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It’s easy to get excited about all the fun stuff when building your first home gym—barbells, weight plates, dumbbells, squat racks, and kettlebells, for example—but you also need to remember the important and not-so-sexy items like plate trees. 

Unless you have a squat rack with weight storage, it’s a necessary item to make sure your plates aren’t just chilling on your home gym flooring. 

When searching for the best plate tree for your home gym, there are a few things you should take into consideration: space, weight capacity, and design. No matter your preference or need, we’re sure you’ll find an option on this roundup.  

Make Like a Tree and Leaf the Home Gym Expertise to Us 

You may be wondering to yourself, “Who spends this much time thinking about things like plate trees?” and the answer is a group of certified personal trainers, competitive weightlifters, and CrossFit Level 1 Trainers who have spent years perfecting their home gyms—i.e., the Garage Gym Reviews team.

The Best Plate Trees for Home Gyms 

Best Overall Plate Tree: REP Fitness Bar and Bumper Plate Tree 

Good for: Any home gym owner looking to organize their barbells and weight plates 

Best Overall
REP Bar and Bumper Plate Tree
REP Bar and Bumper Plate Tree

The Rep Fitness Plate tree has 6 weight pegs total, which fit bumper plates on every level. Each peg is chrome coated so that the plates slide on and off very easily, and there is no flaking paint from constant use. With both a front and rear barbell tube, it also holds two barbells! The plate tree is perfect for storing all of your home gym needs, or for cleaning up your commercial gym's space.Specifications:Dims: 24" long x 24" wide x 50" tall, 35 lbs 850 lb capacity


  • Holds up to 850 lbs 
  • 10-minute assembly 
  • Included barbell storage


  • Only 8.25 inches of loadable space per peg  
  • Some complaints that it wobbles 
  • No wheels 

The REP Fitness Bar and Bumper Plate Tree is our top pick for the best plate tree for most home gym owners because it comes with included barbell storage, which isn’t guaranteed with all storage trees, and it has a weight capacity of 850 pounds. 

That should be more than enough for most home gym trainees and the $170 price tag is actually pretty decent for a plate tree, especially one as versatile as this. The powder coat finish also gives this storage post a sleek look. 

One of the biggest advantages of this plate tree is its quick assembly. Most users reported having it put together in under 10 minutes. 

And while this is our favorite plate tree, like anything else it has its flaws. Most users reported that the 8.25 inches of loadable space per peg was a bit short for thicker bumper plates, and there were multiple complaints of it wobbling when sliding plates on and off. It wasn’t anything dangerous though it can be a nuisance at times.

Best Budget Plate Tree: CAP Barbell 2-Inch Plate Tree 

Good for: Those looking for a budget-friendly plate tree 

Best Budget Plate Tree
CAP Barbell 2-Inch Plate Tree
CAP Barbell 2-Inch Plate Tree

The CAP Barbell 2-Inch Plate Tree is a budget-friendly, yet heavy-duty plate tree that has a 500-pound weight capacity. While that's not the strongest plate holder on the market, it's more than enough for many home gym owners who are just looking to make sure their weight plates stay off the ground.There are seven powder-coated storage pegs that can hold plates ranging from 2.5 to 45 pounds, though it's not meant for bumper plates. Users reported that the tree is very stable when sliding plates on and off.The only major downfall of this weight tree is that it doesn't come with a bar holder.


  • 7 storage pegs 
  • Under $100 
  • Free shipping and returns for Amazon Prime members


  • Not intended for bumper plates 
  • Only has a 500-lb capacity  
  • No bar holder

We’ve always said that you’ll sacrifice some quality with budget home gym equipment but the CAP Barbell 2-Inch Plate Tree actually does a pretty good job for a heavy-duty piece of equipment that costs around $60. There are seven powder-coated storage pegs, so you can load plates from 2.5 pounds up to 45 pounds. 

Although there were some user complaints about this product (and we’ll get to those in a second), the stability wasn’t one of them. Most users said the plate tree, made of durable steel, did a good job of staying still when taking plates on and off and that the construction was pretty good for its price point. 

