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Unless you have a weekly Dungeons and Dragons game scheduled after your home gym workouts, you may not have heard of the manticore. This beast of legend had the head of a man and a scorpion’s tail, all attached to a lion’s body—not your ideal house guest.

So why has Bells of Steel named their customizable power rack series the Manticore? To put it simply, it’s a beast of a power rack. With an expansive ecosystem of attachments and heavy-duty steel, this high-quality rack can handle quite a lot, as much as the best squat racks on the market.

In this Bells of Steel Manticore Power Rack review, we’ll take a look at the 6-post rack we tested, and separate myth from fact. Is this power rack worth its price? What’s the durability like? Are the attachments worth it? Read on to see if the Manticore is right for your garage gym.

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The Bells of Steel Manticore Power Rack was tested by a certified personal trainer, who tried the squat rack and many of its power rack attachments over several workouts spread out over a few weeks. While trying out the power rack, our product tester noted the following categories according to our fitness equipment testing methodology and rated them on a scale of 1 to 5:

  • Delivery and setup
  • Construction and durability
  • Footprint and portability
  • Versatility
  • Attachments
  • Accessory compatibility
  • Stability
  • Overall value

BoS Manticore Power Rack

Bells of Steel Manticore 6-Post Power Rack

GGR Score: 4.36 starstarstarstarstar

Product Highlights

  • Fully customizable rack with attachment ecosystem
  • True 3” x 3” 11-gauge steel
  • 1” holes with 2” spacing
  • Accepts 1” and 5/8" attachments
  • Limited lifetime warranty

Pros & Cons


  • Solid construction
  • Accepts 1” and 5/8" attachments
  • Fully customizable
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Free shipping


  • Add-ons quickly increase the price
  • Only accepts true 3” x 3” attachments

Bottom Line

The Bells of Steel Manticore Rack is a fully customizable power rack which is also available as half racks, folding racks, squat stands, and more. This highly durable power cage is made with true 3-inch-by-3-inch uprights that have 1-inch holes spaced 2 inches apart, although specially made keyholes on the uprights’ sides accept both 1-inch and 5/8-inch attachments. If you’re looking for an attachment ecosystem, Bells of Steel has many attachments that are compatible with the Manticore.

A Quick Look at the Bells of Steel Manticore Power Rack

Many companies have made their heavy-duty power racks customizable in terms of depth, height, attachments, and crossmembers. Bells of Steel is one of the latest to throw their hat in the ring with the Hydra and Manticore series. The main difference between the two series of racks is that the Hydra has 5/8-inch holes, and the Manticore rack has 1-inch holes along the uprights, although keyholes along the sides will allow for the smaller attachments.

We tested out the 6-post Manticore power rack, but the modular rack is also available as a 4-post rack, folding rack, half rack, folding half rack, flat foot rack, squat stand, and more.

Woman performing lat pulldowns on the Bells of Steel Power Rack

Additionally, the power rack has attachments upon attachments available. The Manticore offers the basics—a variety of J-cups, safety straps, spotter arms, weight plate storage, and pull-up bars—but then goes above and beyond. You can get a plate-loaded or weight stack cable tower for the rack, as well as lever arms, band pegs, dip bars, landmine attachments, or a seal row pad. Whatever kind of gym equipment you need for your ideal rig, the Manticore has you covered.

Before You Buy

  • This is a true 3-inch-by-3-inch rack, meaning the uprights are the actual measurement, unlike many imported power racks that are slightly shorter than 3 inches. This means that the attachments used have to be made precisely for 76.2 millimeters by 76.2 millimeters, typically made by North American companies like Rogue Fitness, Sorinex, or Bells of Steel.
  • Although the rack has 1-inch holes, the sides of the uprights have keyholes sized for 5/8-inch holes. This will allow you to use both 5/8-inch and 1-inch attachments on the rack.

Is the Bells of Steel Manticore Power Rack Worth It?

The Manticore rack has great value, depending on how you customize it. It’s hard to place a price on the Manticore since it’s so customizable. As I mentioned in the Bells of Steel Hydra Rack review, the level of customization may be intimidating to some. 

However, I took a 6-post Manticore Power Rack with a height of 90 inches and a rack depth of 30 inches (plate storage depth of 17 inches), with J-cups, pin pipe safeties, and weight horns, and tried to build comparable racks on other sites.

