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A motorized treadmill can come with a high price tag, but it’s an excellent addition to a home gym, and Walmart often offers them at surprisingly affordable prices. Next to the ellipticals and exercise bikes, you’ll find a selection of walking treadmills, smart models, and under-desk treadmills. Before you hop over to Amazon or another retailer, you might consider Walmart for convenience, as many models sold there qualify for free shipping or ship-to-store for free. 

Your fitness goals, available space, and budget should all factor into your final decision. Let’s dive into our list of the best Walmart treadmills and you’re sure to find one that suits your needs.

We’ve Put in the Miles

At GGR, we’re a like-minded group of certified personal trainers, former college athletes, and nutrition coaches with a passion for passing on our love of fitness. Our team has put in mile after mile on treadmills (and many other pieces of exercise equipment) for professional and personal use. From basic models with manual incline to smart models with remote control features, our team and testers have seen it all. We’re always on the lookout for quality parts and construction combined with a mix of features that will get your cardio in.

5 Best Walmart Treadmills   

 Best Treadmill for Running at Walmart: ProForm Pro 5000

Good for: Individuals and families who will use a treadmill regularly 


  • Decline and incline control
  • 20” W x 60” L long running belt
  • Large 14-inch touchscreen
  • Well-cushioned running surface
  • Foldable
  • Good warranty


  • Heavy at 261 pounds 
  • Some reviewers say it arrives with broken parts

The ProForm Pro 5000 has the quality we’ve come to expect from ProForm, along with smart features for those who want a personal trainer-like experience from home. We’ve tested the ProForm Pro 9000, which is the upgraded version of this machine, but they have many similarities. This solid treadmill has a 14-inch HD touchscreen that makes interacting with trainers through iFIT or simply following the built-in programs a delight. 

The Pro 5000 brings a little something special to workouts with the option of -3% decline to 12% incline. Not many models have a declining deck, but we love it for mimicking outdoor running and working different muscle groups. 

proform pro 5000 smart treadmill product photo

The Pro 5000 comes with a 30-day trial to try out iFIT. If you want a trainer-like experience, help with motivation, and access to workouts beyond the treadmill, it’s a membership worth considering. Some of the trainer-led iFIT programs automatically adjust the treadmill’s speed and decline/incline according to the class, again, making the workouts more realistic. However, if you don’t subscribe to iFIT, you still get access to an impressive 50 preset programs.

A long 60-inch belt lets you stride out, while the Rebound Pro Cushioning takes stress off the joints by absorbing the impact of each footfall. The Pro 5000 also gets bonus points for the foldable design, with a deck you can raise to save space. 

ProForm also includes an excellent warranty package that includes a 10-year warranty on the frame, a two-year warranty on parts, and a one-year warranty on labor. However, there are fairly frequent reports of arrivals with broken parts. They, of course, fall under the warranty, but it can be a hassle if the shipping doesn’t go as planned. 

Footprint77.30” L x 35.30” W x 59.60”
Max user weight300 lbs
Maximum speed12 MPH
Incline/decline range-3% to 12%
Deck size20” W x 60” L

Best Treadmill for Compact Spaces at Walmart: Echelon Stride Sport

Good for: Those who have limited space and need more than one storage option 


  • Very compact 
  • Horizontal and vertical wheels
  • 10-inch height when folded
  • Option to access Echelon Fit app


  • Small running surface
  • Small and basic console display 
  • Weak motor 

The Echelon Stride Sport is a Walmart-exclusive version of the Echelon Stride smart treadmill, which we have tested and enjoyed. The Stride Sport folds down to a 10-inch depth with an excellent auto-fold feature. However, what sets the Echelon apart from other folding models are the horizontal and vertical wheels. The wheels let you move and store this model horizontally or vertically. It also comes with a belt to secure the treadmill to the wall. Plus, it has auto-fold technology that takes over the folding process, making it easier for those who have limited strength or mobility to close or lower the deck.

An image of the Walmart Echelon Stride Sport

The Echelon packs in a lot for the price with the rest of its features. It offers speeds up to 10 MPH and a 12 percent grade, but with just a 1.35 CHP motor, don’t expect to be running long distances on this machine. Heart rate sensors on the handlebars can be used to track your heart rate so you can adjust your workout accordingly. 

Echelon produces its own fitness app, Echelon Fit, but it’s not absolutely necessary to use the treadmill. The treadmill connects to your device via Bluetooth and through the app, then workout stats display on the treadmill via Bluetooth. The app also offers access to a leaderboard based on your performance, which is a perk worth considering if competition motivates you. Echelon Fit has daily live classes and thousands of off-treadmill workouts. 

The downside is that the subscription costs anywhere from $11 to approximately $35 per month. Additionally, it’s a bit skimpy on presets and has a small screen. 

