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Whether it’s neighbors above your garage, not wanting to wake your children, or living in an apartment—it’s vital to keep the noise down in your home gym. This will probably send you looking up some of the best home gym flooring options for you and your gym, as well as other equipment that can help dampen sound. 

To help you in your search, our team of certified personal trainers, coaches, and athletes at Garage Gym Reviews have done our due diligence in research and testing. We’ve looked into these mats to compile our picks for the best soundproof exercise mats on the market. We’ve made sure to include mats for every reason, whether it’s general gym flooring, heavy lifting, plyometrics, or storing a loud treadmill. 

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We have you covered with this list, and soon, you may have your gym covered with these mats!

The Best Soundproof Exercise Mats  

Best Overall Soundproof Exercise Mats: Tractor Supply Horse Stall Mats

Good for: Those looking for a budget-friendly, durable exercise mat that’ll dampen sound

Best Overall

Tractor Supply 3/4" Rubber Stall Mats

GGR Score: 4.3 starstarstarstarstar
Community Score: 4.1 starstarstarstarstar

Product Highlights

  • Multi-use rubber mats with a textured surface
  • Shock- and sound-absorbent
  • Affordable

Pros & Cons


  • Great durability for any exercise
  • Anti-skid surface
  • Good noise reduction for dropped barbells
  • Less than $60/piece (less than $2.50/square foot)
  • Five-year warranty from Tractor Supply


  • Heavy, weighing around 100 pounds for each piece
  • Some people don’t like the rubber smell
  • Surface is not smooth; these have raised bumps
  • May be harder to clean than smooth surfaces

Bottom Line

These horse stall mats from Tractor Supply use recycled rubber, are 3/4" thick, 4 'x 6' in size, and weigh upwards of 100 pounds. You can find horse stall mats at other farm supply stores, and they will be similar in dimensions. The thickness makes this flooring sound-absorbent.

You may find yourself asking how a horse stall mat can be our pick for the best overall soundproof mat, but if you’ve been in the fitness world for a bit, you know rubber stall mats work great for gym flooring. Tractor Supply in particular uses recycled vulcanized rubber to make their mats, and they are durable enough for heavy lifting—or constant horse hooves.

The three-quarter-inch thickness helps dampen sound, absorbing the impact of a barbell dropping as well as some of the noise…but you’ll still hear it. One side of the thicker mat has raised bumps, which are ideal to add non-slip grip for areas where slipping may be a concern. The other side is a flat surface, sometimes slightly textured, that is ideal for cushioning. I’d recommend laying these mats down with the flat surface up for your garage gym use.

These rubber mats are used for commercial and CrossFit gym flooring all the time; I’ve used them in the CrossFit gyms my family has owned over the years, too. They are inexpensive, durable, and at 94 pounds each mat, they will stay put when you lay them down. Also, with 4-feet-by-6-feet dimensions being a common size in floor mats, these can combine with other workout mats pretty easily.

Also, at nearly 100 pounds, these mats are big and bulky, probably some of the bulkiest mats we have on this list. Also, if you are trying to use these stall mats for your entire home gym, the mat thickness makes cutting these mats down to size a chore. Still, if you’re okay with a bit of manual labor to lay down this rubber gym flooring, it’s a great and inexpensive mat that is sure to help in reducing noise.

Dimensions6’ L x 4’ W
Mat thickness3/4″
Weight94 lbs
MaterialRecycled vulcanized rubber
Warranty5-year limited

Best Soundproof Mats for Deadlifting: Bells of Steel Deadlift Pads

Good for: Lifters needing some soundproofing pads to drop a heavy barbell

Best for Deadlifting

Bells of Steel Deadlift Pads

GGR Score: 4.3 starstarstarstarstar

Product Highlights

  • Velcro outer edge made to combine with other pads
  • Sold in pairs
  • Handles for easy transport 
  • 600-denier polyester outer cover
  • Protects your floors and your plates

