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Resistance bands offer a legitimate strength training option if you’re someone with limited space, who travels often, or who just likes the idea of adding accommodating resistance to your existing routine. Much like free weights, bands are versatile and allow you to design full body workouts or target specific muscle groups. With a little creativity, you can customize band workouts to fit your needs and meet your fitness goals. 

In this Torroband review, I’ll be laying out the specs of these heavy-duty tube bands and letting you know who will benefit from this purchase. The complete package comes with multiple bands, attachments, and can even be packed away into a carrying bag and used as a total-body gym on the go. 

We Know Strength Equipment and Accessories 

Our expert product testers have used a plethora of the best resistance bands on the market including tube bands, loop bands, and mini bands. We’re also a team of fitness industry professionals with over a decade of collective experience including CrossFit Level 1 Trainers, certified personal trainers, and nutrition coaches. 

For this Torroband review, GGR founder and OG product tester Coop Mitchell tested the set of bands through a variety of movements like chest flyes, good mornings, and rows. 

Torroband Resistance Bands

Torroband Resistance Bands

GGR Score: 3.35 starstarstarstarstar

Product Highlights

  • Up to 300 lbs of resistance
  • Simple and easy to set-up anywhere
  • Triple-layer cloth
  • Patent pending handles for efficient grip
  • Sturdy and well-built design

Pros & Cons


  • A variety of different weight resistances will always provide a challenge
  • Allows you to take your training with you wherever you go
  • Can complete a variety of different exercises
  • Affordable compared to large pieces of gym equipment


  • Will need to have something to anchor your bands to
  • Some customers had issues with shipping times

Bottom Line

There are a variety of workout routines you can complete with the Torroband Resistance Bands, and they can be adaptable to people of any age or fitness level.

A Quick Look at the Torroband

Torroband is a Miami-based company that sells more than just bands. The brand offers a lightweight jump rope, a sandbag alternative (that uses water as resistance), and a pair of unique pull up grips. The brand also manufactures pull up assistance loop bands in addition to tube bands with handles. 

Before You Buy

  • Resistance bands are versatile and can be anchored with the included attachments or by looping around a squat rack, support beam, or pull up bar 
  • If you’re new to resistance bands, it’s worth noting that 40 pounds is the lightest tube band Torroband offers, which could be too much for some folks
  • According to customer reviews on Facebook, orders can take weeks to ship

Is the Torroband Worth It?

Torroband offers a heavy-duty tube band that can be attractive to some home gym owners, but these bands won’t be suitable for everyone. 

Coop appreciates the solid construction of the bands and also notes, “The biggest feature Torroband has going is the fact they offer heavier bands than many competitors,” he says. “You could also just loop up multiple lighter bands to achieve the same result.”

He also mentions the price point on the Torrobands is a bit overpriced versus the competition. While we have seen these bands on sale, the MSRP is $199 for a set of four bands and an assortment of attachments.

Great for:

  • Folks who want to have resistance training options for small spaces
  • Anyone on the road who needs a convenient travel bag and portable gym option
  • Individuals looking for a low-cost home gym solution

Not recommended for:

  • People who primarily perform powerlifting, CrossFit, or Weightlifting training 
  • Folks who like high-tech gym equipment 
  • Anyone looking for budget tube bands

Torroband Specs

Number of bands4
Band resistance40, 60, 70, 80-lb band
Total resistance 350 lbs
Handles2 patent-pending anti-slip handles
Ankle straps2 padded straps
Door anchorYes
Waist padYes
Warranty2-year warranty

Workout Experience With The Torroband

Torroband markets its tube bands as the “world’s most powerful resistance bands” with up to 350 pounds of band tension. While I can’t personally attest to Torroband’s claim (especially knowing the silver Rogue Monster Band can alone provide 200 pounds of band tension), I will say for tube bands, this brand delivers some remarkable resistance. 

