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If you’re looking for a quality elliptical machine, ProForm has several to offer. Each one in the brand’s current lineup is iFIT-enabled and offers a large range of resistance levels. ProForm is sister brand to NordicTrack and offers more affordable options compared to its sibling.

While ProForm used to offer close to a dozen ellipticals, there are currently only about half that available online. In our ProForm elliptical reviews, we’ll break down each machine, giving you the good as well as the not-so-good.

We Know Ellipticals

For years, our team at Garage Gym Reviews has put cardio machines through a detailed test to determine their value for the average home gym owner. We have personally been on every ProForm elliptical offered today (and some others that have since been discontinued). We also know ProForm’s parent company, iFIT, well, and know how its policies stack up against other brands in the industry.

ProForm’s Elliptical Lineup 

Three ProForm Ellipticals lined up

Which ProForm Elliptical Should You Buy?

There are three groups of ProForm ellipticals: the HIIT Trainer Series, the Carbon Series, and the Hybrid Series. Each of the exercise machines in the lineup features:

  • iFIT compatibility
  • 30-day return policy
  • Free shipping
  • Financing options
  • Price tags under $2,000

There is currently no rear-drive option in the lineup. 

HIIT Trainer Series

ProForm’s HIIT Trainers are marked by their stair-stepping design. These could be the right machine for you if you prefer your cross-trainer to have more of a stepping motion as opposed to a gliding motion. They also have a more compact footprint because of their vertical design. The three ellipticals in this line are the Pro HIIT H14, the Carbon HIIT 10, and the Carbon HIIT 7.

ProForm Pro HIIT H14

Good for: Those looking for a stair-stepping, high-end elliptical


  • Compact footprint
  • 14” HD touchscreen that swivels
  • iFIT-enabled 
  • 30-day free trial of iFIT
  • 26 resistance levels
  • 325-lb weight capacity
  • Fixed and moving handlebars
  • Financing available
  • Free shipping


  • Costs $1,599
  • Not a traditional elliptical 
  • Weighs 225 lbs
  • Difficult assembly

If you’re looking for an elliptical that glides, this ain’t it. 

The ProForm Pro HIIT H14 is more of a stair-climber than an elliptical. Your legs move along a 10-inch vertical and 5-inch horizontal arc. Therefore, it’s not exactly up-and-down like a stepper, but it’s far from the running pattern you’ll find on traditional ellipticals. 

That’s not a bad thing: Your quads and glutes will get a solid pump, as our expert product tester and staff writer Caroline Lubinsky discovered while using the machine. Also, the brand states that using the moving handlebars simulates boxing. While she wasn’t necessarily thinking of throwing punches, Caroline did say the grips—oddly shaped as they are—did provide a good upper-body workout.

Woman testing the ProForm Pro HIIT 14

Like just about every piece of ProForm fitness equipment, the Pro HIIT H14 syncs with iFIT programming. This streams on a 14-inch high-definition touchscreen that they swivels (but our testers found it to be more of a tilt) so you can do on- and off-machine workouts. 

We did find in our testing that assembling the Pro HIIT H14 is challenging to put together yourself. It weighs 225 pounds and comes with lots of small parts. If you can afford the $199 fee, we recommend opting for the room of choice delivery and professional assembly.

Editor’s Note: As of this writing, there is a previous model of the Pro HIIT H14 available on the website for $300 less than this version. The older model does not have Bluetooth speakers. 

ProForm Carbon HIIT H10

Good for: People looking for a reasonably priced stair-stepping elliptical machine

ProForm Carbon HIIT H10
ProForm Carbon HIIT H10 Elliptical
ProForm Carbon HIIT H10 Elliptical

