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Peloton came out with strong marketing during the pandemic that put their premium indoor exercise bike ahead of the indoor cycling competition. However, they now have plenty of competition for high-end exercise bikes with integrated programming from Stryde, Echelon, Bowflex and Nordictrack. 

The Stryde Bike—one of many worthy Peloton alternatives—and Peloton go head-to-head in a number of categories, including screen size, resistance levels, warranty and more. However, there are some important, though small, differences that could make one a better fit for you than the other. 

Before you invest your money, take a look at Stryde vs Peloton to see if one of these bikes, which could be considered two of the best exercise bikes on the market, is right for you. We’ve thoroughly tested and reviewed both, and we’re here to spill our knowledge. 

Editor’s note: Peloton in May 2023 announced a voluntary recall of all original Peloton Bikes sold from January 2018 to May 2023 because of a defect with the seat post that causes it to break while in use. Peloton has identified 35 reports of broken seats, resulting in 13 injuries including a wrist fracture, lacerations and bruises.

The original Peloton Bike can be identified by “its PL-01 model number on the label located on the inside front fork (near the flywheel), the red ‘P’ logo followed by the white-colored’ ‘Peloton’ brand name on the Bike’s frame, and by its non-swivel display.” 

If your bike is impacted or if you have any questions, call Peloton’s support team toll-free at 866-679-9129 from 6 a.m. to 12 a.m. ET, 7 days a week or by visiting onepeloton.com and clicking on Product Recalls at the bottom of the page.

Quick Look: Stryde vs Peloton

The Stryde Bike and Peloton are both fairly sizable investments for an indoor cycling bike. For that reason, these models are for those who will use a fitness bike for the majority of their fitness needs. In some cases, they can replace a gym membership, thanks to their integrated programming with live and on-demand classes and leaderboards. The versatility of the programming goes beyond bike workouts for strength, floor, yoga and HIIT. 

stryde bike rear view
Stryde Bike

The Stryde’s specs match the Peloton’s on many accounts. However, a few key places to notice differences are in the programming options and the maximum user weight. The Stryde’s 21.5-inch HD touchscreen can stream the Stryde app for $29.99 per month, or it can stream other fitness apps and streaming services, like Netflix, if you want to catch up on your favorite show while you ride. The Stryde will also work without any app at all, which can save money on a monthly subscription.  

Peloton’s app is still one of the absolute best on the market. From its instructors to the types and variety of classes they offer, it’s a motivating app that’s hard to beat. Peloton also offers different packages that can include extras like Peloton cycling shoes (which you have to buy to use the bike), dumbbells, bike mat, heart rate band and/or a yoga mat. However, those packages can take the price point from $1,495 to over $2,500. Plus, the Peloton app is required to use the bike and a monthly subscription comes in at $44, which increases the overall cost of the bike. 

An image of the Peloton bike
Peloton Bike

Stryde vs Peloton Comparison Chart

Footprint49.5” L x 24” W x 46” H59”  L x 23” W x 53” H 
Weight135 lbs135 lbs
Display21.5-inch HD touchscreen21.5-inch HD touchscreen
Resistance100 levels of magnetic resistance with manual knob100 levels of magnetic resistance with manual knob
Flywheel30.5 pounds38 pounds
PedalsSPD pedals with toe cagesDelta-compatible aluminum 
Seat adjustmentVertically and horizontallyVertically and horizontally 
Handlebar adjustmentVerticallyVertically
Device Holder NoNo
Water Bottle Holder YesYes
Max User Weight350 pounds297 pounds
Connectivity WiFi and BluetoothWiFi and Bluetooth
ProgrammingStryde and other appsPeloton 
Heart Rate Monitoring NoYes (must purchase your own band or strap)
Dumbbells NoCost extra 
Warranty 5-year frame, 12-month parts, 12-month labor, 12-month touchscreen5-year frame, 1-year touchscreen, components, pedals, and labor 

Who Should Buy the Stryde Bike

  • Users who want the option to stream or use different fitness apps
  • Users who will primarily use the Stryde bike for their fitness needs
  • Families who need a bike to fit multiple users
  • Users who prefer the option to wear bike cleats or running shoes

Stryde Bike

Stryde Bike

Product Highlights

  • Smart exercise bike with magnetic resistance 
  • 21.5” HD touchscreen
  • Can use the Stryde app for programming or stream other apps like Peloton 
  • Stryde app costs $29/month

Pros & Cons


  • Stream live fitness classes
  • Large tablet touchscreen
  • Magnetic resistance
  • Heavier weight capacity 350 lbs
  • Community leaderboards for competition


  • Monthly Stryde subscription at $29 per month
  • Software on the bike is not as advanced as competitors

Bottom Line

Overall, reviews say that the Stryde Bike is a quality machine that produces a smooth and quiet ride. This bike is created more for the everyday rider and even though it comes with a large tablet screen, you are not locked into a membership with the company to get workouts.

