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Here at Garage Gym Reviews, we love testing everything we can get our hands on, especially when we see something unusual or innovative. After all, there are only so many things you can do to change a barbell or squat rack. When we get to test something that we rarely see, it’s always exciting. 

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In this BenchK Wall Bars review, I’ll share our testing experience with one of the more interesting pieces of equipment we’ve come across. The BenchK multifunctional wall bars are designed to provide a versatile, challenging workout without taking over your gym space…but how did they hold up to our testing?

I’ll explain the pros and cons of this space-saving gym equipment, our initial reaction, what we thought after extensive testing, and finally, help you decide if this piece of equipment is worth adding to your home gym.

Hands-On Testing From Equipment Experts

Here at GGR, every product review is based on rigorous hands-on testing from our team of experts. We have years of experience using a variety of equipment, and our testers include certified personal trainers, gym owners, registered dietitians, CrossFit enthusiasts, and Olympic weightlifters.

For this review, our tester was Lindsay Scheele, CPT, who you may recognize as the face of our Garage Gym Reviews Everything YouTube channel.

Lindsay spent time using the BenchK Wall Bars, taking careful notes and rating them based on our fitness equipment testing methodology. Our methodology looks at various aspects of a product, including: 

  • Durability
  • Construction
  • Functionality
  • Ease of Use
  • Versatility

BenchK Wall Bars

BenchK Wall Bars

GGR Score: 3.67 starstarstarstarstar

Product Highlights

  • Versatile training equipment
  • Plenty of attachments
  • Durable design
  • The price can be expensive
  • Installation requires two people

Pros & Cons


  • Versatile design
  • Sturdy construction
  • Plenty of available attachments
  • Great customer support


  • Expensive
  • Not intuitive to use
  • Bench attachment is uncomfortable

Bottom Line

The BenchK Wall Bars are inspired by traditional Swedish gymnastics ladders. They offer a versatile home training solution, especially if you purchase the optional attachments.

A Quick Look at the BenchK Wall Bars

The BenchK Wall Bars are a unique piece of equipment, especially with all the attachments you can use. In fact, when Lindsay first began testing these bars, she wasn’t sure exactly what to do with the various accessories. She quickly figured out how it works, and was impressed with many aspects.

The Wall Bars need to be carefully installed on a sturdy wall. Once you have them set up, there’s plenty of versatility for your workouts. You can use them as a climbing wall, squat rack, pull-up bar, calisthenics bar, and everything in between. 

I’ll admit that I thought these were a new product, as I’ve never seen anything like this in any gym I’ve visited. After some research, I learned that wall bars, or Swedish ladders, were invented in Sweden in the 18th century. They’re designed to provide a versatile home workout for all sorts of fitness goals. 

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There are a lot of ways to order the wall bars with different accessory packages. If you’re looking for the same package we tested, you’ll need to spend over $2,700–but even that doesn’t include all of the possible accessories. That said, if you don’t have a tight budget and want a versatile piece of equipment designed to save space, they’re an interesting option worth considering.

Before You Buy

  • You need two people to safely install the wallbars, and the attachments aren’t always intuitive to use. However, BenchK has fantastic customer support.
  • The bars come in a wide variety of price points ranging from $635 to $2,735 or more, depending on the attachments.
  • You’ll need to purchase a separate wall-mounted kit.

BenchK Wall Bars Video Review

Are the BenchK Wall Bars Worth It?

The BenchK Wall Bars aren’t cheap, but depending on your goals, space, and who will use the equipment, they may be a good investment for your home. 

Great for:

  • Those looking for an all-in-one piece of equipment
  • People who love bodyweight training
  • People comfortable with home installation

Not recommended for:

  • People who want a fully customizable incline bench
  • Those who primarily focus on strength training
  • Anyone who doesn’t have a dedicated, sturdy wall for installation

BenchK Wall Bars Specs

Footprint26 ⅜” W x 94 ½” H x 27 ⅛” D
Weight134 lbs
Maximum user weight330 lbs
Space needed98 ½” installation height
MaterialsSteel, beechwood, polyurethane
Warranty10-year warranty on metal elements, 2-year warranty on other elements

Workout Experience With the BenchK Wall Bars

All right, let’s get to how it felt to use the wall bars. We tested the BenchK 700 series wall bars and received a kit that includes a bench, dip bar, and pull-up bar.

