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I feel like a broken record saying this, but REP Fitness constantly innovates with their gym equipment—particularly their adjustable benches. Their latest release, an updated version of the AB-5200, is no exception, leading Garage Gym Reviews founder Coop Mitchell to say it quite possibly is one of their best weight benches ever (sorry, Blackwing).

Ultimately, whether or not this bench is right for your home gym will come down to your preferences and goals. So let’s break it down; in our REP AB-5200 Adjustable Bench 2.0 review, we’ll discuss the construction, versatility, and portability of the updated REP bench to see if this FID bench has enough value for your home gym needs.

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Flat, Incline, Decline—We’ve Benched It All

That’s not to brag, but just to say we’ve had a lot of experience with weight benches and other home and commercial gym equipment; we’ve personally tested more than 40 benches since GGR has been around. Our team of testers include certified personal trainers, weightlifting coaches, and competitive athletes—all with plenty of experience in the fitness world—who know what to look for in quality weight benches.

For the REP AB-5200 2.0, Coop and GGR Everything’s Lead Reviewer Lindsay Scheele tested out the bench, and performed exercises at each adjustment angle, to gauge the bench’s stability and durability, as well as its maneuverability and vertical storage. Additionally, we looked at the minor details of upgrades between the original REP Fitness AB-5200 and its update.

REP AB-5200 2.0 Adjustable Bench

REP AB-5200 2.0 Adjustable Weight Bench

GGR Score: 4.5 starstarstarstarstar

Product Highlights

  • Adjustable weight bench with an optional adjustable post that makes it a full FID bench
  • 6 different color options for both frame and rails
  • Standard or wide pad options
  • Closed ladder adjustment system for back pad and seat pad
  • 57.6” L x 25.8” W x 17.5” H
  • Weight capacity of 1,000 lbs

Pros & Cons


  • Option to convert to FID bench
  • Vertically stores
  • 6 color options for both frame and rails
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Knurled stainless steel handle on ladder system
  • Free shipping


  • Pricier for a weight bench
  • Wide pad option is not made for IPF standards

Bottom Line

The REP Fitness AB-5200 2.0 takes one of their more popular benches and upgrades its customization. The most obvious new feature is the option to upgrade the bench with an adjustable post, allowing the weight bench to be a full flat-incline-decline bench with three decline angles. Additionally the AB-5200 has color options for the bench frame, as well as accent colors for the adjustment rails, creating a heavy-duty bench with a lot of unique customizations.

A Quick Look at the REP AB-5200 Adjustable Bench 2.0

As I’ve said before, in recent years REP Fitness has been innovating with different pieces of fitness equipment, including Olympic barbells, power racks, and rack attachments, like the REP Ares cable attachment.

Weight benches are a staple with REP Fitness, as Coop considers them “the king of benches,” due to both the volume of benches they’ve released as well as the quality of the benches. “But, instead of just resting on their laurels and saying, ‘yeah, we have the best bench,’ REP keeps coming out with new iterations,” Coop adds.

Man using the REP AB-5200 Adjustable Bench 2.0

The 2.0 has minor details from the original that show REP is listening without boosting the cost up excessively. A couple of the noticeable upgrades are:

  • Knurled stainless steel front handle 
  • Knurled handles on the back adjustment post and along the ladder system
  • Laser-cut logos across the entire machine
  • A plastic liner to the bottom of the back pad to allow for vertical storage

The largest upgrade of the bench is the optional adjustable back post. In addition to a back pad that goes from flat to 85 degrees, the adjustable back post can allow the bench to decline to -4, -6, or -8 degrees, allowing the AB-5200 to be a true FID bench: flat, incline, and decline.

The optional back adjustment post on the REP AB-5200 2.0

Before You Buy

  • There are other customizable options, such as seven different color options for the frame and ladder rails, as well as a standard pad width (12 inches) or wide pad (14 inches).
  • Along with the customization options, comes an added price tag, although the price change isn’t drastic. The adjustable back post adds about $30 to the price point, and a wide pad adds another $20.
  • As far as colors go, Coop got a red frame with metallic black ladder rails, and while it still looks sharp, he does note that the red isn’t as deep as other fitness equipment, like from Rogue Fitness, for example. If you have other REP Fitness pieces, it’ll match fine, but if you’re trying to mix brands, just know the red may not match with other reds. Coop jokingly says, “This red is actually pink.”

Video Review

Is the REP AB-5200 Adjustable Bench 2.0 Worth It?

Simply put, this can be a solid addition for most people’s home gyms; however, it may not work for everyone. Although it presents great value as a high-quality weight bench, it may still be out of some people’s price range, starting at $549. If you’re looking for a budget-friendly option, the REP AB-4100 adjustable bench might be a better choice.

