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I don’t like to speak in hyperbole, so don’t take it lightly when I say we may have found the future of home gym resistance machines in the Beyond Power Voltra I. Lightweight and portable, this smart cable machine is a compact solution for home gyms that can add tons of versatility with a small footprint.

Lots of old-school garage gym users might want to consider this piece of smart gym equipment to complement their training with barbells and dumbbells. Like most new fitness technology, the Voltra I has tons of features, but it has a hefty price tag to match, which leaves consumers like you asking…Is it right for your gym? In this Beyond Power Voltra review, we’ll go over if it’s worth the price, and who it might be best suited for. 

That’s the (Beyond) Power of Expert Testing

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GGR founder Coop Mitchell tried out the Beyond Power Voltra 1 over two weeks in his own garage gym. He used the machine for just about any exercise he could think of, and tried different setups—on racks, belt squats, and even some DIY setups. Although this is a pretty unique product, Coop rated it like most cable machines and functional trainers, considering features such as:

  • Construction and durability
  • Level of resistance
  • Performance in use
  • Accessory compatibility

Beyond Power Voltra I

Beyond Power Voltra I

GGR Score: 4.17 starstarstarstarstar

Product Highlights

  • Portable cable trainer
  • Up to 200 pounds of resistance
  • Easy to attach and detach
  • Data tracking

Pros & Cons


  • Portable
  • Up to 200 pounds of resistance
  • Can be brought through airport security
  • Real-time data tracking


  • Expensive
  • Only has a one-year warranty

Bottom Line

The Beyond Power Voltra I packs all the benefits of a cable machine into a portable design, though it comes with a high price tag.

A Quick Look at the Beyond Power Voltra

Beyond Power started in 2021 with a team of dedicated engineers and designers whose goal is to create products that creatively combine sports and fitness with technology. The Voltra I is their first and flagship product, with an emphasis on versatility and power in a small container.

Coop discovered much of the engineering team has experience with the company DJI, an electronic equipment company that’s known for microphones, drones, and other equipment—some of which we use for our own videos. The background in electronic equipment makes sense since the Voltra has a sleek and durable design from the packaging to the actual product.

The Beyond Power Voltra I is shown connected to a rack.

It’s not marketed as a replacement for a home gym like the Vitruvian+ or the Tonal smart home gym, but the cable trainer still packs quite a punch. The 13-pound box has one cable that provides up to 200 pounds of resistance, both on the concentric and eccentric phase of any exercise. With three training modes and the ability to attach to a power rack, this proves to be a pretty versatile cable machine.

Before You Buy

  • While innovative and versatile, the Voltra I works best if you have a squat rack to attach it to.
  • You have to purchase a mount with the Voltra I to be able to use it. There are four different mounts available—and you can buy a mini rack upright to attach it to, as well. But be aware that these pieces are not included with the Voltra I.
  • You can make adjustments to the level of resistance directly on the unit, or through the app Beyond+ on your phone…if you have iOS, that is. There’s no Android version of the app, although it’s in the works.
  • Be careful of the screen! The 4-inch LCD monitor is right next to the cable, so if you can avoid it, don’t snap the cable back to the Voltra, as the cable and any handle you have attached could hit the monitor, leaving it cracked or worse.
  • Although it’s a nice finished piece of equipment, the Voltra I surprisingly only has a one-year warranty. Coop has begged Beyond Power to increase the warranty, and the company has already set up a message on its website addressing plans to add higher warranty options.

Beyond Power Voltra I Video Review

Is the Beyond Power Voltra I Worth It?

Although this machine can bring a lot of versatility to a home gym, it’s a bit pricey. At $2,100 plus the price of a mount, the Beyond Power Voltra I is an expensive addition to any home gym. Any accessory purchased sends the price up, too, with the Voltra Ultimate Bundle—including two Voltras, four mounts, and four different handles—costing over $5,000.

If you have the budget for it, is it worth it? Probably not for most people, Coop says. Looking at other cable machines, REP Fitness’ newly-released REP Arcadia functional trainer is under $2,000 and provides greater resistance with upgradeable 220-pound weight stacks. Rogue Fitness has their Monster Lite Slinger for just over $1,100 which includes a 300-pound weight stack. While these may not have the functionality of the Voltra, they’re cheaper alternatives.

Also, using the twin mode isn’t quite there yet, as the motors of two cable machines aren’t synced, which makes some odd movement while using two Voltras; plus, the cost of two Voltras gets pretty steep.

