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Clips, clamps, and collars—oh my! Barbell collars are often one of the most overlooked pieces of home gym equipment when stocking your garage with all the essentials. However, the best Olympic barbell collars keep weight plates secured on your barbell, preventing injury to your bar, plates, or worse, you.

Titan Fitness has released a nice pair of barbell collars recently, which use a simple twist to lock or unlock the collars on your Olympic barbell. Additionally, a built-in magnet helps keep the collars out of the way while not in use, storing easily on a power rack in between sessions. Lastly, the collars have a premium touch with a knurled exterior. 

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Are the Titan TwistLock Pro Collars the best home gym collars for your own space? And how do these knurled collars compare to top contenders in the market? I talked with GGR founder Coop Mitchell—who was able to test these barbell collars out—and in this Titan TwistLock Barbell Collars review, we’ll go over the value and durability of these collars to see if they’re worth your hard-earned cash.

We’re “Locked In” On Testing Gym Equipment

Sure, I can’t avoid a pun when I see the opportunity, just like I can’t forget to mention the expertise that is the team at Garage Gym Reviews. We have industry experts in the fitness world—personal trainers, athletes, coaches, and more—all with years of experience in their respective fields. With our experience, we give you honest reviews on what fitness equipment works best for consumers of any fitness level or goal.

GGR founder Coop Mitchell has been giving full reviews on fitness equipment since 2014, and in particular has tested out multiple Titan products, including the Titan Fitness Functional Trainer and their series of squat racks. He brought the same integrity and honesty while trying out the Titan TwistLock Barbell Collars. In his testing and full video of the collars, he covered aspects of the product, such as:

  • Durability and construction
  • Weight accuracy
  • Ease of use
  • Hold capacity
  • Overall value

TwistLock Pro Collars

Titan TwistLock Pro Barbell Collars

GGR Score: 4.31 starstarstarstarstar

Product Highlights

  • Knurled aluminum barbell collars
  • Locks by twisting
  • Built-in magnets for easy storage
  • 1.42-lb weight per pair
  • Fits 50-mm Olympic barbells

Pros & Cons


  • Easy locking mechanism
  • Lightweight
  • Built-in magnets
  • Medium knurling


  • Pricier pair of collars
  • Only comes in one color

Bottom Line

With an aluminum body and built-in magnets, Titan Fitness TwistLock Barbell Collars are easy to use and can be stored easily on a power rack upright after your workout session. The collar locks and unlocks with a simple twist, although you’ll need a second hand to keep the barbell secure.

A Quick Look at the Titan TwistLock Barbell Collars

Titan Fitness had a rough start in the fitness industry when it began, mostly with keeping consistency in their welded products, like Titan squat racks. They switched to robot welding and laser cutting, and have since improved their quality, as well as beginning to innovate and push their products beyond just being one of the best budget fitness companies. 

With nice additions like the Titan TITAN Series Adjustable Bench and the collaborative project of the Titan Fitness SquatMax-MD, Titan is beginning to raise their game—and the TwistLock Pro collars are no different.

Whether you’re going heavy in powerlifting or you’re hitting tons of bodybuilding reps, these collars are made to be secure, durable, and easy to use. The collars are a simple circular collar that slides on the barbell and locks in with a simple twist. The collars have a built-in magnet as well to allow simple storage on your squat rack or to secure to metal weight plates.

Coop looks through a Titan TwistLock Pro Barbell Collar like a spyglass.

One thing that sets the TwistLock Pro Collars apart is the medium knurling on the collar, to help keep the collar grippy when twisting it on and off. 

“Look how far we’ve come,” Coop adds. “Just 5 years ago, barbell companies didn’t even list the pattern of knurling on their barbells; now, Titan not only lists that it has knurling, but specifies that it has a medium volcano knurling—on a barbell collar.

A close look at the knurling on a Titan TwistLock Barbell Collar.

Before You Buy

  • Like many items on Titan Fitness, these barbell collars sell out quickly, so if you’re looking to purchase these collars, don’t wait too long when they’re available.
  • Coop mentions the $70 price tag “feels like a lot for a Titan product.” If you agree, a plastic version (without knurling) will be released soon, which should be around $50 with free shipping.

Titan TwistLock Barbell Collars Video Review

Are the Titan TwistLock Barbell Collars Worth It?

