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Most of us know that choosing proper footwear is essential for most activities, whether putting on a pair of the best running shoes before hitting the trails or slipping into some loafers for a casual Friday at the office. 

However, many people don’t think about shoes as a tool for recovery, especially as recovery shoes are still a fairly new, under-the-radar style of footwear that has yet to catch up to the popularity of traditional athletic shoes. 

Recovery shoes provide exceptional comfort, arch support, and cushioning and can even be ergonomically designed to reduce strain on the joints and soft tissue in your feet, knees, and ankles. After extensive hands-on testing, our team has selected the seven best recovery shoes to help you choose the perfect pair.

Best Recovery Shoes 

Best Overall Recovery Shoes: Kane Revive Active Recovery Shoes

Good for: Those looking for the best recovery shoe on the market

Kane Revive Active Recovery Shoe

Kane Revive Active Recovery Shoes

GGR Score: 4.08 starstarstarstarstar

Product Highlights

  • Lightweight, breathable design
  • Sustainable Brazilian sugarcane foam
  • Built-in massagers to promote blood flow
  • Priced at $75-$85

Pros & Cons


  • Ventilated design
  • Massaging footbed
  • Uses sustainable foam


  • May be slippery on wet surfaces
  • Some may not like the style
  • Not good for running

Bottom Line

The Kane Active Revive Recovery Shoe is a lightweight, comfortable recovery shoe that can be worn anytime your feet need a breather. It uses Brazilian sugarcane foam, a sustainable resource, and features massaging footbed nodes to promote bloodflow.

The Kane Revive Active Recovery Shoe is packed with features, designed to provide cushioning, support, breathability, traction, and more. 

Inside each shoe, you’ll find raised footbed nodes that massage your feet and stimulate blood flow, with plenty of cushioning throughout the entire midsole. The upper portion features a ventilated design for airflow and breathability, and the sole is grippy enough for most surfaces. However, our tester said they were a bit slippery in puddles. 

Kane Footwear designed these shoes with RestoreFoam™, a foam made from Brazilian sugarcane, which is meant to promote sustainability. Sugarcane is a renewable resource, and the shoes feel good on your feet. You can feel good about your purchase, knowing Kane is environmentally conscious. 

Side view of the Kane Revive recovery shoes.

The shoes feature a slip-on design and a hanging loop around the heel, which Kane specifies is meant for hanging your shoes between use, not using that loop to pull the shoes onto your feet. 

Overall, our tester loved the comfort and feel, giving the cushioning a rating of 5 out of 5. He said, “The cushioning is comfortable yet still has some rigidity and structure to it. Plus, the raised nodes along the footbed give you a nice massaging effect that’s cozy but by no means a substitute for more dedicated recovery protocols. I can easily wear these for multiple hours in between games with no issues or irritation.”

His only complaint was the shoes look very similar to Crocs, which many don’t want to wear. Plus, the slip-on design wouldn’t be very suitable for long runs. However, if you don’t mind the look, these recovery shoes are a great option for most users.

StyleMolded sneaker
MaterialSugarcane-based EVA foam
Available colorways42
Available sizesMen’s 3-18, Women’s 5-20

Best Budget Recovery Shoes: Crocs Mellow Recovery Clog

Good for: Anyone who wants to try recovery footwear without breaking the bank

Crocs Mellow Recovery Clog

Crocs Mellow Recovery Clog

GGR Score: 4.24 starstarstarstarstar

Product Highlights

  • Easy to slip-on
  • Priced at $59.99
  • Very comfortable to wear around the house
  • Not enough support for running or most workouts

Pros & Cons


  • Slip-on design
  • Foam cushioning in the midsole
  • Easy to clean


  • Bumps inside can be painful on bare feet
  • Not enough support for athletic activities

Bottom Line

The Crocs Mellow Recovery Clogs are comfortable, lightweight slip-ons designed for maximum comfort throughout the day. The foam is designed to allow your foot to sink into the cushioning, though the bumps on the footbed may be uncomfortable on bare feet.