Overall, Lindsay feels these are great for those who want to focus on calisthenics or gymnastic movements. They’re not meant for those whose primary activity is lifting weights. 

A person doing bench presses on the BenchK Wall Bars.

She said, “If you’re into calisthenics then I can see some value here, but if you are wanting more of a typical weight lifting gym (they show people using weights with this machine on videos), I think it’s a miss. The biggest road block for me was trying to figure out where to start, and what all this had to offer. It really is quite versatile, but just not very intuitive.”

Specifically, she noted that the bench wasn’t very comfortable, and many of the attachments were difficult to install without looking up instructions. Even though she had a lot of fun doing different bodyweight movements, she doesn’t recommend this for those who primarily lift weights. 

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Durability and Construction

For the overall durability, the BenchK Wall Bars earn a 5-out-of-5 rating. 

Lindsay said that even though the installation was tricky, all the parts felt extremely sturdy and durable once it was done. The support beams are steel, with hand-oiled solid beechwood bars in the ladder. The fixed steel 6-grip pull-up bar was very durable.

A person does a hand stand against the BenchK Wall Bars.

Our team was able to install the bars very securely in our testing warehouse. Lindsay felt that if the installation wasn’t done perfectly, the bars would be unstable and unsafe to use. You’ll want to make sure you have the proper support to install this.


For the ergonomics and working out with this equipment, Lindsay gave the BenchK Wall Bars a score of 3-out-of-5. 

Unlike a cable machine or functional trainer, you’ll primarily be using your own body weight, unless you’re using the bench to lift weights. However, even with bodyweight training, Lindsay had a few issues with the functionality of these wall bars.

Lindsay Scheele, CPT does chin-ups with the BenchK Wall Bars.

Her first gripe was with the pull-up bar. The neutral-grip variation is located inside the pull-up handles. While she didn’t have any issues, she noted that larger individuals may find the ladder gets in the way when performing pull-ups or chin-ups. 

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She wasn’t impressed with the workout bench, saying “I hated the bench. It provided no cushioning whatsoever. It’s fine if you were doing a flat dumbbell bench or bent over rows or something like that, but when I went to do any decline movements, I really noticed how uncomfortable the bench is.” 


For versatility, these wall bars earned a 4-out-of-5 score. 

Each attachment has multiple adjustments and can be installed anywhere on the ladder. Lindsay was also able to attach some of the best resistance bands to do stretching, lat pulldowns, and row variations. With the variable pull-up bar height, you could also use something like a TRX suspension trainer to perform even more exercises.

The attachments can be mounted to any of the beechwood rungs, offering a great full-body workout for users of any height. The pull-up bar also serves as a barbell holder. You can perform all sorts of barbell exercises, though the maximum barbell weight is 441 pounds.

A person adjusts the BenchK Wall Bars.

One thing to keep in mind is that the barbell holder is narrower than a traditional power rack. The width of the entire Wall Bar unit is only 26 ⅜ inches, and the barbell holder is slightly narrower than that, so individuals with wide shoulders may have difficulty getting under the bar for a squat, or taking a certain grips on a bench press.

Now, it’s worth calling out that the base unit only includes the ladder, so you’ll need to buy those attachments as needed to unlock all of the features, but if you’re willing to spend some money, the versatility is great.

Lindsay also pointed out that BenchK sells attachments for kids, like a small desk, and that this would be a fun piece of equipment that kids would enjoy playing with.

BenchK Wall Bars vs Rogue Stall Bar 3.0

The most similar option I could find is the Rogue Stall Bar 3.0, another piece of equipment that’s inspired by traditional Swedish Ladders. 

The Rogue Stall Bar is available in a wall-mounted design, similar to the BenchK stall bars, and can also be attached to an existing power rack or rig. However, Rogue notes this is only compatible with the Rogue Monster Lite and Rogue Infinity Series

It comes with a pull-up bar, but unlike BenchK, Rogue doesn’t sell any additional attachments. The Rogue Stall Bar 3.0 ranges from $595 to $1,050, depending on the configuration, so it’s cheaper than the fully-equipped BenchK Wall Bars.

