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Reebok has become a household name in the world of fitness apparel, especially in the CrossFit community. The Nano is one of Reebok’s most popular training shoes, designed for squats, deadlifts, cardio, or nearly any other activity in the gym, as well as comfortable all-day wear. 

Is this the best Reebok training shoe yet? Should you upgrade if you already have the Reebok Nano X3? In this Reebok Nano X4 review, I’ll share our tester’s first impressions of this training shoe, all the details you need to know, and our overall rating.

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Hands-On Testing from Certified Personal Trainers

Our testers include certified personal trainers, Olympians, CrossFit athletes, and fitness enthusiasts who love training gear. It’s safe to say that most of us have tried all kinds of training shoes over the years (we’ve tested over 75 different shoes at the time of writing), and we couldn’t wait to get our hands on the new Nano X4. 

For this shoe review, Lindsay Scheele, ISSA-CPT, wore the Reebok Nano X4s for an entire week. She didn’t just try them on for a quick jog around our testing center either; she wore them all day long for an entire week and has worn the previous model, the Nano X3, for over a year. I can’t think of a more qualified person to test these shoes, so let’s dig in and see what she thought. 

Whenever we review shoes, we pay careful attention to the most important categories, including:

  • Construction and durability
  • Stability
  • Appearance
  • Cushioning
  • Outsole
  • Overall Value

Reebok Nano X4

Reebok Nano X4

GGR Score: 4.48 starstarstarstarstar

Product Highlights

  • Flexweave woven upper textile for breathability
  • Lift and Run chassis in the sole with Floatride Energy Foam cushioning
  • 7 mm heel drop
  • Available in multiple colorways for both men and women
  • Durable material that's built to last
  • Best for CrossFit workouts or any type of strength training
  • Not ideal for long runs

Pros & Cons


  • Stable, supportive heel and cushioned sole
  • Long-lasting and durable
  • Stylish enough to wear in and out of the gym
  • Versatile enough for nearly any kind of training in the gym


  • Sizing runs small, and many have to order half a size up
  • Not cushioned enough for long-distance running

Bottom Line

The Reebok Nano X4 is a new and improved version of the Nano X3, and a versatile training shoe that looks good in and out of the gym. It's great for strength training, explosive movements, and sprint workouts, but it's not designed for running long distances.

A Quick Look at the Reebok Nano X4

Following the Nano X2 and X3, the Reebok Nano X4 has arrived and is the latest cross-training shoe from Reebok. If you’re new to cross-training shoes, think of these as a hybrid of weightlifting shoes and running shoes. They offer more comfort and flexibility than pure weightlifting shoes, but more support than your standard running shoe.

While traditional weightlifting shoes like the Reebok Legacy Lifter 3 usually have an elevated heel and a stiff, secure bottom that keeps you locked in place while you lift, they can feel a bit clunky. The Nano X4 provides the stability and security to keep you safe while you’re lifting heavy weights or performing explosive movements in the gym, with enough cushioning and support to make them comfortable enough to wear all day long, as Lindsay did. 

This is the 14th iteration of the Nano released by Reebok, and an upgrade of the Reebok Nano X3, which you can learn more about in our Reebok Nano X3 review. Compared to the X3, the new Nano X4 introduces a few changes that provide more cushioning and ventilation, resulting in a fantastic shoe that’s a bit lighter and more comfortable to wear than the Nano X3. 

As with all Reebok Nanos, this shoe will be very popular with CrossFit athletes, though you can lace up the Nano X4s for HIIT training, weightlifting, powerlifting, or just about anything besides longer runs. 

Before You Buy

  • If you loved the Reebok Nano X3, this is a new and improved version that you should also enjoy.
  • Pricing starts at $140, with both men’s and women’s colorways available.
  • This versatile shoe is comfortable enough to wear all day but provides enough support and traction to get you through nearly any kind of workout. 
  • While the shoe may work for short runs, longer runs probably won’t be that comfortable.

Is the Reebok Nano X4 Worth It?

At $140, the Reebok Nano X4 is definitely an investment. The quality is high, and Lindsay’s Nano X3s are still going strong after a year of regular use, a good sign for the longevity of the new and improved Nano X4s. However, there are plenty of other training shoes you could use that have a more affordable price tag, so it’s important to make sure this fits your training goals before you make this your daily gym shoe.

Great for:

  • Anyone who performs traditional strength training, conditioning, or CrossFit exercises
  • Those looking for a shoe that’s comfortable in and out of the gym
  • Anyone who loves the Nano X3 and wants the new and improved version

Not recommended for:

  • Those who want the most possible support for weightlifting
  • Anyone who needs training shoes that will work for long runs
  • Those who have tried the Nano X3 in the past and didn’t like how it felt

Reebok Nano X4 Specs

Heel to Toe Drop7 mm
Size RangeMen’s 7-14, Women’s 5-11
UpperFlexweave woven textile upper
MidsoleLift and Run Chassis system
OutsoleFull rubber outsole

Wearing the Reebok Nano X4 

Lindsay Scheele, ISSA-CPT, wore these shoes for a week and took them for five different training sessions. She performed a variety of movements, including deadlifts, split jerks, and CrossFit workouts that included shuttle runs, wall walks, and rowing. 

