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Editor’s Note: The Life Fitness 95T Inspire treadmill is no longer in production. We suggest viewing the Life Fitness T5 Treadmill as the best alternative, or view our Life Fitness Treadmill reviews for more options.

When serious runners are looking for a home treadmill, they tend to look for those that’ll allow them to add variety to their cardio workouts. That means looking for max speeds greater than 10 miles per hour, and having the option to adjust the incline significantly. They also want the ability to run without feeling restricted by a subpar motor, a teeny-tiny deck, or a user weight capacity that excludes most people today. 

So where would a serious runner find a machine that does all of the above? Well, as you’ll see in our Life Fitness 95T Inspire review, this treadmill checks all those boxes. It’s a commercial-grade treadmill that was remanufactured for home use so that you can get that gym-quality workout right in your home gym. Sounds nice, right? 

Although it’s now discontinued, it’s still a heck of a machine and might be worth snagging if you happen to see it around somewhere. Therefore, we’ll dive into what you should know about the 95T treadmill, so you can see if it’s worth it for your fitness needs. We’ll also mention an alternative you could purchase brand new just in case you can’t find this one or it’s not the right fit. 

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Looking for an Alternative to Life Fitness 95T Inspire Treadmill?

The Life Fitness 95T Inspire treadmill might be a bit challenging to find these days, but thankfully, it’s not the only good treadmill of its kind. An alternative solution that serious runners may find suitable is the Life Fitness T5 treadmill. 

The T5 treadmill has a lot to love. If you’re a taller or heavier runner, you’ll appreciate the large deck size and the 400-pound user weight capacity. It also comes with the FlexDeck Shock Absorption system, making running much more comfortable. Trust me—most people don’t purchase treadmills because they want to feel like they’re running on pavement. Therefore, you and your joints will appreciate the cushioning on this bad boy. 

If you want versatility, you’ll get it since this has a max speed of 12 MPH and a 0 to 15% incline range. Pair that with its 3.0 HP DC motor that comes with a 10-year warranty, and you’re really cooking with gas. 

I should also mention that there are two console options you can choose from. One is called the Go Console, which includes telemetry heart rate monitoring, two user profiles, and 13 preloaded workouts. The newer one, Track Connect 2.0, is compatible with Apple and Samsung watches, has 17 preloaded workouts, includes up to 4 user profiles, and is Bluetooth heart rate-compatible. Both consoles are good, but the newer one is definitely brag-worthy. 

Honestly, this treadmill is incredible, but that awesomeness comes with a significant price tag. So, if you’re looking for a budget treadmill, this one isn’t it. In addition, if you want one that’ll fold, you won’t find that here either. This treadmill takes up a considerable amount of space and is over 340 pounds. 

If this one doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, don’t hesitate to check out reviews on other Life Fitness treadmills

Best Alternative to Life Fitness 95T

Life Fitness T5 Treadmill

GGR Score: 4 starstarstarstarstar

Product Highlights

This machine hits industry standards from top to bottom. Whether you're wanting a lifetime warranty, powerful motor, or a lengthy deck, the Life Fitness T5 treadmill has you covered.

Pros & Cons


  • Financing options are available
  • Lifetime warranty on frame and shock absorbers
  • Large running deck
  • Comfortable belt
  • Two different console options
  • 3.0 CHP motor


  • Expensive
  • Heavy
  • Doesn't fold

Bottom Line

If you can afford the hefty price tag, you'll likely appreciate the durability and stability that the Life Fitness T5 has to offer.

A Quick Look at the Life Fitness 95T Inspire Treadmill

What’s interesting about the 95T treadmill is that it wasn’t necessarily built for home use. This is every bit of a commercial treadmill with its club-quality features. It’s a part of the brand’s Elevation Series, which was their most advanced series of commercial cardio equipment. 

I have to say that Life Fitness is very clever. Instead of completely doing away with the 95T treadmill once it ran its course as gym equipment, they still saw it as valuable. As a result, they completely refurbished it so runners could have one in their homes. The Certified Used Life Fitness 95T basically appears brand new and comes at a much more attractive price tag. I don’t know about you, but the sound of purchasing what might be considered luxury fitness equipment at a more affordable rate is music to my ears. 

Now, let’s get into the details, shall we?


  • 41 built-in workout programs 
  • 0-15% incline range
  • 4.0 CHP motor 
  • Deck cushioning 
  • Top speed of 14 MPH
  • 7-inch touchscreen display 
  • 400-pound weight capacity


  • Not foldable 
  • Very heavy at 442 lbs
  • Pricey

Life Fitness 95T Inspire Treadmill Specs

Footprint80″ L x 37″ W x 62″ H
Weight442 lbs
Weight capacity400 lbs
Motor4.0 CHP
Maximum speed14 MPH
Running surface22″ W x 60″ L
Step-up height10”

Key Features of the Life Fitness 95T Inspire Treadmill

The first key feature I have to call out is the size of this treadmill’s running surface. In order for tall runners and those with a longer stride to be comfortable, they need a treadmill belt that’s at least 20 inches wide and 60 inches long. The 95T meets those recommendations but also tacks on an extra 2 inches to the width. As a result, this makes it more comfortable for wider individuals, too. I like when treadmills are inclusive, and this one is, allowing individuals up to 400 lbs to utilize it. 

Two other features worth mentioning are the speed and incline range. If you live in a household with multiple people with different fitness goals, the Life Fitness 95T Inspire treadmill would benefit everyone. Seriously—walkers, joggers, and runners will be satisfied. 

This treadmill has a top speed of 14 miles per hour, which is uncommon among home gym treadmills. Many of them max out at 12 miles per hour. In addition, the incline goes up to 15%, so folks up to the challenge can really target their quads, glutes, and hamstring muscles. 