Overall, the BenchK Wall Bar is a better choice for those who want additional attachments. The Rogue Stall Bar is best for those who want to spend a little less money, or already have a Rogue Monster Lite or Infinity Series rig. 

BenchK Wall BarsRogue Stall Bar 3.0
Footprint26 ⅜” W x 94 ½” H x 27 ⅛” D43″ W x 90″ H 
Weight134 lbs170 lbs
Maximum user weight330 lbsNot disclosed
Space needed98.5” installation heightNot disclosed
Warranty10-year warranty on metal elements, 2-year warranty on other elementsLimited lifetime warranty (not confirmed by Rogue)

Customer Experience 

The customer experience is very impressive, earning 4 out of 5 stars. 

Lindsay wasn’t sure how to use certain attachments, and assembly wasn’t very intuitive. When she called customer support, though, they answered the phone immediately and were very helpful. 

Shipping is free to the contiguous United States. BenchK will accept returns within 30 days, though the product must be unopened and unused. You’ll also need to pay for your return shipping.

Ordering and Assembling the BenchK Wall Bars

Shipping is free when you order from BenchK, and you can finance your purchase at checkout with Affirm. Orders ship within 3-5 business days of your order date. BenchK is based in Poland, but orders ship from the USA and include an assembly kit for safe installation.

Lindsay said the assembly wasn’t very simple and required two people. The order arrived in multiple boxes, and she and her friend needed a mallet to secure the parts. You’ll want to ensure you have one handy. 

The BenchK Wall Bars set up for an incline bench.

There’s a minimum installation height of 98.5 inches, and you’ll need to ensure you have the proper studs for safe installation. Overall, the assembly earned 3 out of 5 stars. 

Customer Reviews

Unfortunately, the BenchK website doesn’t allow customers to leave reviews. It’s not sold at any other major retailers, so we can’t provide a customer review score.

Final Verdict of Our BenchK Wall Bars Review

The BenchK Wall Bars are a versatile piece of equipment, especially if you buy attachments, like the pull-up bar, dip bar, and bench. 

Using these attachments isn’t always intuitive, but once you get the hang of it, there’s plenty you can do with these bars. Plus, customer support will help you if you get stuck. It’s not cheap, but it’s worth the cost if you love calisthenics training. 

  • The prices range from $635 to $2,735 or more, depending on the attachments you choose.
  • You’ll need a sturdy wall and two people to safely install this unit. 
  • While the bench isn’t the most comfortable bench we’ve tried, the pull-up bar, dip bar, and overall structure feel very durable and sturdy. 

Full Rating

BenchK Wall Bars

The BenchK Wall Bars are inspired by traditional Swedish gymnastics ladders. They offer a versatile home training solution, especially if you purchase the optional attachments.

Product Brand: BenchK

Product Currency: $

Product Price: 2735.00

Product In-Stock: InStock

Editor's Rating:

BenchK Wall Bars Rating

Value – 3
Durability and Construction – 5
Ergonomics – 3
Versatility – 4
Assembly – 3
Customer Experience – 4
Customer Reviews – 0
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BenchK Wall Bars: FAQs

What are wall bars?

Wall bars are inspired by traditional Swedish gymnastic ladders. They can be used to perform a variety of bodyweight exercises with the ladder bars. Some wall bars, like the BenchK Wall Bars, also offer attachments like a dip bar or pull-up bar.

Are the BenchK Wall Bars worth it?

Even though they can be expensive, the BenchK Wall Bars are a good option for anyone who primarily trains with their body weight and wants a versatile piece of equipment to enhance their training.

Are wall bars better than a squat rack?

Wall bars are different than a squat rack in that they are primarily meant for bodyweight exercises and calisthenics, even though they often feature adjustable attachments. Squat racks are meant for holding a barbell. While they may also have a pull-up bar and other attachments, they’re mostly designed for barbell work.

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