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Power Racks

Rep PR-5000 Power Rack with Weight Storage

Rep Fitness



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Weight Capacity

1,500 lbs on j-hooks


48x36x92" (48x56x92" with weight storage)

Product Weight

325 lbs (500 lbs with weight storage)

Hole Spacing



3x3" 11 gauge steel

Inside-to-inside Depth


Pullup Bar Capacity

400 lbs

Item Description

Our beefiest power rack, the PR-5000 is designed for serious strength training - and will keep your gym organized with it's add-on weight storage.


The PR-5000 was designed to offer many features that normally cost a big premium on competitors' racks. Laser cut numbers make lining up your j-cups or safeties quick and easy. 2" spacing allows us to use beefier 1" thick pins for safeties and j-cups. Sandwich-style j-cups offer full UHMW protection, even on the front edge, to avoid any chance of scratching bar knurl.


The 30" inside depth has been found to be the ideal depth for most customers. It's enough working room not to feel crowded, but not so much that it feels like a waste of space. With the addition of our 20" deep weight storage option (our competitors' are typically 24"+), our rack takes up the minimum amount of space needed to get work done.


UHMW liners were added to almost every component that gets frequently adjusted on your rack. This helps protect the look of your rack for many years and avoids scratching the paint and developing surface rus


  • 92"(upright height - 93" to top of pull-up bar) x 48"(width) x 36"(depth w/o weight storage, 56" with), foot plates add 1.5" on each side
  • 30" depth inside to inside, 42" wide inside to inside
  • 5/8" hardware, with 1" diameter holes throughout the bench/squat area
  • 4 uprights with 3x3" 11 gauge steel, laser cut and robot welded on 80+% for maximum precision
  • 2" hole spacing throughout working area
  • Laser cut odd-numbered holes(1,3,5,7, etc...)
  • Includes Multi-grip pull-up bar.
  • Sandwich style J-cups
  • Choose your Safeties: Pin/Pipe, flip-down or strap options available
  • Laser cut / stainless steel nameplate
  • 1,500 lb capacity


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Rep PR-5000 Power Rack with Weight Storage


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