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Like any piece of technology, a treadmill needs regular maintenance and may need to be reset from time to time for one reason or another. Whether you’re trying to troubleshoot common problems or simply want to restore the factory settings, it’s important to know how to reset a treadmill if you have one in your home gym. 

While different brands will have distinct steps, resetting a treadmill certainly isn’t difficult and is typically a quick process. Below, we’ll get into the general steps of treadmill reset and delve into the specific steps required for some common treadmill brands. If you’re looking to add a treadmill to your fitness equipment roster, check out some of our favorite treadmills on the market right now.

How to Reset a Treadmill

If you have the owner’s manual for your treadmill, refer to it for the manufacturer’s instructions on resetting it. This is the only way to be sure you’re properly resetting your exact model of treadmill. 

Every brand and model will be different, but resetting a treadmill is typically fairly simple and doesn’t take long. It will most likely require pressing and holding a few buttons in a certain order, then waiting for the machine to do its thing and reset. In some cases, it might require unplugging or other steps. Never stand on the running belt of the treadmill while resetting it, no matter what brand your machine is. If the treadmill motor automatically starts upon reset and you’re not expecting it, you’d be in trouble. 

If your user’s manual is nowhere to be found but your machine is in need of a reset, read on to find out how to reset a treadmill depending on the brand. 

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How to Reset a Treadmill by Brand

Find the brand of your treadmill below, then read on for directions to reset it.


If your treadmill is a Bowflex Results Series BXT model, you can access the machine settings while the treadmill is in power-up mode. Simultaneously hold down the pause/stop button and the decrease button for three seconds, and the machine settings mode will display. In this mode, look through the options until the screen displays “RESET CONSOLE NO” and toggle to the “RESET CONSOLE YES” option and hit enter. When the treadmill displays “Power Cycle Now,” turn the treadmill off. 

To re-calibrate Bowflex 3, 5, and 7 series treadmills, hold the enter and power buttons together for three seconds while the treadmill is dormant with the safety on. “CAL” should appear on the screen, then you can follow the prompts to re-calibrate. 

Bowflex treadmills 10, 25, 22, and 56 can be reset during errors by unplugging the treadmill for at least five minutes before plugging it back in. While the treadmill has factory reset and recovery buttons on the back of the console, the user manuals advise against customer use of this feature. 


The ON/OFF switch is on the front panel at the base of the treadmill, depending on the model. When the treadmill is first turned on, entering “Clear 750” will put the treadmill into setup mode and give you the option to reset. Contacting customer support for assistance is the way to go if your treadmill is not functioning properly or your model is different.


Hold the pause/stop button while placing the safety key into the console of the treadmill. Then, release the pause/stop button to enter maintenance mode, where you can access a range of settings. Removing the safety clip will exit maintenance mode. 


To perform a master reset on Horizon Fitness treadmills T101, T202, and T203, hold the incline + button and the speed – button to access the ENG8 screen. Press enter until you reach the P2 or P3 menu, depending on how old your model is, and press start to begin a factory reset. 

For 7.0AT, 7.4AT, and 7.9AT models, the keypad between the start and stop buttons will either have up and down buttons or media buttons. For a control board with media buttons, hold the highest incline and speed buttons at the same time to access the engineering menu. Toggle to ENG3, then hold the max incline and speed buttons again to enter ENG8 and click until you see “no clear” on the treadmill console. Then toggle to “clear,” press enter, and hold the start button for 5 seconds. 

Horizon 7.0 AT treadmill being used

For models without media keys, hold the incline up and speed down buttons simultaneously to access the ENG0 menu. Toggle to ENG3, press enter, and hold the top incline and speed buttons again to find ENG8. Toggle to “no clear” with the enter button, hold start to toggle to “clear,” hit enter, and hold start for five seconds.  

Life Fitness

The reset process for Life Fitness treadmills differs by model and console type, but the brand’s website has a variety of quick start guides and user’s manuals that you can access. Customer support can also help you complete the appropriate steps for your particular treadmill model.


To do a basic reset of a T616 or T618 machine, unplug it from the power source for at least three minutes before plugging it back in. To enter the machine setup menu, hold the pause/stop button and the right arrow for three seconds while the treadmill is in power-up mode. Toggle to the “total run hours” screen, then hold the pause/stop and right arrow buttons for three seconds to enter engineering mode. Press the up button to access the “reset console” screen and toggle to CONFIRM- YES and select this option to reset the treadmill. 


jogging on NordicTrack Exp10i

If your NordicTrack treadmill with iFit has a firmware version beginning with 7.1, your machine can be reset with the press of a button. Switch the power off or unplug the machine, then find the pinhole button on either the sides or back of your machine, depending on the model. Insert a paperclip into the reset hole and hold it as you or a second person switches the power back on. If your specific model doesn’t have this capability, check the user’s manual or contact NordicTrack for troubleshooting


In the settings menu on the treadmill’s touchscreen, toggle to Systems > Factory Reset. Select this option to begin the reset process. If you can’t access this menu, contact Peloton’s customer support for additional troubleshooting.