The Bells of Steel Manticore comes out to about $1,754 using that method, which is pretty competitively priced with other customizable racks. REP Fitness’s PR-5000 rack comes out to just over $1,790. Titan Fitness’s TITAN Series 4-post rack is about $1,200…but adding another two posts with their extension kit drives up the price to $1,800. The Rogue Monster rack starts at $2,610.

If this is the route you’re wanting to go, then the Manticore is a great value. However, our product tester docked the value down to 3.75 out of 5, mostly because of how quickly the attachments can add up. 

“Bells of Steel sent us nearly every attachment that they have,” he said. “If you were to add that ecosystem into the price, you’re looking at close to $4,700 in total.” He adds that you have to decide how important the attachment ecosystem is to you, and if it’ll be worth the extra investment.

Great for:

  • Those who want a power rack with plenty of attachments available
  • Lifters wanting a heavy-duty power rack
  • Anyone wanting customization to best fit their garage gym space

Not recommended for:

  • People with attachments that aren’t true 3” x 3”
  • Anyone who wants a ready-to-order squat rack without customization options
  • Those who want the best value with an attachment ecosystem

Bells of Steel Manticore Power Rack Specs

Weight Capacity1,000 lbs
WeightDepends on customization
Material11-gauge steel
True 3” x 3” uprightsYes
Hole width1”
Hole spacing2”
FinishPowder coat
Colorway optionsBlack
WarrantyLimited lifetime

Using the Bells of Steel Manticore Power Rack

Over a few weeks, our product tester (CPT, CF-L1) took the Manticore through several workouts, using the power rack for barbell exercises and the attachments on the rack for accessory work. In addition to bench presses and barbell squats, our tester did lat pulldowns, pull-ups, landmine rows, dips, leg extensions, and split squats.

Woman squatting using the Bells of Steel Manticore Power Rack

The main thing we want to test for a rack’s performance—especially with rack attachments—is how stable the power rack is while in use. After working with it for a few weeks, our tester rated the rack’s stability a perfect 5 out of 5. “This is a rock,” he said. “This rack isn’t toppling, no matter what kind of training you perform on it.”

Woman benching on the Bells of Steel Manticore Power Rack

With the lat pulldown’s weight stack and weight plates stored on the weight horns, there were several hundred pounds keeping the 6-post rack secure. If you don’t have that sort of weight on the rack, however, you can bolt it to the floor—which is recommended anyway for the power rack. (If you can’t bolt your rack down, consider Bells of Steel’s flat-footed racks, which don’t have to be bolted.)

Construction and Durability

A good amount of the stability you feel while using the Bells of Steel Manticore comes from its materials and construction. Using 3-inch-by-3-inch 11-gauge steel, the Manticore has a weight capacity of 1,000 pounds. This will suit even the strongest powerlifters.

Close up of an upright on the Bells of Steel Manticore Power Rack

The rack is finished with a durable black powder coat, which will help prevent corrosion and rusting. The Manticore’s finish has held up well with our testing, although GGR Everything lead reviewer Lindsay Scheele has noted some wear and tear on her Hydra rack. Still, she noted that it’s nothing out of the ordinary. We rated the Manticore Power Rack’s construction a 4.5 out of 5.


The footprint will vary depending on the type of rack you get in the Manticore series—although the width should be consistently at 49 inches to hold an Olympic barbell. The 6-post power rack has one of the larger footprints (with a maximum height of 108 inches and depth of 87 inches), while a wall-mounted folding rack will take up considerably less space with a depth of 25.5 or 48.5 inches—which can be folded away in between uses. We rated the footprint for the Bells of Steel Manticore a 4 out of 5; just make sure to pick the rack best suited for the space you have available in your home gym.


The Manticore series of racks comes with an entire ecosystem of attachments, of which we were able to try out the majority of them. After spending some time with the attachments, our product tester says, “Overall, these are really great attachments. The pads on the leg roller and seal row pad are nice, covered with durable vinyl.” He rates the attachments a 4.5 out of 5.

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A nice touch is that Bells of Steel placed UHMW on all attachments where there may be metal-on-metal contact to help protect the products. The attachments are also compatible with Bells of Steel’s magnetic knurled pins so you can easily secure them on the rack.