If you are looking for a low-impact but high-intensity workout or you are short on time or space, the ProForm Carbon HIIT H10 may be for you. This compact hybrid trainer combines a vertical and horizontal footpath with multi-functional handlebars to create workouts that activate both upper and lower body muscle groups.The H10 comes equipped with over 50 workout programs (WiFi required) and is iFIT-enabled for those who enjoy immersive, trainer-led workouts. Included in your purchase is a free 30-day family membership which provides access to a library of workouts, global scenery, and a community for motivation which can be enjoyed on the 10-inch smart HD touchscreen monitor. A paid subscription is required beyond the 30 days.24 levels of silent magnetic resistance and the inertia-enhanced flywheel ensure that you won’t disturb neighbors with noise from the H10. It also features a water bottle holder, dual 2-inch Bluetooth speakers, front-mounted transport wheels, oversized leveling feet for stability, a cooling fan, and oversized cushioned pedals for your comfort.While the H10 stomps out a compact footprint, it is a heavy machine and assembly is reportedly difficult. This is not a deal breaker but certainly worth noting.


  • 30-day free trial of iFIT 
  • 10” smart HD touchscreen
  • 24 resistance levels
  • Mid-rage cost at $1,299
  • Cooling fan
  • Water bottle holder
  • Cushioned pedals
  • 325-lb weight capacity
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • Financing available


  • Currently listed as closeout, which could mean an upgraded model is imminent 
  • Heavy machine hard to assemble
  • Still priced over $1,000, which may be out of reach for some

Of the three ellipticals in ProForm’s HIIT series, the Carbon HIIT H10 is the mid-range option. Priced at $1,299, it has most of what you would look for in a high-end elliptical: a large touchscreen, durability, Bluetooth speakers, a few dozen resistance levels, and extras like a cooling fan (which our testers found to be loud) and water bottle holder.

This might be our favorite in the lineup, because it has all the features you could want without the sticker shock of cresting that $1,500 price point. ProForm also offers 0% financing if the cost of the H10 is a stretch. 

Here’s the catch: As of this writing, the H10 is listed as closeout. We see brands do this a lot when they are moving inventory to make way for new machines. This could mean that the H10 is about to get a small makeover, or it could mean ProForm is expanding the line in a new way. 

We will keep our eye on it and update this article with any changes we see.

ProForm Carbon HIIT H7

Good for: People looking to make a long-term commitment to iFIT workouts

ProForm Carbon HIIT H7
ProForm Carbon HIIT H7
ProForm Carbon HIIT H7

The ProForm Carbon HIIT H7 is currently one of three stair-climber-style ellipticals the brand offers. Instead of your feet moving forward and backward as they do on a traditional elliptical, they move in a vertical oval that has a 10-inch vertical stride and a 5-inch horizontal stride. This gives you quite the leg burn as you move through your workout.Like most other ellipticals from ProForm, the HIIT H7 is compatible with iFIT, which streams on a built-in 7-inch touchscreen. This app gives you access to thousands of classes, both live and on-demand. Our product testers really love iFIT programming and how seamlessly it integrates with these cardio machines.You'll find a number of extra features on the HIIT H7: a workout fan, Bluetooth speakers, water bottle holder, cushioned pedals, and 24 levels of silent magnetic resistance. 


  • “Free” with 3 years of iFIT family membership
  • 24 resistance levels
  • 7-inch smart HD touchscreen
  • 30-lb flywheel
  • Workout fan
  • 325-lb weight capacity


  • Weighs 225 lbs 
  • Cost is over $1,400
  • Technically more expensive than the Carbon HIIT H10

The Carbon HIIT H7 is an interesting case: ProForm will send it to you for “free” if you commit to three years of iFIT family membership, which comes to $1,403. You can finance that cost for the price of a monthly family membership to iFIT at $39/month for three years. This is an interesting approach, but it does mean the H7 is more expensive than the H10, and the H7 has a smaller touchscreen.

In either case, the H7 is still a good machine: Like the others in this line, it’s more of a stair-climber than an elliptical, which gives your legs quite the elliptical workout. It has a 10-inch-vertical and a 5-inch-horizontal stride, so your feet move in a vertical oval instead of straight up and down like a stepper or forward and backward like a traditional elliptical.

We like all the extra features on the HIIT H7: Bluetooth speakers, workout fan, water bottle holder, cushioned pedals, and 24 levels of silent magnetic resistance. It really comes down to if you want to make the three-year commitment to an iFIT membership. Our testers love iFIT classes and coaches, finding motivation on cardio machines as well as in strength training workouts.