Who Should Buy the Peloton Bike

  • Devotees of a boutique cycling class
  • Users motivated by competition
  • Users who will primarily use the Peloton Bike for their fitness needs

Peloton Bike

Peloton Indoor Exercise Bike

Community Score: 5 starstarstarstarstar

Product Highlights

  • 21.5" touchscreen for immersive training
  • Live classes and on-demand cycling sessions
  • Leaderboard-style competition
  • Adjustable screen, seat, and handlebars
  • 5-megapixel front-facing camera
  • Bluetooth connectivity

Pros & Cons


  • Immersive experience
  • Access to thousands of classes, challenges, and a large variety of workout options
  • Compact footprint
  • Sleek design
  • Financing options
  • “Try before you buy” option


  • Disappointing warranty
  • Membership is required to use bike
  • Expensive
  • Shipping is not included

Bottom Line

One of the more expensive options for virtual biking, the Peloton Bike is designed to be an all-in-one fitness solution on a high-quality cardio machine. You’re paying not only for the bike, but the unique training experience it makes accessible from the comfort of your home.

Key Similarities Between Stryde and Peloton

  • 21.5-inch HD touchscreen
  • 100 resistance levels with manual resistance knob
  • Solid frame build
  • Horizontal and vertical seat adjustment
  • Vertical handlebar adjustment
  • WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity
  • Silent magnetic resistance system
  • Five-year frame warranty, 12-month warranty on parts, labor and screen
  • Smooth, quiet, comfortable ride 

Important Differences Between Stryde and Peloton

  • Stryde can stream other fitness and streaming apps
  • Quality of the Peloton instructors is superior
  • 295-pound maximum user weight for the Peloton versus a 350-pound maximum user weight for the Stryde bike
  • 30.5-pound flywheel on the Stryde versus a 38.5-pound flywheel on the Peloton
  • Stryde works with cycling cleats or standard running shoes whereas Peloton requires clip-in SPD cycling shoes

Built-In Programming & Community Access

Programming and community access are probably the biggest difference between these two home fitness machines. For many people, their final decision will come down to their workout style and how they feel about each of these bikes’ native platforms and apps. 

The Stryde comes with the Stryde app, which includes cycling classes (and other fitness classes), leaderboards, and access to your workout history. The instructors aren’t the same quality as Peloton, but there are lots of options that will provide a good workout. However, where this machine really shines is the option to connect to other fitness apps. You can use the Peloton app on the Stryde bike as well iFIT and any others to which you have a subscription, expanding your home gym options. 

touchscreen stryde bike
Stryde Bike home screen

Not only that, you can watch streaming services like Netflix to pass the time. The other perk is you don’t have to use a fitness app to run the bike. There’s a tab in the Stryde app that shows your stats, like distance and speed, even if you don’t have a Stryde membership. The bike will still monitor your metrics even if you don’t use programming, which means you don’t have to pay a monthly subscription if you’re happy with a free ride experience where resistance is all up to you. 

The Peloton app, on the other hand, offers an exclusive experience. You can only connect to the Peloton app on the Peloton Bike, and you have to pay the monthly Peloton subscription for the bike to monitor and record your stats. However, our expert product testers think Peloton’s app is one of the best available, especially for cycling. 

Home peloton page

The instructors consistently get high ratings for the quality of the workouts, and the variety of class offerings is pretty impressive. You get the option of going on rides through historic locations in addition to studio cycle classes. There are also live classes, on-demand classes and access to leaderboards. The app also includes yoga, barre, strength training and other types of fitness classes, too. 

Maximum Weight Capacity and Pedals

We have to include a note on the maximum weight and pedals with these two bikes because it’s two more places where there are differences that affect your purchasing decision. The Stryde Bike has a higher maximum user weight of 350 pounds compared to the Peloton’s 295 pounds. 

