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The Titan Lat Toweris the best value lat pulldown for most home gym owners that we’ve ever reviewed. Everything from the packaging to the performance of the machine makes us feel like the machine is worth much more than their asking price. If you’re looking to add a lat pulldown to your garage gym, we suggest the Lat Tower from Titan Fitness. It’s our favorite piece of equipment they make and I now own two I liked them so much.

Best Value Lat Pulldown
Titan Lat Tower
Titan Lat Tower

Achieve a greater workout with the Lat Tower from Titan Fitness™. This high quality stand alone unit features both a lat pull down and a low row position. Easily select your weight in ten pounds increments from 10 - 300 LB using the selector style pop pin. Each machine includes a lat bar and low pull handle. With 6 thigh pad positions and 8 footplate settings, this machine is designed to be used by any size athlete. Features: - Selector style weights from 10 - 300 LB. - 6 Thigh pad and 8 footplate positions. - Band pegs for adding resistance bands. - High quality steel construction and powder coated for a smooth durable finish. - Lat bar and low pull handle included. Specifications: - Floor Dimensions: 41" Wide x 57" Deep - Overall Height: 87" - Footplate Dimensions: 17" x 9" - Lat Bar Width: 42" - Lat Bar Diameter: 1" - Low Pull Handle Width: 14" - Low Pull Handle Diameter: 1" - Weight: 530 LB * Note: Low Row Handle not included! *


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The Titan Fitness Lat Tower may be the best piece of equipment Titan Fitness has ever made. Yes, I said it, the best. A super solid selectorized lat pulldown and low row isn’t necessarily a home gym essential, but it’s definitely a piece of equipment that will be found in just about any serious home gym or even a commercial setting.

What is the Titan Fitness Lat Tower?

The Titan Fitness Lat Tower is a budget, imported version of the Rogue Monster Lat Pulldown. It uses 3”x3” uprights made of 11-gauge steel with a matte textured black powder coat finish. The internals uses a heavy-duty cable that wraps around anodized red aluminum pulleys that use bearings inside and are the same as what’s used in the Freemotion Dual Cable Cross (my favorite functional trainer.)

Although some of Titan’s equipment receives questionable reviews, this piece rivals much more expensive ones that we have reviewed. With a sturdy build and clean finish, this lat pulldown is a great option for those looking for a commercial-grade piece of equipment at a fraction of the cost.

Unboxing the Titan Lat Tower

The Titan Lat Tower showed up on my doorstep looking better than just about any other piece of Titan Fitness Equipment I’ve seen.

Rather than a dinky, single layer of torn up and damp cardboard. The Lat Tower showed up in a seemingly brand new wooden crate looking like a budget-friendly coffin.

After I pried the top of the crate ala Ralphies Father from The Christmas Story, before me stood an extremely well cared for and packaged lat pulldown (with, unfortunately, dozens of bolts.)

Regardless, this is the best Titan packaged product we’ve ever reviewed (and we’ve seen a lot.)

What We Like About the Titan Lat Tower

As with any Titan Fitness piece of equipment, the most obvious draw is the price. If cost didn’t matter you would see everyone opt for only Rogue, Sorinex,Prime Fitness and similar companies machines due to their overall higher-quality and more feature-filled designs. However, even at this lower price, the Titan Lat Tower is surprisingly high quality in comparison to their other offerings and has an overall solid build and a super heavy, smooth operating weight stack.

A large problem for many home gym owners is the single-use problem of many machines. A single-use machine generally isn’t worth its storage space and is hard to justify for a home gym setting. For instance, a preacher curl machine is great to have on arm day, but how often will that machine actually see use? Contrast that with the amount of space a preacher curl takes up and it becomes clear pretty quickly how big of a waste machine’s like it are in a home gym setting.

However, a lat pulldown machine offers a lot of versatility for the upper body. The Lat Tower by Titan, unlike some of its competitors in the price range also offers a low row which is a great way to increase the versatility of the machine. In addition to the low row, band pegs come with the machine so resistance bands can be added to the stack which allows for more complicated movements and even more functionality.