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The optional decline angles allow for some good versatility from this bench, but if you’re looking for more attachments, you may want to look elsewhere. The AB-5200 2.0 isn’t compatible with the optional spotter deck or leg roller attachment used by other REP benches. From more attachments, you could look at the REP Blackwing or the Ironmaster Super Bench Pro V2.

Great for:

  • Anyone wanting to customize their bench to suit their powerlifting needs
  • Those wanting a stable, high-end bench
  • Home gym users needing vertical storage to maximize floor space

Not recommended for:

  • Lifters wanting a more budget-friendly weight bench
  • Beginners to strength training needing a lighter bench
  • Those wanting a bit more versatility and attachments from their weight bench

REP AB-5200 Adjustable Bench 2.0 Specs

Price$549 to $599
Weight115 lbs
Weight capacity1,000 lbs
Back pad angles10 positions (0 to 85 degrees), with optional decline angles at -8, -6, and -4 degrees
Seat pad angles4 positions (0 to 30 degrees)
Dimensions57.6” L x 25.8” W x 17.5” H
Back pad dimensions41.7” L x 12” or 14” W
Seat pad dimensions11.4” L x 12” tapering to 8.9” or 14” tapering to 11” W
Frame material11-gauge steel
Pad materialCleanGrip
Warranty10 years (frame), 30 days (upholstery)

Using the REP AB-5200 Adjustable Bench 2.0 

In our testing, the REP AB-5200 Adjustable Bench 2.0 performed extremely well. GGR lead reviewer Lindsay Scheele summed up her experience by saying, “Overall, it’s a great bench and one of the sturdiest and easiest benches to use that I’ve tried,” giving the performance of the bench a 4.5 out of 5.

Man benching on the REP AB-5200 2.0

The AB-5200 has many angles available, with 10 back pad adjustments—from 0 degrees to 85 degrees in the upright position—and four seat pad adjustments, from 0 to 30 degrees. Additionally, the adjustable back post allows for decline angles of -8, -6, and -4 degrees, making it a true FID bench: able to move to flat, decline, or incline positions. The bench notably stays very stable in all positions, no matter the movement: bench press, rows, curls, and more.

Close up image of the back pad's ladder system on the REP AB-5200 2.0

Durability & Construction

This bench is made to be stable. The frame is made with 11-gauge steel, capable of holding a weight capacity of 1,000 pounds. The bench is heavier as well at 115 pounds, although not overly so. The weight keeps the bench stable at each of the back pad and seat pad adjustments. Lindsay rated the construction of the bench a 4 out of 5.

Man performing one-arm rows on the REP AB-5200 2.0

REP has upgraded their padding with their new CleanGrip foam—a proprietary padding that balances grippiness and firmness with comfort—which Lindsay rated a 4.5 out of 5. “The CleanGrip has a very grippy vinyl. It’s thick with a dense foam that’s firm, yet not so much that it’s uncomfortable,” she says, adding, “They’ve really dialed in their padding, and this bench feels great seated, or while on your back or chest.”

CleanGrip vinyl padding on the REP AB-5200 2.0

Footprint & Portability

REP’s AB-5200 was one of their first benches to feature vertical storage. They updated the 2.0 version with a piece of UHMW plastic on the end of the bench to prevent metal scratches, both on the bench and on your gym floor. For this, Lindsay gives the bench a 4.5 out of 5 for stowability.

Man lifting the REP AB-5200 2.0 into a vertical position for storage

Although it’s a larger bench made with a sturdy build, the 115-pound bench still is on the lighter side of high-end weight benches. Coop uses “roll weight” to determine how much weight you actually have to maneuver while holding the handle of the bench. For this bench, he measured the roll weight at about 54 pounds, making it sound much more manageable. Lindsay agreed, giving the size a 4.5 out of 5.

Aesthetics & Design

The customization of the updated AB-5200 is prime in its design. Along with the optional adjustable back post, you can choose between a 12-inch or 14-inch back pad width. Additionally, the bench has six different colors to choose from, both for the steel frame and the ladder rails.

Seat pad ladder system of the REP AB-5200 2.0

Lindsay gives the aesthetics of the bench a 4.5 out of 5, not only for the customization options available, but on the slight improvements from the original design. Horizontal handles along the front, the ladder system, and the adjustment post are all knurled, providing a good grip while in use—plus a sharp look.

Knurled front handle on the REP AB-5200 2.0

Furthermore, Lindsay adds, “There isn’t a single badge or sticker on this. Everything is laser-cut. The mountain logo plates on the seat pad ladder, the logo on the back pad and the seat pad side ladder…it all makes for a premium look.”