Sometimes I run across treadmills with great speed and incline ranges but a motor that can’t adequately support those features. It especially grinds my gears when a brand claims that the treadmill can handle people over 300 pounds but includes a 2.5 CHP motor that would probably stall if a heavier individual was using it. Fortunately, that’s not the case with this treadmill. 

The 95T has a 4.0 CHP motor that peaks at 8.0 CHP. That’s fantastic, especially considering that a 3.0 CHP motor is satisfactory for most runners. The speed and incline transitions would be smooth and seamless, even for heavier users, so this treadmill gets a double thumbs up for that feature. 

Footprint, Portability, and Durability

Most people looking for home-use treadmills desire one that’s easily movable and foldable, especially if they’re limited in space. However, if a compact treadmill is something you’re looking for, you won’t find it here. There are undoubtedly commercial-grade treadmills out there, like the NordicTrack Commercial 1750, that allow you to fold it up and stow away. But the 95T was truly made for the gym, where they’re not concerned about space-saving, compact designs. 

This treadmill is massive, coming in at 80 inches long by 37 inches wide by 62 inches tall. It’s also very heavy since it’s meant to stay in one place. At 442 pounds, I would only recommend this machine to people with a large and dedicated home gym space. 

In terms of durability, this one is undeniably sturdy and well-made. It was created for high-traffic use and was built to endure heavy impact.  


Working out isn’t exactly a tranquil experience, but that doesn’t mean there shouldn’t be things available to make it more comfortable. For example, the Life Fitness 95T Inspire treadmill includes a cushioned DX3 deck system that utilizes the same springs placed in Corvettes. Thanks to the high-quality shock absorbers, you’ll be in for a very cushy workout experience that doesn’t put unnecessary stress on your joints.

I’d also like to note that this treadmill is easy to use. You can literally step on the machine and press the quick-start button to begin. Changing the speed or incline to a pace that’s comfortable to you is uncomplicated. Firing up one of the 41 preloaded workouts is effortless. Plus, thanks to its technology, the tread belt is maintenance-free and won’t require any wax for lubrication. It’s pretty clear to see why many people absolutely love this treadmill. 

Technology Benefits and Conveniences

Tech-wise, when the 95T was created, it was honestly ahead of its time. The Inspire console includes a 7-inch full-color LCD screen with touchscreen capabilities. Using the touchscreen, you can do things like create and monitor your workouts or enable one of the six military fit tests included on the treadmill. 

An image of the Life Fitness 95T Inspire treadmill console

You can access something known as the Workout Landscape Perspectives feature, too. With this, you get three additional ways to see your progress during a workout. The primary view is a 400-meter track, but there’s also the option to select a classic, mountain, and nature trail view. But that’s not all. 

If you like data, you’ll be able to track and monitor many metrics here. Some of those metrics include: 

  • Speed
  • Incline
  • Elapsed time
  • Time in zone (heart rate)
  • Distance 
  • Metabolic equivalents (METs)
  • And more

Also, if you’re unsure what workout to do, not a problem, they’ve got plenty to choose from, like 5K sport training, fat burn, marine PFT, and 37 more. 

Want to jam out to your favorite playlist? Of course you do! The 95T allows you to do that, too, by just plugging in your headphones, iPod, or iPhone. This treadmill also supports USB connectivity. 

You’ll find the treadmill’s activity zone below the display console, which makes the treadmill’s design even more sophisticated. Here you’ll see some of the most-used controls right at your fingertips. You can do things like adjust the incline and speed, select the preset buttons for walking, jogging, and running, as well as instantly start and stop the treadmill. 

Other conveniences on this machine include an accessory tray, a reading rack, and cup holders. The Inspire monitor also supports wireless heart rate monitoring, which is an essential feature for many trainees. 

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, there’s one more major thing I have to share with you about this treadmill. If watching TV while working out is important to you, brace yourself, because you can add a 17-inch LCD TV to this treadmill for an additional fee. Mic-drop.  

Final Verdict of Our Life Fitness 95T Inspire Review

If this treadmill were on trial for being one of the best ever to hit the market, they’d be guilty as charged. It’s really that good. Although it’s large, it’s still in charge with its many convenient and useful features. 

Life Fitness 95T Inspire Treadmill Rating

Life Fitness 95T Inspire Treadmill

In this Life Fitness 95T Inspire review, we’ll tell you all there is to know about this discontinued treadmill.

Product Currency: $

Product In-Stock: InStock

Editor's Rating:

Life Fitness 95T Inspire Treadmill

Footprint and portability – 1
Durability – 5
Customizations – 4
Adjustability – 4
Tech capabilities – 4
Dynamic programming – 3
Value – 3
Life Fitness T5 Treadmill

Life Fitness 95T Inspire Treadmill FAQs

Who Manufactures Life Fitness treadmills?

Life Fitness treadmills are manufactured by Cybex International, Inc., a Brunswick Corporation division.  

Are Life Fitness Machines Good?

Yes, Life Fitness creates commercial-grade treadmills, ellipticals, and more. In fact, the next time you go to the gym, pay attention to the brands. Chances are, you probably will see the Life Fitness logo slapped on some of the fitness equipment.  

Are Life Fitness Treadmills Calories Accurate?

No treadmill has 100% accuracy regarding calories counted, including the ones produced by Life Fitness. Therefore, I’d recommend wearing a fitness watch as well to capture the calories burned during your workouts. That way, you can compare the two. 

Which Treadmills Are The Most Reliable?

There are several reliable treadmills out there. Popular brands like Life Fitness, NordicTrack, ProForm, Sole, Peloton, and more are known for producing dependable products. Some treadmills are even backed by a fantastic warranty program, indicating that the company stands behind its product. 

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