The quality control on the Lat Tower seemed higher than usual from Titan Fitness. Not only was it packaged better than any of their other equipment (it came protected in a beefy wooden crate.) the rest of the machine came in with better higher quality than what is usually seen on their products.

The construction of the Titan Lat Tower is of higher quality than per usual as they used the same 3×3” beams as their Titan X-3 Squat Rack which contributes to a much more solid base than, let’s say, their plates loaded version of the Lat Tower. They also fixed some other issues with their previous Lat Towers by increasing the stability of the footplate and by making sure the pulleys ran smoother with less friction on the surrounding pieces.

The first-generation model of the Lat Tower had a footplate that utilized a single vertical bolt for securing it. With even little use, the footplate would come unsecured and rock back and forth. A minor annoyance, but one nonetheless. We sent the problem to Titan and within a couple of months, they fixed the issue on all of their machines.

The pulleys used throughout the machine (there are over 10 of them) are anodized red aluminum that provides an extremely smooth pull and shouldn’t wear over time. The internals of the pulleys use ABEC 5 bearings that spin smoothly and I’m pretty sure they’re the same as what’s used on the Freemotion Dual Cable Cross, one of the most expensive and well-liked functional trainers on the planet.

The seat rollers use a rather firm single layer high-density foam with a vinyl covering. This covering is the same that’s used on the seat. I do foresee the foam on the rollers getting crushed over time, but for now, they hold up well. This would be a cheap fix if you wanted to upgrade.

The machine does come with a lat pulldown bar, although it’s kind of short and has much too aggressive of a knurl. It’s nice they throw it in, but I’d prefer they send the stainless steel version instead for a slight upcharge.

For a heavy-duty multi-use machine, this Lat Tower does not take up that much space which makes it a great option for the average garage gym builder who isn’t working with thousands of square feet or a large budget. At around a â…“ of the price of the Rogue Monster Lat Pulldown, you can’t go wrong by choosing this Titan variant instead. With a 10-300lb stack, the gym newbies and the hardcore powerlifter alike will find great use in this machine.

What We Don’t Like

Even with its outstanding value, the Lat Tower does have some flaws. Although well built for the price, the Titan Lat Tower is a bit short for people who are taller than 6’ 2” and shorter people who are using low hanging attachments. Range of motion is important on a lat pulldown and I wish they would make it just 6” taller or so. Although trivial, I could see how this may pose a serious problem for a 6’4” person with long arms. Offering a short version and a tall version is another good option as some basement gym dwellers may want a shorter pulldown while others in a garage gym typically have the ceiling height to put taller machines in.

Although certainly better than most Titan equipment of the past, this machine does have some quality flaws. The padding on the seat and leg rollers is clearly not as high quality as some other brands and could have the potential to rip after some heavy use. Although not a huge deal, having to tape the pad or replace it is unnecessarily annoying.

That lat pulldown bar that comes with the machine is subpar and brings down the whole experience of the machine. I would like to see Titan offer the stainless steel version instead of the cheap chrome version they currently give.

I do wish that Titan as well as others offer slide-on weights to adjust the system in 5 LB increments instead of just 10 LB. This is something that isn’t standard in the industry, but I wish it was. Prime Fitness offers it on their Functional Trainer, but even Rogue leaves it off their pulldown.

Overall the machine is very solid but if you do not bolt down you may experience some rocking when you get to heavier weights and really get them moving. It isn’t that big of an issue but it doesn’t contribute to peace of mind when you feel a whole machine move when you’re using it.

Titan Lat Tower vs. The Competition

The Titan Lat Tower is the best value lat pulldown that uses a weight stack in the market as of this writing. There isn’t one I’d suggest over it at the price point, however, there are certainly competitor options worth considering.