If you’re interested in trying recovery shoes and want a more affordable option, the Crocs Mellow Recovery Clog is a fantastic, comfortable choice that’s priced to fit most budgets. 

The shoes feature a minimalist, slip-on design, so you don’t have to fuss with any laces or struggle to get your heel into the shoe. Each shoe features thick cushioning made of LiteRide™ foam, which allows your foot to sink into the cushioning. Crocs describes the foam as “the squishy comfort of the Mellow Collection.” 

Those looking for maximum arch support and stability may not like this amount of cushioning. However, if you’re looking for something that’s extremely cushioned and comfortable to wear around the house, these are the shoes for you. 

A brand new pair of Crocs Mellow Recovery Clogs.

GGR Head of Content Nicole Davis, CPT, PN1-NC, has been wearing these for a few weeks and said they’re extremely comfortable. However, the inside footbed has raised bumps that can be uncomfortable on bare feet.

“These are so comfortable. They’re very cushioned but also feel stable enough that you’re not sliding around. It says there’s a deep footbed, and I’d agree—you definitely feel supported,” Nicole said. “This is my one gripe with these clogs: The inside footbed has this almost spiky pattern on it, and if you’re barefoot, it can get a bit painful after a while. I prefer to wear these with socks because of this, or just not wear them as long if I’m barefoot.”

She also liked the neutral appearance and modern style, rating the appearance 4-out-of-5 stars.

For only $59.99, the Crocs Mellow Recovery Clog is an excellent choice for anyone looking for something comfortable to wear around the house after a long day. 

StyleSlip-on clogs
MaterialSoft LiteRide™ foam
Available colorways4
Available sizesMen’s 4-17, Women’s 6-12

Best Shoes for Recovery Runs: Asics GEL-NIMBUS 26

Good for: Runners who want a cushioned shoe for recovery runs



GGR Score: 3.94 starstarstarstarstar

Product Highlights

  • Maximum cushioning through the midsole
  • Additional shock-absorbing heel support
  • Plenty of traction from the rubber outsole
  • Available in wide and extra wide size options

Pros & Cons


  • Maximum cushioning and heel support
  • Specifically designed for shock-absorption
  • 18 colorways
  • Available in wide and extra wide sizes


  • Expensive
  • Foam compresses on long runs

Bottom Line

The Asics GEL-NIMBUS 26 is designed for maximum comfort, with FF BLAST™ PLUS ECO foam cushioning in the midsole, and additional heel support for shock absorptions. These running shoes are great for shorter runs or recovery runs.

Seasoned runners know that logging hundreds of miles on the road can take quite a toll on the muscles, joints, and tendons in your legs. A recovery run is usually a shorter, easier run meant to increase blood flow and promote recovery in the days after a taxing run. 

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If you want to make your recovery run as comfortable as possible, the Asics GEL-NIMBUS 26 sneakers are a great choice. According to Asics, this is the most comfortable running shoe they’ve ever produced. 

The midsole features FF BLAST PLUS ECO foam to cushion your entire foot, and the heel is reinforced with PureGEL technology for even more shock absorption with each step. The shoe provides enough cushion to keep you comfortable while you run, without feeling too unstable or squishy with each step. 

A close look at someone walking with Asics GEL-NIMBUS 26 recovery sneakers.

GGR’s Head of Content, Nicole Davis’ husband Rob tested these shoes for us, and he was very impressed. He normally loves HOKA shoes but was shocked to find that the Asics GEL-NIMBUS 26 rivaled his HOKA sneakers. They’re not cheap, but they’re among the most comfortable running shoes we’ve tested, earning a solid 5-out-of-5 rating for comfort.