Comparison to the REP Blackwing and Rogue Adjustable Bench 3.0

REP Blackwing

REP Fitness Blackwing Adjustable Bench

GGR Score: 4.6 starstarstarstarstar

Product Highlights

  • Heavy-duty FID adjustable bench
  • 12 different angle adjustments with back pad
  • 6 adjustable angles for seat pad
  • Comes in standard and wide widths
  • Compatible with optional leg roller attachment
  • Vertical storage
  • 11-gauge steel frame
  • ZeroGrap technology ensures no gap between back and seat pad at every angle
  • Pads made with new CleanGrip material

Pros & Cons


  • Wide bench option
  • Multiple color options
  • Compliant with IPF competition height standards
  • 1,000-lb weight capacity
  • Vertical storage
  • Heavy-duty materials


  • Pricey compared to other adjustable benches
  • Some reviews said ZeroGap adjustments were tedious

Bottom Line

REP Fitness has continued to innovate with the Blackwing Adjustable Bench. Continuing to improve on previous benches, the Blackwing is a compact weight bench with a variety of adjustable angles for both the seat and back pads; plus, it stores vertically. The ZeroGap adjustments ensure there is no gap between the two pads at any angle, and the adjustments have been simplified since its first iteration. Although a bit pricey, the innovation and high-quality materials used make this bench worth a look.

Rogue Adjustable Bench 3.0

Rogue Adjustable Bench 3.0

GGR Score: 4.5 starstarstarstarstar

Product Highlights

  • Made in the USA
  • 10 back pad adjustments
  • 3 seat positions
  • Little gap
  • Great pad
  • 3x3 11-gauge steel construction

Pros & Cons


  • A lot of adjustment options for a ladder-style bench 
  • There’s barely a pad gap at most angles, and sometimes there’s none 
  • Very stable and portable 
  • Made in the USA
  • Heavy duty and made to last


  • All the parts are in separate boxes, so assembly can take a while 
  • Other benches, though maybe not quite as good, may provide a better value 
  • Not an FID bench as there is no decline position

Bottom Line

The Rogue Adjustable Bench 3.0 is one of the brand's best benches to date. Yes, its price tag is a little steep, but if you have the money, you get a lot of bang for your buck.

Looking at a quality bench like the REP AB-5200 2.0, Coop suggests the other benches to look at in this price range are the REP Blackwing or the Rogue Adjustable Bench 3.0. While you can look at the build quality of the Rogue Manta Ray Bench, the price point is much higher than any of these other options.

The REP AB-5200 Bench 2.0 has the lowest price point, at $549 or $579 at the standard pad width, while the other benches both start just shy of $600. However, these prices are fairly comparable, until you add the shipping cost of Rogue’s AB 3.0. 

With that said, Rogue’s benches are made in the USA and have a reputation of consistent quality, so for some, that might be worth the added cost. Still, the Rogue Adjustable Bench 3.0 has no decline option, so if you’re looking for something beyond the flat position, you’ll look towards the REP Fitness options here. 

Between the REP AB-5200 and the Blackwing, a lot of it comes down to preference. “Personally, I would get the AB-5200,” Coop says, “because I don’t like the extra functionality of the ZeroGap adjustment on the front. The AB-5200 has a thin enough gap for me.” However, if any bench gap is a nuisance to you, the Blackwing may be the better option. 

Being 16 pounds heavier, the Blackwing will also be a tad more stable. Coop also notes that the ladder systems vary slightly, as the Blackwing has the ladder inside of the rails, whereas the AB-5200 has an outside ladder design. This makes the REP AB-5200 might have a little more wobble than the Blackwing, although the difference will probably be negligible for most.

You can read more about the two benches in our REP Blackwing Adjustable Bench review, or the Rogue Adjustable Bench 3.0 review.

REP AB-5200 Bench 2.0REP BlackwingRogue Adjustable Bench 3.0
Price$549 to $599$599 or $619 (wide pad)$595
Weight115 lbs131 lbs125 lbs
Weight capacity1,000 lbs1,000 lbsNot disclosed
Back pad angles10 positions (0 to 85 degrees), with optional decline angles at -8, -6, and -4 degrees12 positions (-8 to 85 degrees)10 positions (0 to 85 degrees)
Seat pad angles4 positions (0 to 30 degrees)6 positions (-10 to 45 degrees)3 positions (0 to 30 degrees)
Dimensions57.6” L x 25.8” W x 17.5” H59.5” L x 25.8” W x 17.2” H56.5” L x 24.75” W x 17.5” H
Back pad dimensions41.7” L x 12” or 14” W38.2” L x 12.2” or 14” WNot disclosed; overall pad dimensions 52” L x 11” W
Seat pad dimensions11.4” L x 12” tapering to 8.9” or 14” tapering to 11” W15.6” L x 12.2” or 14” tapering to 8.5” WNot disclosed
Frame material11-gauge steel11-gauge steel11-gauge steel
Pad materialCleanGripCleanGripPremium USA Textured Foam Pad
Warranty10 years (frame), 30 days (upholstery)10 years (frame), 30 days (upholstery)Limited lifetime (frames and welds), 90 days (upholstery)

Customer Experience 

GGR lead reviewer Lindsay Scheele gives the warranty and return policies for the REP AB-5200 a 4 out of 5, as the policy is on par with decent policies. The warranty on the bench is 10 years for the frame, but only 30 days for the upholstery—which is a little short to be honest.

