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Two staples of a commercial gym for training the lower body are the leg press and the hack squat. Because of the large footprint of these machines, however, when bodybuilders and fitness fanatics take the leap to a home gym, the leg press and hack squat are usually overlooked for more compact exercise equipment.

Titan Fitness has addressed this issue with their combination machine: a leg press hack squat machine. Adding a few adjustments, this machine transitions simply and quickly from leg press machine to 45-degree hack squat machine—all with a relatively small footprint compared to singular leg press and hack squat machines.

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For those getting nostalgic for their commercial gym days, is it as good as it sounds for your garage gym? Well, the community asked for answers and we delivered. In our Titan Leg Press Hack Squat review, we’ll go over this unique combo and if it’s worth adding to your best home gym equipment.

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GGR founder Coop Mitchell noted in his testing of the leg press hack squat machine by Titan Fitness that this was a Garage Gym Reviews first. While we’ve tested leg press attachments for squat racks before, this was the first time testing out a dedicated leg press machine. Although this is a new type of equipment for us to test, we made sure to take it through the same rigorous testing that we do with all of our other fitness equipment—and we’ve tested a lot.

From functional trainers and barbells to cable machines and adjustable dumbbells, our team of certified personal trainers, lifelong athletes, and lifting coaches all take products we test through multiple workouts, noting on the quality, construction, durability, and value to help you make an informed decision on your next home gym purchase.

Titan Leg Press Hack Squat

Titan Fitness Leg Press Hack Squat Machine

GGR Score: 4.1 starstarstarstarstar

Product Highlights

  • 2-in-1 machine functions as a leg press and hack squat
  • Constructed from durable steel
  • Features large diamond-plated footplates, supportive padding for lower back and shoulders, undercarriage dual weight sleeves, commercial linear bearings, adjustable backpad, and adjustable footplate angle
  • 1,000-lb weight limit
  • Designed to provide a full lower body strength workout
  • 3 lockout positions

Pros & Cons


  • Sturdy
  • Decent weight limit
  • Non-slip feet
  • Smooth
  • Relatively compact


  • Footplate for leg press may be small for some
  • Reports of unclear instructions for assembly

Bottom Line

The Titan Fitness Leg Press Hack Squat Machine is a high-quality multifunctional machine designed for beginners and experienced athletes alike.

A Quick Look at the Titan Leg Press Hack Squat Machine

The Titan Fitness Leg Press Hack Squat Machine combines two large machines that are staples in commercial gyms. It may not have as compact of a footprint as a vertical leg press or belt squat, but with quick transitions between leg press and hack squat, it provides a bit more versatility than either machine by itself.

This machine feels like a Titan product, but in a good way, Coop notes. When Titan first came out with their power racks, there were often issues with consistency in quality. In recent years though, Titan Fitness has upped their game with higher-quality products, and the leg press hack squat shows some thought about quality in the finer details, such as chrome-plated adjustment tubing and bronze bushings for the racking system.

Although it’s a large machine that takes up some floor space, the leg press hack squat combo saves space by being two large machines in one. The unit is plate-loaded, so you can use your Olympic weight plates with the weight post sleeves.

Before You Buy

  • Most leg press and hack squat machines use linear bearings to track weights up and down the machine. Titan instead uses urethane wheels on rollers. While linear bearings will provide a smoother feel, the rollers still provide a pretty smooth movement and keeps the Titan machine at a low price. Coop recommends oiling the rollers as needed. 
  • This may not be the unit for you if you’re above 6 feet 3 inches tall. The height of the rollers only go so far, and may limit a taller athlete from getting to full extension. Additionally, the footplates are a little narrow, meaning a broader person with a wider stance may have issues performing a hack squat.
  • For safety, Coop recommends sliding the sled down when the machine isn’t in use, so the sled doesn’t accidentally slide down if the safety bars are messed with. If you don’t have kids or anyone who would disturb the machine otherwise, this may not be a problem, but it’s something to think about.

Video Review

Is the Titan Leg Press Hack Squat Worth It?

With a price tag of $1,899, the Leg Press Hack Squat Machine is a similar price to a high-end power rack or some cable machines. Because of its higher price, Coop notes, “You have to decide where you’re spending your money.” 

If you’re looking to add a larger machine to your home gym, then Coop recommends taking a look at functional trainers before a leg press hack squat machine, as it has more versatility with a similar footprint. Although functional trainers focus on upper body exercises, you can still get some lower body movements with it. A leg press and hack squat machine will only allow for two: the leg press exercise and hack squats.