Pros & Cons


  • Minimizes noise from dropping weights
  • Durable cover is made to withstand even overhead drops
  • Can use for multiple gym movements, including lifts, jumps, and hip thrusters
  • Includes noise-reducing foam in the inner-lining
  • Perfect addition for home gym owners or other people who love fitness


  • Some customers had issues with stitching coming apart
  • A little expensive, but definitely made with high-quality materials

Bottom Line

From a company that has been trusted in the fitness industry since 2010, Bells of Steel knows how to create a product that will help customers utilize their workout space. These deadlift pads are durable, versatile, and can be a great addition to any home gym set-up. Their customer service team is also very responsive.While on the expensive side, many customers raved about the high-quality materials these pads are made from. If you are looking for a great pair of deadlift pads, these may be the right option for you.

While rubber flooring is a great way to deaden noise, sometimes you need something to further reduce the noise of a max deadlift. For those heavy days, there are the Bells of Steel Deadlift Pads, 6-inch thick foam mats made for shock absorption and noise reduction. Another bonus on these pads is that they can help protect your flooring (and weights) if you do not want to drop a loaded barbell on it.

With each pad being 30 inches long and 23 inches wide, they are large enough to catch your weights on a drop. Just make sure to aim if you’re dropping from overhead! The noise-reducing foam will absorb the impact, and the 600-Denier polyester outer cover protects the foam from premature wear and tear.

The most common way these thick mats are used is placing them just in front of the barbell and then dropping them forward onto the pads when the lift is finished. The pads can also be low blocks and can have the Olympic barbell start raised off the floor, although Bells of Steel warns to not leave a loaded barbell resting on the pads, as it will cause the pads to wear down faster.

Speaking of wearing down, some reviews talk about the stitching of the outer cover wearing down prematurely; if this happens, Bells of Steel should have you covered, as they provide a one-year warranty with this product.

Dimensions30” L x 23” W x 6” H (each pad)
Mat thickness6”
Weight20 lbs per pad
MaterialPolyester outer cover, noise-reducing foam inner
Warranty1 year

Best Soundproof Mats for Weightlifting: Titan Fitness Silencer Drop Pads

Good for: People needing a solid soundproof pad to drop a weight from overhead

Best for Weightlifting

Titan Silencer Drop Pads

GGR Score: 4.4 starstarstarstarstar
Community Score: 4.4 starstarstarstarstar

Product Highlights

  • Reduce noise and vibration from dropping barbells
  • Easy carry handle for transportation and storage
  • Comes in a pair
  • 30" L x 24" W x 6" H
  • 22 lbs per pad
  • Weight capacity of 300 lbs

Pros & Cons


  • Reduces noise from dropping weights
  • Versatile uses including lifts and plyometrics
  • Durable cover for overhead drops
  • Dense foam
  • Easy carry handle


  • Some reviews claim stitching came apart early

Bottom Line

Titan Fitness Silencer Pads are a solid choice for reducing noise in your home gym. Durable enough for overhead drops, they'll absorb the sound and last through some significant loads.

If you are looking for a good silencer pad for a variety of lifts—including ones of the overhead variety—then the Titan Fitness Silencer Drop Pads are a solid solution. With a hefty vinyl outer cover and dense foam on the inside, these drop pads will absorb the shock and impact of heavy lifts, reducing the overall noise and making your neighbors happy.

As an Olympic weightlifter myself, I’ve broken down concrete in my garage gym through years of heavy lifting. When that has happened, I’ll use drop pads, not even for the noise reduction, but for the shock absorption. These are great for protecting your floors, too. I’ve seen some people lift on kitchen floors and drop the weights on these pads…while I wouldn’t recommend doing that, it’s a true testament to their shock absorption.

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These pads are versatile, too, and can be used for more than silencing noise. The height can be used by lifters for block work, or the pad can be used for plyometric movements like jumps. 