Footprint65.00” L x 28.00” W x 50.00” H
Max user weight300 lbs 
Maximum speed10 MPH
Incline/decline range0-12%
Deck size19” W x 40” L

Best Smart Treadmill at Walmart: ProForm Pro 2000

Good for: Serious runners who want a treadmill that can monitor their stats and adjust their workouts to meet training goals


  • Decline and incline control
  • iFIT-compatible 
  • Foldable
  • 3.25 CHP motor


  • Heavy at 262 lbs 
  • Screen may be small for a smart treadmill

The ProForm Pro 2000 rises to the top for two reasons. First is the option for automatic control during workouts through iFIT. iFIT has thousands of workouts for on and off the treadmill, including live classes and leaderboards. Second, it has a SmartAdjust setting that learns the user’s preferences and automatically scales workouts based on previous sessions and performance. Some smart settings can also adjust the workout settings to keep your heart rate in a particular zone.

ProForm Pro 2000 treadmill

We love that you can run on the sizable 20-inch-by-60-inch deck at -3% decline up to 12% incline to better mimic outdoor workouts. If you use the iFIT membership, some programs automatically adjust the decline/incline and speed settings, again, to mimic outdoor workouts. This model also has Rebound Pro Cushioning on the deck to reduce joint stress. The Pro 2000 includes a maximum speed of 12 MPH.

The 10-inch HD touchscreen displays workouts and stats and offers easy interaction while you run. The Pro 2000 can connect to Bluetooth-compatible heart rate monitors (sold separately) and display your heart rate on the screen. Finally, this model is foldable and includes a great warranty that includes ten years on the frame, two years on parts, and one year on labor. We should warn you though, that the warranty will be voided if you store this machine in your garage.

Read our full ProForm Pro 2000 review for more details.

Footprint77.3” L x 35.3” W x 59.6” H
Max user weight300 lbs 
Maximum speed12 MPH
Incline/decline range-3 to 12%
Deck size20” W x 60” L

Best Treadmill Under $1,000 at Walmart: ProForm Carbon T7

Good for: Casual runner on a budget


  • 7” HD touchscreen
  • Foldable design
  • Automatic speed and incline adjustment with iFIT


  • Assembly requires two people
  • Not recommended for users over 6’ 2”
  • Questions about durability 

The ProForm Carbon T7 is a solid treadmill that offers smart features, including a 7-inch HD touchscreen, for under $900. If you opt for an iFIT membership after the free 30-day trial, you can access iFIT workouts directly through the touchscreen. From there, the treadmill makes automatic adjustments based on the workout.

proform carbon t7 treadmill side view

Without iFIT, you can still use the treadmill’s few preset programs and the manual controls, which may be all you need. For the price, you get a treadmill with good deck cushioning and up to a 10 percent grade incline. It also comes with a 10-year warranty on the frame and one year on parts and labor. 

The 2.6 CHP motor is respectable for the price, as well as the 300-pound user weight capacity. We also like that it’s foldable for smaller spaces. 

One of the downsides is the 55-inch belt that’s not quite long enough for users over 6 feet, 2 inches. And the Carbon T7 can also be a beast to assemble. 

Footprint73.5” L x 35.2” W x 57.5” H
Max user weight300 lbs 
Maximum speed10 MPH
Incline/decline range0 to 10%
Deck size20” W x 55” L

Best Budget Treadmill at Walmart: Sunny Health & Fitness T4400

Good for: People with a small budget and a small space 


  • Simple operation
  • Bright LCD display
  • Foldable
  • Soft-drop hydraulic system


  • Narrow belt 
  • 220-lb user weight capacity 
  • Speed only goes up to 9 MPH

The Sunny Health and Fitness T4400 is a simple machine that skips bells and whistles for strong but basic performance. It has a max speed of 9 MPH and has three manual incline positions — 0, 2, and 4.37 percent. After some of the other machines on our list, that might not sound like enough. However, for more casual runners and walkers, that’s plenty. 

sunny health and fitness sf t4400 treadmill

It also includes nine preset programs if you’d like to challenge yourself without messing with manual controls. However, there’s always the manual mode for those who prefer to design their workouts themselves. A bright LCD display shows the user’s progress, including speed, distance, and incline.

This foldable design has a soft-drop hydraulic system that quietly lowers the deck. The warranty isn’t the greatest, but for the price, you still get a three-year warranty on the frame with 180 days on parts. 

Watch out for the 15.5-inch belt and 220-pound weight capacity. These may not work for larger runners. 

For all of our thoughts about this machine, check out our full review.

Footprint62” L x 25.5” W x 50” H
Max user weight220 lbs 
Maximum speed9 MPH
Incline/decline range0 to 4.37%
Deck size15.5” W x 49.9” L

Other Treadmills at Walmart We Researched

Walmart sells quite a few treadmills, and we’ve tested or researched a lot of them. Here are two that almost made the cut.

  • NordicTrack C 700: We’ve tested many of NordicTrack’s treadmills and can vouch for overall quality. However, while the C 700 is a smart treadmill with iFIT capabilities, the deck is short, and the motor power can’t keep up with the rest of the design.    
  • XTERRA TR200: We tested the TR150, and while you can’t beat the price for this folding XTERRA fitness machine, we think there are better ones for around the same cost.