StyleRunning shoe
MaterialFF BLAST PLUS ECO foam, rubber outsole
Available colorways18 in men’s sizes, 19 in women’s sizes
Available sizesMen’s 6-16 (also available in wide and extra wide), Women’s 5-13 (also available in wide)

Best Recovery Shoes for Flat Feet: Under Armour UA SlipSpeed Training Shoes

Good for: Those with flat feet who need plenty of foot support

Under Armour UA SlipSpeed Training Shoes

Under Armour UA Slipspeed Training Shoes

GGR Score: 4.03 starstarstarstarstar

Product Highlights

  • Adjustable heel design
  • Knob adjusts the size, rather than laces
  • May be unstable for running and sprinting
  • $120

Pros & Cons


  • Heel switches from performance to recovery
  • Lightweight design
  • 12-point lockdown system tightens the shoe


  • Heel slips when running
  • Expensive
  • Long-term durability may be an issue

Bottom Line

The UA Slipspeed training shoes are meant to easily switch between training and recovery mode. The heel folds in to convert the shoes to slip-ons, and instead of laces, Under Armour uses a knob that you can twist to tighten the shoes.

If you have flat feet like mine, you’ll probably feel best in a shoe that provides some arch support, especially when looking for something comfortable to wear between intense workouts. 

The Under Armour UA SlipSpeed is a very interesting shoe. It’s meant to be versatile enough for both intense training and leisurely recovery. It even has a convertible heel that allows you to wear them as slip-ons for recovery or tighten the heel to secure your foot before a workout.

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UA Flow Cushioning lines the midsole, providing plenty of cushioning, even for flat feet. The interior cushioning uses Iso-Chill technology, designed to be cool to the touch and keep your feet comfortable in all conditions. 

A bold and beautiful yellow pair of Under Armour UA SlipSpeed training and recovery shoes.

Rather than laces, the shoes use a 12-point lockdown system, which allows you to tighten the shoe to your exact fit with the turn of a knob. 

We had two testers use this shoe, including a shoe expert who’s owned a pair since they were released in 2023. Both agreed that while you can certainly train in these shoes, they felt their heels slipped a bit during sprinting workouts. While they’re meant to be all-purpose shoes, you probably don’t want to run in these, as they earned a 3-out-of-5 rating from our testers for stability. 

As for arch support for flat feet, our testers noted that the shoes are meant to fit your foot, with a raised portion where your arch would be. Overall, these shoes are great for casual wear, recovery walks, or even light workouts, but they’re not the best running shoes. 

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StyleSlip-on sneaker
MaterialSynthetic leather, UA Flow Cushioning
Available colorways11
Available sizesMen’s 3.5-13, Women’s 5-14.5

Best Recovery Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis: HOKA Ora Recovery Shoe

Good for: Anyone suffering from plantar fascitis who wants a cushioned recovery shoe

HOKA Ora Recovery Shoe

HOKA Ora Recovery Shoe

GGR Score: 3.89 starstarstarstarstar

Product Highlights

  • Memory foam heel support
  • EVA foam midsole
  • Slip-on design with breathable mesh
  • May wear down quickly with running or excessive use

Pros & Cons


  • Slip-on design
  • EVA Foam midsole
  • Memory foam heel support


  • Not very durable
  • Not optimal for running

Bottom Line

The HOKA Ora Recovery shoe is an easy to wear, slip-on recovery shoe with plenty of foam cushioning. The heel also contains memory foam to provide additional support and relieve heel pain.

If you suffer from plantar fascitis, you know that the stabbing heel pain often experienced with each step can be quite miserable. A recovery shoe for plantar fasciitis should have plenty of cushioning to keep your foot comfortable, especially in the heel, which is exactly why we chose the HOKA Ora Recovery Shoe. 

This slip-on shoe is easy to put on and off, so if you’re in pain, you don’t have to wiggle your heel back and forth or use a shoehorn to get them on. HOKA is known for making some of the best running shoes for long distances. Its Ora Recovery Shoes are a great choice for anyone looking for a comfortable shoe to walk around in and protect their inflamed heel. 

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A close look at the HOKA Ora Recovery Shoe.

HOKA describes these shoes as pillows for your feet, for good reason. They have a compression-molded EVA midsole, a memory foam heel to provide extra heel protection, an elastic band at the heel to secure your ankle, and a breathable upper so your foot stays cool. 