The downsides of this plate tree are that it only has a 500-pound weight capacity, which should be fine for most home gym owners but it’s always nice to have a little more for when you get stronger. It’s also too small for bumper plates and there’s no included barbell holder, though you can always rest those on your power rack’s J-cups. 

Best Plate Tree With Wheels: XMark Weight Plate Tree

Good for: Anyone who needs an easily portable plate tree with barbell storage 

Wheely Good
XMark Weight Plate Tree
XMark Weight Plate Tree

The XMark Weight Plate Tree comes with four lockable caster wheels so it can move around your home gym when you want it to and stay put when you need it to stay in place. Reviewers said this plate tree is incredibly stable, and it boasts a 750-pound weight capacity with two Olympic barbell pegs.While it's not the cheapest plate tree out there—you'll have to shell out around $250—the cost might be worth it to some people who are looking for a little extra convenience.Although it'll work great with Olympic weight plates, this particular model is not meant for bumper plates (though XMark makes a similar version that can be used with bumper, but it only has four pegs and one barbell holder).


  • Comes with wheels for easy portability 
  • Included barbell storage 
  • Lockable caster wheels prevent movement when you don’t want it 
  • 750-pound weight capacity 


  • Costs more than $200  
  • Somewhat difficult assembly
  • Not the best for bumper plates 

Whether you’re someone who’s working with minimal space and needs to move equipment around frequently, or you like the convenience of rolling your weight plates next to your workout station, the XMark Weight Plate Tree is the pick for you. 

This plate tree comes with four caster wheels that can be locked to keep it still when you don’t want it moving. It also has an impressive 750-pound weight capacity and two pegs for your barbells

Reviewers were impressed with the construction of this plate tree and said they expect it to last quite a while. 

There were some complaints that the pegs’ spacing caused it not to be the best for bumper plates, though that might not be a problem if you store the smaller plates on the upper pegs. It’s also the most expensive option on this list, at around $240. 

Is it worth it? It depends on what level of convenience you’re looking for in your home gym.

Best Horizontal Weight Plate Rack: Steelbody Horizontal Plate and Olympic Bar Rack Organizer

Good for: Home gym owners who prefer horizontal plate trees over vertical plate trees

Horizontal Weight Rack
Steelbody Horizontal Plate and Olympic Bar Rack Organizer
Steelbody Horizontal Plate and Olympic Bar Rack Organizer

The Steelbody Horizontal Plate and Olympic Bar Rack Organizer is a good choice if you're someone who doesn't have too many weight plates but still wants a simple and easy way to keep them tidy. And it's hard to say just how many plates you'll be able to store on this thing since it'll depend on how thick they are.If you're working with thin plates, you should be able to hold up to 300 pounds. It also comes with barbell storage and convenient wheels for easy portability.


  • Compact footprint 
  • Included barbell storage
  • Built-in wheels for easy portability


  • Can only hold up to 300 lbs  
  • Only available in brown (which may not be everyone’s favorite color) 
  • Some complaints of poor craftsmanship

If you’re someone who’s worried about weight plates falling off your plate tree and injuring passerbys’ toes, a horizontal plate storage rack like the Steelbody Horizontal Plate and Olympic Bar Rack Organizer might be a better option. 

But before we go any further, allow us to say this: This is not the choice for serious lifters. The plate tree’s dimensions only allow for up to 300 pounds of weight plates to be stored, which may be reduced depending on the thickness of your plates. 

For those who just want a convenient way to store their plates, this one will do the job just fine at around $85. It also comes with barbell storage and wheels for easy maneuverability. 

There were a few complaints of shoddy craftsmanship on this plate tree, with multiple users saying it fell apart on them shortly after they received it. It’s also only available in brown, which may not matter to some people but there are home gym owners out there who like to color-coordinate their workout space.  

