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There are plenty of training accessories that serve specific purposes, but none may have that definition more than an arm trainer, also known as an “arm blaster.” The only purpose for this item is to help you get the best bicep workout with more concentration and isolation.

One would think that there wouldn’t be many ways to improve such a basic design, but No Conformity Co found multiple ways to do that with the NOCO Arm Trainer. This version takes the basic arm blaster and incorporates modern advancements to bump it up to the next level. Our No Conformity Arm Trainer Review review breaks down all the pros, cons, and details that can help you decide if it would be worth buying for your home gym.

We Know a Lot About Training Accessories

Our expert product testers at Garage Gym Reviews are made up of certified personal trainers, longtime home gym owners, and elite athletes who know a lot about training accessories. We’ve used just about every type of equipment for curl variations: dumbbells, barbells, kettlebells, resistance bands, and more.

Coincidentally, I wasn’t the only one to try the NOCO Arm Trainer. GGR’s own Cooper Mitchell was sent one to try as well. Here, we will both share our opinions for you determine if this piece of equipment is right for you.

NoCo Arm Trainer

NoCo ArmTrainer

GGR Score: 4 starstarstarstarstar

Product Highlights

  • Isolates bicep muscles 
  • Doesn’t allow you to swing during curls
  • Can be used on adjustable bench 

Pros & Cons


  • Can be used on an adjustable bench
  • Neoprene pads for cushion
  • Adjustable strap for neck, back, or bench


  • Fairly expensive
  • Specific to biceps

Bottom Line

If you are someone who enjoys training biceps and is looking for a way to target the muscle without giving into bad form, using momentum, or cheating out on full extension then the NoCo ArmTrainer might be your solution. It features an aluminum frame with neoprene padding on the front and the back to provide extra cushion around your chest and arms during heavy curls. It can also be attached to an adjustable bench for added versatility in your curl repertoire.

A Quick Look at the NOCO Arm Trainer

The NOCO Arm Trainer comes from the brand No Conformity, which uses the shortened form “NOCO” as one of its brand names. Besides this product, they also make the NOCO Lifting Belt, lifting straps, and some of the best wrist wraps.

The Arm Trainer is a piece of aluminum with a neck strap that you can wear to perform barbell, dumbbell, or cable curls with proper form by adding a barrier to help you isolate your biceps. The neoprene padding on the ends can be removed for washing and they are attached by Velcro.

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What makes this trainer different is that you can also wear this trainer around your chest like a belt or strap it onto an adjustable bench to use for preacher curls or spider curls. Coop shared that while this isn’t an exact duplicate for a commercial gym preacher curl machine, you can rely on it for a solid alternative.

Man Doing Curls With Noco Arm Trainer

“For a home gym alternative, it will get you 90 percent of the way there,” he says.

Before You Buy

  • Before you can use it, you’ll need to connect the arm pads, so some very light assembly is required.
  • If you want to perform preacher curls, you’ll need an adjustable bench.

Video Review

Is the NOCO Arm Trainer Worth It?

Priced at around $130, the Arm Trainer from NOCO may give you pause. It’s a specialty piece of equipment, and for some, that price tag could seem steep.

An arm blaster is a very specific piece of equipment that has one purpose. If there was ever a bodybuilding-focused gym gear accessory, the arm blaster would be it. The concept of it goes back to the days of Arnold Schwarzenegger when he was Mr. Olympia in the 1970s. If powerlifting, strongman, Olympic weightlifting, or CrossFit are your fitness disciplines of choice, then an arm blaster may not serve you very well. It’s not like you need an arm blaster to perform deadlifts.

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Now, if you train for strict curl competitions or want to focus on bodybuilding or biceps development, then a basic arm blaster could be worthwhile. As Coop describes in his review, the value in this is the fact that you can use it for a variety of biceps exercises. He also observed that the size of the Arm Trainer can make it worth the investment.

Side View Of Cable Curls With Noco Arm Trainer

“You’re looking for something that is smaller, cheaper, more compact, takes up less space, portable, but also gets the job done,” he says.

I agree with Coop on that opinion. This piece can be kept almost anywhere in your home gym without it interfering with other movements, and it even fits in most gym bags so you can use it while traveling to another gym.

Great for:

Not recommended for:

  • Beginners unfamiliar with lifting weights
  • Non-bodybuilding strength athletes
  • Garage gym owners with limited budgets

No Conformity Arm Trainer Specs

Footprint30” W x 5” H
Weight3.17 lbs
Weight capacityUnknown, but I tested up to 125 pounds and it held up
Return Policy30 days return or exchange

Using the NOCO Arm Trainer

Coop and I both tried out the Arm Trainer by using it with all the exercises that it was designed to help with. Overall, it does add comfort, thanks to the padding both on the aluminum frame and the arm attachments. I personally used it on my body for EZ-bar curls, dumbbell curls, and standing cable curls. 

Man Using Noco Arm Trainer

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I then placed it on my adjustable bench for preacher curls, incline curls, and spider curls. I wouldn’t call the Arm Trainer a necessary piece of equipment, but it can certainly add variety to your biceps training beyond the basic standing curl.