Our only issue? The breathable mesh upper doesn’t seem very durable, so we wouldn’t recommend these shoes for extensive walking or running. Our tester said, “ No issues with fraying, compression, or excessive wear yet. However, the upper mesh doesn’t give me high hopes. I think these would be reserved for just slipping on after the gym or a workout to get home from the gym or something of the like—I can’t imagine they’d stand up to lots of wear.”

For durability, these shoes earned a 3 out of 5.

Still, the HOKA Ora Recovery Shoe is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a comfortable shoe to wear around the house that offers extra heel support for plantar fasciitis flair-ups. 

StyleSlip-on sneaker
MaterialMesh upper with memory foam heel
Available colorways4 in men’s sizes, 3 in women’s sizes
Available sizesMen’s 7-14, Women’s 5-11

Best Recovery Slide Sandal: OOFOS OOahh Slide Sandal

Good for: Anyone looking for a casual, slide-style recovery shoe

OOFOS OOahh Recovery Sandal

OOFOS OOaah Recovery Sandal

GGR Score: 4.35 starstarstarstarstar

Product Highlights

  • OOfoam cushioning
  • Plenty of arch support
  • Convenient slides that are easy to take on and off
  • Easy to wash
  • No adjustable sizing

Pros & Cons


  • Comfortable OOfoam cushioning
  • Easy to clean
  • Convenient slide design


  • You can't adjust the size
  • Not suitable for exercise

Bottom Line

OOFOS OOahh slides are very comfortable, cushioned slides designed to reduce the strain on feet, ankles, and legs. They aren't adjustable and there's no heel support, but they're very comfortable and great to wear after a workout.

If you’re looking for recovery slides, look no further–these are the most comfortable slides I’ve ever worn, and they fully deserve a 5-out-of-5 rating for comfort. Yes, I tested them myself, and I’ve been wearing them daily for about six weeks now, slipping them on every time I take my dog outside, get the mail, or simply want to be comfortable when I’m home. 

The sandal is made of OOfoam, which the company claims absorbs 37% more impact than traditional foam, reducing the strain on your feet, ankles, and knees. This is the same foam used in the OOFOS OOmg low shoe, another alternative if you want to try this brand but don’t enjoy slides.

A pair of OOFOS Recovery Slides.

Each pair is machine washable and easy to clean. Even though I wear mine outside every day, they aren’t showing any signs of wear and tear, so the durability seems pretty good so far. Unlike shoes with a closed-toe design, slides feature an open design that keeps your foot cooler.

The only thing that initially threw me off was the rounded shape on the bottom of the shoe, which is different from the very flat, minimalist shoes I’m used to wearing. I got used to this after a few days, but at first, it felt like my foot was rocking forward a bit too much with each step. It actually made my shins and calves cramp a bit. 

Finally, OOFOS has a great return policy. You can try these shoes for 30 days and return them if you’re not satisfied, which isn’t common, as many companies only accept returns of unused items. For only $59.95, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend these slides to anyone looking for something comfortable to slip into after a tough workout or a long day at work. 

Available colorways6 in men’s sizes, 10 in women’s sizes
Available sizesMen’s 3-14, Women’s 5-16

Best Slip-On Recovery Shoes: Topo Athletic Revive Clogs

Good for: Those looking for slip-on shoes for lounging and errands

Topo Athletic Revive Clogs

Topo Athletic Revive Clogs

GGR Score: 4.16 starstarstarstarstar

Product Highlights

  • Vibram outsole
  • Massaging foot ridges
  • Excellent traction on all surfaces
  • Soft fleece upper

Pros & Cons


  • Excellent traction
  • Comfortable and soft design
  • Massaging ridges


  • They get dirty easily
  • Expensive

Bottom Line

Topo Athletic Revive Clogs are massaging recovery shoes that are comfortable to wear, and provide excellent traction thanks to Vibram outsoles.

If you’re looking for an easy-to-wear slip-on for around the house, walks, or even trips to the store, Topo Revive Recovery clogs are a great option. 