Still, if you’re committed to a leg press hack squat combination, we think this is the one to get. This is a budget-priced leg press hack squat, and probably the one that presents the most value. You can go cheaper, but it won’t have the same quality; you can also spend more for a better quality machine, but for most people, this is a good value and will get the job done.

Image of the Titan Leg Press Hack Squat Machine

If you’re only looking for a singular use, either leg presses or hack squats, then you can probably get by with a different machine, like a vertical leg press or a DIY leg press. However, if you’re looking for a way to have leg presses and hack squats in your home gym, the Titan Leg Press Hack Squat Machine is a solid choice with good value.

Great for:

  • Home gym users wanting equipment that can be found in commercial gyms
  • People wanting more versatility than just a leg press or hack squat
  • Those needing a decent weight capacity for a leg machine

Not recommended for:

  • Home gym owners with limited floor space or budget
  • Those wanting only a leg press or hack squat machine
  • Taller athletes

Titan Leg Press Hack Squat Machine Specs

Footprint84” L x 40” W x 53” H
Weight325 lbs
Weight capacity1,000 lbs
Frame MaterialSteel
FinishPowder-coated black
Leg press footplate dimensions21” x 15”
Hack squat footplate dimensions26” x 22”
Warranty1-year limited warranty

Using the Titan Leg Press Hack Squat 

Coop tried out the Titan Leg Press Hack Squat Machine, and overall, he thought it was a pretty good product. It was incredibly stable and heavy-duty for a budget-friendly machine. With its 325-pound frame, he never felt unstable during use.

Strength training with the leg press and hack squat targets the major leg muscle groups—notably the quads, glutes, and hamstrings. However, the machine can be used for a third exercise: calf raises. Depending on your height, calf raises can be done while the machine is in the hack squat position.

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The grips of the machine are solid and grippy, Coop remarks. While performing hack squats or leg presses, you’ll probably tense up your grip while trying to exert all the strength you have on heavy reps, so it’s good that the grips feel good while in use.

Coop performing hack squats on the Titan Leg Press Hack Squat Machine

Adjusting between the leg press and hack squat is simple and quick. The leg press footplate is rotated downward with a pop-pin to reveal the back pad for hack squats. Additionally, the leg press back pad is on a piano hinge, which can be lifted off to reveal the hack squat footplate. Still, this leaves the leg press pad dangling off the machine precariously, which might be a hazard if you have kids around.

Folding out the leg press back pad on the Titan Leg Press Hack Squat

The machine is fixed at 45 degrees for both leg presses and hack squats, of which Coop says, “with the feel of the machine, the hack squat does feel heavier than most commercial gyms.” It wasn’t a ridiculous difference, but it’s something to be mindful of.

Close up of the urethane rollers on the Titan Leg Press Hack Squat

This combination machine uses urethane wheels on rollers instead of the more common linear bearings. The rollers help keep the leg press hack squat affordable, and it still felt smooth while in use. However, the more expensive linear bearings will provide a smoother feel through squats. Coop recommends greasing the wheels as needed to ensure a smooth movement.

The Titan machine has three lockout positions where the sled can rest, which helps adjust for multiple sizes and people. However, due to the length that the rollers can go, Coop doesn’t think the hack squat can support people with a height of 6 feet 3 inches or taller. 

Image of the Titan Leg Press footplate

Another pitfall for a larger athlete may be the narrow footplate. At 26 inches wide for the hack squat plate and 21 inches for the leg press plate, this may be too narrow for larger stances, or wider stances. If you squat with a wide stance, you may have to look elsewhere for your leg press hack squat combo.

Durability and Construction

Although Titan Fitness tends to make budget-friendly equipment, this machine still has high-quality construction. In general, its heft and steel construction made the machine feel very solid. Also, the footplates never warped or bowed when Coop used the leg press or hack squat features.

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There is attention to detail throughout the machine. One thing Coop notes is the adjustment system for the hack squat footplate. The adjustment insert tube in the back is chrome-plated with a plastic sleeve. This makes for a clean and smooth adjustment with a pop-pin.

Chrome adjustment tubing on the Titan Leg Press Hack Squat

Another thing to note is that the racking and unracking system uses bronze bushings to prevent metal-on-metal wear. Additionally, the bars have UHMW or plastic inserts anywhere that could make metal contact. It’s a small detail that easily could’ve been overlooked, but because it wasn’t, it’ll add to the machine’s longevity.