Coop uses dual Beyond Power Voltra I machines to do lat pulldowns.

Coop recommends this as part of a gym setup that is “less, but better:” filled with a few items that are essential for the most versatility and efficiency. “I would have a squat rack, bar and weight plates, a bench, adjustable dumbbells, and the Voltra I,” Coop says about his dream minimalist setup.

If you’re wanting a compact home gym cable machine, this is it. It’s pretty much a power rack attachment, making it very compact and portable. It’s not a complete home gym replacement like the Virtuvian+, but it can provide tons of versatility—plus there’s no subscription fee. Still, Coop hopes the Voltra gets cheaper or provides more resistance with later gen models.

Great for:

  • Those wanting compact exercise equipment for their garage gym
  • People who want smart gym equipment without any sort of subscription membership
  • Lifters wanting a premium cable machine that goes fairly heavy

Not recommended for:

  • Anyone on a budget
  • People looking for dual cable machines for flyes and other exercises
  • Home gym users with the space for a functional trainer

Beyond Power Voltra I Specs

Weight12.8 lbs
Dimensions12.71” L x 5.49” W x 3.94” H
Resistance range5-200 lbs (eccentric and concentric)
BatteryLithium ion
MaterialMagnesium alloy shell
Cable length9.4 ft
Warranty1 year

Using the Beyond Power Voltra I 

Coop used the Voltra I at his garage gym and tried out just about any DIY gym setup he could think of—attaching the cable machine to his Rogue Rhino Belt Squat, using two Voltras set low to perform an incline press, doing assisted Nordic curls and triceps extensions, and other gym hacks. He was excited to try out new things with the machine and continues to do so, trying out as many garage gym ideas as he can think of. 

Coop does lat pulldowns with a single Beyond Power Voltra I machine.

So far, Coop estimates he’s used the Beyond Power Voltra I for 10 hours in total. After two weeks of using two machines, Coop prefers just one Voltra, as the two machines’ motors don’t link up together. This causes some awkward pulling between the two machines.

One of the neatest aspects of the Voltra I is that the cable not only provides resistance on the concentric and eccentric movements of any exercise, but the resistance can be independently adjusted. So you can load extra weight on the eccentric phase of a movement to train more time under tension. “The machine is so quick to make adjustments, too. A lot of these smart trainers aren’t this quick either,” Coop says on the adjustments.

Coop strains a bit doing curls on the Beyond Power Voltra I cable machine.

There are three training modes on the Voltra I:

  • Weight training: This is what you’d expect, where the resistance remains consistent throughout the movement, and you can adjust the eccentric weight as well.
  • Resistance band: This will add resistance the further away the cable moves from its origin, just like a resistance band stretching.
  • Damper mode: This simulates sprinting or jumping with a parachute, giving a sudden, light resistance as you run out.

Because of its quick changes and versatility, Coop rates the performance of the Voltra I a 5 out of 5.

A close look at the training modes on the Beyond Power Voltra I.


You have to get a mount to properly use the Beyond Power Voltra. Beyond Power sells four different mounts separately:

  • Sliding rack mount
  • Adaptive rack mount
  • Fixed rack mount
  • Bar mount (for pull-up bars)

Coop tried out multiple mounts, and prefers the adaptive mount, as it’s simpler to adjust than the sliding rack mount, and still provides versatility over a fixed mount. If you don’t have a rack to mount the Voltra, Beyond Power also sells a wall-mounted upright to help mount your machine.

There’s also a travel platform, a lightweight board that can attach to the Voltra and then be used for deadlifts, curls, and more.

The portable Travel Platform for the Beyond Power Voltra I.

Beyond Power also sells basic handles, resistance cords, and straight bars as cable attachments. The attachments are all non-metal, probably to avoid cracking the LCD touchscreen if the cable snaps back (more on that later). However, Beyond Power provides a heavy-duty carabiner, so you can use any handles or bars that you may already have: a lat pulldown bar, a low row bar, or a multi-grip attachment.


The Voltra I is powered by a direct-drive motor, which is small but still packs a punch. These types of motors are used in washing machine robotics as well as e-bikes. Coop asked about the life span of motors like these, and Beyond Power said these direct-drive motors should have a 10- to 20-year lifespan, which is considerably longer than the current 12-month warranty on the machine.

Coop adjusts the Beyond Power Voltra I.


