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Velocity Trackers

NEXUS Performance Tracker

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Item Description


  • 1 PUSH Band 2.0

  • 1 Arm strap

  • 1 NEXUS Launch compression sleeve

Arm Strap Sizing (from the widest part of forearm, near your elbow):
- Small Strap (9-12 in / 22-30 cm)
- Large Strap (11.5-17.5 in / 29-44 cm)

NEXUS Sleeve Sizing
- Small: Bicep (9-11 in) Forearm (9-10.75 in)
- Medium: Bicep (11-13 in) Forearm (10.25-12.75 in)
- Large: Bicep (13-15 in) Forearm (11-13 in)
** If you are between sizes, choose smaller size for compression and larger size for comfort.

- iOS 9 devices and up
- Bluetooth 4.1 and above
- Does not support iPod 5
** Does not support Android


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NEXUS Performance Tracker


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