Titan Silencer Pads 2

Kate uses these at her gym with her personal training clients for jumps and step-ups. “Just be aware your feet will sink a little,” she says, as the pads are not completely rigid. Also, she uses these for her lifters at early or late hours to help deaden sound and not upset any neighbors.

There have been some reviews on Amazon that have complained about the stitching coming apart on the vinyl cover on one or both pads after only limited use. Purchased from their website, though, Titan will provide a one-year warranty on the silencer pads, and should be able to help you out.

Dimensions30” L x 24” W x 6” H (each pad)
Mat thickness6”
Weight22 lbs per pad
MaterialVinyl cover, dense foam inner
Warranty1 year

Best High-End Soundproof Mats: Eleiko Dampening Floor Tile

Good for: Home gym owners wanting high-end sound dampening mats for their workouts

Best High-End Mats

Eleiko Gym Floor Tile

GGR Score: 4.2 starstarstarstarstar

Product Highlights

  • Minimizes noise, vibrations, and bounce
  • Slip-resistant
  • 2 color options available
  • Interlocking design for easy installation

Pros & Cons


  • Durable flooring option for a variety of fitness spaces
  • Sturdy construction protects your investment for longevity and high performance
  • Can be used in both wet and dry environments
  • Reduces the impact of dumbbells or weights dropped on your floor
  • Engineered with a patented high-density wear layer for durability and efficiency
  • Sold individually, allows you to buy exactly what you need for your space


  • Could get a little expensive depending on the size of your gym space

Bottom Line

These floor tiles not only can be used to protect your floor and your weights, but they also add extra cushion for your body as you work through your lifting session. The interlocking design makes it easy to fit your gym space with the floor tiles and also gives it a nice overall aesthetic. By being easy to maintain and simple to use, these floor tiles are a great addition to any gym space. Although these tiles are on the expensive side, the use of high-quality materials for these floor tiles will keep your gym looking great for years to come. However, if you are trying to find tiles for your gym while on a budget, it may be best to look into other options.

Our pick for the best high-end soundproofing mats is the Eleiko Dampening Floor Tile. These rubber tiles have a slip-resistant surface and can be used in both wet and dry environments. With a thickness of just over an inch, these 2-feet-by-2-feet tiles are designed for longevity and sound dampening.

These floor tiles come in two colors: Swedish Steel and Nordic Night. As gnarly as the color names sound, it’s basically a choice between gray speckled with black, or black speckled with gray. Each tile weighs 26 pounds and is built to last; Eleiko backs thes tiles with a staggering 15-year-long warranty. You won’t find many companies providing that much confidence in their products.

The tiles are given an interlocking, modular design, and can be used with other Eleiko tiles and flooring. These tiles are a versatile solution for both smaller home gyms and large commercial gyms.

With a high-quality product like these dampening floor tiles, there also comes a high-end price tag. At $79 per tile, you are purchasing each tile for nearly $20 per square foot. If you are wanting to outfit your entire home gym with this flooring, the cost will rack up very quickly. Even lining the sides of a lifting platform with these tiles can be pricey. However, if you have the budget for these tiles, the noise reduction and durability of these tiles are worth it.

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Dimensions24” L x 24” W
Mat thickness30 mm (1.18”)
Weight12 kg (26.46 lbs)
Warranty15 years

Best Mat for Plyometrics: Gorilla Mats Shock Absorbing Exercise Mat

Good for: Fitness lovers wanting a durable mat for a variety of bodyweight and plyometric movements

Best for Plyometrics

Gorilla Mats Premium Large Exercise Mat

GGR Score: 4 starstarstarstarstar

Product Highlights

  • Non-slip grip
  • Made with durable, thick material
  • 3 colors available
  • Shock-absorbing padding
  • Protects your floors and your joints

Pros & Cons


  • Comes with 2 storage straps and a microfiber cleaning towel
  • Easily makes any area into a perfect workout space
  • Patterned-bottom surface is designed to prevent sliding on most surfaces
  • Engineered with premium materials that are eco-friendly and non-toxic
  • Creates a balance of stability and comfortable cushioning
  • Support a small, family business with each purchase