The rechargeable battery is lithium ion and Beyond Power claims it has a 14-day life before needing another charge. However, in our use, that just wasn’t the case. “In use, it’s not nearly that long for my training sessions,” Coop mentions. “I think I could squeak maybe three sessions out of it without charging at all.” Regardless, it’ll have enough juice for each session, and it’s very easy to place on the charger after your gym session.

Coop does a tricep extension on the Beyond Power Voltra I.


The Voltra is controlled in two ways: either through the Beyond+ app or via the 4-inch LCD touchscreen on the front of the machine. The monitor is easy to use and makes a satisfying click as you increase or decrease the weight.

Coop dials in the resistance on a Beyond Power Voltra I.

One issue is that the screen is very close to the cable’s attachment point to the Voltra I. Although it might be rare, if the cable were to slip out of your hands while in use, the cable and handle would rocket back up to the Voltra, with a chance of hitting the screen—causing a crack in the screen or worse. Replacing the LCD screen would be expensive, so avoid letting the cable snap back if possible.

Footprint and Portability

This is definitely one of the most compact cable machines available, earning a 5 out of 5 from Coop. The Voltra I is compact, at just over a foot long. Plus, it attaches to your rack, so its footprint is minimal.

Coop using the Beyond Power Voltra I.

Weighing just under 13 pounds (the majority of that coming from the battery), the Beyond Power Voltra also can be portable. Beyond Power even sells travel accessories, such as the travel platform and a suitcase for the device.

Durability and Construction

This cable machine is built solidly. The exterior is a durable magnesium alloy shell, which protects the electronics on the inside of the device. The cable is a high-quality and heavy-duty synthetic fiber that’s supposed to be stronger than steel. Coop even liked the included carabiner, giving the construction and durability of the machine a 5 out of 5.

Beyond Power Voltra I vs Vitruvian+ Trainer


Vitruvian Form Trainer+

GGR Score: 4.05 starstarstarstarstar
Community Score: 4 starstarstarstarstar

Product Highlights

  • Adaptive weight system that produces weight from 0 to 440 pounds
  • Advertised as working similarly to a rack without having to change plates or store any of the weight
  • The technology will do it all for you
  • However, different from a squat rack, you are able to do over 200 different exercises that target all parts of your body
  • All Access Membership costs $39 per month.
  • Without the Trainer All Access Membership, you are still able to work exercises and create your own workouts.

Pros & Cons


  • Full functionality of the machine is available without a subscription (i.e. access to all workout modes)
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • 1-year all-access app membership for in-depth data tracking included with purchase (at the time of publish)
  • Free shipping
  • Provides up to 440 pounds of resistance
  • Small and compact
  • Relatively easy to move and store
  • Workouts led by certified instructors
  • Adaptive weight changes as you work out 
  • Community challenges and leaderboard
  • Tracks several workout metrics 
  • Can easily view progress
  • Safe and controlled way to exercise
  • Provides exercise technique tutorials
  • 1 membership allows unlimited profiles
  • Lifetime membership available
  • Financing available via Affirm 
  • Can create your own workouts or follow classes


  • Expensive, as all smart gyms are, with prices starting around $2,900
  • Subscription required for in-depth data tracking after trial period ($39/month)
  • Accessory kits sold separately
  • No hour-long workout classes yet (sessions go up to 43 minutes)
  • Can be overwhelming to create your own workouts in the app at first, according to our product tester 
  • Buyers are responsible for return shipping if sending the item back

Bottom Line

The Vitruvian Trainer+ is a smart home gym with a fantastic value proposition. For most people, it can replace an entire traditional home gym set up while taking up minimal space and providing and opportunity for in-depth data tracking and coaching.

It’s difficult to compare the Beyond Power Voltra I to functional trainers or smart home gym equipment, as the product is pretty unique. The Voltra isn’t a home gym replacement like the Vitruvian, as it doesn’t offer the full functionality (or weight range) of the Vitruvian. Still, it has some perks.

The Voltra is a compact solution for a cable machine, making it a great—albeit expensive—addition to a home gym. If you’re looking for a one-stop shop for all of your fitness feeds, the Vitruvian may be a better choice. With that said, the Voltra has 100% functionality without a subscription, and the Vitruvian locks some premium features behind its subscription.

You can read more on the smart gym in our Vitruvian+ Trainer review.

