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When it comes to setting up your gym, whether you’re building a garage gym or outfitting a commercial space, one of the most important components of your setup is the flooring you choose. Proper gym flooring provides a more comfortable workout, protects your equipment (and floor) from damage, creates a non-slip surface for training, and absorbs the sounds of clanging barbells.

However, not all flooring is created equal, and there are many options on the market, which means choosing the right flooring can feel overwhelming. We know that many garage gym owners love to use the best horse stall mats in their home gyms, but there are plenty of other options to consider. 

In this Stamina Gym Flooring review, I’ll be explaining everything you need to know about these durable floor mats to help you decide if this is the right foundation for your home gym. 

Tested by Experienced Gym Owners

Here at Garage Gym Reviews, our team of expert testers includes certified personal trainers, registered dietitians, gym owners, and Olympians. We’ve spent years testing all kinds of fitness equipment that you’d find in a garage gym, like the best dumbbells, power racks, treadmills, and gym flooring. 

Each product we test is carefully scored on a scale of 1 to 5, after extensive hands-on testing. We rate products using our GGR equipment testing methodology, which looks at specific categories like:

  • Durability
  • Ease of use 
  • Materials
  • Sound dampening
  • Value

Let’s see how Stamina Mats scored according to our expert testers. 

Stamina Mats

Stamina Mats

GGR Score: 4.86 starstarstarstarstar

Product Highlights

  • Drop weights without ruining the flooring
  • 100% recycled rubber
  • Easy to clean
  • Available in interlocking slabs
  • No rubber smell when installing

Pros & Cons


  • Extremely durable
  • Easy to install
  • No rubber smell
  • Very long-lasting, even with heavy use


  • Slabs may not be cut evenly
  • You may need your own tools to install
  • Not very noise-stifling

Bottom Line

Stamina Mats are high-quality, durable mats that work great in nearly any gym setting. They're made from 100% recycle rubber, which makes them eco-friendly and very easy to clean.

A Quick Look at Stamina Mats

While some of the best home gym flooring options are lightweight, portable, or turf surfaces for athletes, Stamina Mats are designed for durability and longevity. These dent-resistant mats are made of high-density recycled rubber that’s easy to clean up and meant to repel sweat, water, protein shakes, and anything else that spills on your gym floor. 

Man lifting a loaded barbell on Stamina Mats Gym flooring

As a result, the eco-friendly rubber mats are easy to clean, designed to be odor-resistant, and durable enough to withstand any sort of heavy-duty training. They’re not designed to be the most cushioned mats or provide maximum noise reduction if you’re dropping your free weights, but they’ll last for years to come. 

These aren’t the small, fold-to-fit equipment mats you put under a treadmill; these are durable, heavy-duty mats designed to protect your entire floor. Stamina mats are available in a variety of colors, including black, grey, earth, red, and blue, and can be purchased and installed as slabs with straight edges, or interlocking floor tiles.

Before You Buy

  • Stamina Mats are durable, heavy-duty mats that work well in home and commercial gym settings. 
  • The mats are non-porous and designed to be spill-resistant for easy cleaning and odor-resistance. 
  • While the mats absorb a bit of sound from dropped weights, that’s not their intended purpose, so if noise reduction is your biggest priority, you’ll want to look for a different product. 

Are Stamina Mats Worth It?

One thing to call out is that Stamina Mats are primarily sold through various retailers who specialize in commercial fitness spaces, or various flooring companies. We couldn’t find a company website or any information about the manufacturer, so the pricing you find may vary depending on the retailer you use. 

Interlocking sections of Stamina Mats Gym Flooring

That said, the prices we found range from $5.79 to $6.58 per square foot depending on the thickness you use. These aren’t the cheapest mats, but considering they’re going to be the foundation of your gym, this is a fair price, and your total cost will depend on how much square footage you need to cover. 

Overall, if you’re going to be doing any kind of heavy lifting that involves dropping weights on the ground, or want to protect your floor against heavy cardio equipment, we think Stamina Mats are well worth the investment. 

Great for:

  • Owners of any kind of gym looking for heavy-duty flooring
  • Those looking to protect a lifting platform, or the flooring in an entire gym
  • Anyone who wants a durable, spill-proof flooring that can withstand any kind of training

Not recommended for:

  • Those looking for maximum sound reduction
  • Anyone looking for portable mats
  • Anyone shopping on a tight budget

Stamina Mats Specs

Material100% recycled rubber
Size4’ x 6’ slab, 44.3” x 66.5” interlocking, 22.2” x 22.2” interlocking
Weight60-70 lbs
Thickness10mm or 12mm (⅜” or ½”)
Price$5.79 to $6.58 per square foot
Noise Stifling?No
Interlocking?Slab or interlocking

Experience Using the Stamina Mats

The Stamina Mats were tested by gym owner Jacob Penner, USAW-L2, and GGR’s Senior Director of Content Kate Meier, NASM-CPT, USAW-L1, who also owns a weightlifting gym. Jacob has owned Stamina Mats and has used them daily since 2019, and Kate helped install and test the mats in the office gym in our Charlotte, NC, headquarters. 

