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The Torque Fitness TANK M1 Push Sledis a weight sled that uses magnetic resistance instead of weight plates and friction. It’s designed specifically for home gyms and after using it for a few weeks and comparing it to other sleds on the market we’ve reviewed, we highly recommend the M1 if you can afford it. It’s extremely well designed and built, provides an outstanding conditioning workout, and takes up little space. We are big fans of the TANK M1.

Ultimate Home Gym Sled
Torque TANK M1 Push Sled
Torque TANK M1 Push Sled

Crush cardio boredom, build explosive muscle, and group train anywhere with the TANK M1. The same challenging TANK technology you know and love, now more portable, storable, and affordable. You talked, we listened. We designed the TANK M1 based on your feedback and ideas. With easily removable handles and compact design, the TANK M1 was designed with garage gyms and personal trainers in mind and allows you to take your sled training to the street to train with neighbors, to the cabin for a family weight sled training session, or to the park to meet friends. Wherever you want to take your training, TANK M1 will go. Features: Variable resistance training: Using the same technology you know and love from the TANK M4 and TANK MX, The TANK M1 offers three levels of resistance to make your workouts match the intensity you want... and then some. The faster you push, the harder it gets. An adjustable and frictionless magnetic brake system that increases resistance with speed creates a heart pounding-strength building workout. Nearly silent training: No more angry neighbors or bystanders. Unlike traditional friction sleds, the TANK M1 is a sled with wheels that has a nearly silent training experience. So go ahead, challenge yourself or your client to that early morning workout! Bi-directional movement: With it's low tow bar design, you can push and pull in both directions, making group training a breeze. Want to turn your TANK around? The TANK M1's lighter, three wheel design makes this easy. Easy storage and more training options with the TANK M1 Wall Bracket: Save space and increase training functionality. The TANK M1 Wall Bracket not only gets your sled up off the wall, saving you sacred training space, it also acts as an anchor point for battle rope and resistance band training. Removable, ergonomic handle design: The TANK M1 comes standard with removable Performance Handles for easy storage and transportation with custom molded grips on high and mid-handle positions. Group training from beginner to pros: From rowing, running, pushing, to pulling, the exercises you can do with a single TANK in a group setting are endless. Changing the resistance for different level athletes on the fly make weight sled group training a fun and effective workout for all. No weight plates required*: *Thanks to TANKs magnetic braking system, added weight is not needed to increase your workout's difficulty. Rather adding a plate or two on the included weight horn may be useful for traction and for keeping rear wheels down for some movements. Expanded training options with TANK M1 accessories: V-Straps and Tow Rope


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The Torque Fitness TANK M1 Push Sled is the latest weight sled that uses magnetic resistance instead of weight plates and friction making it, what I believe, to be the ultimate home gym sled. If you've had a home gym for any length of time, you know, as well as I do that, a sled is one of the most versatile pieces of equipment in any garage gym. The problem is twofold. One, if you go with a normal weight sled, they make an absolute ton of noise, way too much noise for anybody to really get much use of in a neighborhood setting. Two, traditional weight sleds take a lot of weight in order to get the resistance you want. This is where the Torque TANK M1 All Surface Sled comes in.

What is the Torque Fitness TANK M1 Sled?

The Torque TANK M1 Push Sled is the latest workout sled from Torque Fitness that utilizes magnetic resistance. Rather than friction of metal against concrete, the TANK M1 uses magnetic flywheels to provide internal resistance. This allows the sled to be nearly silent, making it great for those with a home gym.

In addition to being silent, the TANK M1 has three modes of resistance as well as a neutral mode that makes changing the difficulty of the sled seamless.

The TANK M1, unlike the others we've reviewed from them is designed specifically for the home gym. The M1 takes up a small amount of space, can be stored on the wall and is easily portable for taking from your garage to the street.

What We Like About the TANK M1 Sled

The Torque TANK M1 Push Sled takes a lot of the features that you see on the Torque Fitness TANK M4 that we've previously reviewed and provides it in a much smaller, more budget-friendly, easier to use, compact form. What really separates it from a lot of the competition is that one, it uses magnetic resistance. Meaning you adjust the resistance with a lever on the top of the machine instead of relying on friction from the metal against the concrete/turf. It has 3 resistance modes as well as a neutral mode that provides practically no resistance.

The resistance is progressive.

This means that similar to an air bike like the Rogue Echo Bike that we're big fans of, the harder you sprint/push against it, the harder it resists.

All of the resistance is coming from the front tire. This has the benefit of not requiring much weight to use it (none at all if you don't mind the back wheels coming off the ground) and allows you to maneuver it easily. If you want to move it, you tip it back so the front wheel is off the ground and then move it quickly and easily. When compared tothe original Torque Fitness TANK M4 or MX this is a vastly better home gym option.

In use, I've found that you don't need a lot of weight on the weight horn due to all of the resistance coming from the front. So, you're just keeping the weight down so you can drive through the ground. That is really the main reason you would put weight on the back.

The other benefit on the Torque TANK M1 Sled that separates it from some of the competition like the XPO Trainer Sled that we've reviewed as well as traditional sleds like the Rogue Dog Sled is the fact that you can not only just go forwards, but you can also go backward with handles that reside on the front of the machine.

This means that you can do down and back sprints without having to turn the sled around. Simply run to the other side of the sled and start pushing going back with a lower handle height. This is a very well thought out design feature, especially considering that the front handle can be lowered.

The front handle also features a welded D-Ring so you can attach a harness and do sled drags with the sled behind you. This is something that the XPO Trainer cannot do and really pushes the TANK M1 to be a more versatile tool. Sled drags are a great exercise for general physical preparedness, so I'm really happy they allowed the sled to do this. It can be difficult dragging the TANK M1 around corners because it doesn't turn well, but for straight-aways, it's great.