A close up of feet walking while wearing the Reebok Nano X4 cross-training shoes.

She mostly wore them indoors for her workouts, though she did take them on a few longer outdoor walks. While she said they were comfortable enough to walk in and perform shorter shuttle runs, she felt that the shoes wouldn’t be very comfortable for long runs. 

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As for the stability during training, Lindsay said the Nano X4s felt even more stable than the Nano X3s she’d been using for the past year, and reminded her of Nike Metcons. She said the toebox was the best fit of any shoe she’s ever tried and she enjoyed the cushioning throughout the day. 

Finally, Lindsay said that in her experience, Reebok shoes don’t quite run true to size, and she had to go up half a size. I found other reviews that said the same thing, so you may want to go up half a size if you’re going to try out the Reebok Nano X4s.

Construction, Materials, and Durability

Let’s get into the design, materials, and overall construction of the Nano X4, which scored a 5 out of 5 for durability. Lindsay only wore these for a week before we wrote this review, but she said her Nano X3s have held up beautifully, and she expects the same from the X4s.

The Flexweave knit upper with a TPU heel clip keeps your heel securely in place while providing extra breathability through the top of the shoe, and the full rubber outsole provides grip and traction when moving around, which is especially useful when changing direction quickly, like in shuttle runs or various types of athletic training. 

A person is shown doing squats while wearing Reebok Nano X4 cross-training shoes.

In the midfoot, you’ll find Reebok’s Lift and Run Chassis system, along with Floatride Energy Foam for enhanced cushioning. Lindsay said other shoes have way more cushioning, but since this is meant for cross-training rather than distance running, she felt the amount of cushioning was perfect. 


The Nano X4 is designed for both support and comfort and does a pretty good job with both. The supportive heel provides stability during heavy lifting, as you don’t want too much cushioning below your foot, which could cause your foot to slide around while lifting. 

However, unlike traditional lifting shoes that have a very firm heel and stiff sole, the lift and run sole includes extra cushioning, and they feel more like sneakers than weightlifting shoes. Lindsay also pointed out that in the past, many toe boxes have been too narrow, and the Nano X4 had the best toe box fit of any shoes she’s tested.

Lindsay said, “I think these are a great shoe to lift in. I wouldn’t want to do a bunch of running in these shoes as I don’t feel like they provide much cushioning. They offer a 7mm drop, which is great for the majority of us who tend to land with our heel first while running, offering better support.”

After testing these shoes, Lindsay gave them a 5 out of 5 for stability, and 3 out of 5 for cushioning.

Colorways and Design

While some claim to value performance above all else, deep down, I think we all care about how our shoes look. Luckily, these cross-trainers scored a 5-out-of-5 rating from Lindsay, thanks to their versatility and large color selection. 

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A posed, close up view of the Reebok Nano X4.

There are seven colors available for women, and seven that are labeled as unisex, designed for either men or women, so you’ve got plenty of colors to choose from. The Nano X4s are versatile enough to look good in nearly any setting, not just the gym.

Lindsay wore them to the gym, but also wore them with jeans and a sweatshirt, and said they’d look great with all kinds of clothing options—though she said the bright pink shoe might draw a bit more attention than you’d like, so you may want to pick a neutral product color if you’re going to wear them around throughout the day. 

Reebok Nano X4 vs Nike Metcon 9

Nike Metcon 9

Nike Metcon 9

GGR Score: 4 starstarstarstarstar

Product Highlights

  • Released August 2023
  • Versatile, durable training shoe
  • Meant for CrossFit workouts and training
  • Enhanced rope guard
  • Larger Hyperlift crash pad
  • 11 colorways available at launch

Pros & Cons


  • Versatile training shoe
  • Rope guard wrap-around
  • Rigid heel great for stability
  • Multiple colorways to choose from
  • Lace locking system
  • High-traction outsole
  • Durable upper
  • Breathable woven textile upper
  • Wide toe box


  • Not great for running or WODs with longer run intervals
  • Some people may find them too rigid
  • Expensive at $150 a pair

Bottom Line

The Nike Metcon 9 training shoes were released in August 2023 and build upon the Nike Metcon 8s with an enhanced rope guar wrap-around, plus a larger and more rigid crash pad. They feature a tightly woven and durable, but breathable, upper. The patterned, grooved outsole provides great traction during most weather conditions.

While the Nano X4s are great shoes, they aren’t the only cross-training shoes out there. Let’s compare them to another popular shoe that’s often used for CrossFit, the Nike Metcon 9, a shoe I’ve been wearing for every workout for the past couple of months. 

