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Not to brag, but Garage Gym Reviews has one of the best Pepin coupon codes on the internet. Here’s how to save big.

While we’re big fans of American-made products, there’s no doubt that our neighbors up north in Canada make some high-quality home gym products as well. That’s especially true when it comes to one of the best adjustable dumbbells, the Pepin adjustable dumbbells. 

If only there was a Pepin coupon code to save money on their products, eh? Sorry, we had to. But in all seriousness, Garage Gym Reviews happens to have an exclusive code to help you save money on the Pepin stand. We’ll also let you know how else you can get the best discounts on other Pepin products.  

Discounts on Pepin Dumbbells 

GGR Coupon Code: Garage Gym Reviews has an exclusive coupon code that can be used to save 5 percent on the Pepin stand to hold all your barbells and dumbbells. 

Financing: Pepin offers financing options through Sezzle to split your payments into monthly installments. 

How to Apply the Pepin Coupon Code 

Step One: To use the GGR coupon code, add the Pepin stand to your cart and use the code “GGR5” at checkout. 

Step Two: To finance any product, add whatever you want to your cart then head to the checkout page. 

Step Three: When you get to the payment section, select “Sezzle.” You’ll be redirected to the company’s website where you can apply to be approved for financing options. You should be approved instantly. 

When Do Pepin Products Go on Sale?

Because Pepin is a Canadian-based company, there’s not as many sales as American companies such as Rogue Fitness. That said, we keep track of all major sales during holidays from New Years to Black Friday. You can see all our holiday pages here: 

What We Love About Pepin

Pepin Adjustable Dumbbells
Pepin Dumbbells
Pepin Dumbbells

Pepin Adjustable Dumbbells designed and made in Canada.

Pepin has listened to our review, as well as customer complaints, to refine their adjustable dumbbells in recent years. Here’s why we recommend them for anyone looking to add high-quality dumbbells to their home gym. 

  • Knurled handles
  • Cheaper than buying an entire dumbbell set
  • Can be used with any 1-inch hole plates 
  • Increased durability from prior versions 

For more, check out our full Pepin Adjustable Dumbbells review

Why Buy From Pepin? 

Besides offering high-quality dumbbells, you can save 5 percent on a dumbbell and barbell stand by using our exclusive code “GGR5.” There’s also a lifetime warranty on all dumbbell handles and plates, and all items can be returned at any time as long as the items are in new condition.  

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