Lastly, we really like just how well-made of a machine the M1 is. Some sleds feel cheap, as if they were put together using off the shelf materials bought at Home Depot. The M1, however, feels like a commercial piece designed and built from the ground up.

The powder coat is designed for outdoor use, just like its older brother the TANK M4. It's a nice and gritty powder coat that resists wear and corrosion very well. The handles are removable making the sled store away, even on a wall rack (I'm excited to get one) and everything from the grips down to the tread on the tire exudes a premium look and feel.

Now that we've had the Torque TANK with a similar drive system as what's used in the M1 for over four years, and have had zero issues, I'm pretty confident in the durability of these sleds.

If you're in the market for a sled for your garage gym and don't want to annoy the neighbors, lug around a bunch of extra weight, and have an awesome experience, I highly recommend getting the Torque TANK M1. It's one of the best products we've reviewed this year.

Torque Tank M1 Sled vs. The Competition

Although the Torque TANK M1 Push Sled is the most complete magnetic resistance weight sled we’ve reviewed, it’s not the only one on the market. It’s also not the only sled type on the market. Weight sleds can be found in nearly every garage gym in the country and there are a myriad of brands offering the design.

Torque TANK M1 vs. XPO Trainer Sled

Torque TANK M1 vs. XPO Trainer
AFE XPO Trainer Sled
AFE XPO Trainer Sled

The XPO Trainer® is not only the very first exercise sled on wheels but a training device so versatile that it serves multiple purposes. Nearly silent operation. Removable handles for easy transport, portability, and storage. Safe for use on almost any surface, even indoors. Suitable for any level from rehab to training elite athletes. The only trainer or sled ever made that gets eXPOnentially harder to push the faster you go. Weight plates not included. Weight plates are only needed to assist with traction on slicker surfaces. Adding weight does not change the resistance. Assembled Weight: 60 lbs. (includes handles and weight plate post) Base Weight: 47.5 lbs. (no handles or weight plate post) Assembled Dimensions: 43" tall with handles installed, 43.5" long, 35" wide


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The XPO Trainer Sled from Armored Fit was our previous most often recommended sled. The XPO Trainer is similar to the TANK M1 in that the resistance isn’t from friction produced by weight plates and the front tire is where all of the resistance comes from.

The main difference between these two is that the M1 is a much more polished, and better-designed piece of equipment.

To be honest, the XPO Trainer feels a bit like a DIY piece when sitting next to the M1. That’s not to say the XPO Trainer isn’t a good sled, it’s just not at the level of the M1.

In addition to the build quality, the XPO Trainer lacks different levels of resistance. It’s always the same which makes it great for sprints, but for heavier work, it lacks.

The Torque M1 can be used both for sprints, but if you put it on level 3, it feels like you’re pushing a ton of bricks and it all happens at the flick of a lever.

If you’re trying to decide between these two, I would definitely give the edge majorly to the Torque Tank M1. They’re similar in price, but the M1 blows it away in both features and quality.

Torque TANK M1 vs. Rogue Dog Sled

Torque TANK M1 vs. Rogue Dog Sled
Rogue Dog Sled 1.2
Rogue Dog Sled 1.2

The new Rogue Dog Sled is the next evolution of the power sled–compact, tough, and versatile enough for push, pull and speed training on almost any surface. With the addition of holes in the sled's skis, it's also now compatible with a wide range of mountable attachments, including the Double Handle, Lawn Boy, Wheelbarrow, and more.The CrossFit Games battled-tested Rogue Dog Sled comes standard with a quarter-inch steel base plate, 2 x 3" 11 Gauge and 0.25" Plate Steel, and a pair of 3' upright push bars designed to accommodate both high and low push stances. Compared to many prowler and speed sled designs, the portable Dog Sled has a smaller overall surface area, allowing you to get the most out of the plates that you own.Improving your body's ability to maximize its use of the anterior and posterior chain is the holy grail of power and performance. This is what ideal resistance sled training can accomplish, and it's what the Rogue Dog Sled delivers.


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The Rogue Dog Sled is one of the most popular sleds in the world. It’s a great, modular design that when introduced became very popular, very quick. The issue for most garage gym owners is that due to the weight and awkwardness in moving them, the Dog Sleds from Rogue don’t end up getting used as often as they should.

I like the ability to adjust the weight as heavy or as light as I’d like, but, being able to roll a sled out to the driveway with a single plate or none at all like you can on the TANK M1 makes it a vastly better option.

In addition to the difficult in setting the sled up, the Dog Sled and other sleds like it rely on friction between the metal skids and the concrete for resistance. This means there’s a ton of noise made that your neighbors will absolutely hate and the concrete also get’s scarred up (trust me, you can tell which street I live on.) If you live in an HOA, weight sleds can’t even be used.

This is a pretty easy recommendation. Although the Dog Sled is cheaper, it likely won’t get used as much as a sled like the TANK M1. We recommend the M1 if you can afford it. If you want a sled you can add weight, then we suggest looking at the Rogue Slice Sled as it’s a bit more versatile and easier to maneuver.

Full Rating

Torque TANK M1 Push Sled

Overall Construction – 4.5

Resistance Levels – 4.5

Manueverability – 4.8

Storability – 4.8

Durability – 4.5

Value – 4.3

Versatility – 4.5

The Torque Fitness TANK M1 Push Sledis a weight sled that uses magnetic resistance instead of weight plates and friction. It’s designed specifically for home gyms and after using it for a few weeks and comparing it to other sleds on the market we’ve reviewed, we highly recommend the M1 if you can afford it. It’s extremely well designed and built, provides an outstanding conditioning workout, and takes up little space. We are big fans of the TANK M1.

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