Treadmill in a gym floored with Stamina Mats

That’s right—we like these mats so much that our corporate headquarters bought them to install in our new office gym before bringing in the rest of our exercise equipment. Our team has tested plenty of options for gym flooring over the years, and the fact that we chose Stamina Mats says a lot about our experience with them. 

While they’re not quite as easy to install as a portable roll-out mat, the quality and durability are worth the effort, especially if you’re setting up fitness facilities and anticipate heavy use, like a CrossFit gym or other busy weight rooms. Overall, these mats are tough, easy to clean, and can withstand any kind of lifting. 

Jacob noted that the mats aren’t very padded, and some lifters with knee issues have to use an exercise mat for additional padding when doing any sort of kneeling stretch or movement. 


When it comes to Stamina Mats, portability isn’t high on the priority list, but it’s not meant to be. While other types of mats are meant to easily roll out and be stored between uses, they’re usually very light mats that aren’t meant for dropping weights. 

Stamina Mats are designed for heavy lifting, so once they’re installed, most people are going to want to leave them in place, especially if you choose the interlocking mats.

However, if you do want to move them around and haven’t glued them in place, they’re light enough that you shouldn’t have much difficulty relocating them. Jacob moved a few of his to an outdoor workout space without any issues. 


When it comes to durability, Stamina Mats truly shine, earning a 5-out-of-5 rating. Stamina designed these mats to be used in various arenas and commercial fitness spaces—they’re even tough enough to be used as flooring in ice rinks. 

Jacob Penner has owned them for five years and said, “These are the best mats I have ever owned, and I’ve used rubber rolls, stall mats, and these. I have owned several of these mats for years, and I’ve repurposed a few to be toppers on jerk blocks that withstand an intense amount of plate drops every week. The other mats I own are now in our outdoor workout space at the gym, and they have sustained rain and freezing temperatures, and still look great.”

Once the mats are properly installed, they won’t be going anywhere. Kate said they rolled thousands of pounds of equipment over the mats while setting up the gym, and the mats didn’t budge. 

Person lifting the corner of Stamina Mats Gym Flooring

Materials and Noise Stifling

When choosing flooring for your gym, you’ll need to consider both the materials used and the level of noise stifling. For example, if you’re working with athletes, you may need some turf flooring in your gym, and those who share a wall with a quiet neighbor may need soundproof exercise mats to keep the noise down. We give the Stamina Mats a 4-out-of-5-star rating for materials, and a 3 out of 5 for noise stifling.

Stamina Mats are meant to be eco-friendly, and each one is made of 100% recycled vulcanized rubber. However, they aren’t meant to be noise-stifling, although they reduce the noise compared to dropping a weight on a bare floor, and Jacob noted that doubling the mats has a strong noise-stifling effect, although that will increase your cost. 

The non-porous surface of the mats results in a tough, slip-resistant surface that’s very easy to clean, and our testers found that you can easily mop up chalk, spilled beverages, sweat, and anything else that may end up on your flooring. 

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This may seem like a strange category to include, but brand-new mats can have a very strong rubber smell, which can be overpowering if you’re installing them in an indoor space. Luckily, the Stamina Mats had no smell at all, earning them a 5 out of 5. 


Since Stamina Mats are sold through independent dealers, your exact price may vary, especially if you find a sale price, though the regular price is around $5.79 to $6.58 per square foot, depending on the thickness and dimensions you order. This isn’t exactly cheap, but the mats should last for a long time, earning a 4 out of 5 for overall value. 

Stamina Mats vs Rubber Flooring Inc 8MM Strong Rubber Rolls

Rubber Flooring Inc 8MM Strong Rubber Rolls

Rubber Flooring Inc Shock Mats

GGR Score: 4.7 starstarstarstarstar

Product Highlights

  • Waffle pattern backing absorbs noise and shock
  • Protects flooring from weights dropping
  • Vulcanized rubber is stronger than other rubber mats
  • Easy to clean and maintain, these can work great in gyms
  • Can be used indoors or outdoors

Pros & Cons


  • Drop weights without ruining flooring
  • Vulcanized rubber absorbs noise
  • 5-year warranty
  • Durable and easily cleaned
  • Slip-resistance
  • Will not slip around on flooring
  • Free from harmful chemicals


  • At 100 lbs, these mats can be difficult to move
  • Corners are beveled, so fitting 2 together is difficult
  • Can fade from prolonged sun exposure
  • May stain carpets
  • Strong rubber smell at first

Bottom Line

If you are looking for flooring to handle dropping some serious weight, the Rubber Flooring Inc Shock Mats are an excellent choice. With waffle backing to absorb shock and noise, you will not only protect your floors but reduce noise. Free from harmful chemicals and slip-resistant, you can use these mats for any type of workouts.