Close up image of the Bells of Steel Manticore J-hooks

One thing to note, however, is that the uprights are true 3-inch-by-3-inch uprights, meaning you can’t use other attachments unless they also use true specifications. American companies like Rogue or Sorinex should have attachments that work on this rack, in case you already have some of their attachments at home or don’t want to be limited to only using Bells of Steel products.

Woman using the globe pull-up bar on the Bells of Steel Manticore Power Rack

Another nice perk is that the sides of the uprights have 1-inch holes with 5/8-inch keyholes, allowing you to also use 5/8-inch attachments. Our product tester rated the accessory compatibility a 4 out of 5, since there is some versatility to the attachments that can be used—albeit they’re limited by the true 3-inch-by-3-inch specifications.

Bells of Steel Manticore Power Rack vs REP PR-5000 Power Rack V2

REP PR-5000 V2

REP PR-5000 Power Rack V2

GGR Score: 4.5 starstarstarstarstar

Product Highlights

  • Virtually limitless configurations and attachment setups
  • 3x3" 11-gauge steel
  • Oversize 1" diameter hardware

Pros & Cons


  • The Rep PR-5000 Power Rack V2 is Rep Fitness answer to the Rogue Monster and Sorinex XL Series Racks.
  • Despite the racks being imported, the quality and features are on a similar level as the USA made competition.
  • Due to the racks being imported, the prices are overall cheaper.
  • The racks use 1" hardware throughout the rack that look incredibly beefy and allow for a variety of attachments.
  • There's a seemingly endless amount of accessories and add-ons for the rack that can be purchased on-page, which is a great feature for easy checkout.
  • Coming in a variety of colors, there's a look that will suit anyone's taste, including stainless steel. If you want a rack that won't corrode, get stainless.
  • The arch logo stands out and adds a great look to a premium rack.
  • The width of the rack is 47" outside upright to outside upright. This makes racking the bar easier and is one reason people love Sorinex and don't like Rogue's Monster series.
  • There are strap safeties, flip-down safeties, and more available for the rack as well as over 5 different pull-up bar options.
  • There is optional weight storage available for the back.
  • The rack has an optional lat pulldown attachment that is reasonably priced as well as a future innovative belt squat option that we think will be rather popular.
  • If you want to never have to upgrade a rack again, this is an awesome option at a better price than the competitors.


  • Despite all of the great features and options, the rack is imported. We haven't noticed much of a drop in quality between Rep and Rogue lately, but it is something to be wary of if you want made in the USA equipment.
  • Although cheaper than competitors, it's still an expensive rack for what will essentially hold the same amount of weight as racks much less. Something to consider if you're just looking for functionality.

Bottom Line

The new Rep PR-5000 Power Rack V2 is one of the best value, high-end squat racks that we've reviewed. It features many of the same characteristics of racks like the Rogue Monster Series and Sorinex XL Series, but at a bit of a discount. Buying a rack at this level should take a lot of thought and consideration as it should be the last rack you'll ever have to buy. We'll hold off on suggesting one or the other until we have them all in-house to compare, but we are very impressed by the first look and features and foresee many trainees having this in their garage gyms soon.

With comparable pricing and materials, there are only a couple of things to think about when deciding between the Bells of Steel Manticore and the REP PR-5000. The biggest consideration? The size of the uprights and how that’ll impact your attachments.

The true 3-inch-by-3-inch uprights of the Manticore will limit your attachment compatibility to other companies using similar specs, like Rogue or Sorinex in addition to Bells of Steel. With the PR-5000, the rack upright sides are just shy of 3 inches at 75 millimeters. They’re more compatible with other imported racks, like those from Titan Fitness. True-measured attachments could work, although they’ll be less secure on the slightly smaller uprights.

Another nice perk of the PR-5000 is that the rack comes in different colors, unlike the Manticore, which only comes in black. For more, check out our REP Fitness PR-5000 Power Rack review.

Bells of Steel Manticore Power RackREP PR-5000 Power Rack V2
Weight Capacity1,000 lbs1,000 lbs
WeightDepends on customizationDepends on customization
Material11-gauge steel11-gauge steel
True 3” x 3” uprightsYesNo
Hole width1”1”
Hole spacing2”2”
FinishPowder coatPowder coat
Colorway optionsBlackMetallic Black, Red, Blue, Clear Coat, White, Matte Black
WarrantyLimited lifetimeLimited lifetime

Customer Experience 

Bells of Steel offers a 30-day return policy, which is made a little bit of a sweeter deal since they’ll allow you to return slightly used items. The rack just needs to be returned in its original packaging, or else you’ll be charged a 15% restocking fee.