Not only do they look casual enough to wear with all sorts of outfits, but they’ve received the American Podiatric Medical Association seal of acceptance and approval. This certification means they’ve been found to promote good foot health. 

The insoles are Ortholite 3D Wave Insoles, which have ridges designed to stimulate the nerves on the bottom of your feet. The outsole uses Vibram technology to provide traction on nearly any surface, and the fleece upper provides a very soft, comfortable shoe, even when worn barefoot. 

Our tester awarded these shoes a 5-out-of-5 rating for comfort, saying she wears them all the time now.

A person wears Topo Revive Recovery clogs in grass.

While the shoes aren’t meant for athletic activities, they provide excellent traction on nearly all surfaces. Our tester said, “These are recovery shoes, BUT they have Vibram outsoles with impressive grip and traction. I could literally wear these on a hike. These shoes are ideal for wearing after a day of snowboarding, where you need some relief for your tootsies, but don’t want to eat it while walking across an icy parking lot.”

If you’re looking for a comfortable shoe with fantastic traction, and don’t mind the high price tag, you’ll love the Topo Revive Recovery clogs.

StyleSlip-on clog
MaterialRecycled polyester fleece
Available colorways1 in men’s sizes, 3 in women’s sizes
Available sizesMen’s 8-13, Women’s 6-11

Other Recovery Shoes We Researched

  • HOKA Ora Recovery Slide: While our testers enjoyed these slides, we felt the HOKA Ora Recovery Shoe provided a bit more support and versatility.
  • Teva ReEmber: Our tester felt these shoes were great for lounging around, but they didn’t provide as much support as we’d like to see. They also weren’t appropriate for any higher-intensity activities.
  • Vionic Restore II Performance Recovery Sandal: This sandal had a higher price point, but our tester didn’t think it provided a lot of value since it is probably not a shoe you’d want to wear in public.
  • Topo Athletic Rekover 2: While our tester loved these shoes, especially the grip from the Vibram soles, we decided to go with other options. These would have been the most expensive shoes on our list.

How We Picked and Tested the Best Recovery Shoes

When it comes to product reviews, we always conduct extensive hands-on testing before recommending anything, whether it’s a barbell, squat rack, pre-workout supplement, or pair of recovery shoes. 

For this guide, our team personally ordered and tested every pair of shoes on the list. Here are the most important factors we looked at to choose our top picks. 


When you buy new shoes, it’s nice to be able to use them for multiple functions. We wanted to see how these shoes held up when worn around the house, to the gym, running errands, and more. 

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A person walks on a treadmill with Asics Nimbus 26 recovery shoes.

For the slides and slip-ons, our testers took them on walks, wore them around the house, or wore them to and from the gym. With the training shoes, we took them through a variety of workouts, including running, jumping, and sprinting. 


As with all GGR product reviews, each shoe was carefully rated using our equipment testing methodology. This methodology assigns scores to various important categories, including durability, versatility, stability, and more. 

We wore each shoe for several weeks, carefully checking for any signs of early wear and tear, or areas of the shoe that didn’t feel very durable and stable. 

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Finally, value was one of the most important factors we considered, especially as recovery shoes tend to have one specific use, and you don’t want to spend too much on a pair of shoes that have a somewhat limited purpose. 

We made sure to choose shoes that fit a variety of budgets, and while we’ve listed the current prices at the time of writing, prices often fluctuate, especially when ordering from Amazon.

Benefits of Recovery Shoes

Recovery shoes haven’t been around all that long, but they’re certainly growing in popularity, and we don’t see any signs of this trend slowing down. 

A man wearing OOFOS Recovery Slides.

Here are the most important benefits if you’re still not sold on the idea of recovery shoes. 

Improved Recovery From Training

This benefit is built into the name, recovery shoes, but it’s important to explain how this works. Many of the shoes on our list contain bumps or textured surfaces inside, designed to promote enhanced blood flow in your feet—almost like a miniature massage as you walk around. 

We can’t say for sure how much this helps, but it can certainly feel good post-workout. Along with regularly performing the best post-run stretches, it may be a great way to speed up your recovery time.

