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Editor’s Note: The ProForm Performance 300 Treadmill is no longer in production. We suggest viewing the ProForm City L6 as the best alternative, or view our Best Treadmills for more options.

ProForm is a trusted brand that has been on the market for years. The  ProForm Performance 300 is known as one of the brand’s budget treadmills that provides the basics of what you would expect in a cardio machine. 

In this ProForm Performance 300 Treadmill review, you will note that ProForm no longer continues to make this product, although you would potentially be able to buy it through a second-hand seller. Otherwise, if you are looking for a comparable, folding treadmill, we have a recommendation for you. 

We Know Treadmills 

You don’t have to look any further for an expert on treadmills. As a group of certified personal treadmills and marathon runners, our team at Garage Gym Reviews knows a thing or two about what makes an outstanding machine. We have tested the best folding treadmills from various manufacturers and prices, and we are here to tell you what you need to know before making this purchase for your workout area or home gym. 

Looking for an Alternative to ProForm Performance 300?

Perhaps you are looking for a treadmill with more up-to-date technology or maybe you are just on the hunt for a new treadmill. If you love your ProForm Performance 300, but it is on its last legs, we suggest the ProForm City L6. 

We like this treadmill because it falls into a similar price range and it is still manufactured by ProForm. You will find that it has comparable aspects like the ProShox cushioning, but is elevated in other ways such as being iFIT-compatible. 

Best Alternative to ProForm Performance 300

ProForm City L6 Folding Treadmill

Product Highlights

  • Foldable treadmill 
  • 0-8 MPH
  • 125-lb product weight 
  • 250-lb user weight capacity

Pros & Cons


  • Foldable design
  • iFIT programming with trainer-controlled speed
  • Tablet holder
  • Free shipping
  • Bluetooth-enabled
  • 0-8 MPH speed


  • No built in screen for iFIT programming
  • 30-day return policy with $250 shipping + 10% restocking fee
  • User weight capacity 250 lbs
  • No incline or decline ability

Bottom Line

The ProForm City L6 folding treadmill is an affordable and compact treadmill to add to your home even if you don’t have a dedicated home gym.

A Quick Look at the Proform Performance 300

The ProForm Performance 300 is a low-priced, foldable treadmill that is meant for people who do not have too much space, but are still trying to reach their fitness goals. In fact, its footprint is only 70 inches long, 33 inches wide, and 53 inches tall. 

We like that it has a weight capacity of 300 pounds, but reports state the actual treadmill itself only weighs around 165 pounds. It should also be noted that you are able to listen to music through the iPod or mp3 player docket that plays music through their built-in sound system speakers.


  • Spacesaver design 
  • Proshox cushioning 
  • Priced under $1,000
  • 0-10% incline 
  • 0-10 speed range
  • Grip pulse heart rate monitor 
  • CoolAire workout fan 


  • 90-day parts and labor warranty 
  • Small 50” treadmill track 
  • Spotty reviews 

ProForm Performance 300 Specs

Footprint70” L x 33” W x 53” H
Maximum Ceiling HeightUnlisted
Weight Capacity300 lbs
Motor2.75 CHP motor Mach Z 
Walking Belt50” L
DisplayLarge LCD display 
Speed  Range0-10 mph 
Heart  Rate MonitorGrip pulse heart rate monitor 
Programs16 workout apps
Warranty5-year frame and motor warranty, 90-day parts and labor warranty

Key Features of the ProForm Performance 300 

Due to the smaller tread belt, this treadmill lends itself to be a walking treadmill, especially for taller people who have a longer stride when running. We like that you are able to track your heart rate on the handlebars, which can be a semi-convenient way to track your statistics without a smart tracker or other personal device. 

This product is relatively small, and easy to store due to the spacesaver design, which we were able to use when we tested the ProForm 9000. Also characteristic to ProForm is the ProShox cushioning system, which removes some of the impact on your joints that you would normally feel exercising outside on the pavement. 

Footprint, Portability, and Durability

This treadmill is highlighted by its small size and ability to fold. When open, its footprint is only 70 inches long by 33 inches wide by 53 inches tall The folded size is not listed. ProForm lists the treadmill motor as 2.75 continuous horsepower Mach Z, which is slightly below average for a treadmill that is built for running. Even though this treadmill is smaller, the weight capacity is still 300 pounds. 

We do typically like to see a longer warranty especially out of ProForm, who is known for their durability. This product only offers a five-year frame and motor warranty and shorter terms on parts and labor. Many comparable treadmills have a lifetime frame and motor warranty and closer to a three-year parts and labor warranty. 


ProForm is known for its ProShox cushioning system. This cushioning offers less stress on your knees and ankles, which could help you out in the long run. We were able to use this when testing the ProForm Pro 9000, and both our team and other customer reviews found the cushioning to feel great.

Technology Benefits and Conveniences

The ProForm Performance 300 comes with 16 preset workout programs and is also compatible with iFIT, where personal trainers take you through programs. Your workout data is displayed on the large LCD display. While the display isn’t touchscreen, it still has quick speed buttons that allow you to change the speed and incline within seconds. You can also simply touch the handles to get a heart rate measurement through their EKG heart rate monitor. 

There is no tablet holder, however, you are able to plug in your iphone to the treadmill so your music or podcast can play through the dual speakers. Some other highlights that we would like to list about this machine are: 

  • Cool Aire built-in fan 
  • Incline control 
  • Speed control 
  • Race track display
  • Bluetooth connectivity 

Final Verdict of Our ProForm Performance 300 Review

Overall, this is a decent treadmill for the price you are paying. At $499, you are probably going to compromise on some aspects that you see in more modern treadmills, however, you are still able to get a good workout and make strides towards your fitness goals on this treadmill. 

ProForm Performance 300 Rating

ProForm Performance 300

Our ProForm Performance 300 Treadmill review takes a look at this now-discontinued machine and offers alternatives.

Product Currency: USD

Product Price: 599

Product In-Stock: InStock

Editor's Rating:

ProForm Performance 300

Footprint + Portability – 3
Delivery & Setup – 3
Durability – 3.5
Customizations – 3
Adjustability + Ergonomics – 3.5
Tech Capabilities – 2.5
Conveniences – 3
Dynamic Programming – 4
Value – 4
Warranty, Financing, Returns – 3
ProForm City L6

ProForm Performance 300 FAQs

Is the ProForm treadmill worth it?

Depending on what you are looking for, ProForm treadmills could be worth it for you. This will vary depending on what your fitness goals are and what you are looking for out of a treadmill. We have tested many machines from this brand and found them to be high-quality cardio equipment.

Does the ProForm 300 treadmill incline?

The ProForm 300 treadmill does incline. It functions at an incline of 0 to 10%.

Is ProForm made by NordicTrack?

Both ProForm and NordicTrack are manufactured under the brand iFIT, which is formerly known as ICON Health and Fitness.

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