REP Fitness offers 30-day returns on all equipment, although there can be a 15% restocking fee for any items not returned in their original packaging, or incomplete (such as missing hardware). Any shipping or restocking fees will be deducted from your refund.

Ordering and Assembling the REP AB-5200 Adjustable Bench 2.0

Although the bench is shipped in three separate boxes, Lindsay rates the delivery and setup of the REP AB-5200 2.0 a 4.5 out of 5, due to its easy assembly. “It came in three boxes that were nicely packaged,” she says. “All you have to do is attach the feet, the pads, and the back adjustment piece, and you’re ready to go.”

Ordering from REP’s website is simple as well. They offer sitewide free shipping, and also have financing options through Affirm—although this option is only available on orders of $650 or more. So to qualify, you may have to add an Olympic barbell or dumbbells to your order.

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Customer Reviews

The updated REP AB-5200 2.0 is fairly new, so there aren’t many reviews on the product: only 44 as of this writing. Still, reviews are overwhelmingly positive, with an average of 4.9 stars out of 5. All reviews are 4 or 5 stars, with the only criticism from one customer, saying, “Great bench, but doesn’t decline low enough.”

Most reviews praise the improvements from the original bench, with one customer claiming its an “engineering marvel.” He continues, “Dual tone color options and stainless steel handles make nice cosmetic upgrades. The CleanGrip pad is more dense and much more ‘grippy’ than the previous version…It isn’t cheap but it’s worth every penny.”

Final Verdict of Our REP AB-5200 Adjustable Bench 2.0 Review

Although most of the improvements of the AB-5200 2.0 deal with finer details and aesthetics, the decline option sets this weight bench from REP Fitness as one of our favorites. Although it may lack versatility for some, and others may find it outside their budget, it provides great value for many users. If you’re looking for a true heavy-duty FID bench with solid stability at a reasonable price, the AB-5200 2.0 is a fantastic choice.

REP AB-5200 Adjustable Bench 2.0 Rating

REP AB-5200 Adjustable Bench 2.0

Minor improvements can go a long way. Check out our REP AB-5200 Adjustable Bench 2.0 review to see how this latest bench compares to the rest.

Product Brand: REP Fitness

Product Currency: USD

Product Price: 549.99

Product In-Stock: InStock

Editor's Rating:
Stability – 4.5
Delivery and Setup – 4.5
Construction – 4
Training Experience – 4.5
Foam and Covering – 4.5
Aesthetics – 4.5
Stowability – 4.5
Adjustability – 4.5
Value – 4.5
Size – 4.5
Pad Gap – 4.5
Safety – 4
Warranty, Financing, Returns – 4
Customer Reviews – 4.9
Customer Service – 5
Check Price

REP AB-5200 Adjustable Bench 2.0: FAQs

What is the difference between the REP AB-5000 and AB-5200?

The AB-5000 ZeroGap adjustable bench differs from the AB-5200 largely in how seat and back pad adjustments are made. The AB-5200 uses a ladder-style adjustment system to adjust to different angles by lifting up the bench pad, whereas the AB-5000 uses a pop-pin that must be pulled out before adjusting the bench.

In addition to the pop-pin adjustments, the AB-5000 uses a ZeroGap adjustment system that slides the seat pad towards or away from the back pad to ensure the bench has no gap between the two pads at each angle.

Which REP bench is the best?

The best adjustable bench from REP Fitness will depend on what you’re looking for. Our favorite with great value for most home gym users is the REP AB-4100, which is under $400 and will last for most lifters, with a combination of 14- and 7-gauge steel to provide stability. 

If you’re looking for a higher-end weight bench, then we typically recommend either the REP AB-5200 2.0 or the REP Blackwing. Both are solid, with the Blackwing being a bit heavier than the AB-5200, as well as a ZeroGap seat pad.

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Is an adjustable weight bench worth it?

An adjustable weight bench provides a lot of versatility to home gym use. The added angle adjustments can allow for different angles on your pressing, including a flat bench, an incline bench, or a decline bench. Also, with the right attachments, the bench can be a centerpiece for a home gym, allowing you to perform sit-ups, dips, and more off of the bench.

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