Carbon Series

The Carbon Series features more traditional front-drive ellipticals that offer a smooth, gliding motion. The base model is affordable at under $800, so if you’re looking for a budget elliptical, this might be the way to go. There are two machines currently in this line, the Carbon EL and the Carbon E10.

ProForm Carbon EL

Good for: Someone looking for an affordable elliptical without sacrificing quality

ProForm Carbon EL
ProForm Carbon EL Elliptical
ProForm Carbon EL Elliptical

The ProForm Carbon EL elliptical is the cheapest machine in the brand’s Carbon series. According to ProForm, the Carbon series ellipticals are characterized by adjustable, oversized, cushioned pedals and resistance and incline control.The Carbon EL elliptical has a 19-inch adjustable stride, 18 levels of silent magnetic resistance, and 0 to 20 degrees of incline adjustment. The incline is adjusted manually, so you will not be able to change it within the workout. The Carbon EL is constructed with a steel frame. The elliptical also has a five-inch high-contrast multi-color display and an integrated table holder. There are also front-mounted transport wheels so you can put the machine away after your workout. ProForm machines are all compatible with iFIT programming, and the Carbon EL comes with a free 30-day family iFIT membership. iFIT is an interactive streaming workout platform; they offer elliptical specific workouts along with strength training, yoga, runs, walks and among other things. While using iFIT elliptical workouts with the Carbon EL, you’ll be able to utilize SmartAdjust technology. This allows iFIT’s trainers to adjust your resistance during the workout so you can focus on your workout and not the settings. You can also use the Carbon EL without the iFIT membership. Reviews of the Carbon EL are mostly positive. Users found that the Carbon EL was sturdy, compact, with smooth pedals and had a large easy-to-read display. A few reviewers were upset the incline was manually adjusted rather than motorized. They also found the lowest resistance level surprisingly difficult. A couple reviewers also found the elliptical to be shaky while in use. There are reviewers that experienced product dysfunction and failure; including, power adaptor breaking, the pedal jumping off the track, and grinding components. There were mixed reviews on the difficulty of assembling the elliptical. Some people noted that the assembly needed a second person. There are reviewers that assembled the Carbon EL alone but it took several hours. Most reviewers did note that the instructions were clear and easy to follow. 


  • Under $1,000
  • 30-day free trial of iFIT
  • Very sturdy machine
  • Oversized pedals
  • 18 resistance levels
  • 19” adjustable stride
  • Free shipping
  • Financing available


  • No fancy touchscreen
  • Must use your own device for iFIT
  • 275-lb weight capacity is a little low
  • Complicated assembly

The Carbon EL is one of the most affordable ellipticals in ProForm’s lineup. It’s priced at $799, comes with a free 30-day trial of iFIT, and ships free.

As far as ellipticals under $1,000 go, the Carbon EL has a lot to offer: water bottle holder, oversized pedals, and a long, 19-inch adjustable stride. Our product testers said this machine feels incredibly sturdy and smooth. It isn’t the quietest elliptical on the market, but it isn’t disturbingly loud, either.

The Carbon EL syncs with your own smart device to stream iFIT workouts. No, there is not a fancy touchscreen, but sacrificing that does mean saving a lot of money. There are two speakers that connect via Bluetooth to your phone or tablet, and there is a media shelf to store your smart device.

We don’t love the 275-pound weight capacity on the Carbon EL. Typically, we like to see at least a 300- to 325-pound limit on cardio equipment. Also, assembling this yourself could take quite some time, as we found there were lots of small parts and intricate steps. 

