For 2019, we've gone back to the drawing board to assess what has come out. After using the Titan SSB V2 for 6 months, it's become obvious that's every bit as good as our previous Top Pick, the EliteFTS SS Yoke Bar, but at a much, much lower price.

After researching 14 Safety Squat Bars and testing 7 of them during training sessions featuring squats (regular, box, and front,) good mornings, lunges, JM Presses and more, we think that the Titan Safety Squat Bar V2 is the best Safety Squat Bar for most people. Our previous pick was the EliteFTS SS Yoke Bar; although we still love the SS Yoke, version two of the Titan SSB is almost identical at a much lower price, especially when shipping is considered. It features heavy-duty steel, removable handles, thick padding, and chrome plating. There isn't a warranty which is unfortunate, but we doubt you'll ever need to use it.

The Purpose of the Safety Squat Bar

How to Use a Safety Squat Bar

What to Look for in a Safety Squat Bar

The Top Pick: Titan Safety Squat Olympic Bar V2

The Runner-Up: EliteFTS SS Yoke Bar

Upgrade Pick: Kabuki Strength Transformer Bar

Another Option: Rogue Safety Squat Bar

How could Safety Squat Bars be Improved?

The Competition

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