The Bells of Steel Manticore Rack has a limited lifetime warranty, which covers defects in materials or manufacturing. It won’t cover negligent use or abuse of the fitness equipment, however, such as loading the rack with more than its rated weight capacity.

There are plenty of ways to contact Bells of Steel—phone, email, and contact form. In our experience, Bells of Steel has been quick to help and knowledgeable when asked questions, earning them a 4.5 out of 5 for the customer experience.

Ordering and Assembling the Bells of Steel Manticore Power Rack

Customers in the USA can customize and order the Manticore rack from bellsofsteel.us. You’ll start by choosing the type of squat rack or stand you want, and then choose rack depth and height options, plus any attachment add-ons you’d like. Financing is available through Affirm.

Our Manticore rack was sent via freight, although it’s important to note that the rack was sent with a myriad of power rack attachments. If you get a more vanilla rack, it may be shipped differently.

The rack comes with all the hardware needed to build it. The only items you may need to purchase are the two 36-millimeter wrenches you’ll need for the assembly unless you already have the appropriate wrench, adjustable wrench, or socket wrench.

Our product tester says that building the power rack with attachments was straightforward and took about four hours with two people. One of those people was GGR operations manager Sam Presley—a pro at building rigs and racks—so if you’re new to building gym equipment, you might want to set aside a decent amount of time to build the power rack. Our product tester rates the delivery and setup a 4 out of 5.

Customer Reviews

I didn’t find any customer reviews on the Manticore rack’s product page, but was able to find one customer review on Bells of Steel’s reviews page.

The customer upgraded to the Manticore from the budget-priced REP PR-1100, and he says it was truly an upgrade. He had no issues with delivery and likes the quality of the attachments he got. The reviewer gave the rack a 5-star rating, and while it’s positive, we’d like to see more reviews before we put a lot of weight on the customer rating.

Final Verdict of Our Bells of Steel Manticore Power Rack Review

The Bells of Steel Manticore Power Rack is pretty good value by itself; once you begin to add on attachments, however, the price shoots up considerably. The attachments are high-quality, though; plus, with compatibility with both 1-inch and 5/8-inch attachments, there’s room for versatility in your attachment ecosystem. 

Still, you’ll need to consider if this rack is the rack you wish to build your ecosystem on. If you prefer true 3-inch-by-3-inch uprights and attachments, this beast of a machine is a solid, stable choice. 

Bells of Steel Manticore Power Rack Rating

Bells of Steel Manticore Rack

In our Bells of Steel Manticore Power Rack review, we’ll go over this beastly squat cage and how much value this attachment ecosystem can add.

Product Brand: Bells of Steel

Product Currency: USD

Product Price: 1634.88

Product In-Stock: InStock

Editor's Rating:
Delivery and Assembly – 4
Construction and Durability – 4.5
Footprint and Portability – 4
Versatility – 5
Attachments – 4.5
Accessory Compatibility – 4
Stability – 5
Value – 3.75
Customer Experience – 4.5
Check Price

Bells of Steel Manticore Power Rack: FAQs

Is the Bells of Steel Hydra Rack worth it?

The Bells of Steel Hydra Rack, like the Manticore Rack, has a diverse attachment ecosystem and is made with sturdy 11-gauge steel. The main difference is that the hole sizing is 5/8 inches and not 1 inch.

However, the Hydra isn’t as competitively priced as the Manticore is. It’s about a few hundred dollars more than REP and Titan alternatives, depending on how you build it out. Whether or not it’s worth it to you will depend on how much you want a true 3-inch-by-3-inch rack with matching attachments.

Read our Bells of Steel Hydra Rack review for more information on this heavy-duty rack.

How is the steel for Manticore Racks?

The Bells of Steel Manticore Rack uses 3-inch-by-3-inch 11-gauge steel, rated to hold 1,000 pounds.

Why should I buy a power rack?

A power rack provides a safe place to perform common barbell exercises, like benching and squatting. Plus, power racks commonly have uprights that can accept attachments, allowing your rack to also support dip bars, jammer arms, cable machines, and more. With the right attachments, your home gym can almost be entirely centered on a solid power rack.

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