Angles90 are a simple, yet highly effective set of handles that is purported to increase the range of motion and require more body tension during various pulling workouts. After using Angles90 for nearly two months for all sorts of movements like deadlifts, shrugs, rows, pull-ups, and more, we can confidently recommend to anyone that wants to vary their grip for different bar based pulling (and some extension) movements.

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Angles90 Grips
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Angles90 are the 1st dynamic training grip worldwide for - Fewer joint injuries - Greater muscle growth - More functional training. In essence, Angles90 is a grip that moves on a three-dimensional scale while you exercise. This makes your stabilizer muscles work permanently in order to keep your exercise motions steady and smooth. Angles90 is specifically designed to follow your biological path of motion. In contrast, a horizontal bar forces your shoulders and wrists to leave their natural position, thus, move unnaturally. By using a rotating grip, inner muscles like the rotator cuffs get involved more. This counteracts one of the most common gym-related sources of shoulder pain as you re-build the right balance between inner and outer (shoulder) muscles. Angles90 handles imitate the angles of your closed hand. This lowers stress on pressure points of the typical round bar/ handle. There are three options (ergo, power and forearm option) on how to grab Angles90.

Have you noticed those orange, banana looking grips all over social media? Those are these. Angles90 is an attachment for barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, and the like to allow full rotation of the arm during pulling movements. Similar to gymnastic grips but in a much smaller form factor, after using these for a few months, we love them. They’re cheap, portable, attach to anything quickly and are adjustable. Honestly, we foresee these being in quite a few gym bags and home gyms very soon, if not there already.

What Are Angles90 Grips?

When I first saw Angles90 Grips, I wasn’t positive what their purpose was. The orange, somewhat banana shape threw me off and I kept seeing them attached to barbells. After a few months of putting off reviewing them and fielding a ton of requests to do so, we finally bit.

Angles90 are a plastic set of grips coated in a grippy ribber that are ergonomically shaped and designed to be attached via the included straps to barbells, pull-up bars, and cable attachments.

The idea is pretty simple. Instead of using a barbell that forces you to use either a fully pronated or supinated grip, Angles90 will attach to any fixed bar to allow the trainee to use more ‘natural’ movements. For instance, a fixed horizontal bar forces you to move your body around it where as Angles90 handles move with your body.

We’ve found all sorts of uses for Angles90 that we will detail more later in this review, but suffice it to say, they really do feel great for all of the pulling movements we used them on.

What We Like About Angles90

Home gym owners love attachments. They love things that take up little amounts of space but can be used for a ton of different things. The same can be said for commercial gym-goers. Go through any trainee’s gym bag at your local YMCA and you’ll find all sorts of wraps, straps, and other little accessories that are used for workouts. Some of these items are useful, others just end up gathering dust and not being used.

To be honest, when we first received Angles90 to review and test, I had the feeling that these were going to be one of those items that after the review, we’d put them in the archive.

However, to my surprise, these inexpensive little handles are a swiss army knife for pretty much every pulling movement on the planet.

They Attach To Everything

If you’re like me, you have a quite a few different weights in your garage gym. Barbells, kettlebells, dumbbells, lat bars, pull-up bars, cable handles, etc. All of these were chosen for a reason and I enjoy their functionality. However, there’s really no way to reshape these types of equipment. What you see is what you get, which is pretty much always a straight and fixed horizontal bar.

Angles 90 essentially allows you to turn all of these pieces of equipment you already own into something entirely different.

Take a pull-up bar for instance. Most pull-up bars are simply a powdercoated, 1.25” steel pipe. Although you’d like the option to do neutral grip pull-ups, it’s not possible because the bar you have is fixed. This is where Angles90 comes in. Throw them over the bar, put the grips through the strap loop, and now you have a pull-up attachment that will increase your range of motion and allow you to use a more ‘natural’ range of motion depending on how you want to angle your grip.

The same can be done on a barbell. If you don’t want to buy a trap bar, but still want to do neutral grip deadlifts or shrugs, attach Angles90 to the barbell evenly, and start pulling. Of course, it’s not the exact same as a trap bar due to the weight still being in front of your shins, but, it will vary the movement from a traditional deadlift.

One thing I’ve enjoyed doing is attaching the handles to kettlebells for farmer carries and shrugs.

Angles90 Have Three Different Grip Methods

The most often used grip position is what’s known as the “Ergo” option. This handle position is what Angles90 were originally intended for as it most closely resembles the form and angles of your hand of the various options. This creates a very ergonomic feeling handle and forces the middle of your hand to do most of the work due to the way it’s angled.

The second option comes when you flip the handles upside down for the “Power” option. This essentially turns Angles90 into the bottom portion of a small gymnastics ring. I’ve found that I can lift more weight with this option and they suggest using it for lower reps.

The last option is called the “Forearm” option. This occurs when you place your ring or index finger between the strap on the “ergonomic finger cavity.” This does make it more difficult to grip the handle, but as the name suggests, increases grip strength.

Angles90 Are Inexpensive and Enjoyable To Use

To be honest, at sub $50 including shipping, there isn’t many other pieces of equipment at this size we would suggest over Angles90. Yes, we would probably suggest gymnastic rings over Angles90 because they’re (possibly) a bit more versatile and can be had for less, but other than muscle-ups, you can pretty much do everything with Angles90 that you can with gymnastic rings and they’re much smaller.

If you do a lot of pulling movements (you should) and are looking for a way to change up your movements and allow for more natural pulling angles, then Angles90 is a tremendous option, especially at the price point.

What Movements Can Be Done With Angles90?

There are 100+ different exercise movements that could be done with Angles90, but here are a few that we really enjoyed.

  • Pull-ups
  • Farmers Carries
  • Curls (with Kettlebells)
  • One Arm Rows (attached to a Functional Trainer)
  • Seal Rows (attached to a Barbell)
  • Archer Pull-ups
  • Skull Crushers (attached to a Functional Trainer)
  • Bodyweight Rows

Angles90 Discount

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Full Rating

Angles90 Grips

Construction - 4.8
Versatility - 4.5
Grip - 4.3
Weight Capacity - 4.5
Value - 4.5

Angles90 are a simple, yet highly effective set of handles that is purported to increase the range of motion and require more body tension during various pulling workouts. After using Angles90 for nearly two months for all sorts of movements like deadlifts, shrugs, rows, pull-ups, and more, we can confidently recommend to anyone that wants to vary their grip for different bar based pulling (and some extension) movements.

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