For the Precor Precision Series and Energy Series home treadmills, diagnostics mode can be accessed by pressing a series of keys in a specific order in a two-second period. Precor recommends contacting their service department for assistance if you wish to access diagnostics mode. To simply reset the circuit breaker on the treadmill, there is a red reset button near the power switch. While the treadmill is off, push the red reset button before turning it back on. The Precor logo should appear on the display as the treadmill turns back on. 


If you have a ProForm treadmill, first check your treadmill’s user manual to see if it is equipped with a reset button—newer machines with iFIT typically do. You can also download your user’s manual from the website if you don’t have the physical manual on hand. If your machine has a pinhole reset button, locate the button on the console and reset the treadmill by turning the power off, holding the pinhole button down, then powering the machine on while still holding the button. You may need another person to assist you. The reset will be complete within approximately an hour.  


To reset or recalibrate a Sole treadmill, remove the safety key, then simultaneously press and hold the start button and the increase speed button, and replace the safety key while holding them down. Continue to hold the start and increase speed buttons until the factory settings menu displays, then press enter. Adjust the settings to metric or English based on your preference, toggle the grade return setting to “on” (this lets the treadmill incline return to 0 when you press the stop button), and press start to begin calibration. These instructions are for the F63 model, but the process is similar or the same for other models. 


The process is similar between treadmills, but refer to the user’s manual for your particular model on Xterra’s website to reset your treadmill properly. 

For the Performance Series treadmills, calibration mode can be accessed by removing the safety key, then pressing and holding down the enter and increase speed buttons, then replacing the safety key. Enter the specifications outlined in the user’s manual, then press the start/stop button to reset the machine. 

XTERRA TR150 coop

For Sport Series treadmills, perform the same safety key and button press sequence as the Performance Series, holding the buttons for five seconds. The software versions will appear, then you can press enter to access the calibration settings. Once you’ve entered the settings and numbers specified in the manual, press enter to begin calibration. 

For Compact Series treadmills, take the safety key out, press the program key, and hold it while you reinsert the safety key. You will see “ENG” on the display when the treadmill is in calibration mode. Press start after adjusting each setting. Set the wheel diameter to 42, select kilometers or miles, set the minimum speed to 0.5 miles, the maximum speed to 10 miles, and press START a final time to begin the calibration process.


To reset a Weslo treadmill, either turn the power off via the power switch or unplug the power cord from the wall outlet. Wait at least five minutes before turning the treadmill back on. 


For Woodway treadmills, the reset procedure varies by machine type and by display type. The owner’s manuals for Woodway equipment are available on their website, so checking the manual for your specific type of treadmill or contacting customer support is the best option with this brand. 

How to Reset a Treadmill: Final Thoughts 

Overall, although treadmill troubleshooting can be frustrating, resetting a treadmill is generally a simple endeavor that differs between brands, but most companies provide resources on their websites to make sure consumers have the resources they need to troubleshoot or instructions on how to reset a treadmill.  

Some machines are more complicated than others, but when in doubt, all make customer service available for issues that are beyond the owner’s capability. 

Treadmills are complex pieces of equipment, and anything from the incline motor to speed sensor may need maintenance from time to time. Keeping up with regular maintenance on your treadmill, like adjusting the treadmill belt when needed or lubricating the treadmill regularly, will also ensure your treadmill lasts a long time and runs smoothly. 

How to Reset a Treadmill: Q&A

How do I reset the error on my treadmill?

Different treadmill brands and models will have different error codes for issues like belt lube or speed sensor problems, although resetting is likely to take care of most errors. For specific models, the user’s manual or customer service will have detailed lists of error messages and how to address them. 

How do you recalibrate a treadmill?

For most treadmills, resetting and recalibrating achieve the same goal of restoring the standard settings. Some brands may define this differently, so the best bet is to check the user’s manual or reach out to the brand’s customer service. Remember to stand off of the running belt during troubleshooting or reset, because the treadmill motor may start automatically once it is complete.

Where is the reset button on a ProForm treadmill?

Not all models have a physical reset button, but if your model does, the reset button will be located on the console. Check your owner’s manual or locate the manual on the ProForm website to find out how your specific model can be reset.  

Why is my treadmill not starting? 

There are several reasons why a treadmill may not start. Make sure your treadmill is plugged into an electrical outlet that meets the standards outlined in your treadmill’s manual, and if the treadmill still won’t start, check the user’s manual or contact customer support for potential solutions.

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