Best Compact Plate Tree: Titan Fitness Wall Mounted 4-Peg Olympic Bumper Plate Weight Rack 

Good for: People in compact home gyms 

On the Walls
Titan Fitness Wall Mounted 4-Peg Olympic Bumper Plate Weight Rack
Titan Fitness Wall Mounted 4-Peg Olympic Bumper Plate Weight Rack

For those working with limited floor space, the Titan Fitness Wall-Mounted 4-Peg Olympic Bumper Plate Weight Rack is a perfect choice for your weight plate storage needs. Although "bumper plate" is in the name this rack will work well with just about any type of plate you put on it, thanks to the 200-pound weight capacity of each peg.Garage Gym Reviews Head of Content Kate Meier said installation only took her about 20 minutes, but some other customers have said extra steps were involved (though that may come down to how far apart your studs are).At around $70, this is a great value for a heavy-duty wall-mounted rack.


  • Space-saving design 
  • Costs under $100 
  • Each peg can hold up to 200 lbs 


  • Some complaints that rubber end caps fall off easily
  • Depending on how your studs are placed, may require extra steps for installation 
  • Not the best for those who use thick bumper plates

The Titan Fitness Wall Mounted 4-Peg Olympic Bumper Plate Weight Rack is the plate tree of choice for Garage Gym Reviews Head of Content Kate Meier, who built her own home gym in her backyard. 

“Probably the most beneficial thing with the wall-mounted rack is how space-efficient it is, because you minimize the amount of floor space the weights need,” Kate says. “They are easy to put together (just a few short steps) and to install. From start to finish, it only took us about 20 minutes to put these in place in my home gym.”

For an Olympic weight tree that only costs around $70, it’s impressive how much weight this can withstand—200 pounds per peg, to be exact. Talk about functionality meeting affordability. 

And while Kate didn’t have any problems, some users reported that some extra steps were required in installing their Olympic plate tree (such as screwing a piece of plywood into the wall for extra stability). That’s going to depend on your stud spacing and how thick your walls are, but there weren’t many complaints of instability.

Best 1-inch Weight Plate Tree: Marcy Standard Weight Plate Tree

Good for: Anyone who trains with 1-inch weight plates

One Inch Plate Tree
Marcy Standard Weight Plate Tree
Marcy Standard Weight Plate Tree

Although standard plate trees will work with one-inch plates the Marcy Standard Weight Plate Tree ensures there's no slop for lifters who lift with such plates. At under $50, it's one of the most budget-friendly plate trees that we recommend.With easy assembly and Prime shipping, you'll be able to get this plate tree in your home gym in no time. However, you should be aware it only has a 300-pound weight capacity and some reviewers have complained that it doesn't sit flush with the floor at all times.


  • Some users report it also works well with 2-inch weight plates 
  • Costs under $50 
  • Easy assembly


  • Only holds up to 300 lbs  
  • No barbell storage 
  • Some complaints that it doesn’t sit flush with the floor

Technically any plate tree can be used for 1-inch plates, but the plates might slide around on those built for 2-inch plates. If you’re someone who lifts with the former, we recommend the Marcy Standard Weight Plate Tree. 

Some users even reported that the tree worked well with some 2-inch weight plates, though not if you’re using thick bumper plates. It also costs $40 (with free shipping and returns for Amazon Prime members) and reportedly is easy to put together. 

As with the other budget-friendly options on this list, it does come with a smaller weight capacity (300 pounds) and no barbell storage. Some reviewers also commented that it doesn’t sit flush with the floor at all times, but again, you can’t expect much from a piece of equipment that costs less than filling up your car’s gas tank.

Best Wall-Mounted Plate Tree: PRx Weight Plate Wall Storage

Good for: Those who want their weight plates off the floor 

Compact Plate Tree
PRx Weight Plate Wall Storage
PRx Weight Plate Wall Storage

The PRx Weight Plate Wall Storage racks are customizable, giving customers the option to pick between three or four pegs and the optional weight wings. The weight wings allow for additional storage out of the way of the vertical pegs.PRx states each peg is capable of holding two 45-pound crumb rubber plats but doesn't offer much else in terms of this rack's weight capacity. It may not be the best choice for those with bumper plates but should work just fine for those using thinner Olympic ones. 


