Thanks to our readers, we receive a lot of emails showcasing the gyms they've built based on our recommendations. Here are 10 absolutely ridiculous home gym setups that we're all envious of.

We live in one of the greatest times in history for starting a home gym. Not only are there more ideas and inspiration available, but there are more options for equipment at better prices than at any other time in history.

When York Barbell was started, there were few, if any companies producing equipment for strength training that could be placed in a home yet still perform in a commercial facility. Now, we have companies like Rogue Fitness, American Barbell, Titan Fitness, Fringe Sport, and others making equipment that would make any commercial gym owner jealous.

Thank you to everyone who has sent in pictures of their gym; if you'd like your gym to someday be featured, send us a message!

Without further adieu, here are ten of the most ridiculous home gyms setups we've seen in no particular order.

Living Room Turned Home Gym

This home gym is out of this world! We initially posted it on Facebook and people went nuts. The most impressive part is not all of the equipment, but the fact that this is a full-fledged CrossFit Gym in a living room.

Rather than using his living room for lounging on the couch and vegging on processed food, this guy has decided to make his living room functional.

As you can see, right next to the gym is a nutrition station also known as a kitchen. This allows him to have pre, intra, and post workout nutrition always at the ready.

Some of his equipment includes:

If you're like me and your first thought is, "this guy must be single," well, he's not. Turns out his wife works out with him too! So, before you decide to marry someone, make sure they're cool with allowing you to put a full-fledged gym in your living room.

The Ultimate Strongman Garage Gym

If your desire is to get as strong as possible, there isn't a much better setup than this one from Anchora Salutis Training.

Deciding to dedicate your entire garage to training equipment is a big decision. No longer will you be able to store lawn care equipment or park your car. If it doesn't make you fitter, then it likely won't have a place in your garage anymore. Setups like this show the possibilities of the amount of equipment that you can fit in small space.

A few pieces of equipment in this garage gym are:

This gym not only has all of the basics, but as you see, it also has more fun toys than just about any other gym you'll ever visit.

Gold's Gym in a Garage

Dan O'Brien has turned his garage into a commercial gym with not only squat racks and dumbbells, but Hammer Strength Machines, a cable crossover, specialty benches, and more.

This is one of the most decked out home gyms we've ever seen, and although many don't find the use of machines in a home gym a good use of space, this setup is awesome!

If you were to go to any Gold's Gym, you'd likely find similar machines. However, the quality of the machines in this gym is top-notch. He has equipment from Nebula Fitness, Hammer Strength, UCS, and more.

Most home gyms feature many of the brands you know, but this one has basically taken equipment from bankrupted gyms and made it into one of the coolest garage gyms on any street.

There's so much equipment in this gym that you could easily go weeks without using a piece. Thankfully, Dan has kids who help wear things in when he's not using them.

The Patriots Themed Home Gym

If you absolutely hate the Patriots, then you should probably keep scrolling. This home gym not only has the Patriots original logo in the center fo the floor, but the rack is built to match this families favorite teams colors.

One of the coolest things about this gym is the all of the natural lighting that comes in via the vaulted ceiling windows. If they train during the day, there's probably very little reason ever to have the lights on.

Some of the equipment that makes up this gym:

Although this gym isn't filled with equipment, it's got more than enough space to do whatever type of training you desire. More equipment is not always the answer, and we love what the owners of this gym have created!

The Westside Barbell Garage Gym

Westside Barbell makes some of the most well thought out equipment in the world. It's the reasons companies like Rogue Fitness and Arsenal Strength have partnered with them to manufacture their ideas. This said, Westside Barbell Equipment is often times both bulky and expensive. So, seeing pretty much every piece, Westside Barbell makes in a garage gym is beyond impressive.

Some of the equipment featured in this gym owned by Box Programming:

As expected from any powerlifting-focused gym, this garage gym's barbell rack is overflowing (he also has a floor rack for bars.)

Many of these bars are specialty bars to follow along as closely as possible to Conjugate Programming. This is one of the best parts of having a home gym. You can get the equipment that you want to use while you follow whatever programming you'd like. If you want to do CrossFit one day, bodybuilding the next, and powerlifting the day after that, you can. It's all dependent on your creativity and equipment.

The Ultimate Backyard Ninja Warrior Gym

There's extravagant, and then there's over the top; we're pretty sure this is the latter. If you've ever wanted to build a Ninja Warrior Course in your backyard but weren't sure how it would look, take some inspiration from this setup.

Monkey bars, cargo net, rings, climbing ropes, cannonball grips, if you ever wondered if it was possible, well now you know.

Not only is this setup with lots of grips and ways to workout, but it also has protected padding and posts to prevent injury should you lose your grip.

Although the backyard is setup, the front yard needs equipment too, and they've decided to use Concept 2 as their cardio equipment. It seems that there's pretty much nothing missing from this setup.

But, wait there's more. I don't know how often something like this gets used, but if you ever wanted an endless stream of medballs to throw from your GHD, they've got it.

The World's Strongest Man Gym

Brian Shaw, a man who's won the World's Strongest Man Title multiple times has an absolutely decked out garage gym.

Having used to own a commercial Gym, Shaw decided not to sell all of his equipment but instead move it into his oversized three car garage.

We did a full write up of his gym in the past, but there's no doubt that Brian has an insane amount of equipment.

Some standouts are:

We're big fans of Brian Shaw and even bigger fans of his gym.

In addition to all the equipment, Shaw has a lot of unique and cool toys like this oversized Bamboo Bar built to handle any kind of weight you can throw at it.

The Ultimate Partner Garage Gym

Some people don't like sharing, and we get it. If that's you, this is likely a setup you want to model. Buy something for yourself, then make sure you get something for your spouse as well.

This garage gym contains:

And probably a bunch of other things that aren't always bought in pairs.

We do like the fact that they decided to not skimp on equipment because they had to buy two and instead just went with the best because they know it will last.

The Small, but Mighty Garage Gym

One of the things we often hear from readers is, "I wish I had the space to start a home gym!"

We understand your feelings, but sometimes you're only limited by your imagination. This garage gym is the definition of small, but mighty. There is more equipment jampacked into this garage than just about any we've seen.

Most of the equipment comes from Rogue Fitness except for the Standing Calf Raise from EliteFts. Some notable pieces are:

In addition to the equipment is lots of high-end bars including our favorites the Duffalo Bar from Kabuki Strength and the EliteFTS SS Yoke Bar.

This gym has everything you want in a one car garage. You can't go wrong with a setup like this!

The Shipping Container Gym

We've seen a lot of gyms, but none are as creative as this one. These guys took 4 shipping containers and welded them together to create the ultimate gym in a box. Although we're sure it gets hot in the summer, it looks about as cool as they come.

There's a trend in the US regarding downsizing your house and instead living in a tiny house. These guys took that idea and decided to build a gym instead of a house out of recyclable materials. Although this probably took a while, we're sure it's worth it!

Some notable equipment:

With an unassuming outside and surrounded by mountains, this has to be one of the coolest home gyms we've ever seen!

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