Many companies sell barbell collars, like Bells of Steel, Rogue Fitness, RitFit—REP Fitness even has spring clips, which are simpler than their highly designed adjustable dumbbells. Prices vary from about $10 for spring collars, to $105 for the high-end Eleiko Öppen Collars.

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Coop rates the TwistLock collars a 4 out of 5 for value, as it’s a durable collar that’s easy to use, but overall, it’s a tad overpriced. At $70, it seems a little expensive, even for a high-quality item like this. Because of this, Coop still recommends our top pick as the best barbell collar, the Rogue USA Aluminum Collars. At about $50, the Rogue collars’ value is higher, especially since the weight doesn’t budge when those collars are set.

Coop inspects a pair of Titan TwistLock Barbell Collars.

Still, Coop recommends the TwistLock Pro Collars for people who are looking for unique collars that are more durable and of higher value than the Eleiko Öppen Collars (more on that later).

Great for:

  • Lifters wanting an easy-to-use barbell collar
  • Those who want to store magnetic collars on their power packs
  • Anyone needing a lightweight collar

Not recommended for:

  • People looking for the best budget home gym equipment
  • Anyone wanting different color options in their barbell collars 
  • Those who have a bar outside of normal Olympic barbell specs

Titan TwistLock Barbell Collars Specs

Dimensions1.5” H x 3.675” diameter
Weight1.42 lbs per pair
MaterialsAluminum, polymer, neoprene laminate
FinishSatin black hard anodized
Magnet?Yes, neodymium

Using the Titan TwistLock Barbell Collars 

GGR founder and longtime fitness equipment expert Coop Mitchell tried out the Titan TwistLock Pro Barbell Collars in a variety of workouts. He used them for squats and deadlifts, where you’d want a heavy load to remain secure. He also did some Olympic weightlifting movements—like the clean and jerk—to make sure the barbell collars could hold weights tight from a drop.

Coop does a push press using Titan TwistLock Barbell Collars.

As a side note, Coop didn’t try them out on a bench press, though. “You should never use collars on a bench press,” Coop says, since it leaves the weights open to dump off the bar if you get stuck mid-rep.

After his first impressions, Coop also tested the overall hold capacity of the collars with static weight by loading up one end of a barbell, clamping it with the collar, then setting the bar up on its side to see if the collar could keep the weight from sliding. The Titan TwistLock held an impressive 135 pounds using this test, but slid eventually when Coop added a fourth 45-pound bumper plate. It still performed well, earning it a 4.5 out of 5 for its hold capacity.

Coop does a hold test on Titan TwistLock Barbell Collars.

Ease of Use

With barbell collars, you want something simple and effective. The Titan TwistLock Barbell Collars are certainly simple, able to be secured on a barbell simply by twisting the collar tight. While it’s impressively easy to adjust, Coop does remind users that you’ll have to use both hands to tighten the collar, since you’ll need to hold the rotating bar sleeve still with one hand, too.

Coop tightening Titan TwistLock Barbell Collars.

A couple other features also make the collar easy to use. The obvious addition is the knurling on the outside, which helps users get a good grip on the collar. Less obvious is the addition of magnets within the collars. Not only can these allow for simple storage on your power rack, but it’ll help further secure the collars to the weights, as the magnetism will stick to any iron weight plates or bumper plate with a steel center hub.

The Titan TwistLock Barbell Collars magnet.

Durability and Construction

The TwistLock Pro Collars are lightweight, weighing 1.42 pounds for one pair of collars. The collar is primarily made with a heavy-duty aluminum build, with some internal components (including the built-in magnet). The collar is finished with an anodized black, giving it a protective coating that also looks sharp—although we’d love to see it in different colors.

Using the Titan TwistLock Barbell Collars.

The collars held up well in Coop’s torture testing, earning it a 4.5 out of 5 in durability. After testing the hold capacity to its limit, the TwistLock collars were completely functional. “Still like new,” Coop says after trying them out again, twisting the collars open and shut. 

Titan TwistLock Barbell Collars vs Eleiko Öppen Collars

Eleiko Öppen Collars

Eleiko Öppen Collars

GGR Score: 4.19 starstarstarstarstar

Product Highlights

The Eleiko Öppen Collars use an open-design with some awesome features: lever-locking system, magnets, and a rubber interior to avoid metal-on-metal contact. They are pricier than other barbell collars on the market, but have significant perks. 