  • Some customers had issues with it slipping on certain types of carpet
  • Can get slick when wet

Bottom Line

If you do a lot of workouts at home or on the go, this mat could be a great addition to your fitness inventory. The durable material not only works to protect your floors but also gives cushioning and support to your joints and body, especially during high-intensity workouts. The included microfiber cloth makes this mat easy to clean and ready to go for your next movement session.Users liked the large size and the affordability of this mat. However, some reviews mentioned that this mat can slip on certain types of carpet and can become slick when wet. These reviews may need to be considered if you are in the market for an exercise mat.

If you are keeping your workouts indoors and with lighter weights or bodyweight movements, then the Gorilla Mats Shock Absorbing Exercise Mat is an excellent choice. Supporting a wide range of movements—push-ups, burpees, jumps, and more—this exercise mat is fantastic for getting in a quick workout in your home. 

Coming with storage straps, the mat can be rolled up when not in use; think of it almost as an oversized yoga mat you can roll up and out. Also, the mat’s bottom is patterned, designed to prevent sliding on slick surfaces like hardwood floors. The high-density ProFoam used on the mat helps absorb shock and noise, but it also helps support your joints during a strenuous home workout.

The price is substantial, at $139, but these mats are backed by a lifetime warranty, meaning they are going to last you for years to come; and if they don’t, then Gorilla Mats should help you out.

While ideal for workout programs with no weights or light dumbbells or kettlebells—Pilates, P90x, or dance workouts, for example—the thinner mat thickness and foam material won’t make these fitness mats a great option for barbell lifting. If you want to lift some heavy weights, there are better options than Gorilla Mats. Still, if you are looking for a mat to perform a variety of plyometric exercises, this is a solid pick.

Dimensions6’ L x 4’ W
Mat thickness6 mm (0.25”)
Weight14 lbs

Best Treadmill Mats: Supermats Solid PVC Mats

Good for: Those needing a durable exercise mat to place cardio equipment on

Best Treadmill Mats

SuperMats Solid P.V.C. Mat

GGR Score: 4 starstarstarstarstar

Product Highlights

  • 90” L x 36” W
  • Vinyl mat for protecting floors from exercise equipment 
  • Great for larger machines 
  • Protects floors and prolongs machine life

Pros & Cons


  • Long enough for most cardio equipment at 90”
  • Non-slip surface
  • Made in USA
  • Hefty 23-lb mat


  • Thin at .13” thick
  • Reviews state it smells like chemicals at first
  • Reviewers didn’t feel it protected their carpet

Bottom Line

The SuperMats Solid PVC mat is a large mat that will likely fit under even the largest exercise equipment. If you have carpet flooring, you may want to purchase a thicker mat.

At a length of 90 inches and a width of 3 feet, the Supermats Solid PVC Mat is a great choice as an exercise equipment mat. Ideal for treadmills, stationary bikes, and ellipticals, the dimensions of this mat will be able to hold most any piece of fitness equipment. The vinyl mat has a non-slip surface, ideal for protecting your home’s floors, as well as prolonging your fitness machine’s life.

With its non-slip surface and weighing about 23 pounds, it will stay in place, especially once a heavy machine is placed on it. The mat also dampens vibrations, which will reduce noise and prevent excessive wear on your machine.

At just over $50 dollars, this mat can be a solid budget-friendly option for a mat. However, the mat is very thin—only 0.13 inches thick. Some reviews also claimed that the thin mat did not adequately protect carpeting; additionally, there is a chemical smell at first. These reviews are definitely worth considering, but if you are looking for a good mat to lay underneath your treadmill or cardio equipment, this is a good choice for great value.