Beyond Power Voltra IVitruvian+ Trainer
Weight12.8 lbs80 lbs
Dimensions12.71” L x 5.49” W x 3.94” H44” L x 20” W x 5” H
Resistance range5-200 lbs0-440 lbs
BatteryLithium ionNo, standard 110v plug
MaterialMagnesium alloy shellExtruded aluminum frame, carbon fiber reinforced shell
Cable length9.4 ft10 ft
Warranty1 yearLimited, non-transferrable, 2-year for electronic components and parts

Customer Experience 

I’ll just say it; Beyond Power doesn’t have the best policies when it comes to returns and warranties. They earn a 3 out of 5 here, as they only have a 12-month warranty included in the Voltra, which is over $2,000. That’s not a lot of warranty for such a pricey piece of equipment. 

Additionally, Beyond Power offers 14-day returns on new products that haven’t been activated. That’s a shorter time span than the typical 30-day policies of most companies. I also couldn’t find information on financing options, so it appears for now that there’s no option to finance this expensive piece of fitness equipment.

I say “for now” because it does appear that Beyond Power is taking the criticism to heart. After Coop called the company out in his full video review, Beyond Power added a statement on the website about their warranty and is actively looking at ways to improve it and provide coverage beyond the one-year mark.

Ordering and Assembling the Beyond Power Voltra I

The Beyond Power Voltra I can be purchased through the Beyond Power website, but remember to purchase a rack mount with it, as it won’t function without it.

In our unboxing video, Coop liked the sleek look of the box and package. The packaging of the Voltra I looks less like a gym product, and more like an electronic device from Apple or DJI. This makes sense, since a good amount of the team has experience in electronic equipment—particularly DJI.

The Beyond Power Voltra I package.

It comes in plenty of protective packaging, and setup is simple. We docked one point because of the confusion of having to order a rack mount separately, giving the Voltra a score of 4 out of 5 for delivery and setup.

Customer Reviews

As of right now, there are no Voltra 1 reviews from customers available on the Beyond Power website, and I didn’t find any on Google or Amazon either. We’ll be sure to update you as customers get their hands on this new product, though.

Final Verdict of Our Beyond Power Voltra I Review

The Voltra I is a promising piece of gym equipment, and thoroughly impressed Coop in his thorough testing of the device. With a good amount of resistance and the ability to separately load the concentric and eccentric portions of movement, the Voltra I is a unique and innovative machine that can be a great addition to a home gym.

Still, the price is steep, which will prevent most people from wanting the machine, especially with itspr short warranty. But this is a solid enough first-gen model that it leaves us hoping that the next generations provide consumers with a cheaper—or heavier—solution.

Full Rating

Beyond Power Voltra I

The Beyond Power Voltra I packs all the benefits of a cable machine into a portable design, though it comes with a high price tag.

Product Brand: Beyond Power

Product Currency: $

Product Price: 2099.00

Product In-Stock: InStock

Editor's Rating:

Beyond Power Voltra I Rating

Delivery and Setup – 4
Construction and Durability – 5
Performance – 5
Footprint and Portability – 5
Resistance – 4.5
Accessories – 4
Value – 3
Warranty, Financing, Returns – 3
Customer Service – 4
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Beyond Power Voltra I: FAQs

Are cable machine weights accurate?

It depends. Cable machines often use pulleys to direct cables around the weight stack to the cable attachment. The number of pulleys used and direction of the cables can influence how the weight feels at the end.

A cable machine with a 1:1 ratio will have 100 pounds feel like 100 pounds of resistance, while a 2:1 or 4:1 ratio will make the weight feel like 50 pounds or 25 pounds, respectively.

What are the key features and benefits of the Beyond Power Voltra?

The Beyond Power Voltra I has up to 200 pounds of resistance in a compact and lightweight machine. More importantly, the resistance is consistent through the concentric and eccentric phases of an exercise. You can also independently adjust the loads during the phases of movement, allowing for a good weight hold after a solid rep.

Being compact and light, the Voltra I is a portable piece of equipment that won’t take up much space in your home gym either.

Is the Beyond Power Voltra a good investment for a home gym?

The versatility and functionality of the Voltra I is certainly impressive, but priced at $2,100, the machine is also very expensive. Granted, there’s no subscription model that locks you out of premium features, but the Voltra is still a lot of money upfront. That said, Coop recommends it most to those who have the budget and want a machine to complement a minimalist home gym setup.

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