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Both shoes offer a heel lift with stability for any kind of lifting and cross-training but are a bit too stiff for long-distance runs. The Metcon 9 is quite stable and doesn’t have much cushioning through the sole, while the Nano X4 is slightly more cushioned, and moves with you a bit more. 

We can’t give either shoe the title of best cross-training shoes, as they’re both versatile shoes with similar function and design. If you like a bit more security for your lifting, the Metcon is probably a better option, and if you do more cross-training, or explosive movements like jumping, sprinting, or lateral movements, the Nano X4 may be the better choice. 

To read more about the Metcons, check out our complete Nike Metcon 9 review.

Reebok Nano X4Nike Metcon 9
Heel to Toe Drop7 mm4 mm
Size RangeMen’s 7-14, Women’s 5-11Men’s 3.5-15, Women’s 5-12
UpperFlexweave woven textile upperWoven textile
MidsoleLift and Run Chassis systemDual-density foam
OutsoleFull rubber outsoleFull rubber outsole

Customer Experience 

When you order from Reebok, you’ll receive free shipping on orders over $75, and you can take advantage of their 60-day return policy as long as your shoes are unworn and still have the original tags. 

If you create a free Reebok account, you can manage your orders and returns directly through your account portal. Finally, if you need to contact Reebok, you can call them or use the live chat option on the website. 

Ordering the Reebok Nano X4

Getting your hands on a pair of Nano X4s is easy through Reebok, as you’ll receive free shipping on your order. You can even pay for your order with Klarna to receive interest-free installment payments. 

A person is shown walking in Reebok Nano X4 shoes while carrying a kettlebell.

The Nano X4s are also available at other retailers and sporting goods stores, though you may not be able to find every colorway at retail stores.

Customer Reviews

At the time of writing, there are only two reviews on Amazon, with an average rating of 4.5. On the Reebok website, there are 67 reviews with an average rating of 4.3. 

The most-liked positive review says the shoes feel more secure than the previous X3s, which Lindsay noticed as well. The most-liked negative review said the X4 was a lighter shoe but wasn’t very comfortable to wear around all day. 

Other reviewers enjoyed the Nano X4 but also commented that they run a bit small. 

Final Verdict of Our Reebok Nano X4 Review

Overall, Lindsay was very impressed with the Reebok Nano X4. It’s a new and improved version of the Nano X3, which was already very popular, and this shoe is a great choice for your daily workouts in the gym. 

At $140, these aren’t exactly cheap, but Lindsay said, “These are pricy shoes, but also really great quality. I have used Nanos for over a year and they have held up so great even after some really intense workouts. For me, that justifies the cost of paying $150 for a pair of shoes.”

A close up view of a person wearing Reebok Nano X4 cross-training shoes.

While the shoes may not be cushioned enough for long-distance running, for just about any other type of training, you can’t go wrong with the Nano X4.

  • The Nano X4 is very similar to the Nano X3, with some noticeable upgrades to the cushioning and overall weight, resulting in a lighter shoe that’s still very stable. 
  • Both our tester and many reviewers noticed the shoe runs small, so you may need to order half a size up to get a proper fit. 
  • Based on our X3 testing and early impressions of the Nano X4, this shoe is built to last and should hold up very well, even with heavy use. 

Full Rating

Reebok Nano X4

The Reebok Nano X4 is a new and improved version of the Nano X3, and a versatile training shoe that looks good in and out of the gym. It's great for strength training, explosive movements, and sprint workouts, but it's not designed for running long distances.

Product Brand: Reebok

Product Currency: $

Product Price: 140

Product In-Stock: InStock

Editor's Rating:

Reebok Nano X4 Rating

Purchasing and Delivery – 5
Appearance – 5
Construction and Durability – 5
Stability – 5
Outsole – 4
Adjustability and Ergonomics – 4
Customer Reviews – 4.3
Value – 4.5
Returns and Exchanges – 4
Customer Service – 4

Reebok Nano X4: FAQs

Is the Reebok Nano X4 good for running?

While the Nano X4 is designed to be a multipurpose shoe, it’s not as cushioned as a traditional running shoe and is best for shorter runs only. 

Are Nanos good for lifting?

Yes, Reebok Nano X4s are a great choice for any kind of weightlifting. They’re designed to keep your foot stable and secure through any kind of lifting, jumping, or sprinting.

Do Reebok Nanos run true to size?

Individual needs and sizes vary, so it’s best to try on a pair of Reebok Nanos to find the best size. However, our tester, and many reviewers, found that the X4s run small, so going up half a size may provide a better fit. 

Can you deadlift in Reebok Nano?

Yes, the sole is very stable and designed for all kinds of strength training. There is a slight heel lift, so if you prefer completely flat shoes, you may want to choose something else, but they’re sturdy enough for a deadlift. 

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