Pros & Cons


  • Open design
  • No metal-on-metal contact
  • Integrated magnets
  • Standard 0.25 kg/each
  • Easy to use


  • Expensive compared to other collars
  • Snapping collars into place and taking them off isn't exactly effortless

Bottom Line

The Eleiko Öppen Collars feature an innovative, open design and integrated magnets that make them some of the best barbell collars on the market.

Because the TwistLock Barbell Collars are a bit on the pricier end, I thought to compare them to the Eleiko Öppen Collars, which are some of the most expensive barbell collars available (unless you’re including 2.5-kilogram weightlifting competition collars).

Both collars have a unique design, with the Eleiko Öppen Collars having an open collar design, similar to the Eleiko Öppen Deadlift Bar. The open design can be secured and locked in place by a clamp, and it holds decently well.

However, for its pricing, the TwistLocks are better value and more durable, as the Öppen Collars didn’t hold up as well in our durability testing; the rubber began to peel off after our durability testing. Both can be unique additions to your gym, but if you’re wanting value in your unique barbell collars, the Titan collars are the better pick.

TItan TwistLock Barbell CollarsEleiko Öppen Collars
Dimensions1.5” H x 3.675” diameter3.98” L x 4.13” W x 1.46” H
Weight1.42 lbs per pair1.1 lbs per pair
MaterialsAluminum, polymer, neoprene laminateAluminum casing, NBR rubber, internal components
FinishSatin black hard anodizedNot disclosed
Magnet?Yes, neodymiumYes

Customer Experience 

Depending on the brand and price, decent warranties can be hard to find for barbell collars. However, Titan includes a 1-year warranty on all of their fitness products—which isn’t much for some products—but for the TwistLock Pro Collars, it’s pretty good.

Titan Fitness also offers 30-day returns on unused products in their original packaging. Keep in mind that you’ll be responsible for the shipping costs, as well as a 20% restocking fee. There are multiple ways to contact Titan listed on their website—phone, email, or live chat—earning them a 4 out of 5 in customer service.

Ordering the Titan TwistLock Barbell Collars

The Titan TwistLock Barbell Collars are shipped ready to use and can be ordered directly from Titan’s website. Although Titan sells products on Amazon, too, the TwistLock collars aren’t available on it currently. Also, these collars sell out quickly, so if you find the item out of stock, check back regularly so you don’t miss the next sale.

Customer Reviews

Because the item is new, there aren’t any customer reviews available on Titan’s website. We’ll be sure to add what consumers are thinking on these collars once they begin rating the product. Stay tuned.

Final Verdict of Our Titan TwistLock Barbell Collars Review

Although Coop recommends the Rogue USA Aluminum Collars as his best overall pick, the Titan TwistLock Barbell Collars are a unique, high-quality pair of collars to add to your garage gym. With magnetic capabilities and knurling for grip, this is a great set of collars. Although the price might be a bit higher than Titan’s norm, these barbell collars are a great alternative if you’re wanting a unique pair of collars that are cheaper than the Eleiko Öppen Collars.

Full Rating

Titan TwistLock Barbell Collars

With an aluminum body and built-in magnets, Titan Fitness TwistLock Barbell Collars are easy to use and can be stored easily on a power rack upright after your workout session. The collar locks and unlocks with a simple twist, although you’ll need a second hand to keep the barbell secure.

Product Brand: Titan Fitness

Product Currency: $

Product Price: 69.99

Product In-Stock: InStock

Editor's Rating:

Titan TwistLock Barbell Collars Rating

Construction – 4
Durability – 4.5
Ease of Use – 5
Hold – 4.5
Weight Accuracy – 4
Value – 4
Warranty, Financing, and Returns – 4.5
Customer Service – 4
Buy Now

Titan TwistLock Barbell Collars: FAQs

Are spring collars safe?

Spring collars are safe to use and very affordable. While they won’t have the long-term durability of higher-quality collars, they’ll provide enough protection for most home gym users while cycling repetitions at lighter weights.

Should you use barbell collars?

While barbell collars are often overlooked, they can be essential to your training. By keeping weights secure, they can better protect your weights, barbell, and floor from damage. Additionally, the secured weights will help you maintain proper form and prevent injury to you during your workout.

What size barbell collars do I need?

If you have an Olympic barbell, the sleeves are 50 millimeters wide, or about 2 inches wide. A good barbell collar will need to secure and fit that size. Some fixed sleeves—like on trap bars—may have a slightly smaller sleeve diameter than Olympic bars, and will require a collar that can get tight enough for a diameter of about 49 millimeters.

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