Close up of the bronze bushings on the Titan Leg Press Hack Squat's racking and unracking system

The entire machine is powder-coated black, including the sleeves. Coop remarks it’d be nice to have had chrome sleeves instead, as the weight plates will probably scratch up the sleeves over time, but it’s a small complaint.

Man adds a weight plate to the Titan Leg Press Hack Squat

The seat, back, and shoulder pads are covered with their hefty grip vinyl, which is a grippy, durable vinyl that is still budget-friendly. Coop likes it: “It’s kind of like a budget-friendly Rogue fat pad vinyl. It’s not as thick, but it feels really good.”

Footprint and Portability 

With a footprint of 84 inches long and 40 inches wide, the Titan Leg Press Hack Squat Machine is a relatively compact machine for home use, for the type of machine it is. Still, it’ll take up a lot of space in your home gym, so make sure you have the room for it before purchasing. And although it’s only 40 inches wide, you will need space on either side to load plates onto it, so you’ll want to make sure it has some open space on either side.

Coop performing leg presses on the Titan Leg Press Hack Squat Machine

Additionally, the plate-loaded machine is still heavy at 325 pounds. Because of this, it won’t be very mobile at all. Ideally, build it where it will stay in your home gym to reduce having to move this bulky piece of equipment after the fact.

Comparison to Force USA Ultimate 45 Degree Leg Press Hack Squat Combo 

Force USA Leg Press Hack Squat Combo

Force USA Ultimate 45 Degree Leg Press Hack Squat Combo

GGR Score: 4 starstarstarstarstar

Product Highlights

  • Exercise machine that transitions from leg press machine into hack squat
  • Weight capacity of 1,000 lbs
  • Plate-loaded
  • 89” L x 64.5” W x 80” H
  • 13-gauge steel construction with 11-gauge steel joints and stress points

Pros & Cons


  • Free shipping
  • More versatile than a leg press or hack squat alone
  • Linear bearings
  • Decent weight capacity


  • Can be pricey for some
  • Narrow footplate
  • Large footprint

Bottom Line

The Force USA Ultimate 45 Degree Leg Press Hack Squat Combo combines a leg press machine with a hack squat to bring the commercial gym into your home gym. Built with 11-gauge and 13-gauge steel, this machine has a weight capacity of 1,000 pounds, making it extremely sturdy. The unique design allows you to perform four exercises on the machine: leg press, hack squat, calf raise, and forward thrust.

Another solid budget-friendly choice for a home gym is the Force USA Ultimate 45 Degree Leg Press Hack Squat Combo. Although they are similar in price and build, there are some notable differences.

Both machines are combination machines with a solid steel construction, and both save room in that regard, although the Titan machine has a slightly smaller footprint. Both have narrow footplates, however, which is something to be mindful of for wider squatters.

The prices appear comparable, but Titan has the lower price. While both companies offer free shipping for their machines, Force USA’s leg press hack squat combo is typically $2,499, although it’s currently marked down to $1,999. Even with a price cut, Titan’s machine comes in at a lower price point.

The other notable difference is that the Force USA uses linear bearings, which will overall be a smoother feel while in use. The Titan uses wheels on rollers, which was still smooth in our testing, but won’t be quite as smooth as the linear bearings.

Ultimately, which machine is a better fit for you will depend on whether you want a slightly nicer machine for more money. With linear bearings, the Force USA will provide you a smoother experience; however, Titan Fitness still provides a pretty solid machine at a lower price point.

Titan Fitness Leg Press Hack Squat MachineForce USA Ultimate 45 Degree Leg Press Hack Squat Combo
Footprint84” L x 40” W x 53” H89” L x 64.5” W x 80” H
Weight325 lbsNot disclosed
Weight capacity1,000 lbs1,000 lbs
Frame MaterialSteelSteel
FinishPowder-coated blackPowder-coated
Leg press footplate dimensions21” x 15”24” x 17.5”
Hack squat footplate dimensions26” x 22”24” x 26”
Warranty1-year limited warrantyLimited lifetime (frame), 1 year (upholstery)

Customer Experience 

Titan Fitness has a flat one-year limited warranty on all products sold on their website. While this can be good on some products, like slam balls or resistance bands, a one-year warranty on a fitness machine like this is a little lackluster. Most big machines like functional trainers and power racks have a much longer warranty on the frame and construction.