Each Torroband set comes with four bands, all with different resistance levels including a 40, 50, 70, and 80-pound band. Coop mentions that he appreciates the fact the weight labeled on the band is consistent with the workout experience. However, when I asked Coop what stood out about Torroband, he said, “Not much, to be honest.

“Torroband offers heavier resistance than some of its competitors, but not all,” says Coop. “These bands can be added together on a single handle with a carabiner hook, which is a nice feature, but not the first [brand] to do it.”

The set of tube bands comes with handles, ankle straps, a waist pad, and a door hook to anchor your bands in a closed door. The variety of attachments makes it possible to perform upper and lower body home workouts—from isolation exercises like triceps push-downs and glute kickbacks to compound movements like lat pull-downs and squats

The Torroband set ranges from 40 to 80 pounds per band and can be added together to create up to 350 pounds of resistance, which can accommodate even advanced lifters. 

That said, Torroband might not be the best for a true novice lifter. “I would like to see lighter increments, but I think beginners could be fine,” says Coop. “I think everyone could see benefits from lifting with bands.”

Take Torroband Wherever You Go

The Torrobands provide home gym folks with two valuable factors: portability and versatility. With your purchase, everything including the bands, handles, and other attachments fit into a small carrying bag so you can take the whole package with you or use it as a storage solution when you’re not working out.

Durability and Construction

Firstly, the handles on the Torrobands are patent-pending with two layers of plastic. The bottom layer is designed for durability and the top layer features corrugated holes making it easier for you to grip the handles when the tension gets higher. For reference, most tube bands come with foam-covered handles that can be difficult to grip through a full range of motion. 

When I asked Coop about the durability and feel of the bands and the attachment point, he said that both were solid. “Torroband is pretty well made,” says Coop. “Although I vastly prefer sheathed bands for the added safety.”

Although the material is not disclosed on the website, the tube bands are heavy-duty and thicker than the average tube band purchased from Amazon. Torroband also features triple layer cloth and heavy-duty stitching on the handles and at the ends of each band. 

Comparison to Similar Products 

Torroband is going to be a win for your home gym if you’re looking for heavy resistance to build muscle and get stronger. That said, there are quite a few other bands on the market to choose from, but most sets of tube bands can’t offer 350 pounds of tension. 

According to Coop, “Torrobands are a bit overpriced versus competitors. Sheathed bands are much safer and offer comparable prices.”

Sheathed bands offer a covering over the elastic or latex band to protect against excessive rubbing and scraping other surfaces. It also keeps you safe if a band were to break during exercise. 

That said, the Torroband still reigns supreme when it comes to total resistance and the heaviest band offered. Here is a look at Torroband up against Rogue Tube bands and FitCord sheathed bands:

Rogue Tube bandsFitCordTorroband
Price$75$42-45 per band$199
How many bands6 bands in complete package Sold individually on Amazon4 bands
Heaviest band60 lbs55 lbs80 lbs
Sheathed NoYesNo

Rogue Tube Resistance Bands

Rogue Tube Resistance Bands

GGR Score: 4.6 starstarstarstarstar

Product Highlights

  • Made extremely well
  • Option to purchase just one or in a set
  • Comfortable handles
  • Color-coded

Pros & Cons


  • High quality handles with textured grip
  • Well-made bands
  • Fairly portable


  • Resistance tension isn’t printed on the tube bands
  • Sometimes squeak while in use
  • On the shorter side

Bottom Line

If you're looking for tube resistance bands with handles, these are easily the highest quality. The grips on the handles are a nice touch that similar tube bands don't always have.