ProForm Carbon E10

Good for: People who want a low-impact workout from an elliptical with incline options

ProForm Carbon E10
ProForm Carbon E10 Elliptical
ProForm Carbon E10 Elliptical

The ProFrom Carbon E10 elliptical is the top-tier option in the brand’s Carbon series of ellipticals. It’s a traditional front-drive elliptical with an adjustable 19-inch stride—which will work well for users of most heights—and a 275-pound weight capacity, which is on the lower side for ellipticals. This machine offers 24 levels of magnetic resistance and a 20-degree power ramp to mix up your workouts, and the 25-pound flywheel should make for a stable and durable ride. There’s a 10-inch touchscreen on this machine, on which you can take advantage of live and on-demand classes through iFIT. In fact, this machine is technically “free” if you sign up for a 3-year iFIT family membership. Front-drive ellipticals tend to be large, and this machine is no exception with a footprint of 68.5 inches long by 25 inches wide by 67.75 inches high. There’s a 10-year warranty on the frame, two years on parts, and one year on labor, which, for the price of the machine, is a bit disappointing. 


  • “Free” with 3-year iFIT family membership subscription 
  • 10” HD touchscreen
  • Oversized cushioned pedals
  • 19” adjustable stride
  • 24 resistance levels
  • 0 to 20% incline
  • Financing available


  • Cost is over $1,400 
  • Heavy at 225 lbs
  • Complicated assembly

ProForm bills the Carbon E10 as “free,” but you have to sign up for a three-year family subscription to iFIT (which costs just over $1,400, but you can finance for $39/month for three years). That’s not a bad deal if you’re committed to using the app for a few years to come. After all, iFIT has workouts to do on the elliptical trainer as well as live and on-demand classes in strength training, yoga, and Pilates, to name a few. 

As a machine, the E10 is pretty impressive. First, it has a nice 10-inch touchscreen to stream iFIT workouts. Also, it’s one of the few ProForm ellipticals to offer incline training with a power ramp that moves along a 0 to 20% incline. 

There are a few creature comforts too, like oversized, cushioned pedals and soft grips on the handlebars. The 19-inch power adjustable stride is great for people who are on the taller side. 

The biggest potential downside to the Carbon E10 is that it is a heavy machine that isn’t easy to assemble. ProForm offers delivery to the room of your choice as well as assembly for an extra $199. 

Hybrid Series

There is currently only one model in the Hybrid Series on the ProForm website: the XT. This is the best elliptical for someone who wants multiple cardio modalities on one machine. The Hybrid features a recumbent bike and an elliptical, offering versatility in cardio workouts.

ProForm Hybrid Trainer XT

Good for: Those looking to get two cardio machines for the price of one

ProForm Hybrid Trainer Xt
ProForm Hybrid Trainer
ProForm Hybrid Trainer

Now you can access the benefits of two machines in one. In two quick steps the Hybrid Trainer XT evolves from an elliptical to a recumbent bike. Simply adjust the pedals and console. And with the latest in fitness technology at your fingertips, you can enjoy daily motivation like never before with workouts designed to get you started and keep you motivated.


  • Serves as an exercise bike and an elliptical 
  • Under $700
  • Financing available
  • iFIT-compatible
  • Comfortable recumbent bike seat
  • Free 30-day trial of iFIT


  • Short 15” stride 
  • Small 5” display
  • Large footprint
  • Low user weight capacity
  • Short warranty

For those looking to get the most value out of a ProForm elliptical, the Hybrid Trainer XT might be the best choice. At under $700, it doubles as a recumbent bike and an elliptical machine. Our testers noted that you can seamlessly switch between the two modalities with nothing more than the push of a button and flipping the pedals. 

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The Hybrid XT is adjustable in a number of ways. For starters, the bike seat moves forward or backward to accommodate your preferred position. The console also moves down when you bike or up when you’re using the machine as an elliptical. Lastly, to move from the elliptical to the bike, you simply flip up the pedals. 

Using the ProForm Hybrid Trainer XT as a recumbent bike

While it doesn’t have a fancy touchscreen, the Hybrid XT is compatible with iFIT, which you can stream from your own device. However, the stride length is short at just 15 inches, which may not fit very tall users. We also can’t help but notice the low user weight capacity at just 225 pounds, and a short, 5-year frame warranty.

To learn more, check out our in-depth ProForm Hybrid Trainer review.

ProForm Elliptical Comparison Chart

*ProForm does not list the exact weight of each of its products, so we researched to find these numbers. 

