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The Best Muscle Group Combinations to Workout Together And Which Exercises to Do

Want to make your workout more effective? Our fitness experts tell you the best muscle group combinations to work out together and the best exercises for each.

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Hitting A Fitness Wall? Try These Wall Exercises for a Full-Body Workout

These wall exercises can be done anywhere and provide a total-body workout with no special equipment required.

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The 5/3/1 Workout: Exploring the Legendary Powerlifting Program 

The 5/3/1 Workout is one of the most legendary powerlifting training techniques—but what is it and how is it done? A certified personal trainer explains it all.

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Build Muscle and Strength With These Cable Machine Workouts 

There’s no reason to give up on cable…cable machine workouts, that is. We’ve streamed our top cable exercise picks for increased strength and muscle.