The Arm Trainer can be wrapped around the chest instead of the neck. Coop said he felt this wasn’t comfortable and made the Arm Trainer more difficult to use.

“I will just say having used it this way, I hate this use. It’s very uncomfortable, it just falls when you’re using it because of the downward pressure when you’re curling. When I was using it for reps, it just kind of slid down. It didn’t feel very secure,” he says.

I tried the chest strap method for myself and actually found it was comfortable and worked well. I tested it out for hammer curls and alternating dumbbell curls and found it didn’t move at all. I still prefer the neck strap just as Coop does, but I would suggest trying the chest strap for yourself to decide how effective it will be for you.

No Conformity Arm Trainer

Footprint and Construction

The NOCO Arm Trainer is less than 3 feet long, and that is with the arm pads attached. Since they come off, that makes it even smaller when you go to store it. It can be kept in a gym bag, hung on a wall by the neck strap, or simply connected to an adjustable bench if that is where you want it to live.

The Arm Trainer frame is made of aluminum, and it’s very solid. The arm pads are made of neoprene, and they can be connected with Velcro. There is grip on the neck strap and on the back of the frame that will help it stay in place while you’re using it. This is different than many other arm blaster providers. Like they did with the NOCO belt, straps, and wraps, the engineers considered comfort a priority when they created this piece of equipment. There are much cheaper arm blasters on the market, but you can be assured if you buy this one that it will last for a long period of time.

The Ergonomics

The arm pads can be put on frontward or backward, thanks to the tab connectors. This allows it to be used for either spider curls or incline curls. Once the tab is locked in, it won’t come off. The pads can even be adjusted so it’s longer. This is great for wider lifters. I have a different arm blaster that is pretty uncomfortable to use. This product solves that issue.

The neck pad is comfortable as well, so you won’t have to worry about it slipping off or the strap breaking while you use it.

Customer Experience 

No Conformity Co offers free shipping on all orders through their website, and as of this writing, their site is the only place you can order their products, including the Arm Trainer. They do offer refunds and exchanges within 30 days if you’re not satisfied. They also have contact information and links for returns on their website if you have questions. 

Ordering and Assembling the NOCO Arm Trainer

Orders are made through the NOCO website, and shipping only took a few days when my order was placed. Once it arrived, the frame and pads were separate but covered with plastic. There was also information cards with QR codes that you can scan with your phone to get more information about their company and products.

No tools were needed to connect the pads to the frame, and it was ready to use in less than 2 minutes.

Customer Reviews

The only customer reviews I could find were from the NOCO website, but the reviews that were there showed multiple customers that were very satisfied with buying them. All of the reviews below are claimed to be verified buyers by NOCO.

“I love the No Co arm trainer. It really helps me focus on the part of my bicep I want to hit each rep.” John R. – 5 stars

No Conformity Arm Trainer

“Got my armtrainer about a week ago. From the packaging to the product… 5/5 stars. I love the versatility of armtrainer and how comfortable it is to use. And the pump was INSANE! Can’t wait to see how my arms progress using the armtrainer!” – Nick V. – 5 stars

“Well constructed and fast shipping!” – Debra N. – 5 stars

Final Verdict of Our NOCO Arm Trainer Review

When it comes to new products in the fitness space in 2023, NOCO’s Arm Trainer could be considered one of the more innovative products on the market. This isn’t going to be an essential item for all garage gym owners, but for those who could benefit from having one, this could be the best version of an arm blaster to get. 

It can replace a preacher curl bench and can be used for various curls, which can add challenges to your arm training. Coop said he would use it for his gym, and I would as well. The fact that it can be used for multiple movements and adjusts to fit wider lifters makes it even more comfortable and functional.

At almost $130 (as of this writing), it’s a big investment for such an item, but it will last long enough that you can get the full return on investment if you feel you need it.

NOCO Arm Trainer Rating

NOCO Arm Trainer

Looking for a versatile accessory to maximize your biceps training? We may have found just the thing. Find out more in our No Conformity Arm Trainer review.

Product Currency: USD

Product Price: 129

Product In-Stock: InStock

NOCO Arm Trainer

Value – 4
Construction – 3.5
Ergonomics – 4.5
Workout Experience – 4
Durability – 4.25
Warranty – 3.5
Customer Reviews – 4.5
Check Price

No Conformity Arm Trainer FAQs

Why should I use an arm trainer?

An arm trainer (or arm blaster) is used to help train the biceps. Bodybuilders and people that want to master form when performing curls can benefit from having an arm trainer. If you’re not a bodybuilder or someone that considers arm training important, then you may not get much value in having an arm trainer of any kind.

Can I use this for preacher curls or incline curls?

You can use the NOCO Arm Trainer for preacher curls and incline curls because it can be connected to an adjustable incline bench with the strap. You can’t do this with most arm trainers on the market, which is why this is such a unique piece of equipment.

How heavy should I train with this Arm Trainer?

The weight capacity of the NOCO Arm Trainer is unknown, but you can use weights that will challenge your biceps without compromising form. Unless you’re training specifically for a curling contest, going super-heavy for single reps isn’t recommended. A weight that you can lift for at least six reps should serve you well.

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