FitCord X-Over Resistance

FitCord X-Over Resistance Bands

GGR Score: 4.1 starstarstarstarstar
Community Score: 4.8 starstarstarstarstar

Product Highlights

  • Made in the USA
  • Great for developing shoulder strength for any type of throwing motion
  • Good for rehabbing rotator cuff injuries
  • Lasts for 150,000 reps

Made in USA Made in USA

Pros & Cons


  • Made in America
  • Good for all fitness programs, physical therapy and injury rehab applications
  • Tested by an Independent Laboratory and found to last beyond 150,000 repetitions before breaking


  • Ultimate Door Anchor sold separately
  • Pricey

Bottom Line

X-Over Resistance Bands are made in the U.S. and are great for developing shoulder strength for any type of throwing motion associated with Baseball, Softball, Tennis, Volleyball, Swimming, Golf and other activities requiring shoulder stability.

Customer Experience 

Torroband.com is the brand’s official website, but there are other subdomains I found through the brand’s Instagram linktr.ee landing page and Facebook page (vip.torrbband.com and sale.torroband.com). 

These two subdomains are visually different from the main website, but the contact information is the same across all three sites. That said, email is the only form of communication the brand offers to its customers. So, to confirm that all three websites (torroband.com, vip.torrbband.com, and sale.torroband.com) are all affiliated with Torroband I emailed customer service at hi@torroband.com

Two days later, I got a response from Torroband’s legal team confirming that vip.torroband.com and sale.torroband.com are legitimate landing pages for torroband.com.  

Torroband does offer a 60-day money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with your purchase. To process a return, you’ll have to start by emailing hi@torroband.com to receive return instructions. Although you might have to email customer service for the official details, the website makes it clear that you will need to return your products in the original packaging. 

Additionally, there is a disclaimer that orders placed outside of Torroband.com—on third-party sites like Amazon and eBay—will not be protected under the warranty. The two-year limited warranty is also only applicable to items that are considered defective. The warranty does not cover wear and tear. 

Ordering Torroband

Ordering on Torroband.com is straightforward. You’ll select the items you want to add to your cart and proceed to the checkout. At checkout, you will enter your personal information followed by your credit card information. Purchases on Torroband.com are not eligible for financing. 

Customer Reviews

I can’t help but notice the stark contrast between the reviews featured on the official website and the Torroband Facebook page. The website features glowing 5-out-of-5-star reviews, while the Facebook page has 67 reviews and a 1.8-out-of-5-star rating. 

I read several customer reviews on the Torroband Facebook page that said it took weeks (in some cases months) to receive their orders from Torroband.

A positive review of the Torroband 1
A positive review of the Torroband 2

Final Verdict of Our Torroband Review

Although the website domains are a bit confusing, Torrobands could be suitable for home gym owners of varying fitness levels. I think beginners and experienced lifters alike can benefit from a set of heavy-duty bands. However, not all exercises are suitable for 40 pounds of band resistance. For some of my favorite upper-body band exercises, I often grab with a band with less than 20 pounds of band resistance. 

That said, here are some things we like about Torroband:

  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Versatile attachments 
  • Comes with a carrying bag

Here are some questionable things about Torroband:

  • Expensive for tube bands
  • Website and subdomains can be confusing
  • Product reviews on brand’s Facebook page are hit or miss

Torroband Rating


Find out about our experience with these tube bands in this Torroband review.

Product Currency: USD

Product In-Stock: InStock

Editor's Rating:


Resistance – 5
Delivery and setup – 3
Durability – 4
Price – 4
Materials – 4
Value – 3
Customer reviews – 1.8
Customer service – 2
Buy Now

Torroband FAQs

Are torrobands good?

Torrobands offer a high-quality, durable resistance band training option for folks looking for more resistance than the average tube band.

Do resistance bands actually work?

Resistance bands designed for strength training can provide enough resistance for even highly trained individuals to feel challenged during movements like rows, chest flyes, and squats.

What are the disadvantages of resistance bands?

One of the disadvantages to using resistance bands is the stretching that happens over time to the latex material. Because actual tears can happen with prolonged use, bands can snap unexpectedly during use. For this reason, Coop recommends using sheathed resistance bands for added protection when bands fail. 

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