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Save money on the super popular rowing machine taking the cardio world by storm: the Hydrow.

The Garage Gym Reviews team loves the Hydrow, but with a steep price tag, it can deter some who are interested due to the cost. Fear not! We found a few sneaky ways to save on your Hydrow purchase (after all, we think it’s one of the best rowing machines on the market). If you’re looking for a Hydrow discount code, we can help!

Discount Codes for Hydrow 

Want to save money on your Hydrow purchase but don’t know how? Check out these four options to keep some of your hard-earned cash in your pocket.

  • $250 off any rower collection with code GGRMAY (LIMITED TIME OFFER: Now through May 20th at 3am EST)
  • $200 off + Free Machine Mat and 1:1 Personal Coaching Session (1) at Hydrow. Valid for a limited time: 3/31-4/4
  • In the military? Hydrow offers military discount codes year round for individuals with a GovX account. 
  • Refer a friend and give them $250 off their first Hydrow purchase. You’ll get a $250 Visa gift card once they redeem their discount.
  • There are a variety of financing options with Klarna, with 0% APR starting at $59 per month. 
  • Shop near the holidays; Hydrow nearly always has a holiday sale (more details on that below)

How to Apply the Hydrow Discounts

Step One: Pick one of the options above to save on your Hydrow.

Step Two: If you’re in the military and choose to use that discount, you’ll be prompted to login to your GovX account below the Hydrow checkout box. If you want to refer a friend, use the link below and navigate to the bottom of the page; click “refer a friend.”

Step Three: You’ll then be given a discount code, which you can copy and paste into the discount code box.

If you receive a $250 Visa gift card for successfully referring a friend, you’ll be able to put the card’s information into the credit and gift card box.

For those who want to break up the hefty price tag into more manageable bites, you can see if you qualify for financing the Hydrow prior to checking out. 

When Does the Hydrow Go on Sale?

Like many fitness brands, Hydrow offers different discounts and sales during the holidays; check out our sales pages to find the latest information on Hydrow sales:

What We Love About the Hydrow

Hydrow Connected Rower
Hydrow Connected Rower

We completely re-engineered the rowing machine with patented technology, making each stroke feel like you're out on the water. Then, we built an immersive experience around it. The Hydrow was designed from the ground up. While the design team wanted to create a unique machine that was elegant and sophisticated for the home, it was just as important to engineer a machine that was unmatched in performance and built to last. Hydrow's brilliant 22" touchscreen display and impressive front-facing speakers bring the river to your living room, captivating you from the moment you sit in its seat. The Hydrow's patented drag mechanism is electromagnetic and computer-controlled. Its distinctive components make it the closest thing to being on the water.

Hydrow offers a state-of-the-art rowing machine with options to add extra like a storage rack, membership, or workout mats for an additional cost. 

  • Immersive interactive programming
  • Smooth magnetic resistance
  • Aesthetically pleasing for a cardio machine 
  • Can compete with friends and people around the world

Read our full Hydrow review

Why Buy From Hydrow? 

  • Easy and simple assembly process
  • Received a 4.2 out of 5 in our testing 
  • 30 day risk-free trial 
  • 5 year frame warranty and 1 year for labor, parts, and electronics.
  • 22” HD screen

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