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Jason Khalipa. If you’re a CrossFit enthusiast (or don’t live under a rock), you’ll probably know who he is. The 2008 CrossFit Games champion and founder of NCFIT is a close friend of Garage Gym Reviews Founder and Director Coop Mitchell––and an extremely knowledgeable fitness professional.

Recently, Coop invited Jason to come to the Garage Gym Reviews headquarters in Missouri to hang out, lift heavy weights, and chat about all things home gym and home fitness. Sounds like a knucklehead’s dream, as someone playfully commented on the GGR YouTube channel about the duo.  

Jason Khalipa looking at camera standing next to coop

Plus, while the two were together, they compiled a list of the top 10 home gym mistakes Khalipa (and Coop) frequently see. Even if you think you’re doing everything home gym-related 100% right, some tips from a pro can’t hurt, right?  

P.S. You’re probably guilty of at least one of these common mistakes…. 

1. Not Warming Up

Whether you’re trying to max out on back squats or are going for a run on your treadmill, warming up beforehand is key to getting your body and mind aligned for your workout. Not sure where to start? Consider doing 5-10 minutes of lower-intensity movements and stretching or foam rolling anything that feels tight or sore. 

“Even when it’s hot outside, it’s still important to properly warm up,” Khalipa explains.

Jason Khalipa doing warm up plank

2. Lack of Open Floor Space

Even if you’re tight on space (or ceiling height) in your home or garage gym, it’s important to give yourself lots of working room—just like you’d see in a commercial gym.

Khalipa suggests loading up the perimeter of your space with gym equipment (kettlebells, free weights, resistance bands, etc.), but keeping the middle open.

Make sure to consider your space limitations and plan your fitness equipment layout accordingly. This could look like purchasing foldable and portable cardio machines, or high quality adjustable dumbbells that can be stored away while not in use.

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Jason Khalipa barbell

3. Not Giving Your Best Effort

While your fitness goals may change month to month or year to year, your best effort can change from day to day. If the baby was up all last night and you only got an hour of sleep, your best will look a lot different than what it would typically. Try to give yourself grace on the days you aren’t 100%, but still give your best, whatever that looks like for you. 

Khalipa Tip: Race against a variable by doing things like EMOMs or AMRAPs to keep yourself accountable.

Jason Khalipa talking with coop

4. No Gym Timer

A timer is one of the most important pieces of equipment for a home gym! Especially for busy individuals, home gym timers are a great way to figure out how much time has elapsed––without having to constantly pick up your phone to check. This can eliminate potential distractions and help you keep an eagle eye on a timed workout.

Check out Jason Khalipa’s favorite Rogue Gym Timer below!

Jason Khalipa every minute on the minute

5. Bad Form and Positioning

There’s no shame in getting things wrong, but as the great Maya Angelou once said, “Once you know better, do better.” Wanna find out if your positioning and form is on par? Check out an expert in the field––cough, cough, Jason Khalipa. Film yourself doing your usual lifts and compare your movement to theirs—fix poor form in a snap this way, even without a personal trainer keeping watch

Khalipa Tip: Go lighter than you think is needed while perfecting movements.

6. Going Too Hard, Too Fast

Jason Khalipa weights

Whether you’re a seasoned powerlifter or a fitness beginner, giving your best effort is important. But don’t immediately jump into the one-rep max of something without first doing some reps that are lighter. You don’t need to injure yourself by going all out as soon as you get into your home gym. Work up in weight—starting with bodyweight—to help ensure your home workout stays injury-free.

7. Not Utilizing Tempo

Adding tempo into your workouts is frequently underutilized because it requires more thinking than you may be used to while lifting. For example, when back squatting, focus on varying the isometric, eccentric, and concentric phases of your movement. That might look like going down in your barbell squat for a count of three and then quickly up for a count of one. 

“This is a good way to connect your brain with your body in order to check in with yourself,” Khalipa explains.

Jason Khalipa using dumbells

8. Making it Overly Serious

Fitness should be fun! Add to the atmosphere with a killer playlist, colorful lighting, amusing banners or other DIY touches. You want your home gym to feel like the best place in the world to go, and adding things that make you happy will make working out feel like less of a chore. 

Jason Khalipa film still

9. Only Training Alone

For a lot of people, their home gym brings a lot of solaces. However, including equally competitive friends or family members in your workouts can help you stay accountable and consistent. 

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10. “All or Nothing” Mindset

Life isn’t black or white, but sometimes we act like fitness is. Even if you only have 10 minutes of your day available, it’s worth it to get in a quick sweat. You don’t have to beat yourself up over having limited time because something is better than nothing when it comes to fitness. It’s all about being consistent, not who works out for four hours each day.

“You’re in fitness for life,” Khalipa said. “This isn’t a temporary fix.” 

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Jason Khalipa. If you’re a CrossFit enthusiast (or don’t live under a rock), you’ll probably know who he is. The 2008 CrossFit Games champion and founder of NCFIT is a close friend of Garage Gym Reviews Founder and Director Coop Mitchell––and an extremely knowledgeable fitness professional.Recently, Coop invited Jason to come to the Garage Gym Reviews headquarters in Missouri to hang out, lift heavy weights, and chat about all things home gym and home fitness.  » Read more about: 10 Home Gym Mistakes You’re Probably Making, According to Jason Khalipa  » Read more

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