  • Can pick between 3 or 4 weight pegs
  • Weight wing extensions available 
  • Mounting hardware included


  • Not the best for bumper plates  
  • No listed weight capacity 
  • Multiple complaints of hardware arriving damaged

The PRx Weight Plate Wall Storage is the best pick for those who need to make the most out of their floor space. You can pick between three and four weight pegs, with optional weight wing extensions for each. 

The weight wings are essentially extra plate holders that are out of the way of the vertical pegs, allowing you to fit more weight on these trees. That said, we’re unsure just how many plate sets these things can hold. 

PRx only says each peg can hold two 45-pound crumb rubber plates but that you can fit more if your plates are thinner—yeah, that’s not much help. Suffice it to say this isn’t the best pick for people who use bumper plates, but if you’re using Olympic weight plates you should be just fine. 

Most reviewers said installation was a breeze, though there were some complaints of the trees, or the boxes they were shipped in, arriving in damaged condition. 

How We Picked the Best Plate Tree 

We always want to be honest with you and so we’ll let you know that this is one of those rare times we did not test most of the products on this list. Kate has used the Titan Fitness Wall Mounted 4-Peg Olympic Bumper Plate Weight Rack, but other than that, we spent hours scouring all the weight plate trees on the market to come up with our list. 

How can we determine which ones are best without trying them? The same way Gordon Ramsay can look at a steak and know whether it’s raw or not—we’ve been doing this a while, so we know what to look for. 

Weight Capacity

The most important factor when considering a plate tree is how much weight it can hold. We wouldn’t recommend anything that could only hold 100 pounds, but we understand that not everyone is lifting several hundred kilos and may not need a tree that strong. We wanted to find options that ran the gamut. 

Barbell Storage

Barbell storage isn’t a necessity on plate trees, but if you have multiple Olympic barbells, it’s a nice thing to have. 


As always, we tried to give budget-friendly options as well as choices for those who have a little extra cash to spend. 

Standing vs Wall-Mounted

Those with larger home gyms will be OK with a traditional plate tree while those looking for compact exercise equipment will want to go for a wall-mounted option to help maximize their floor space. This is why we gave options for both. 

Why You Should Have a Plate Tree in Your Home Gym

Strictly speaking, not everyone needs a plate tree in their home gym. Plate trees are necessary for those who have squat racks with no weight plate storage space or those with no squat rack at all. 

Sure, you could just leave your weight plates on the floor but nobody wants to look at that. 

How to Choose the Best Plate Tree for You

Still not sure which of our options is best for you? Here’s how to figure it out. 


Obviously you’ll want to make sure whatever you buy fits your budget. Most weight plate trees will cost under $200, though many can even be found for under $100 or even $50—just remember the lower in price you go the lower the weight capacity will be.

Weight capacity 

This should be a no-brainer, but stronger people will want a plate tree with a higher weight capacity while those who aren’t looking to PR every other month will do just fine with something that can hold up to 300 too 500 pounds. 

Peg Diameter

Certain plate trees may not work for certain weight plates, so check your plates’ diameter and make sure the pegs on the plate tree can fit them. 

Wall-Mounted vs Floor 

This will come down to how much space you have. If you’re working out of a tiny home gym we’d recommend going with a wall-mounted option.

Best Plate Tree FAQs

Is it possible to overload a plate tree? 

You absolutely can. Weight plate trees have listed weight capacities and loading them with anything heavier than that increases the risk of the pegs falling off or the plate tree falling over.

Do I need a weight plate tree if I only use a few different plates?

That depends on whether you have a squat rack with weight plate storage or if you’re OK with them just lying on the floor. We’d recommend getting one because it helps make your home gym look a little nicer and feel more organized.

What is a plate tree? 

A plate tree is a piece of equipment used to hold weight plates and sometimes barbells. 

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