Pro HIIT 14Carbon HIIT 7Carbon HIIT 10Carbon ELCarbon E10Hybrid
Footprint 29″ W x 66″ D x 52″ H29.25″ W x 52″ D x 66.7″ H29.25″ W x 52″ D x 66.7″ H25” W x 68.5” D x 67.75” H25″ W x 68.5″ D x 67.75″ H24.5″ W x 70.5″ D x 60.5″ H
Display14” touchscreen that swivels7” touchscreen10” HD touchscreen5” high-contrast display10” HD touchscreen5” high-contrast display
Weight225 lbs225 lbs225 lbs202 lbs225 lbs117 lbs
Weight Capacity325 lbs325 lbs325 lbs275 lbs275 lbs250 lbs
Resistance Levels26 2424182416
Incline LevelsN/AN/AN/AN/A0 to 20%N/A
Flywheel30 lbs30 lbs30 lbsInertia-enhanced25 lbsN/A
Stride Length5” horizontal, 10” vertical5” horizontal, 10” vertical5” horizontal, 10” vertical19” adjustable19” power adjustable15” stride
Water Bottle HolderYesYesYesYesYesYes
Device HolderNoNoNoYesNoYes
Warranty10-year frame, 2-year parts, 1-year labor 10-year frame, 2-year parts, 1-year labor 10-year frame, 2-year parts, 1-year labor 10-year frame, 2-year parts, 1-year labor 10-year frame, 2-year parts, 1-year labor 5-year frame, 1-year parts and labor 

Discontinued ProForm Ellipticals

There are quite a few ProForm ellipticals that have been recently discontinued:

  • ProForm Carbon E7
  • ProForm Carbon EX
  • ProForm Hybrid Trainer
  • ProForm Hybrid Trainer Pro
  • ProForm Pro 9.9
  • ProForm Smart Pro 12.9
  • ProForm Smart Pro 16.9
  • ProForm Endurance Series
  • ProForm Smart Strider Series

You may be able to find some of these online through third-party sellers, though many are more expensive than some of the base models available on ProForm’s site today. 

Benefits of ProForm Ellipticals

There are a few reasons you might choose a ProForm elliptical over one from another brand, including:

  • Our testers find ProForm ellipticals to be well-built and high-quality.
  • ProForm is more affordable than its sister brand, NordicTrack.
  • ProForm ellipticals come with iFIT programming.
  • As of this writing, you get free shipping on the machines.
  • The brand offers a 30-day return policy.

ProForm Policies

If you’re interested in ProForm exercise equipment, it’s good to know the brand’s policies.


Just about every ProForm elliptical comes with a 10-year warranty on the frame, two-year warranty on parts, and one-year warranty on labor. The exception to this is the Hybrid XT, which comes with a five-year warranty on the frame and one-year warranty on parts and labor.

These are a little disappointing. Typically, the frame of a quality cardio machine comes with a warranty that is 15 years to life. 


There is a 30-day return policy on ProForm equipment. If you decide to return your elliptical, you will face a $250 shipping fee as well as a 10% restocking fee. Unlike other brands, ProForm accepts returns even if they aren’t unused, as long as it’s within 30 days of receipt. However, the brand won’t refund any shipping fees.


ProForm offers 0% financing over 36 months on a lot of its cardio equipment through TD Bank, N.A.

Final Verdict of Our ProForm Elliptical Reviews

ProForm offers solid cardio equipment in an affordable price range. While the brand doesn’t have any super-budget items, it does offer several machines under $1,000. If you’re looking for iFIT-enabled equipment that gives you access to thousands of workout programs, these ellipticals deserve a look.

ProForm Elliptical Reviews FAQs

Are NordicTrack and ProForm the same?

NordicTrack and ProForm are two brands that fall under the iFIT parent company (previously known as ICON Health & Fitness). 

Can I use my ProForm elliptical without iFIT?

Yes, you can use a ProForm elliptical without having an iFIT membership. There are several free workouts on the app, and you can also simply put the machine in manual mode.

Does ProForm make good ellipticals?

ProForm makes solidly built ellipticals that are iFIT-compatible. You do have to pay an additional subscription fee to access the unlimited iFIT workouts. However, the machines themselves are sturdy and come with an average warranty.

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