If you’re looking for another durable gym flooring option, the Rubber Flooring Inc. 8MM Rubber Rolls earned the title of best overall in our guide to the best home gym flooring.

The rubber rolls are slightly thinner, but they’re also cheaper per square foot and come in large rolls, rather than individual slabs. 

Overall, the Stamina Mats are best for those who are flooring a smaller space or want portable mats, while the Rubber Flooring Inc. rolls are better for anyone who’s working with a larger space and is OK with thinner flooring in exchange for a better price.

Stamina MatsRubber Flooring Inc 8MM Strong Rubber Rolls
Material100% recycled rubberCertified clean rubber
Size4’ x 6’ slab, 44.3” x 66.5” interlocking, 22.2” x 22.2” interlocking15-foot minimum rolls
Weight60-70 lbsVaries
Thickness10mm or 12mm (⅜” or ½”)8mm
Price$5.79 to $6.58 per sqft$2.25 to $3.00 per sqft
Noise Stifling?NoNo
Interlocking?Slab or interlockingRoll

Customer Experience 

Stamina Mats are primarily sold through various fitness retailers and flooring installers. That means your customer experience may vary based on the retailer you use, and we can’t find any information about the company itself, including contact or warranty information. 

Our team purchased the mats from a local dealer, Carolina Fitness Equipment, and was very impressed with the customer service. 

Ordering and Installing the Stamina Mats

One of the most important considerations is going to be the installation of your flooring. While some retailers may offer installation for an extra fee, Kate and the Charlotte team picked up and installed the mats themselves. 

Kate noted that the mats are roughly 4 feet by 6 feet, though there is a trim you can remove to make them interlocking, which makes them a bit smaller—she recommends always ordering more than you need, just in case. 

After installing flooring in four different gyms over the years, Kate said this was the easiest installation she’s ever done. 

She said, “The Stamina mats have a tear-away perimeter that allows you to lock them together, or you can keep an edge or two (or all of them) so you have a clean manufacturer’s cut on the border.

Removable edge of Stamina mats

We did have to make cuts in that perimeter to keep the manufacturer’s cut on the exterior but use the interlocking areas for the inside pieces. You can do this fairly easily with a blade; be warned, you’ll have to go over your cut multiple times before the rubber completely splits. It’s not like you run a blade over rubber one time and it comes away.”

Kate also noted that the perimeter isn’t even on all sides, with the shorter sides of the 4-foot by 6-foot mats having different widths from each other, so they had to trim pieces to get a perfect fit. She also said the mats don’t stretch the way many rubber rolls do, so if you have an uneven wall or cut, you can’t simply stretch out the mat to make it fit. 

You’ll need your own tools, like a blade, carpenter tape, and a hammer to force the interlocking pieces together. Kate said they floored a 700+ square foot space in about four hours with Stamina Mats, so professional installation is not needed.

Customer Reviews

The only place I can find Stamina Mats is directly from various gym and flooring dealers, and none of them have any published customer reviews, so unfortunately we don’t have any user reviews to share with you. 

Final Verdict of Our Stamina Mats Review

Stamina Mats is a durable option for gym flooring, built to last and withstand nearly any kind of training demand. They’re not the cheapest mats on the market, but our testers agreed that they’re the most durable mats they’ve ever used. 

If you’re setting up a garage gym or commercial gym, or simply want a mat to put on your lifting platform, Stamina Mats are one of the best options on the market. 

Full Rating

Stamina Mats Gym Flooring

Stamina Mats are high-quality, durable mats that work great in nearly any gym setting. They're made from 100% recycle rubber, which makes them eco-friendly and very easy to clean.

Product Currency: $

Product Price: 6.58

Product In-Stock: InStock

Editor's Rating:

Stamina Mats Rating

Construction – 5
Materials Used – 4
Versatility – 4
Durability – 5
Noise Stifling – 3
Ease of Installation – 4
Smell – 5
Value – 4
Customer Reviews – 0
Customer Service – 0
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Stamina Mats: FAQs

What is the best thickness for a gym floor mat?

Most commercial gyms use 8mm rubber flooring, which protects your floor and equipment, and provides a little bit of noise-stifling and shock absorption. If you prefer a quieter mat, you can use a thicker option or use special noise-stifling mats.

What is the best material for gym mats?

For durability, longevity, and cleanliness, it’s hard to beat rubber flooring. Rubber will act as a shock absorber, it’s easy to clean, and unlike hardwood surfaces or turf, it won’t need to be replaced very often. 

How long does rubber gym flooring last?

The life of your gym flooring will depend on how often it’s used, and how you care for it. It’s impossible to predict, and with proper care, rubber flooring should last 20 years or more. 

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