Powerlifting is built around three lifts – the squat, bench press, and deadlift. Therefore, a home gym designed for Powerlifting will require equipment that allows these three lifts to be performed, while also aiding in strengthening these lifts. These are the pieces of equipment we suggest to build the ultimate Powerlifting Home Gym.

Strength Equipment for Powerlifting

Squat Rack

Bench Press

Deadlift Platform

FID Bench

Lat Pulldown

Reverse Hyper


Bars & Weights for Powerlifting

Power Bar

Deadlift Bar

Multi-Grip Bar

Safety Squat Bar

Buffalo Bar

Camber Bar

Weight Plates


Barbell Collars

Prowler Sled

DIY Equipment

Squat Rack

Deadlift Platform

Reverse Hyper

Powerlifting Home Gym Inspiration

Brandon Lilly

Bart Kwan

Brandon Campbell Diamond

Liam Connolly