Titan Lat Tower vs. Rogue Monster Lat Pulldown/Low Row

Rogue Lat Pulldown
Rogue Monster Lat Pulldown/Low Row
Rogue Monster Lat Pulldown/Low Row

MONSTER LAT PULLDOWN / LOW ROW (STAND-ALONE) This is the fully updated, freestanding version of Rogue’s 100% American-made Monster Lat Pulldown and Low Row machine (a rack-mounted version is also available). Occupying just a 40" x 60" footprint, the 8' tall unit ships fully assembled, and includes a 300LB weight stack (10LB increments), stainless steel lat bar, diamond-tread adjustable footplate, 6" nylon pulleys, and a set of custom-built black carabiners—one each for the lat pulldown and the low row. Key Updates with This Version: Our latest Monster Lat Pulldown introduces larger 6" pulleys (vs. the original 3.5"), which help reduce friction and prolong the life of the cable. We’ve also upgraded the cable itself (USA Mil Spec) and added protective UHMW plastic to the tubes and pulley assemblies that the cable passes through. The eye (where the cable connects and carabiner clips on) is now machined in house from stainless steel, and all orders include a long term lubricant for the guide rods, allowing the weight plates to slide more smoothly. *The bottom of the rollers are 4" above the seat pad at their lowest position and 9" above the seat pad (26.5" above the floor) at the highest setting. The total width of the roller assembly is 24", and each roller is 8.5" long and 5" in diameter. A pop pin is included for locking the rollers securely into place. Additional Specifications: Made in the USA Stand-Alone Construction, 3x3” 11-gauge steel (Must be bolted to floor, mounting hardware not included) Weight: 605LB Height: 96" Foot Print 40" x 60" 300LB weight stack (10LB increments) NEW 6” Aluminum pulleys + UHMW covers NEW Cable built to US Mil Spec for aircraft cable NEW Stainless Steel Eye Satin Black and Rogue Red Powder Coat Finishes (1) Stainless Steel Lat Bar, built by Rogue (1) Set of Plastic Covered Band Attachment pins (2) Custom Black Carabiners (1) Diamond Tread Footplate: 18.75" wide x 8" tall, with 10 adjustment positions spaced 1.5" on center (1) Foam Seat: 16.5" long x 6.25" wide (1) Foam Leg Roller Assembly: 6 total adjustment positions spaced 1" on center*


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The closest comparison pulldown to the Titan Lat Tower to the chagrin of Rogue Fitness would be their Monster Lat Pulldown/Low Row. Immediately, you’re shocked that two seemingly identical machines could differ by almost $2,000 in price, (not including Rogue shipping vs. Titan Free shipping). However, there are certainly some pretty clear differences between the two once you put some use into them. The Rogue option is clearly better in just about every way, however, the price point makes the Titan Lat Tower still a better value for most.

Unless you’re a home gym owner with a large budget and a pension for the finer things in life, the Rogue Lat Pulldown just won’t make sense for most. The Rogue Monster Lat Pulldown has all the trappings of a high-end Rogue Fitness piece. Heavy stacks, great welds, rock-solid stability, a great finish, and a lifetime warranty all make the Rogue Lat Pulldown a better piece of equipment.

Regardless, you could buy three Titan Lat Towers for the price of one Rogue Monster Lat Pulldown. With these factors taken into account, I would recommend the Titan Lat Tower to any home gym owner or owner of a personal training studio. With raving reviews and amazing quality for a Titan piece, you can’t go wrong by choosing this over the direct competitors.

However, for a commercial gym, I would recommend a Rogue or Sorinex unit as they will take the beating of being used hundreds of times a day much better than the Titan. Although high quality, the Titan has some clear weak points that could become issues if it starts to get beaten up.

Titan Lat Tower vs Titan Lat Tower Loadable

Plate Loadable Pulldown
Titan Plate Loadable Lat Tower V2
Titan Plate Loadable Lat Tower V2

The Plate Loadable Lat Tower by Titan Fitness® answers this question. Add some hefty weight to this machine, and strengthen your back with plate-loaded lat pull-downs. Mix it up with high-intensity low rows to target your arms and back – building your biceps, rhomboids, and trapezius muscles altogether. Both the lat pull-down and low row handle are included with our Lat Tower, but weight plates must be purchased separately. The thigh pads have four adjustable positions, to accommodate athletes of all body types. The weight sleeves are 13 inches long each, giving plenty of room to stack up on plates. New in the version 2 is an additional reinforcement brace, between the seat and the main upright, to increase overall stability. VERSIONS 2 UPDATE: New in the version 2 is an additional reinforcement brace, between the seat and the main upright, to increase overall stability.