Dimensions90” L x 36” W
Mat thickness0.13”
Weight23 lbs
WarrantyNot disclosed

Other Soundproof Exercise Mats We Researched

When making lists with our top picks, not everything we look at makes it on the list. Here are a couple other mats we’ve looked at and liked, but didn’t break into our list:

  • ProSourceFit Puzzle Exercise Mat: These interlocking puzzle mats are made with a high-density EVA foam, have a non-skid texture, come in different colors, and are pretty inexpensive. Still, the puzzle edges pull apart easily, making them not ideal for fast, powerful exercises.
  • Second Skin Stomp Mat: Made of black recycled rubber, these 4-feet-by-6-feet mats come in two thicknesses: 0.25 inches or 0.5 inches. While providing good noise reduction, these mats are also expensive, at nearly $200 for the half-inch mat.

How We Picked and Tested

In deciding the best soundproof exercise mats, we researched common and top brands, looking at materials used, durability of these mats, and the dimensions. Our team of personal trainers and competitive athletes has used most, if not all, of these mats at some point in our career, so we were able to draw from that experience to decide the worth and value of these mats. After our research and experience, we were able to provide you with the list you see now.

Benefits of Soundproof Exercise Mats

There are two main benefits with soundproof exercise mats, and they go hand in hand: noise reduction and flooring or equipment protection. 

Soundproof mats and silencer pads are made to absorb shock, impact, and vibrations, which will lessen the amount of noise a cardio machine makes—like a rowing machine or exercise bike. Additionally, this shock absorption will also absorb the impact made to your floor when dropping barbells and other free weights, whether it be a concrete floor or hardwood. 

Over time, this will protect your floor as well as the equipment you’re using. Protecting equipment will improve its longevity, saving you money and heartbreak when your favorite equipment breaks down before it should.

What to Look for in Soundproof Exercise Mats

There are several things to consider when looking into the right soundproof mat for you. The first thing is to know what workouts or exercises you’re going to use an exercise mat for. Then, you can go from there.


First, you’ll need to know the dimensions of the mat you’re looking at, and how much floor you are looking to cover. If you are looking to completely cover your home gym, then a larger or cheaper option might be better; if not, maybe some smaller interlocking mats will suffice. If you’re wanting a mat for a treadmill, you’ll also need to make sure the mat will fit the treadmill on top.

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Thickness is also important here. If you are wanting to do some high-impact weightlifting on this flooring, a thicker mat will be needed to properly absorb the impact and reduce noise. If you are using your mat for mostly bodyweight exercises or plyometrics, then a thinner mat should be sufficient.


What kind of materials should your exercise mats be made of? It depends on the use. Rubber is most common for gym flooring, as well as heavy lifting. However, plyometric mats will use an EVA foam or similar material for noise reduction as well as helping reduce joint impact.

If you are considering silencer pads, they should have a heavy-duty outer cover to protect the inner, which should be a dense, noise-reducing foam.

Best Soundproof Exercise Mats FAQs

Do exercise mats reduce noise?

Some exercise mats certainly can. Exercise mats may not completely silence a bar dropping, but they can absorb some of the impact of you or a barbell, which will absorb some vibrations and reduce noise along with it.

What type of mat is best for soundproofing?

The best exercise mat will depend on the type of exercise you’re wanting to perform. Here are our picks for the best soundproof exercise mats, covering a variety of uses:

Best Overall Soundproof Exercise Mats: Tractor Supply Horse Stall Mats
-Best Soundproof Mats for Deadlifting: Bells of Steel Deadlift Pads
-Best Soundproof Mats for Weightlifting: Titan Fitness Silencer Drop Pad Set
-Best High-End Soundproof Mats: Eleiko Dampening Floor Tile
-Best Mats for Plyometrics: Gorilla Shock Absorbing Exercise Mat
-Best Treadmill Mats: SuperMats Solid P.V.C. Mat for Treadmill

What are the benefits of exercise mats?

Exercise mats are great for reducing noise in certain movements. Upon impact, the mat is made to absorb some of the shock, which will help reduce the amount of noise made. Additionally, reducing the impact will help protect your flooring underneath the mat, as well as protect the gym equipment you’re using.

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