What we can say for sure is that the rocking design of many of these shoes, which feels quite different from a traditional flat shoe, can help with recovery. This 2018 study1 found that wearing unstable rocking recovery shoes during post-run recovery helped reduce marathon-induced muscle damage.


The most obvious benefit is comfort. After all, if your foot muscles ache from a long run, or even a long day of standing on your feet, you want something that provides plenty of cushioning to keep your feet comfy.

Kane Revive Recovery Shoes.

Recovery shoes typically have plenty of cushion and support, along with features like cooling foam and breathable uppers so you can wear them for hours without any pain or discomfort. 

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GGR Senior Staff Writer Lauren Strong, CPT, also added, “Even if you’re not looking for all-day support, not everyone likes to be barefoot depending on their arches, bunions, heel pain, etc… A supportive shoe that’s easy to wear around the house is great for anyone who hasn’t had good experiences with traditional slides, slippers, or flip-flops.”

Shock Absorption

When you run, jump, or walk, the impact of each step travels through your foot, ankle, knees, and hips. Recovery shoes provide some shock absorption and cushioning, reducing the total impact on your body. 

A pair of Topo Recovr 2 recovery shoes.

Too much cushion can be detrimental to shoes like running or weightlifting shoes. However, extra shock absorption is a great benefit in recovery shoes, where the goal is to relieve stress on the body rather than maximize performance. 

Arch Support

For those of us with flat feet, a lack of arch support can lead to aches and pains, especially if we spend a lot of time on our feet. Most recovery shoes have plenty of cushioning to support the arches of our feet, providing relief and comfort.

What to Look for in Recovery Shoes

So you’re ready to slip into some comfy shoes, but you’re not sure how to choose the right pair for your needs. Here are the most important things to look at when choosing a shoe that will fit your needs.

Ease of Use

Depending on your goals, you’ll want to find a shoe that’s easy to wear. While something like the Under Armour UA Slipspeeds are great if you want to train in them, having to adjust the heel and tighten a dial each time may be a bit much if you’re only looking for shoes to wear around the house. 


Durability matters, as we all want to spend our money on high-quality products that are built to last. There’s nothing worse than buying a new pair of shoes, and noticing significant wear and tear after only a few months. 

Vionic Recovery Sandals.

You’ll want to choose a shoe that’s strong enough to last for quite some time. Each of the shoes that made our list scored very highly in the durability category.


Are you going to be performing recovery runs, or wearing your shoes around the house? Some recovery shoes are similar to slippers and are best for lounging around the house. Others have a more athletic design meant for training. 

Any of the options above will work if you’re primarily going to be wearing the shoes after workouts around your house. But if you’ll be running errands or doing further exercise, you’ll want tochoose an option with plenty of support and cushioning. 


Do recovery shoes really work?

Yes, recovery shoes can support recovery and provide additional support after a challenging workout. A 2018 study1 found that recovery shoes with a rocking design promoted muscle recovery from marathon-induced muscle damage. Many podiatrists may recommend wearing certain recovery shoes to help relieve pain from conditions like plantar fasciitis. 

Can recovery shoes be worn all day?

They can be, but this may not be optimal depending on your daily activities. Some recovery shoes are best for lounging and leisurely activities, and may not be appropriate for certain types of exercise. Our testers also found that some recovery shoes include massaging ridges and bumps to stimulate blood flow to the bottom of your feet, but this can be uncomfortable after wearing them too long. 

What is a recovery shoe?

Recovery shoes can reduce the impact and strain on the joints and soft tissue in your feet, ankles, knees, and hips. They provide shock absorption and cushioning. Some may feature a rocking design or ridges that massage your feet and stimulate blood flow. 


  1. Nakagawa, K., Inami, T., Yonezu, T., Kenmotsu, Y., Narita, T., Kawakami, Y., & Kanosue, K. (2018). Unstable rocker shoes promote recovery from marathon-induced muscle damage in novice runners. Scandinavian journal of medicine & science in sports, 28(2), 621–629. https://doi.org/10.1111/sms.12911

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