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In addition to the selectorized Titan Lat Tower, Titan Fitness also has a plate loadable version aptly titled theTitan Plate Loadable Lat Tower V2.

The loadable version has a greatly inferior design, however, it’s half the price. If you’re on a serious budget, the loadable version is a great option. It’s cheaper and uses the weight you already have, however, a selectorized stack is a great convenience when switching between weights.

Titan Lat Tower vs. Rogue Slinger

Rogue Rack Mounted Pulldown
Rogue Monster Lite Slinger
Rogue Monster Lite Slinger

The rack-mounted Monster Lite Slinger™ is a cable-pulley and band resistance system that can deliver the same training benefits of a traditional stand-alone Lat Pulldown Machine in a more space-efficient and cost-efficient format. Designed exclusively for use with our 3x3” Rogue Monster Lite Power Racks and the racked version of our ML Rig, this version of the Slinger includes adjustable components for set-up on a 90” or 108” unit, with optional Rogue attachment straps and bands available to add to the package. Customers may also choose to purchase custom 24” or 43” Slinger Crossmembers, which include pre-drilled holes for the cable to pass through. The Monster Lite Slinger Base Unit includes: (2) Slinger Mounting Plates (2) 6" Cable Pulleys (1) 1/4" MIL Spec Cable with Rogue made hardware (1) Monster Lite Shackle + Carabiner (1) Slinger Extension Strap (1) Slinger Band Sheath (3) Carabiners (2) Black Zinc ⅝” Bolt Assemblies (2) Rubber Grommets


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The Rogue Slinger is a great option, however, it requires a Rogue Rack in order to be used. If you have a Rogue Rack, it may make sense, but we honestly haven’t been too impressed with the piece.

Titan Lat Tower Pro Tips

As someone who has assembled and disassembled one of these multiple times, the TItan Lat Tower is definitely not the easiest machine to assemble. With slightly unclear directions, I suggest making sure that you go slowly and take your time. You certainly do not want to have to retrace your footsteps like I have done multiple times.

That being said, mistakes happen to the best of us so be certain to leave the bolts loose until your are completely finished. This was also allowed the machine to settle to your floor which will help minimize any rocking that may happen during use. Another tip for longevity would be to use silicone spray instead of WD-40 to lube the rods. Silicone spray will provide a better lubricant for a much longer period of time.

Although you are dealing with a machine, this piece of equipment will break in like any shoe or piece of clothing would. The cable, which appears short out of the box, will stretch a bit after repeated use and the pads will mold to your body. As I previously mentioned, the machine is a bit short so if you’re a taller guy or girl, I would recommend going for shorter carabiners on the cord which will give you an important inch or two.

Last but not least, if you are looking to purchase one of these machines, I would wait until they go on sale since Titan does very good sales very often. With a little patience, you can expect to save some money which goes a long way into purchasing a new bar or other machines. Even though this is just about the best value lat pulldown machine on the market, there is no reason not to save a couple hundred bucks if you have the chance. On a related note, if this goes on sale after you just purchased it, Titan is very good at price matching and may give you some money back.

Full Rating

Titan Lat Tower

Construction – 4.5

Packaging – 4.8

Weight Limit – 4.5

Features – 4.5

Padding – 4

Value – 4.8

The Titan Lat Toweris the best value lat pulldown for most home gym owners that we’ve ever reviewed. Everything from the packaging to the performance of the machine makes us feel like the machine is worth much more than their asking price. If you’re looking to add a lat pulldown to your garage gym, we suggest the Lat Tower from Titan Fitness. It’s our favorite piece of equipment they make and I now own two I liked them so much.

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