You can return a Titan product within 30 days of your purchase date. The item must be unused and in the original packaging for it to be accepted. Also, you’ll be responsible for shipping charges as well as a 20% restocking fee.

To contact Titan, you may call them through their phone number or submit a request form, listed on the website.

Ordering and Assembling the Titan Leg Press Hack Squat

One aspect that makes Titan’s leg press and hack squat machine such a  great value item is that it ships for free, meaning $1,899 is its actual price. The machine can be ordered directly from Titan’s website, and Titan Fitness also offers financing options through Bread Pay.

Assembling the Titan Leg Press Hack Squat wasn’t too bad; our GGR Operations Manager, Sam Presley, rated the assembly a 7 out of 10. So it wasn’t too painful, but there are some obstacles along the way to be mindful of.

First, many customer reviews note that the assembly instructions are confusing and hard to follow. It can be a somewhat complicated build out, and the machine is heavy at 325 pounds. Sam recommends building it where you know it’ll stay, as it’s not very portable once it’s built out. You’ll also need another person to help build out this machine. 

Also, if you are going to move the machine, make sure to remove the zip ties first, as a zip tie broke while Sam was moving the leg press and the loose part of the machine started to slide down quickly toward his hands. While nothing bad happened to anyone from this incident, a zip tie breaking like that would be an easy way to lose a finger.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are pretty strong for the Titan Fitness Leg Press Hack Squat, showing an average rating of 4.5 stars out of 5 at the time of this writing—out of 79 reviews. No reviews shown are under 3 stars either.

Most complaints from customers revolved around a couple things Coop noted in his testing of the leg press hack squat combo. For one, people thought the footplate was small, especially for larger people. Another common complaint was that the accompanying assembly instructions were confusing and difficult to follow.

Final Verdict of Our Titan Leg Press Hack Squat Review

When it comes to combination machines, Coop likes the Titan Fitness Leg Press Hack Squat Machine. It has great value, being a quality piece of weightlifting equipment at a lower price point than most similar commercial pieces.

Although it is bulky, it does save space by being a relatively compact exercise machine, combining a leg press and hack squat. Also, although at a good value, the nearly $1,900 price tag might be more than some people want to spend for their home gym. Furthermore, the foot plate and frame might be a touch too small for larger athletes.

It’s not a piece of equipment for everyone, but if you’re looking for a home gym machine that will send you back to leg days in a commercial gym, this may be the best leg press and hack squat machine for you.

Titan Leg Press Hack Squat Rating

Titan Leg Press Hack Squat Machine

This leg machine combines two of the most popular machines in commercial gyms. Check out our thoughts on it in our Titan Leg Press Hack Squat review.

Product Brand: Titan Fitness

Product Currency: USD

Product Price: 1899

Product In-Stock: InStock

Editor's Rating:
Value – 4.5
Construction – 4.5
Footprint – 3.5
Materials – 4
Design – 4
Transitions – 5
Pads – 4
Assembly – 3.5
Check Price

Titan Leg Press Hack Squat FAQs

Is a hack squat as good as a leg press?

A hack squat machine will give you similar results to a leg press, as both target the quads, glutes, and hamstrings and have a similar range of motion. The hack squat is a better option for those wanting an exercise more specific to traditional squats, while the leg press removes stress on the lower back, making it ideal for those worried about back injuries. Overall, both are effective tools for training the legs, and your goals will decide which one might be a better fit for you.

How effective is a hack squat machine?

A hack squat machine is an effective tool for training the legs. Hack squats can target your entire leg muscles, but will predominantly be felt in the quads. Because of the angled placement of a hack squat, it tends to reduce stress on the lower back, making it a useful tool for anyone with a previous injury.

One drawback of a hack squat machine is that you won’t get the full range of motion from a traditional squat. Additionally, a hack squat machine can have a large footprint for a home gym, taking up a lot of floor space.

Does foot placement matter on hack squats?

A hack squat should mimic a traditional squat, so the foot placement should be about shoulder width, or just outside of shoulder width. Too narrow or wide of a stance can limit your range of motion and also put unnecessary strain on the knees and hips.

One exception to this is if someone intentionally squats wide, like a sumo stance, for competitive powerlifting. If this is the case, your foot placement on a hack squat will be a bit wider.

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