The Stryde Bike works with cycling cleats or standard running shoes, opening the door for multiple family members, including kids to use the bike. Peloton, on the other hand, requires SPD cycling shoes, which you have to buy in addition to the price of the bike. 

Customer Reviews

Both Stryde and Peloton seem to be fan-favorites for at-home cardio. Here’s what reviewers have to say. 


The Stryde gets repeated positive reviews for a few features, including the open-platform touchscreen, smooth ride and the option to use regular shoes and quality of the build. Here’s a glimpse of what customers are saying:

“Very sturdy well-built bike that is exceptionally smooth,” says David F. on the Stryde website. “Screen is open architecture, so no forced subscriptions to use bike, thats the best part, but the paid subscription is very good and realistic to ride along too.”

There are a few downsides to this stationary bike that show up fairly consistently, too, including the clunkiness of the Stryde app and some connectivity issues. Stryde’s app doesn’t have the instructor quality of Peloton, but that’s usually overridden by the fact that you can use other fitness apps. 

“I’m very happy with the purchase and have no regrets – just hoping the tablet interface and the app get updated regularly and looking forward to seeing those improvements!” says customer Meghan K.


The Peloton gets top marks for the class and instructor quality, according to reviewers. Programming is one of the No.1 reasons users stick with the Peloton despite the price of the monthly subscription. 

“Great way to work out,” says reviewer Waheed on the Peloton website. “The bike is okay, it’s the classes that make it interesting. I prefer getting engaged and not being bored like I can on an elliptical machine or a treadmill. The hardware on the bike is very sturdy, and I do not expect a problem for a long time. I wish there was an easy search option with filters to enter the duration of the class and the type of music, the difficulty of the class to have the options narrowed down.”

“The bike is awesome,” says Peloton reviewer Jordan. “The classes are what keep me coming back. There is excellent variety. My only concern is that I keep having bearing issues.” 

As far as downsides, arriving with missing parts can be an issue. There are also reports here and there of the bike breaking fairly soon after purchase. However, it usually still falls under warranty, though many users expect the bike to last longer based on the high price tag. 

“Peloton came and was missing many parts,” explains Abby Cleaver, Amazon reviewer. “We had an expert come to assemble, and he said this has been happening a lot. He said it was the second Peloton just that day that was shipped with missing parts.”

Company Policies

Let’s see how Stryde vs Peloton stack up when it comes to brand policies.


These two bikes have fairly similar, and somewhat disappointing, warranties. Both have a five-year frame warranty with 12 months on parts, labor and touchscreen. Considering the price you pay for these bikes, we’d like to see a longer warranty on parts and the touchscreen at least. 

However, Peloton offers an additional 48 months of coverage for hardware and labor for $199. At this time, Stryde does not offer any additional coverage.

Return Policy

Both bikes have a 30-day return policy. After that time, any issues you have with the bike will fall under the warranty. 


Both companies offer financing options, though the final price of your payment will depend on your credit history. Stryde offers payments over three, 12, or 36 months. 

Peloton has a little more flexibility in its financing options, with 12-, 24-, 39- or 43-month terms. Their greater flexibility is in part because they offer packages that go well above the $1,495 price of their basic package, which Stryde does not. 


Peloton includes delivery and assembly in their shipping price, which is typically around $250. The Stryde’s price typically includes shipping, and sometimes it runs deals reducing the overall price and shipping. 

Final Thoughts: Stryde vs Peloton

Although the bike itself is very similar, Stryde and Peloton do offer different experiences.

  • Stryde is an open-platform bike, meaning you can stream an array of interactive programming on it, whereas the Peloton Bike uses exclusively Peloton programming. 
  • The Stryde Bike has an edge with a higher user weight capacity and more versatile pedals. 
  • Peloton programming is top-notch, and may be worth it if you place a high value on a boutique cycling experience. 

FAQs on Stryde vs Peloton

Is Stryde as good as Peloton?

As far as build quality, the Stryde is as good as the Peloton. Their programming is different, with Peloton’s winning out on quality, but the Stryde can connect to other fitness apps for greater quantity.

Does the Stryde Bike work with Peloton?

The Stryde Bike can work with the Peloton app. 

What machine is better than Peloton?

If you’re not devoted to Peloton’s app, the Stryde offers the same build quality and features for a similar price, plus the ability to use other fitness apps or streaming services. 

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