How We Picked and Tested

We picked the models on this list based on a number of criteria, including:

  • Brand: Brands gain their reputations for a reason. That doesn’t mean we blindly trust anyone, but we do look for brands with a track record of quality gym equipment. 
  • Price: While we believe in investing in solid treadmills, we also keep budgets in mind. The models on our list balance performance, features, and price. 
  • Deck cushioning: Features that reduce joint stress get bonus points from us. 
  • Smart features: You don’t necessarily need smart features to get an excellent treadmill and a killer workout. However, we considered models with smart features that truly enhance the workout experience. Some smart features also give you access to thousands of home workouts that can dramatically increase the value of the treadmill. 
  • Preset programs: Preset programs can get you out of a boring running groove and improve training and performance. We like to see at least six preset workouts, but more is almost always better. 
  • Speed and incline options: Speeds need to reach 10 MPH for casual runners and 12 MPH for trained athletes. A few incline options work for most people, but we love models that include a decline feature for those who like a truly “outdoor” indoor experience. 

Benefits of Buying a Treadmill at Walmart

Buying a treadmill at walmart can come with a few perks, including:

  • Excellent daily deals and periodic rollbacks that offer excellent savings
  • Options for home or in-store delivery
  • Excellent selection of budget treadmills
  • Wide range of website filters help narrow down options

Buying Guide: Best Walmart Treadmills 

Looking to snag a treadmill at Walmart? This is what we recommend you keep in mind.


Walmart treadmills typically cost under $2,000. However, most fall under $1,000 because Walmart leans toward less expensive models. We’ve included several around the $1,500 range that include smart features and decline/incline decks. If your budget is under $1,000, there are plenty of options available, though you might not get decline training or smart features. 

Deck Cushioning

A treadmill deck without good cushioning can send shock waves up your legs with every step. Deck cushioning absorbs some of the impact of foot strikes, reducing joint stress. While there are cushioning systems that are better than others, it’s more important that the treadmill has some kind of cushioning system. Watch out for treadmills under $500, which is where you see most of the models that lack an adequate cushioning system, if they have a cushioning system at all. 

Speed and Incline/Decline Settings

Your fitness levels and goals determine the kind of speed and incline settings you need. Casual users may not need top speeds of 12 MPH. Runners who don’t run over 10 MPH  (I’m one of them) don’t need the added speed either unless the treadmill has features you need or want, such as smart or decline settings. However, if you do more serious training or you’re a faster runner, a treadmill that maxes out at 12 MPH makes more sense. 

Incline settings add resistance, and you want at least a few. Some models have both incline and decline settings. If you’re into realistic runs, these models are the way to go because you can simulate walking or running up or downhill. 

Deck Size

The treadmill’s belt length and width can affect your stride. Short or narrow belts can both make it difficult to get into your walking/running groove because they may cause you to alter your natural stride. These limits especially affect users over 6-feet tall. A longer leg length typically means a longer stride. 

Belts that are 15 to 18 inches wide are doable but edge into narrow territory. For a more comfortable run, look for models with a belt width of 19 to 22 inches. As far as length, models over 55 inches long are more comfortable. If you’re over 6-feet tall, you may need one that’s 60 inches to comfortably get into your stride. 

Maximum Weight Capacity

If you’re near the maximum weight capacity, consider looking for a model with a max weight that’s higher, aiming for a treadmill that can handle at least 10 to 20 pounds over your weight. You’ll put less wear and tear on the treadmill, extending the lifespan. 

A weight capacity of 300 pounds is industry standard, although some of the budget models won’t come near this.

Smart Features

Not everyone needs smart features, but they can enhance your training. Smart features allow you to connect your machine to an app, whether on a built-in touchscreen or using your own device via Bluetooth, and often include automatic speed and incline adjustments based on your performance or heart rate. 


Walmart treadmills typically cost under $2,000. However, most fall under $1,000 because Walmart leans toward less expensive models. We’ve included several around the $1,500 range that includes smart features and decline/incline decks. If your budget is under $1,000, there are plenty of options available, though you might not get decline features and limited smart features. 

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FAQs About the Best Walmart Treadmills

What is a cheap but good treadmill?

The Sunny Health & Fitness T4400 and LifePro Pacer Folding Treadmill are both excellent cheap but reliable budget treadmills. The T4400 is a better fit for casual users, while more serious runners on a budget will find a few extra features with the LifePro, an affordable compact treadmill. 

What is the best indoor treadmill for home use?

We’re partial to the NordicTrack 1750. It is pricey—nearly $2,000—but has incline and decline training, is foldable, and is compatible with iFIT. 

Does Walmart have treadmills in store?

Some Walmarts do carry treadmills in-store. However, you’ll find a wider selection on Walmart.com. Many of these models qualify for free shipping or can ship to your local store for free.

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