shoe for the best performance and comfort. 

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